Beyond the Surface: Unearthing the Chicago Cubs Vs. Oakland Athletics Rivalry

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The Chicago Cubs vs. Oakland Athletics rivalry may not be as renowned as some other MLB rivalries, but it has left its mark on baseball history.

These storied franchises, with their distinct fanbases and rich legacies, have faced each other in memorable matchups, including the 1929 World Series and regular-season interleague play.

While the Cubs boast a passionate national following and iconic home ballpark in Wrigley Field, the A’s regional appeal and analytical approach make for an intriguing matchup.

Though their rivalry may not be as intense, the potential for iconic moments and captivating contests continues to draw interest from fans as both teams compete in the ever-evolving world of baseball.

History: Chicago Cubs Vs Oakland Athletics

Origins and Establishment

  • Chicago Cubs: The Cubs were founded in 1876 as one of the charter members of the National League (NL), making them one of the oldest teams in professional baseball.
    They were originally known as the Chicago White Stockings and have since undergone various name changes before becoming the Cubs in 1903.

  • Oakland Athletics: The Athletics, often referred to as the A’s, have a long and storied history as well, though they were established more recently compared to the Cubs.
    They were founded in 1901 as one of the eight charter franchises of the American League (AL) and were originally based in Philadelphia.
    In 1955, the franchise relocated to Kansas City before eventually moving to Oakland in 1968.

Success and Championships

  • Chicago Cubs: The Cubs’ early history was marked by success, winning multiple NL pennants and World Series titles in the early 1900s, including back-to-back championships in 1907 and 1908.
    However, since that time, the team endured a prolonged championship drought, lasting over a century until they finally won the World Series in 2016, breaking the famous “Curse of the Billy Goat.”

  • Oakland Athletics: The A’s have experienced periods of both success and rebuilding. During their time in Philadelphia, they won five World Series titles between 1910 and 1930.
    After moving to Oakland, the A’s built a dominant roster in the 1970s under the leadership of owner Charlie Finley, winning three consecutive World Series titles from 1972 to 1974.
    They later achieved success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, reaching three consecutive World Series, though they only won one in 1989.

Ballpark and Fanbase

  • Chicago Cubs: The Cubs’ historic home, Wrigley Field, is one of the oldest ballparks in baseball and is famous for its ivy-covered brick outfield walls and unique atmosphere.
    The team has a massive and passionate fanbase, drawing supporters from across the country and even internationally, making Wrigley Field a renowned destination for baseball enthusiasts.

  • Oakland Athletics: The A’s currently play their home games at the Oakland Coliseum, a multi-purpose stadium. While the team has loyal and devoted fans, they have faced challenges with attendance and stadium issues over the years, leading to discussions about the potential for a new ballpark.

Fanbase: Chicago Cubs Vs Oakland Athletics

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs boast one of sports’ most passionate and dedicated fanbases. Known as the “Cubs Faithful” or the “North Side Faithful,” they exhibit unwavering loyalty, enduring the team’s infamous century-long championship drought with unyielding support.

A defining characteristic is their multi-generational devotion, passed down through families, fostering a strong sense of tradition and heritage.

The allure of being a Cubs fan lies in the iconic Wrigley Field experience, with its unique charm and ivy-covered walls, creating an unmatched baseball atmosphere.

Beyond Chicago, the Cubs have cultivated a national and even international following, drawing fans from far and wide, cementing their status as an iconic franchise in the sporting world.

Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics, or A’s, possess a devoted fanbase, although smaller compared to the Cubs. These fans exemplify resilience and unwavering passion, standing by the team through rebuilding phases and financial constraints.

They take pride in the franchise’s history and accomplishments, forging a deep sense of loyalty.

While their national following may not match the Cubs’, the A’s enjoy a strong regional appeal in the Bay Area of Northern California, drawing support from Oakland and its neighboring communities.

Notably, the fanbase embraces the team’s innovative, data-driven approach to the game, elevating their admiration for the A’s as they navigate the dynamic world of baseball with a distinct analytical edge.

Iconic Moments: Chicago Cubs Vs Oakland Athletics Rivalry

There have been notable matchups and iconic moments between these two teams over the years.

Here are some of the memorable moments from their rivalry

1929 World Series

The Cubs and the Athletics faced off in the 1929 World Series. The A’s emerged victorious, winning the series in five games. This marked the first World Series meeting between the two franchises.

1989 Earthquake World Series

The most memorable moment from their rivalry came during the 1989 World Series when the A’s and the San Francisco Giants (their cross-bay rivals) faced each other.

While not directly between the Cubs and A’s, this event holds significance as it involved a Bay Area team and affected the entire sports community.

Game 3 of the series was scheduled to be played at Candlestick Park in San Francisco but was postponed due to the Loma Prieta earthquake, which struck just before the game’s start time.

