19 Best Professional Wrestling Players in Germany

Liam Rooney

Germany is home to some of the best wrestlers in the world, with athletes competing in all different levels of wrestling. From Olympic Gold Medalists to amateur contenders, Germany’s wrestling talent pool is full of stars.

From Olympic champions like Andreas Krieger and Frank Stäbler to current superstars like Marcel Kittel and Robert Rauch, Germany’s wrestling talent pool is full of world-class athletes.

We’ll take a look at some of the best wrestlers in Germany, their accomplishments, and what makes them so great.

1. Alex Wright


Alexander Wright is a former professional wrestler who is popularly known for his wrestling career in Germany and Japan. He started his career in 1994 when he signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling, one of the most prestigious wrestling organizations in the world.

He was known for his high-flying style and technique in the ring during his matches, as well as his ability to captivate the audience with his unique charisma. During his time in Germany, Alexander was considered a rising star, quickly gaining a large fanbase due to his impressive performances.

He continued to make a name for himself in Japan before signing with World Championship Wrestling in 1994.

During his time with the organization, he gained a great deal of recognition among fans and his peers and was even featured in some of the promotions biggest events. Alexander Wright was a respected wrestler and promoter, and his influence is still felt in the wrestling world today.

He is remembered for his passion and dedication to the sport, and his impact on the industry will never be forgotten.

2. Ludwig Kaiser


Marcel Barthel is a German professional wrestler who is currently signed with WWE, the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world. He performs on WWE’s Raw brand under the ring name Ludwig Kaiser.

As Ludwig Kaiser, Barthel is a member of Imperium, a stable of European professional wrestlers. Imperium was formed in 2019 and consists of members WALTER, Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, and Marcel Barthel.

The group is known for its strong adherence to traditional European wrestling values. Barthel has been part of Imperium since its formation and is one of the most prominent members of the stable.

He is a former two-time NXT Tag Team Champion and has also held the NXT UK Tag Team Championship, the first German to do so. Barthel has had successful matches against opponents such as Matt Riddle, Finn Balor, and Pete Dunne.

He has also participated in several high-profile matches, including a triple threat ladder match for the NXT UK Championship and a six-man tag team match at TakeOver: WarGames.

Barthel has become an important part of WWE’s European expansion and has been a great representative for German wrestling.

3. David Finlay


David Finlay III is a professional wrestler with a unique background. Born in Germany, he is of Irish-American descent. He performs under the ring name David Finlay, and is currently signed to New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

He is currently the NEVER Openweight Champion in his first reign, demonstrating his prowess in the wrestling world. Finlay is also a former Impact World Tag Team Champion, having earned success in Impact Wrestling.

His accomplishments show his skill and talent in the ring, making him a force to be reckoned with.

4. Ulf Herman

Ulf Nadrowski, also known by his ring name Ulf Herman, is a well-known German professional wrestler.

He has been a fixture in the professional wrestling scene since the 1990s and is especially well-known in the United States for his appearances in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).At ECW, Herman was part of the iconic faction known as The Full Blooded Italians (FBI).

This faction was active from 1998 to 1999 and was composed of fellow professional wrestlers Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido Maritato.

Together, the group was known for its unique blend of comedy and wrestling, as well as their iconic theme song, “Oh, What a Night”.Herman was seen as an important part of the FBI. He was known for his powerful physique and strength, as well as his unique in-ring style.

His matches with opponents such as Little Guido Maritato, The Sandman, and Rhino were often high-energy affairs that highlighted his many skills. Herman has since retired from professional wrestling, although his legacy and influence remain.

His time with The Full Blooded Italians has gone down as a classic period in professional wrestling history, and his matches with the likes of Little Guido Maritato and The Sandman live on as highlights of his career.

5. Wilhelm von Homburg


Norbert Grupe, better known by his stage name Wilhelm von Homburg, was a multi-talented German entertainer. He was widely known as a boxer, actor, and professional wrestler.

His most notable roles were his villainous supporting roles in a variety of high-profile films and television shows.

He was known for his quick wit, intense stare, and his ability to bring a menacing presence to any role. Grupe was born in Germany in 1940 and began his career as a boxer. He won a number of matches before becoming a professional wrestler in the late 1970s.

