16 Top Tennis Players of Pakistan in the World

Max Schnur

Pakistan has produced some of the best tennis players in the world.

From Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, who is the first and only Pakistani to make it into the men’s doubles Grand Slam finals to Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi and Aqeel Khan, who is the only Pakistani to reach the men’s singles Grand Slam quarterfinals, Pakistan has a proud history in the sport of tennis.

We will take a look at some of the best tennis players in Pakistan and their accomplishments.

1. Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi

Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi is an incredible accomplishment in the world of professional tennis. He is a Pakistani player who specializes in doubles and is the only Pakistani player to ever reach a Grand Slam final.

This incredible feat was accomplished in 2010 at the US Open, where he reached the finals in both men’s and mixed doubles. His mixed doubles partner was Květa Peschke, and his men’s doubles partner was Rohan Bopanna.

Qureshi is an impressive athlete and a true testament to the talent and potential of Pakistani athletes. His achievements have spurred on other Pakistani athletes to pursue their dreams and have created a sense of national pride.

He has shown that no matter what the odds are if you work hard and never give up, you can achieve great things. Qureshi is a role model to many and his accomplishments are a source of inspiration to the Pakistani community.

2. Haroon Rahim

Haroon Rahim is a former Pakistani tennis player, who holds a prestigious record in the sport. At just 15 years of age, he became the youngest tennis player ever to represent Pakistan in the Davis Cup.

This record alone is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. He worked hard to become the highest-ranking Pakistani tennis player and the Asian number one in the world rankings.

His success has been an inspiration to many aspiring Pakistani tennis players, showing them that it is possible to achieve great heights in the sport.

Rahim has been a major influence in the development of tennis in the country, providing guidance and training to many promising athletes. He continues to be a source of pride for the nation, as he continues to be remembered for his remarkable achievements.

3. Aqeel Khan

Aqeel Khan is a Pakistani tennis player and the current Pakistani number one and National Champion. He is very skilled in the sport and his favourite surface to play on is grass. He is coached by Pakistani tennis coach Jamil Khan, who also happens to be his father.

Aqeel Khan is sponsored by Jaffer Brothers, which is a big part of his success in the sport. Aqeel Khan is a great example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success, and he is an inspiration for many aspiring tennis players in Pakistan.

With his father as his coach, Aqeel Khan has been able to stay on top of his game and become the best tennis player in the country. He is a true testament to the importance of dedication and commitment to one’s goals.

4. Khwaja Saeed Hai

Khwaja Saeed Hai was an accomplished Pakistani tennis player who achieved great success in his career. He was the number one player in Pakistan and was the first Pakistani tennis player to qualify for a Grand Slam.

He made history when he appeared in the main draw of the Wimbledon Championships in 1955 and 1956.

Additionally, he was able to reach the second round of the French Open, demonstrating his formidable skill and talent. Hai’s accomplishments in the world of tennis made him a hero to many in Pakistan.

His success made him a role model to young players, showing them that a player from Pakistan could compete with the best in the world.

His legacy will be remembered for many years to come and his achievements will serve as a reminder of the potential Pakistani athletes have to reach greatness.

5. Munawar Iqbal

Munawar Iqbal was a former Pakistani professional tennis player who started playing for Pakistan at the Davis Cup at the young age of sixteen in 1964. He had a successful career spanning fourteen years and competed in ten career singles finals, winning eight titles.

In 1974, Iqbal won a bronze medal at the Asian Games, further cementing his place in the tennis world. His outstanding record and dedication to the sport made him a very well-known figure in the tennis community.

He was respected by his peers for his skill and determination and is still remembered fondly today.

6. Ahmed-Hasan Khokhar

Ahmed-Hasan Khokhar is a renowned former tennis player from Pakistan. He is a highly accomplished athlete who has represented his country at the highest levels of international tennis.

Khokhar has had an impressive career, having won several national and international tournaments, including the Pakistan Open, the Karachi Open, and the Pakistan Grand Prix.

He has also represented Pakistan in the Davis Cup and Asian Games. Khokhar is well known for his incredible skill and determination on the court. He is known for his powerful serves and strong groundstrokes, as well as his focus on court strategy and tactics.

He was often praised by his opponents for his skill and sportsmanship. Off the court, Khokhar is also highly respected. He has been involved in various charitable organizations and has served as a coach for various tennis academies in Pakistan.

