Top 8 Best Wrestling Players Ukraine in History

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Ukraine has a long and proud history of wrestling, with some of the best fighters in the world hailing from this Eastern European nation.

While many of these elite athletes have gone on to make their mark in the international arena, some of the most accomplished and revered grapplers still come from the Ukraine.

From Olympic and World Champions to national heroes, these Ukrainian wrestlers are some of the most skilled and respected competitors in the sport.

This article is a tribute to the greatest Ukrainian wrestlers who have ever competed, featuring their greatest achievements and accomplishments.

1. Zhan Beleniuk


Zhan Vensanovych Beleniuk is an accomplished Ukrainian athlete and politician. He is a Greco-Roman wrestler, who won the bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics.

He is also the first black member of the Ukrainian Parliament, having been elected in 2019. Beleniuk’s election to the Ukrainian Parliament was a momentous occasion for Ukraine. His election to the Ukrainian Parliament marked a historic milestone in the country’s history.

It was the first time that a black person was elected to a national-level political office in Ukraine.

Beleniuk’s election to the Ukrainian Parliament was an important step forward for Ukraine in its efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity. Beleniuk has been a vocal advocate for the rights of minority communities in Ukraine.

He has been a strong supporter of the LGBT community and has also spoken out in support of the rights of Ukrainians of African descent.

Beleniuk has also been a vocal advocate for the rights of women and has actively campaigned against gender-based violence. Beleniuk is an inspiration to many in Ukraine. His election to the Ukrainian Parliament shows that it is possible for minorities to succeed in politics.

Moreover, his commitment to promoting the rights of minority communities in Ukraine shows that he is passionate about ensuring that everyone in the country has access to the same opportunities.

Beleniuk’s election to the Ukrainian Parliament is a testament to the progress Ukraine has made in promoting diversity and inclusivity.

2. Mariya Stadnik

Mariya Stadnik is a world-renowned wrestler. She was born in Ukraine but has become a naturalized citizen of Azerbaijan. She is a four-time Olympic medalist, having won two silver medals and two bronze medals.

She also won two gold medals at the World Championships in 2010 and 2014. Stadnik is considered to be one of the most accomplished female wrestlers in the world. She has been competing in wrestling since 2005 and has won numerous national and international tournaments.

Her first international tournament was at the European U23 Championships in 2006, where she won gold.

Since then, she has won many international wrestling titles, including the World Cup, the Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin, and the European Championships. Stadnik is an inspirational figure in the wrestling world.

Her success has been an inspiration to many aspiring female wrestlers, and she has been an advocate for women’s wrestling.

She has also been an ambassador for the sport, traveling to various countries to promote the sport and inspire young people to get involved. Mariya Stadnik’s legacy as an Olympic medalist, world champion, and ambassador for the sport of wrestling will live on for many years to come.

Her success is a testament to the hard work and dedication she has put into the sport and is a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

3. Oleksandr Zakharuk

Oleksandr Valeriyovych Zakharuk is a renowned Ukrainian freestyle wrestler, who competed in the featherweight category during his amateur wrestling career.

He is now retired from the sport, but his accomplishments still remain highly acclaimed within the wrestling community. Zakharuk was born in the Ukraine and began his wrestling career at a young age.

He was quickly recognized as a talented wrestler and rose to the top of the amateur rankings.

He won numerous tournaments and competitions, becoming one of the most successful featherweight wrestlers in the country. Throughout his career, Zakharuk was known for his strength and resilience.

He had a unique style and was able to quickly adapt to his opponents, allowing him to outmatch them with ease.

He was also a very technical wrestler, making use of efficient strategies to gain the upper hand in a match. Zakharuk’s achievements have been recognized by the Ukraine Wrestling Federation.

He has been awarded the Medal of Honor for his dedication to the sport and his accomplishments as a wrestler. Although he is now retired, Zakharuk’s legacy continues to live on.

He is remembered as one of the best featherweight wrestlers in the country and his influence is seen throughout the sport, inspiring many aspiring wrestlers to reach their full potential.

4. Vladimir Kozlov


Oleg Aleksandrovich Prudius is a Ukrainian-American actor and former professional wrestler, who is better known by his ring name Vladimir Kozlov. He is best known for his time in WWE, the world’s largest wrestling promotion.

During his time in WWE, he won the WWE Tag Team Championship once, teaming with Santino Marella. Kozlov originally came from Ukraine, where he trained in various martial arts, including Judo, Taekwondo and Sambo.

He made his professional wrestling debut in 2003, competing for the promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He moved to the United States in 2006 and signed a developmental contract with WWE. In 2008, he was called up to the main roster and debuted as a face on the June 6 edition of SmackDown. He quickly became known for his impressive strength and agility and was a fan favorite.