He quickly made a name for himself in the wrestling community due to his impressive physical strength and intimidating demeanor. Grupe then began to pursue an acting career. He made his film debut in 1982 with the movie ‘Die Verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum’.

His performance in the film earned him widespread recognition, and he went on to appear in a number of other films over the years.

He often played the role of a villainous character, making use of his powerful physical presence to add intensity to his roles. Grupe was known for his unique ability to make the audience feel a sense of unease.

He was able to use his physicality and facial expressions to create a feeling of tension and suspense. He also had a great sense of humor, which he often used to lighten the mood in his scenes. Grupe’s career in acting and professional wrestling spanned over three decades. 

He made a lasting impression on the entertainment industry with his powerful performances and unique style. He passed away in 2002, but his legacy remains alive in the hearts of his fans.

6. Patrick Schulz

Patrick Schulz is a professional wrestler who is well-known by two different ring names. He is commonly known as “Handsome” Patrick Schulz and “Made in Germany” Patrick Schulz. His career has taken him around the world, as he has wrestled in Europe and in the United States.

He is most notably known for his appearances in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and USA Championship Wrestling. His performances in these two organizations have been quite impressive and have allowed him to gain a great amount of success in the wrestling industry.

He is now a well-known and successful wrestler who continues to entertain fans with his wrestling ability.

7. Bobby Gunns


Robert Schild is a professional wrestler from Germany, better known by his ring name Bobby Gunns.

He is currently employed by Westside Xtreme Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion based in Germany. Bobby Gunns has been wrestling since his teens and has competed all around the world.

He has become a popular figure in German wrestling and is known for his hard-hitting style and strong technical wrestling skills.

Gunns has won several championships in his career, including the wXw World Tag Team Championship, the wXw Shotgun Championship and the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship. Bobby Gunns is one of the most popular professional wrestlers in Germany today.

He has a dedicated fan base that follows his career and has become a symbol for aspiring professional wrestlers in the country.

His work in the wrestling ring has made him a household name and an inspiration for many young wrestlers. Despite his success, Bobby Gunns has kept his feet on the ground and continues to work hard to improve his skills and reach the top of his profession.

He is a great example of a wrestler who has achieved success through dedication and hard work.

8. Emil Naucke


Emil Naucke was a unique individual, combining the worlds of professional wrestling and art. He was born in Germany and began his career as a professional wrestler, competing in the heavyweight division. He was known for his powerful physique and aggressive style of wrestling.

Despite his success in the ring, he also had an artistic side and was known for his paintings, drawings, and sculptures. He used his art to express his own emotions and to create a visual representation of the world around him.

His work often depicted scenes from his wrestling matches, as well as his own personal experiences. He was also a teacher and was renowned for his ability to help others develop their own artistic skills.

His legacy as an artist and wrestler lives on today, and his memory is still celebrated by those who knew him.

9. Achim Albrecht

Achim Albrecht is a renowned name in the fitness and wrestling industry. He is a German personal trainer, bodybuilder, and professional wrestler.

His achievements in the field of bodybuilding and fitness make him an icon in the industry. In 1990, Achim Albrecht achieved a significant milestone in his career. He won the title of Mr.

Universe in the over 90 kilograms category of the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness. The competition was held in Malaysia and it was a milestone in his career. Achim Albrecht has been a role model for many aspiring bodybuilders.

His experience and guidance has been sought after by many who want to get into the fitness and wrestling industry. He has also been a great mentor, helping many newcomers to the industry reach their goals. Today, Achim Albrecht continues to be a respected figure in the industry.

He is still a personal trainer and bodybuilder and still holds the Mr. Universe title in the over 90 kilograms category. He also continues to inspire many athletes and amateurs to excel in the field of bodybuilding and fitness.

10. Ernest Roeber


Ernest Roeber was a German-American professional wrestler who achieved great success in the sport in both his native Germany and in the United States. He held the European Greco-Roman Heavyweight Championship from 1894 to 1900 and reclaimed the title from 1900 to 1901.

Roeber also held the American Greco-Roman Heavyweight Championship and the German World Heavyweight Championship. Roeber’s career as a wrestler was impressive, particularly as he was able to compete in both the European and American championships.

He was a master of Greco-Roman wrestling, a style of wrestling that focuses on using the upper body to control an opponent. This style requires a great deal of strength and technique, which Roeber had in abundance.

