13 Best Wrestling Players in Czech Republic of All Time

Liam Rooney

The Czech Republic is home to some of the best wrestlers in the world. The country has a long wrestling tradition and has produced some of the most successful wrestlers in the history of the sport.

Czech wrestlers have won numerous Olympic medals, World Championships, and European Championships. Some of the greatest wrestling champions in the country include Jiri Vesely, Jan Zavoral, Karel Hrachovec, and Pavel Hrdina.

These Czech wrestlers have made a name for themselves both in the international scene and in their home country. This article will introduce some of the best wrestling players in the Czech Republic and what makes them stand out from the rest.

1. Vítězslav Mácha

Vítězslav Mácha was an accomplished Czech wrestler born in Krmelín on April 6th, 1948. He achieved the highest honour for a wrestler when he won a gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling for Czechoslovakia at the 1972 Olympic Games.

Mácha also had further success at the World Wrestling Championships, where he won gold medals in 1974 and 1977. Sadly, Mácha passed away at the age of 75 on May 29th, 2023.

Mácha had an impressive career in wrestling, and his achievements were widely respected in the Czech Republic. He was an inspiration to many young wrestlers, showing them that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

His accomplishments will be remembered for many years to come, and he will remain a symbol of excellence in wrestling.

2. Karel Engel

Karel Engel was a Czech athlete who made his mark in the field of wrestling. Born in 1945, he was one of the most accomplished wrestlers from his country and made his presence felt on the international level.

He represented Czechoslovakia in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. His style of wrestling was aggressive and he was known to be a master of takedowns. He was well-known for his agility and strength and was considered to be one of the best wrestlers of his time.

He made it to the semi-finals of the 1972 Olympics but eventually lost to the eventual silver medalist. Despite not winning a medal, Engel was still celebrated for his achievements and was considered one of the best wrestlers of all time.

He was a true sportsman and an inspiration for aspiring wrestlers.

3. Pavel Frinta

Pavel Frinta is a Czech wrestler who has had an impressive Olympic career. He first competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics, where he likely made a name for himself as a formidable competitor.

After this, he returned to the Olympic stage in 1992, further cementing himself as a top athlete who could perform at the highest level. Finally, he found success once again at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

His three Olympic appearances demonstrate his dedication to the sport of wrestling and his commitment to reaching the highest levels of competition.

Pavel Frinta is a true example of an athlete who worked hard to reach his goals and consistently delivered great performances when it mattered most.

4. Jan Neckář

Jan Neckář is a renowned Czech wrestler who made his mark in Olympic history. He was part of the 1972 Summer Olympics and competed in the men’s Greco-Roman 57 kg weight class.

Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the three main styles of wrestling and is a form of amateur wrestling that is practiced all over the world. It is distinct from freestyle wrestling, in that only holds and techniques that attack the upper body are allowed.

Neckář was one of the premier wrestlers of his time, and his performance in the 1972 Olympics shows just how skilled he was.

His participation in the Olympics is a testament to his dedication and hard work and is an example for future generations of wrestlers coming from his home country of Czechoslovakia.

5. Jaroslav Týfa

Jaroslav Týfa was a Czech wrestler who competed in the Greco-Roman middleweight division at the 1908 Summer Olympics. Representing Bohemia, he was one of the few athletes from the region to compete in the event.

Týfa was a skilled wrestler but ultimately did not medal in the competition. Týfa was born on March 2, 1881, in what is now the Czech Republic. He began his wrestling career in his late teens, competing in local tournaments and honing his skills.

During the early 1900s, Greco-Roman wrestling was gaining in popularity and Týfa was determined to be part of the action. In 1908, Týfa was selected to represent Bohemia at the Summer Olympics in London.

He was one of the few athletes from the region to compete in the Greco-Roman middleweight competition. Although he showed a great deal of promise, Týfa was unable to make it to the podium, finishing outside of the top three.

Despite his lack of success at the Olympics, Týfa continued to compete in local tournaments, winning several titles. He passed away on November 24, 1941 at the age of 60. Jaroslav Týfa will always be remembered as a talented wrestler and a pioneer of the sport in Bohemia.

6. Josef Přibyl

Josef Přibyl was a Czech professional wrestler who was active in the sport during the 1930s. He was born and raised in Czechoslovakia and was a regular competitor in local and regional tournaments.

In 1936, Přibyl was chosen to represent his home country in the men’s Greco-Roman middleweight event at the Summer Olympic Games.

He competed against some of the world’s best wrestlers, and though he didn’t win any medals, it was still a great achievement for him to make it to the Olympics and represent Czechoslovakia.

Přibyl’s legacy as a wrestler is still remembered today, and he remains an inspiration for Czech athletes who are looking to make a name for themselves in the world of wrestling.

7. František Janda

František Janda was a Czech Olympian wrestler. He was a part of the Summer Olympics of 1936. During the Olympics, he competed in the Greco-Roman featherweight division. This division is for wrestlers who weigh less than 62 kilograms.

