Horse Breeders

How Much Do Horse Breeders Make?

Kadir Kiygir

Horse Breeders typically make a median salary of $51,672 per year. The top 86% of Horse Breeders earn an annual ...

7 Horse Trifecta Box

How Much Is A 7 Horse Trifecta Box?

Kadir Kiygir

Don’t overspend on your bets – the base bet cost can be too high. Balance your horse count to make ...

Sire And Dam In Horse

What Is Sire And Dam In Horse?

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A Dam is a female horse that has produced offspring. Sires are male horses of any breed or age and ...

Wps Mean In Horse Racing

What Does Wps Mean In Horse Racing?

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When you’re placing bets, keep in mind the different ways to wager. A win bet requires better odds than a ...

Horse Racing Fixed

Is Horse Racing Fixed?

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Horse race cheating is a very serious offence which can result in banishment from the sport or even imprisonment for ...

3 Horse Trifecta Box Cost

How Much Does A 3 Horse Trifecta Box Cost?

Kadir Kiygir

A three horse trifecta box costs about $12. To find the trifecta payout, multiply your flexi percentage to the declared ...

Watch Breeders Cup

How To Watch Breeders Cup? – A Guide to Enjoying the Thrills

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The Breeders’ Cup, an annual pinnacle event in thoroughbred horse racing, captivates fans and enthusiasts from around the world. It’s ...

best bet in horse racing

What Does M/l Mean In Horse Racing?

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Horse racing is a popular sport with many people wagering on the outcomes. Odds are important in horse racing, and ...

Horse Jockeys Weigh

How Much Do Horse Jockeys Weigh?

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Jockeys are often required to have a certain weight and height in order to be hired, and they will also ...

Arlington Race Track Closing

Is Arlington Race Track Closing?

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Arlington International Racecourse will close its doors for the last time on October 14th, after a century of racing. The ...