American Football

Penalty in Football

Is Spiking the American Football a Penalty? & Rules for Spiking, NFL

John Rizzo

Spiking the American football is a familiar sight on the gridiron, an exhilarating burst of celebration after a successful touchdown ...

What Does 3Rd And 7 Mean In American Football?

John Rizzo

3rd and 7 is an American football play call that means the team is third down and seven yards from ...

What Does Questionable Mean In Fantasy American Football?

John Rizzo

Questionable means that the call or play is being questioned by either the referee or a member of the officiating ...

Impossible in American Football NFL

What Scores Are Impossible in American Football? And Why? NFL

John Rizzo

American football, with its complex scoring system, often yields dramatic moments and nail-biting finishes. Yet, amid the touchdowns, field goals, ...

Is A Football A Foot Long?

John Rizzo

There is no definitive answer to this question since footballs can vary in size depending on their manufacturer, but a ...

What Is A Lateral Pass In Football: Learn the Sideways Strategy

John Rizzo

Generally, a lateral pass in football refers to a specific type of pass where the ball is thrown or handed ...

Mic In Football

What Is The Mic In Football?

John Rizzo

In the grand theater of American football, where strategy meets brute force, terminology takes on a life of its own. ...

Fair Catch in American Football

What Is A Fair Catch In American Football?

John Rizzo

In the dynamic world of American football, the concept of a “fair catch” stands as a pivotal rule designed to ...

What Is Bye Week In American Football?

John Rizzo

A bye week is a week in American football when the team that has been eliminated from the playoffs does ...

Illegal Formation In Football

From Huddles to Penalties: What Is an Illegal Formation in Football?

John Rizzo

Football is a game of precise rules and intricate strategies, where every aspect of the game is meticulously regulated to ...