27 The Most Famous and Successful Ireland Best Tennis Players

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Ireland is becoming a hotbed for tennis talent. Over the past few years, Ireland has produced some of the best tennis players in the world.

From rising stars such as James McGee and Sam Barry to established players like Conor Niland and Louk Sorensen, Irish tennis players have been making an impact on the international circuit.

We will take a look at some of the best tennis players in Ireland, their achievements, and why they are making waves in the sport.

1. Conor Niland

Conor Niland is a former professional tennis player from Ireland. He was born in Birmingham, England, but he grew up in Limerick, Ireland. As a child, he attended St.

Nessan’s National School in Mungret, County Limerick, and then later moved to Crescent College Comprehensive in Dooradoyle, County Limerick. This was his secondary school, where he finished his education.

Niland has remained in Limerick ever since, as it was his hometown and, despite being born in England, it was always his home. He loved the city and its people, which is why he stayed there for so long.

This is a testament to his dedication to the place he grew up, and it’s clear that he’ll always have a special connection to Limerick.

2. James Cecil Parke

James Cecil Parke was an incredibly accomplished man. A native of Ireland, he excelled in a number of sports, including rugby union, tennis, and golf. His successful career as an athlete was only part of his story, however; he was also a solicitor and veteran of World War I.

Parke had a number of impressive sporting achievements to his name. He was an Olympic silver medallist, a Davis Cup champion, a Wimbledon Mixed Doubles winner, and a winner of both the Singles and Doubles events at the Australasian Championships.

His career as a tennis player was particularly successful. Parke was a consistent performer on the court, often reaching the later stages of tournaments, and his skill and determination was often praised by his peers.

He won a number of titles in singles and doubles and was part of the Irish Davis Cup team which won the tournament in 1905, 1906, and 1907. Parke also represented Ireland at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, where he won the silver medal in the men’s singles event.

He went on to win the Mixed Doubles at Wimbledon with fellow Irish player, Charlotte Cooper, in 1913. He also won the Australasian Championships in singles and doubles in 1914. Parke was not only a talented athlete, but also a successful solicitor.

He served in the British Army during World War I and was decorated for his service. After the war, he returned to Ireland, where he resumed his career as a lawyer. The life and career of James Cecil Parke is a remarkable example of dedication and success.

His impressive achievements in a variety of fields demonstrate his commitment to excellence and his skill at balancing multiple pursuits.

3. Simon Carr

Simon Carr is a professional tennis player from Ireland. He is currently ranked as Ireland’s number-one player in the sport. Carr’s highest ATP singles ranking to date is 512, achieved on February 3, 2020.

His highest ATP doubles ranking was 507, which was attained on September 27, 2021. Carr has been playing tennis competitively for many years and has had a successful career in the sport.

He has established himself as a top player in Ireland, with his impressive rankings in both singles and doubles play. Carr is a dedicated athlete, and his hard work and dedication have been rewarded with his impressive rankings.

Carr is an example of an athlete who has worked hard to reach the highest levels of the sport. He has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and has achieved impressive rankings in both singles and doubles play.

He is an inspiration to aspiring tennis players in Ireland, and his accomplishments serve as a reminder that dedication and hard work can lead to success in sports.

4. Barry King

Barry King is a remarkable athlete who was once a professional tennis player and a part of the Davis Cup team from Ireland. He had first achieved success as an athlete when he was named as the Irish National Junior Champion.

It was this impressive accomplishment that allowed him to go to the University of Notre Dame on a tennis scholarship. King went on to play in six Davis Cup rubber matches while representing Ireland in 2010 and 2011.

This is a testament to the dedication and hard work that King put into his tennis career. He was able to use the skills he had developed to compete at a high level and represent his country.

King is an example of how a talented athlete can use their skills to reach amazing heights. His success story is one that will always be remembered and is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.

5. Samuel Bothwell

Samuel Bothwell is an Irish tennis player who has achieved a level of success in both singles and doubles play. His highest singles ranking was 1699, which he achieved on August 1, 2016. His highest doubles ranking was 905, which he achieved on November 6, 2017.

His international playing experience includes representing Ireland in the Davis Cup, where he has a win/loss record of 0–1. Bothwell is a talented tennis player who has been able to compete at a high level in both singles and doubles.

His highest singles ranking of 1699 is a testament to his skill and hard work in the sport. His highest doubles ranking of 905 is also quite impressive, indicating his ability to effectively play with a partner.

Additionally, his record of 0–1 while representing Ireland in the Davis Cup shows that he is capable of competing against the best in the sport. Overall, Samuel Bothwell is an impressive player whose talent and dedication to the sport of tennis have been rewarded with a high ranking in both singles and doubles.

He is also committed to representing his home country of Ireland in international competitions such as the Davis Cup. His record of 0–1 is a testament to his competitive spirit and dedication to his sport.

6. Walter Ireland

Walter Ireland was a professional tennis player from Ireland. He was a prominent figure in the international tennis community and was a part of the national Olympic team in 1924.