The series resumed after a ten-day delay, and the A’s went on to sweep the Giants to win the World Series title.

Interleague Play Meetings

Iconic moments in their rivalry have occurred during regular-season interleague play meetings. Although they do not have a long history of intense matchups, there have been thrilling games where key players from both teams shined.

Individual Performances

Throughout the years, players from both teams have had exceptional performances during games against each other. These performances have included impressive pitching outings, clutch hitting, and outstanding defensive plays.

Future Outlook: Chicago Cubs Vs Oakland Athletics

Chicago Cubs

Their young talent shows promise, offering hope for the future. Players like Nico Hoerner, Brennen Davis, and Ed Howard have displayed potential at the major league level, and a crop of talented prospects awaits their opportunity.

To rebuild successfully, the Cubs must prioritize the development of their farm system, focusing on finding and nurturing a new core of players to compete in the NL Central.

Trading veterans like Kris Bryant, Willson Contreras, and Kyle Hendricks could provide prospects and salary relief to expedite the process.

Oakland Athletics

Their financial limitations have been a perennial challenge, but they have thrived in the past by developing undervalued players.

However, their current roster lacks such players, and they must carefully consider whether to retain or trade stars like Matt Chapman, Matt Olson, and Ramon Laureano, who are approaching free agency.

Improving their struggling pitching staff and nurturing promising arms like A.J. Puk, Daulton Jefferies, and Tyler Soderstrom are crucial for the A’s to compete in the AL West.

Recent Performance: Chicago Cubs Vs Oakland Athletics

March 23, 2023 – Sloan Park, Mesa, Arizona

  • Result: Cubs 5, Athletics 4

  • Notable Moments: Cubs rally in the seventh inning, Andy Weber’s go-ahead hit, Jesse Chavez earns the win in relief.

April 17, 2023 – RingCentral Coliseum, Oakland, California:

  • Result: Cubs 10, Athletics 1

  • Notable Moments: Patrick Wisdom hits two home runs, Cody Bellinger’s 5-for-5 performance, Hayden Wesneski’s strong seven innings for the win.

Chicago Cubs Vs Oakland Athletics Rivalry

1929Oct 14-16Wrigley FieldPhiladelphiaA’s 4 – Cubs 1
1930Oct 8-10Shibe ParkPhiladelphiaA’s 4 – Cubs 2
1984Jun 8-10Wrigley FieldChicagoCubs 2 – A’s 1
1986Jul 18-20Oakland ColiseumOaklandA’s 2 – Cubs 1
1989Oct 14-28World SeriesOaklandA’s 4 – Cubs 0
1997Jun 13-15Oakland ColiseumChicagoCubs 3 – A’s 0
1998Jun 5-7Wrigley FieldChicagoCubs 2 – A’s 1
2010Jun 15-17Oakland ColiseumOaklandA’s 2 – Cubs 1
2019Aug 5-7Wrigley FieldOaklandA’s 2 – Cubs 1
2021Jul 30-Aug 1Oakland ColiseumChicagoCubs 2 – A’s 1


When did the Chicago Cubs and the Oakland Athletics first play against each other?

The Chicago Cubs and the Oakland Athletics first played against each other in the 1929 World Series. The A’s emerged victorious, winning the series in five games.

Do the Cubs and A’s have a strong rivalry in Major League Baseball?

While the Cubs and A’s have faced each other in regular-season interleague play and the 1989 World Series, their rivalry is not as intense or deeply rooted as some other MLB rivalries. They belong to different leagues, and their head-to-head matchups have been relatively limited compared to other historical rivalries.

Which team has had the upper hand historically in the Cubs vs. A’s rivalry?

The historical head-to-head record between the Cubs and A’s favors the A’s. However, it’s worth noting that the number of matchups between these two teams has been limited, and their rivalry does not involve frequent meetings in high-stakes postseason matchups.

Have the Cubs and A’s played in recent years?

Yes, the Cubs and A’s have faced each other in interleague play during recent seasons. While they don’t have an annual rivalry, they do play each other occasionally due to MLB’s interleague scheduling.

To Recap

The Chicago Cubs vs. Oakland Athletics rivalry, while not as intense as some other MLB rivalries, holds its own significance in baseball history.

The teams have faced each other in notable matchups, including the 1929 World Series and regular-season interleague play.

While the Cubs’ massive and dedicated fanbase and the A’s regional appeal create unique atmospheres for each team, their head-to-head encounters have showcased thrilling moments and individual performances.

Despite not having a long-standing tradition of intense rivalry, the potential for more memorable moments between these storied franchises remains.

As both teams continue to compete, the Cubs vs. A’s matchups add to the rich tapestry of baseball’s storied legacy.

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