František Janda was a successful athlete and he was the first Czech wrestler to become an Olympian. He was also the first Czech wrestler to be crowned a European Champion, which he achieved in 1934. He was also a bronze medalist at the 1931 World Championships.

Janda’s Olympic journey was a short one, as he was eliminated in the first round of the 1936 Summer Olympics. However, his legacy remains as a reminder of his hard work and dedication to the sport of wrestling.

He inspired many athletes to follow in his footsteps and pursue their dreams of Olympic greatness.

8. Artur Omarov

Artur Omarov is a Czech athlete who specializes in Greco-Roman wrestling. He was selected to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, representing the Czech Republic.

His impressive achievements in the sport are highlighted by his bronze medal win at the European Wrestling Championships. Omarov is a dedicated wrestler who has worked hard to achieve success at the highest levels of the sport.

He has consistently demonstrated an admirable dedication to his sport and his country. His impressive accomplishments are a testament to his hard work and perseverance.

9. Adéla Hanzlíčková

Adéla Hanzlíčková is a highly accomplished Czech freestyle wrestler. She had the honor of representing her country in the 2016 Summer Olympics in the women’s freestyle 63 kg event.

Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the round of 16 by the Swedish wrestler Henna Johansson. Four years later, Adéla made a huge comeback and won the silver medal in the women’s 68 kg event at the Individual Wrestling World Cup held in Belgrade, Serbia.

This accomplishment is a testament to her hard work and dedication to the sport of wrestling. It is an accomplishment that she will be proud of for years to come. Adéla Hanzlíčková is an inspiring example of the power of hard work and determination.

Despite the setback of being eliminated in the 2016 Olympics, she was able to make a strong comeback and take home a silver medal in 2020. She is an example of what is possible when you put in the effort and never give up.

10. Marek Švec

Marek Švec is an accomplished Greco-Roman wrestler from the Czech Republic. He has represented his country at the Olympic Games three times and has won multiple medals at the World and European Championships.

Švec’s greatest achievement came in 2008 when he won the bronze medal at the Summer Olympics in Beijing. This was an incredible accomplishment, especially considering the level of competition at the Olympics.

Švec has proven himself to be a formidable wrestler, capable of competing with the best in the world. He continues to train hard and compete in the sport, hoping to add more medals to his collection in the future.

11. Jiří Procházka


Jiří Procházka is a prominent figure in the world of mixed martial arts. He is a Czech professional fighter who fights in the Light Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Procházka has had a successful career in the UFC and is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He has also achieved many other accolades in his professional career, including several victories in title fights.

Procházka is known for his aggressive style of fighting and has earned a reputation as a fierce competitor. He is also known for his impressive record of wins and losses, and for his ability to quickly adapt to his opponents’ strategies.

Procházka has been described as a powerful and creative fighter, and his skill set has earned him recognition as one of the top light heavyweight fighters in the world.

In addition to his skills in the cage, Procházka is also respected for his sportsmanship and dedication to the sport of mixed martial arts. He is an ambassador for the sport and has been a part of many promotional events for the UFC.

Procházka’s commitment to the sport is evident in the way he trains and prepares for each fight, and his fans admire his hard work and dedication to the sport.

12. David Dvorak

David Dvořák is an internationally renowned mixed martial artist from the Czech Republic. He is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he competes in the Flyweight division.

As a professional athlete, Dvořák has earned a reputation for his incredible strength, speed, and athleticism. Dvořák has been involved in the sport of mixed martial arts since a young age and has earned several accolades throughout his career.

He holds a professional record of 18-2-1 and is ranked as the eighth-best flyweight in the world by the UFC. His impressive list of victories includes wins over top-ranked opponents such as Brad Pickett and Neil Seery.

Throughout his career, Dvořák has demonstrated a relentless commitment to excellence. He trains hard and puts in the extra hours needed to reach his goals.

He is also highly respected in the mixed martial arts community for his willingness to help younger fighters improve their skills and knowledge. David Dvořák is a shining example of the dedication and hard work it takes to become an elite mixed martial artist.

His dedication to the sport has earned him worldwide recognition, and he is sure to continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the Flyweight division.

13. Viktor Pešta

Viktor Pešta is a well-known Czech mixed martial artist who competes in the Heavyweight division of Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW). Pešta is a force to be reckoned with in the KSW and has held the Heavyweight Championship title for several years.

He has established himself as one of the best in the sport and has earned a lot of respect for his skill and dedication. Pešta’s name can be written as either Pesta or Peshta, depending on the language being used.

The Czech spelling of his name is Pešta, which is the most commonly used spelling. He is a national hero in his homeland and an inspiration to many aspiring athletes throughout the world.


The best wrestling players in the Czech Republic have something in common: they are all incredibly talented athletes with an impressive work ethic and a willingness to put in the hard work necessary to achieve success.

They have achieved impressive results in domestic and international competitions, and their passion and dedication to the sport are an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers everywhere.

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