He is also involved in a number of social initiatives and has served as an ambassador for the sport in his country. Overall, Ahmed-Hasan Khokhar is a highly respected and talented former tennis player from Pakistan who has made a significant impact on the sport.

He is remembered fondly for his skill, sportsmanship, and dedication both on and off the court.

7. Saeed Meer

Saeed Meer was a former professional tennis player from Pakistan. He is remembered for his successful Davis Cup career, where he achieved a 26–14 win-loss record.

His success in the Davis Cup gave him a prominent place in the history of Pakistan tennis. Meer was a part of the Pakistan Davis Cup team from 1989 to 2001. During this time, he represented the country in several international tournaments.

His win-loss record of 26–14 speaks for itself; he was a formidable opponent and a valuable asset for the team. In many of his Davis Cup matches, Meer was able to defeat some of the best players in the world, including players from the United States, Sweden, and France.

His success in the tournament earned him the nickname, “The King of Davis Cup.”Meer was also the first Pakistani player to reach the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam tournament. He was able to achieve this feat in the French Open in 1994.

This accomplishment was a major accomplishment in his career and solidified his status as one of the best tennis players of his generation in Pakistan. At the peak of his career, Meer was ranked as the No.2 tennis player in Pakistan.

His record in the Davis Cup and his success in the Grand Slam tournament were a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.

8. Khawaja Iftikhar

Khawaja Iftikhar Ahmed was a great tennis player who left a lasting legacy in the sport. He was a Pakistani professional tennis player who was born in British India before the nation’s independence.

During his playing career, he emerged as one of the top tennis players in British India and the region.

After Pakistan gained its independence in 1947, he continued to represent his nation in various international tennis tournaments. Khawaja Iftikhar Ahmed was a very successful professional tennis player.

He won a number of tournaments, both in British India and in Pakistan, including the All India Tennis Championship, the National Championship of Pakistan, the Punjab Championship, and the All India Hard Courts Championship.

He was also the first Pakistani to win an international tennis tournament when he won the 1954 South East Asian Games in Manila. Khawaja Iftikhar Ahmed was a pioneering figure in the history of Pakistani tennis.

He was the first Pakistani to be selected for the Davis Cup and was also the captain of the Pakistani team for the Davis Cup in 1963 and 1964.

He also served as the first president of the Pakistan Tennis Federation and was instrumental in the establishment of the Pakistan National Tennis League. Khawaja Iftikhar Ahmed spent much of his later years coaching and mentoring the next generation of Pakistani tennis players.

He was a passionate advocate for the development of tennis in the country and was a key figure in the growth of the sport in the region.

He is remembered today as a great ambassador for Pakistani tennis and his legacy continues to inspire generations of Pakistani tennis players.

9. Ushna Suhail

Ushna Suhail is an incredible female tennis player from Pakistan. She has achieved a tremendous feat for her country by becoming the highest-ranked female tennis player in Pakistan’s history.

She achieved this milestone in 2016 when her world ranking was #943 and she has maintained that position since then. On 11 July 2016, she even managed to peak at world number 864 in the doubles rankings, making her the first Pakistani woman to do so.

Ushna Suhail is a true inspiration to the people of Pakistan, and her accomplishments have made her a celebrated figure both in her home country and abroad.

She is a symbol of hope and perseverance, and her achievements serve as a reminder of what can be accomplished when one is determined and passionate.

10. Sarah Mahboob Khan

Sarah Mahboob Khan is a professional tennis player from Pakistan. She has competed in several international tournaments, including the Fed Cup, representing her country. At the Fed Cup, Mahboob Khan has had two wins and eight losses, giving her a win-loss record of 2-8.

She has been a key member of the Pakistan team at the Fed Cup and has worked hard to improve her game. Mahboob Khan has trained extensively and has a strong work ethic. She is highly motivated and determined to succeed, no matter the odds.

Her commitment to the sport and her country has been an inspiration to many. She is determined to reach the highest level of the sport and to continue to represent her country with pride.

11. Sara Mansoor

Sara Mansoor is a professional tennis player representing Pakistan in the Fed Cup, an annual international women’s team competition. She has a total of 6 wins and 23 losses in this competition.

This shows that she has a considerable amount of experience in the competitive world of tennis. She is an excellent player and has been able to make her mark in the world of tennis as a Pakistani player.

She is an inspiration to many young Pakistani tennis players who are striving to make their mark in the sport. Her determination and dedication towards the sport has been extremely commendable and she has been able to make her nation proud.