As a result, he was able to dominate the Greco-Roman Heavyweight Championships in both Europe and America. In addition to his championships, Roeber also held the German World Heavyweight Championship. This was a prestigious title that few wrestlers were able to achieve.

It is a testament to Roeber’s skill and dedication that he was able to hold this title for a lengthy period of time. Ernest Roeber was a formidable wrestler who achieved great success in the sport.

His success in the European and American championships, as well as his title of German World Heavyweight Champion, serve as a testament to his skill and determination. His legacy as a wrestler will continue to be remembered and honored by fans all over the world.

11. Alexander Wolfe


Axel Tischer is a German professional wrestler who is most well-known for his time in WWE. He performed under the ring name Alexander Wolfe. Before joining WWE, Tischer competed on the European independent circuit, where he used his real name.

Throughout his time in the independent circuit, Tischer gained a reputation for being a hard-working, talented wrestler. He earned a great deal of respect from his peers and fans alike.

In WWE, Tischer was part of the stable SAnitY, along with Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Nikki Cross. SAnitY was a popular faction, and Tischer’s skill as a wrestler was on full display. He was a master of technical wrestling, as well as a capable brawler.

His time in the WWE was relatively short-lived, but his impact was felt. Tischer is now a free agent and is still actively competing on the independent circuit. He is a highly skilled wrestler and is sure to continue to make a name for himself in the years to come.

12. Don Fargo

Donald Vincent Kalt, better known by his ring name Don Fargo, was a German-born American professional wrestler who had a successful career in the sport. He held over 55 titles during his career, with 14 of them being NWA World Tag Team Championships.

These titles were won in conjunction with his tag team partner and brother Jackie Fargo, collectively known as The Fabulous Fargos. This duo was well known for their success and for their colorful personalities.

Don Fargo was a highly decorated wrestler, having won numerous championships and awards throughout his career. He was a fan favorite both for his in-ring ability and his larger-than-life persona.

The Fabulous Fargos were considered one of the greatest tag teams of all time, and Don Fargo was an integral part of that success. He was a true champion in every sense of the word, and he will forever be remembered for his contributions to the wrestling world.

13. Buddy Rogers


Buddy Rogers, better known by his professional wrestling moniker “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, was an influential figure in the history of professional wrestling. He was born on June 25th, 1921 in Camden, New Jersey, and began his wrestling career in 1940.

During the 1940s and 1950s, Rogers became one of the most popular wrestlers in the United States and was the first wrestler to ever be crowned “World Heavyweight Champion” in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). Throughout his career, Rogers had an impressive record of wins and was known for his high-flying acrobatic style.

He was a major star in the early days of television wrestling and helped to bring professional wrestling into the mainstream.

He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1994 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. In addition to his in-ring accomplishments, Rogers was also an influential figure outside of the ring.

He was active in the civil rights movement and was instrumental in bringing African-American wrestlers into the NWA.

He was an advocate for racial equality and helped to desegregate wrestling shows in the South. Buddy Rogers was an important figure in the history of professional wrestling.

He was not only a great wrestler, but also a champion for civil rights and a major star in the early days of television wrestling. His influence on the sport is still felt today.

14. Alpha Female

Marie Kristin Gabert is an incredibly accomplished athlete. She is a German professional wrestler and was formerly a professional powerlifter, strongwoman, bodybuilder, and mixed martial artist. She has competed under the names Alpha Female and Jazzy Gabert.

Gabert is best known for her appearances on the independent wrestling scene, where she has wrestled for World Wonder Ring Stardom and Impact Wrestling. She has won numerous championships in these promotions and is considered one of the best female wrestlers in the world.

Gabert is also an accomplished powerlifter, strongwoman, bodybuilder, and mixed martial artist, and has competed in various competitions around the world. Her commitment to physical fitness and athleticism has made her an inspiration to many aspiring athletes.

15. Bad Bones


John Klinger is a German professional wrestler who is widely known by his ring name, Bad Bones. Bad Bones is a popular wrestler who has competed in many international promotions across Europe, England, Japan, Israel, and the United States.

He has been wrestling for a number of years and has built up a large fan base. He has competed in various independent promotions ranging from small local events to large national and international ones.