He formed a tag team with Santino Marella, and the pair went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship in 2009. Kozlov left WWE in 2011 and returned to the independent circuit. He has since had stints in several promotions, including New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Pro Wrestling.

He has also ventured into acting, appearing in several films and television shows.

He is currently signed to the wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling. Overall, Vladimir Kozlov is a well-known and respected professional wrestler, who has had a successful career both in WWE and on the independent circuit.

He has also ventured into acting, appearing in several films and television shows. He remains a fan favorite to this day.

5. Nataliya Synyshyn

Natalya Ihorivna Synyshyn is an impressive athlete who has achieved a lot in her career as a freestyle wrestler. She is a Ukrainian-Azerbaijani competitor and competes in the lightweight division.

Natalya has won two bronze medals at the World Championships, and three bronze medals at the European Championships. She is a very talented athlete who is dedicated to her sport and continues to strive for excellence.

Her accomplishments are a testament to her hard work and dedication to the sport. Natalya is an inspiring example of what can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.

She is an example to all aspiring freestyle wrestlers, and her achievements should be celebrated and admired.

6. Ivan Poddubny


Ivan Maximovich Poddubny, often known as Ivan Maksymovych Piddubnyy, was an incredibly successful wrestler from the Russian Empire and later the Soviet Union. He is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and his accomplishments in the sport are renowned.

Poddubny was born in the Russian Empire in 1871, and his career began in earnest when he joined the Imperial Russian Wrestling Club in 1894.

He quickly rose to fame, winning numerous competitions and earning the nickname “The Russian Lion” for his bold and aggressive style of wrestling. Poddubny was known for his strong physique and powerful moves, and he was often pitted against much larger opponents.

He won a staggering number of matches and was even awarded a gold medal at the 1908 Olympics in London. He continued to compete into the 1920s, eventually retiring in 1927 with a record of over 1,800 wins.

His success in wrestling made him a national hero, and he was even given the title of “People’s Champion” by the Soviet Union in honor of his achievements. Ivan Maximovich Poddubny was a true sports icon, and his legacy continues to this day.

He is remembered for his strength and resilience and was inducted into the International Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1998. His influence on the sport of wrestling is undeniable, and he will forever be remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

7. Vasyl Fedoryshyn

Vasyl Petrovych Fedoryshyn is an incredibly talented wrestler from Ukraine. He competes in the men’s -60 kg freestyle division, which requires a great deal of strength and skill to successfully compete in.

This division consists of male wrestlers who weigh no more than 60 kilograms. Fedoryshyn is a dedicated athlete, training hard to master the techniques needed to excel in this sport. He has achieved great success in the past and continues to strive for excellence in the future.

His impressive strength and agility make him an incredible competitor in the -60 kg division. Fedoryshyn’s hard work and determination have made him a standout athlete in the world of wrestling. He is an inspiring example of what can be achieved through dedication and practice.

8. Ivan Firtsak

Ivan Fedorovych Firtsak-Kroton was a remarkable individual from Ukraine. He was a talented circus performer, athlete, wrestler, boxer, and freestyle wrestler, an impressive combination of skills.

Ivan was admired by many for his strength and agility, which earned him the title of “the world’s strongest man.” He was a well-known athlete who was respected for his hard work and passion for physical feats. Ivan was born in Ukraine and began his career as a circus performer.

His skills as an athlete, wrestler, boxer, and freestyle wrestler quickly gained him attention and praise. He was known for his powerful and agile performances. He was a master of physical feats and could perform incredible stunts and acrobatics.

His strength and passion for physical feats earned him the title of “the world’s strongest man.”Ivan was a well-known athlete and was respected for his hard work and passion.

He was a part of the Ukrainian wrestling and martial arts scene and was considered a pioneer in his field.

He was an inspiration to people all over the world as he showed that hard work and dedication can achieve great things. Ivan Fedorovych Firtsak-Kroton was an incredible individual and a true inspiration.

He was a multi-talented performer, athlete, wrestler, boxer, and freestyle wrestler who was able to show the world his strength and agility.

He worked hard and dedicated himself to physical feats, which earned him the title of “the world’s strongest man.” He was an inspiration to people all over the world and will be remembered for his incredible feats.


The best wrestling players in Ukraine have shown that they have the skills needed to be successful in the sport. They are highly respected and have achieved a great deal of success both domestically and internationally.

Their dedication and hard work have allowed them to compete at the highest level and represent the country in the best possible way. With their incredible talent and determination, they have earned the title of the best wrestler in Ukraine.

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