Crawl Stroke In Swimming

What Is Crawl Stroke In Swimming

Marjan Sokolovski

Crawl stroke is the most common swimming technique and it involves propelling oneself through the water using the arms and ...

Where To Watch Olympic Swimming Trials?

Where To Watch Olympic Swimming Trials?

Marjan Sokolovski

The Olympic Channel will live stream all finals sessions of the championships on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. CNBC ...

Swimming Change Your Body Shape

Does Swimming Change Your Body Shape?

Marjan Sokolovski

Swimming is a great way to improve your overall fitness and tone your body. It can help you lose weight, ...

Hand Paddles For Swimming

Why Use Hand Paddles For Swimming

Marjan Sokolovski

Swimming is a great way to work out your arms, chest and shoulders. To get the most benefits from using ...

Butterfly In Swimming

What Is Butterfly In Swimming?

Marjan Sokolovski

Butterfly is a swimming stroke that most often used by butterfly swimmers. Butterfly swimmer use this swimming stroke to get ...

Swimming Increase Height After 23

Does Swimming Increase Height After 23?

Marjan Sokolovski

Swimming won’t immediately raise your height, but it can help you maintain a good and healthy lifestyle that may help ...


Do You Need Swimming For Snorkeling?

Marjan Sokolovski

If you are feeling lightheaded or unwell, it is important to stay calm and float for as long as possible. ...

Bone Density Affect Swimming

Does Bone Density Affect Swimming?

Marjan Sokolovski

Swimming does not seem to have a negative effect on bone mass, according to new research. Hypogravity and lack of ...

Swimming Help With Cellulite

Does Swimming Help With Cellulite

Marjan Sokolovski

Swim as often as you can to tone your muscles and burn calories. Swimming is a great way reduce cellulite ...

Breaststroke In Swimming

What Is Breaststroke In Swimming

Marjan Sokolovski

Breaststroke is an efficient way to move through water – you use your arms and legs to propel yourself forward. ...