12. Mohammed Arif Ilahi

Mohammed Arif Ilahi was a unique individual who achieved success in both medical practice and professional tennis. He was a Pakistani physician and a former professional tennis player. His father Col. Dr.

Ilahi Bakhsh was a very successful and renowned physician and was even the personal physician of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Dr. Mohammed Arif Ilahi was very passionate about tennis and was part of the national tennis team of Pakistan.

He achieved many accolades in the sport, such as winning the National Open Doubles Championship in 1972. He was also a runner-up in the National Singles Championship in 1973. Apart from his success in the sports arena, Mohammed Arif Ilahi was also a very successful physician.

He earned his Doctorate of Medicine from Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

He then went on to specialize in Internal Medicine and was awarded the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, or MRCP. Mohammed Arif Ilahi’s success was largely inspired by his father, who was also a very successful physician. Col. Dr.

Ilahi Bakhsh was the personal physician of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. He was highly respected in the medical field and had his own practice in Karachi, Pakistan. Mohammed Arif Ilahi was a remarkable individual who achieved success in both medicine and sports.

He had an impressive career, and his legacy lives on. He is remembered for his achievements and his passion for both sports and medicine.

13. Nadir Ali Khan

Nadir Ali Khan is an accomplished former professional tennis player from Pakistan. He was born into a family of four children to educationalist Zakir Ali Khan. Nadir was known for his powerful serve-and-volley style of play and was highly successful in singles competition.

He was crowned the national champion in singles on more than one occasion, and his talent was recognized on an international scale when he won two medals for Pakistan at the 1978 Asian Games.

The medals included a bronze in the singles category, a testament to Nadir’s skill and dedication to the sport of tennis. Throughout his career, Nadir was a respected tennis player who earned recognition from his peers and fans alike.

He continues to be an inspiration to aspiring tennis players all around the world.

14. Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik is a Pakistani cricketer who is well-known for his impressive cricketing skills. He has had an impressive career in the sport, playing for the Pakistan National Cricket Team as well as the Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League.

In addition to this, he was also the captain of the Pakistan National Cricket Team from 2007 to 2009. Malik has been an integral part of the Pakistan team since making his debut in 1999. His ability to score runs and take wickets has made him a valuable asset to the team.

He is also an experienced captain, having led the Pakistan team to victory in several matches.

Apart from this, he has also been part of the Pakistan team in the ICC World Cup, winning the tournament in 2009. As a strong leader, Malik has also been a mentor to many young cricketers in Pakistan.

He has been an inspiration to many of the younger players in the team, providing them with guidance and support.

His commitment to the game has been evident throughout his career, and even today, he continues to be an integral part of the team. Overall, Shoaib Malik is a talented cricketer and a respected leader in Pakistan.

His skill and experience in the game have been invaluable to the team, and his leadership has proven to be a major asset.

He has been an inspiration to many young cricketers in Pakistan, and his commitment to the game will ensure that he continues to be a major part of the team for years to come.

15. Munir Pirzada

Munir A. Pirzada was an illustrious Pakistani tennis player, having not only competed in professional tennis matches but also served as the Secretary of the Pakistan Tennis Federation. His career in professional tennis was impressive, having competed in 47 first-class matches.

This included an appearance in the prestigious 1956 Wimbledon Championships, as well as various Davis Cup tournaments. His influence in Pakistani tennis was noteworthy, having held a high-ranking official position in the Pakistan Tennis Federation.

He was able to use his knowledge and experience to help shape the direction of tennis in Pakistan, leading to the nation’s success in the sport.

16. Abid Ali Akbar

Abid Ali Akbar is a well-known Pakistani tennis player who has achieved significant success in the sport. He received his education from the University of Idaho and has since gone on to win two national titles in singles and eight in doubles.

Abid is currently enrolled at the University of Reno, where he is continuing his studies and honing his skills on the court.

His impressive accomplishments have earned him recognition within the tennis community and he is seen as an inspirational figure for aspiring tennis players in Pakistan.

Abid has worked hard to become a successful professional and is now an example of what can be achieved with dedication and determination. He has demonstrated that despite the obstacles one may face, success is achievable with enough effort and hard work.


Pakistan has seen some of the best tennis players in the world, such as Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, Aqeel Khan, and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi.

These players have achieved a lot of success in the tennis world and have become an inspiration for the aspiring tennis players of Pakistan. Their commitment and dedication to the game has been an inspiration for all Pakistani tennis players.

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