Boston Celtics High-Flying Highlights and Hauser’s Absence Spark Social Media Frenzy

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In a thrilling showcase of posters, putbacks, and power dunks, the Boston Celtics have set the internet ablaze with their jaw-dropping plays. The team’s official Twitter account, @celtics, proudly shared a compilation of their best moments under the hashtag #BestOfNBA, amassing a staggering 209.4K views, 433 retweets, 30 quotes, 3,696 likes, and 44 bookmarks.

Fans and basketball enthusiasts alike couldn’t help but marvel at the display of athleticism and skill, with many expressing their admiration and excitement. Twitter users flooded the comments section with enthusiastic reactions, reminiscing about iconic plays and expressing their love for the game.

However, one notable absence caught the attention of fans—the exclusion of Hauser’s impressive performances. Despite the team’s outstanding highlights, some fans voiced their disappointment at not seeing Hauser’s talents showcased in the compilation. Nevertheless, the collective sentiment was filled with pride for the team and anticipation for what the future holds.

Amid the excitement, the Celtics community also took a moment to remember the legendary Bill Russell on the anniversary of his passing. Fans paid tribute to the iconic player and shared fond memories of his greatness on and off the court.

As the new season approaches, Tidal League (@TidalLeague) and Molly Kayne (@tourotic) expressed their excitement for what the future holds, with Porziņģis being singled out as a player to watch in the upcoming highlight reels.

Even amidst the nostalgia and anticipation, some fans kept their eyes on the present, urging the team to keep their current profile picture until the new season commences, hoping it brings them continued success.

The Celtics’ journey to greatness wouldn’t be complete without the electrifying plays and dunks by their roster, and Twitter users eagerly shared their favorite moments, including Blake’s memorable alley-oop and Timelord’s one-handed slam during the ECF, which left fans in awe.

Despite the excitement, some fans acknowledged that putting someone on a poster is a rare and coveted experience that most can only dream of, while others playfully reminisced about their first Celtics game experiences.

With the hashtag #BestOfNBA spreading like wildfire, the Celtics Republic (@CelticsRepublic) reminded fans of Luke Kornet’s appearance, adding another layer of excitement to the mix.

The collective passion and love for the team were palpable, making it clear that the Celtics’ electrifying highlights and devoted fanbase are set to fuel the team’s pursuit of greatness in the upcoming season.

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