Bad Bones is well respected by his peers and fans alike for his skill and athleticism in the ring, and for his ability to captivate a crowd. He has a unique style and is considered to be one of the most talented and entertaining wrestlers on the independent circuit.

Bad Bones is an inspiration to many aspiring wrestlers and is a true ambassador of the sport.

16. Aline Rotter-Focken

Aline Rotter-Focken is an accomplished German freestyle wrestler. She has achieved great success in her career, winning a world title in the 69 kg division in 2014 and a bronze medal in the 67 kg category at the 2013 European Championships.

Her most recent success came in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where she won the Gold medal in her weight class, cementing her place amongst the top freestyle wrestlers in the world. Aline Rotter-Focken has been praised for her unrelenting dedication to her sport, having trained and competed at the highest levels for many years.

Her devotion to the sport has been rewarded with prestigious accolades, including a world title and a bronze medal at the European Championships.

Most recently, she was able to add an Olympic Gold medal to her collection, a dream she had been working towards for many years. Aline Rotter-Focken is an excellent role model for aspiring wrestlers, showing that hard work and dedication can lead to great success.

With her impressive list of achievements, she serves as an inspiration for her fellow wrestlers and for athletes from all sports. Her victory at the 2020 Olympics has undoubtedly increased her profile, and she is now seen as one of the top athletes in her sport.

17. Sebastian Hackl

Sebastian Hackl is a German professional wrestler and commentator. He is also known by his professional wrestling name, Sebastian Sage. Hackl began his professional wrestling career in 2011, wrestling in independent promotions in Germany.

In 2014, Hackl signed with Westside Xtreme Wrestling, one of the most popular wrestling promotions in Germany. Since then, he has become a prominent figure in the German wrestling scene. In addition to wrestling, Hackl is also a commentator.

He has been providing commentary for various wrestling promotions since 2013. His commentary style is often described as being insightful and providing a unique perspective on the match.

Hackl has also been involved in the production of several wrestling-related shows, such as the German TV series Wrestling Deutschland.

Sebastian Hackl is a highly respected wrestler and commentator in the German wrestling scene and is a respected figure in the international wrestling community.

18. Carl Abs


Carl Abs, also known as “The German Oak”, was a German professional wrestler who is widely credited with founding modern professional wrestling in Germany.

Born Carl Johann Theodor Abs, he was a hugely successful wrestler in the late 19th century who attracted a great deal of public interest. His career and life was closely followed by the public who were fascinated by his skill and success inside and outside of the ring.

Abs was born in Baden-Württemberg, Germany in 1857. He began his professional wrestling career in 1878 and quickly rose to become one of the most successful wrestlers of his time.

He won numerous championships and was the first European wrestler to win a title in the United States.

He was also the first wrestler to be able to make a living solely from his wrestling. His success in the ring was matched by his popularity out of it, with fans and the media closely following his every move.

He was featured in many newspapers and magazines and was even the subject of a song. He was also the first wrestler to be featured on film, with a short film being made of his match against American wrestler Tom Jenkins in 1902.

Abs was one of the first wrestlers to utilize a wide range of moves and techniques, which he developed during his career. He was known for his strength and agility and was able to quickly transition between moves.

He was a master of holds and pins and was able to apply them with precision. He was also a master promoter who was able to draw large crowds to his matches. The legacy of Carl Abs lives on in modern professional wrestling.

His influence and success in the sport helped to shape the way it is practiced today. He is remembered as one of the most influential wrestlers of all time, and his life and work continue to be celebrated by wrestling fans around the world.

19. The Rotation


Axel Halbach is a professional wrestler from Germany, who is best known by his wrestling name, The Rotation. He is currently signed to Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw), one of the leading German wrestling promotions.

During his time with the company, he has achieved a great deal of success, including becoming the wXw Academy Trophy Champion.

This prestigious title is a testament to Halbach’s skill and stature as a wrestler, which has earned him a great deal of respect and admiration from his peers and fans alike.


Germany has produced some of the best wrestling players in the world. Famous athletes such as Alexander Leipold and Alina Stadnik have achieved tremendous success in their respective disciplines, and they serve as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers everywhere.

Germany’s commitment to the sport has resulted in an impressive number of Olympic and world champions, making it a leading nation in the sport.

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