His participation in the 1924 Summer Olympics marked a milestone in his career as he competed in both the men’s singles and doubles events. Ireland was faced with difficult opponents as he had to compete against some of the most renowned tennis players in the world.

Despite the tough competition, Ireland managed to make a good showing and although he did not take the gold medal, he did manage to gain a lot of respect from the international tennis community for his efforts.

Ireland’s participation in the Olympics was a testament to his skill in the game and his dedication to the sport.

7. Charles David Barry

Charles David Barry was a multifaceted individual who had a prominent presence during the latter half of the 19th century. A native of Ireland, Barry was a talented sportsman who excelled at cricket and tennis.

He was also a distinguished barrister – a legal professional who is an expert in law. Barry’s passion for sports started at a young age. He was a proficient cricketer and was considered a master of the sport.

He was a part of several teams and went on to compete in tournaments held in different parts of the country. His mastery of the game was highly appreciated by his peers and opponents alike. Apart from cricket, Barry was also proficient at tennis.

He was a regular participant at local tournaments and was well-known for his aggressive playing style. He was an avid fan of the sport and was always on the lookout for new opponents to test his skills. Barry’s prowess in sports was matched by his legal expertise.

He had a great knowledge of the law and was a formidable barrister. He was an active practitioner of the law and represented a number of clients in court. His expertise in the field was highly sought after and he was well respected in the legal profession.

Charles David Barry was a remarkable figure from Ireland who made a name for himself in the sports and legal world during the 19th century. He was a gifted sportsman and a highly competent barrister.

His passion for sports and the law has left a lasting impression on the people of Ireland.

8. Osgar O’Hoisin

Osgar O’Hoisin is an accomplished Irish tennis player. He has achieved great success in his career, reaching a career-high ATP singles ranking of No. 747 on 14 November 2022 and a career-high doubles ranking of No. 703 on 7 November 2022.

O’Hoisin has also had considerable success at the local level, as he is a multiple-time club champion at his boyhood club, the Donnybrook Tennis Club in Dublin, Ireland. This demonstrates that he has achieved success at both the professional and amateur levels.

Furthermore, this shows his passion and dedication to tennis, as he has consistently performed at a high level and won multiple titles. Overall, Osgar O’Hoisin is a talented and accomplished tennis player who is sure to make his mark on the sport.

9. Lena Rice

Helena Bertha Grace Rice was a remarkable Irish tennis player who made history when she won the singles title at the 1890 Wimbledon Championships.

Her accomplishment is even more remarkable when one considers that she is the only female player from Ireland to ever win a singles title at Wimbledon.

This feat has never been matched by any other female athlete from Ireland, making it a truly unique accomplishment. Rice was born and raised in Ireland and began playing tennis at a young age. Her natural talent was obvious and she quickly rose to prominence in the tennis world.

She entered the Wimbledon Championships in 1890 and put on a remarkable performance to take home the singles title.

Her win was a major historical moment, marking the first time an Irish woman had ever won a singles title at Wimbledon. Rice’s impressive victory at Wimbledon was celebrated across the country and she was lauded as a national hero.

Her skill, determination, and ambition were an inspiration to young women everywhere and provided them with a role model to look up to.

Even though she has since been surpassed by other Irish tennis players, she remains the only female from Ireland to have ever won a singles title at Wimbledon, and her legacy lives on.

10. Louk Sorensen

Louk Sorensen is a former professional tennis player from Ireland. He made history in the Open Era of tennis as the first Irish player to win a Grand Slam event main draw match.

His father, Sean, was the first Irishman to compete in the Grand Slam main draw in the Open Era, but unfortunately lost in the first round at Wimbledon. Despite his father’s unsuccessful attempt, Louk was able to accomplish the feat and make history for Ireland.

His success is a testament to the determination and hard work of both father and son.

11. Kelly Liggan

Kelly Liggan is an accomplished retired tennis player from Ireland. She now lives in Marbella, Spain, but still plays tennis representing her home country. Liggan has enjoyed many successes on the ITF Women’s Circuit, with multiple titles in both singles and doubles.

Her most impressive achievement came in 2002 when she won her only WTA Tour doubles title. She has undoubtedly established herself as one of the most successful tennis players to come out of Ireland.

Liggan is an inspiration to all aspiring tennis players, showing that hard work and dedication can pay off. Her career serves as a reminder that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

12. Karen Nugent

Karen Nugent is a former professional tennis player from Ireland. She has a long history of competing in the Fed Cup, which is a team event for countries that participate in international tennis competitions.

During her time playing for Ireland at the Fed Cup, she had an impressive win–loss record of 20–11. This means that she won 20 out of her 31 matches, which is a remarkable 66.7% win rate. This demonstrates that she was a very talented and successful tennis player.

Karen Nugent was a great asset to the Irish tennis team, being able to consistently beat her opponents in the Fed Cup. Her win–loss record of 20–11 is proof of her competitive spirit and skill.

She was a strong competitor at the international level and was able to bring a lot of success to the Irish team. Karen Nugent is a great example of how hard work and dedication can pay off.

She was able to reach a high level of success in her tennis career, and her win–loss record is a testament to her skill and determination. Her accomplishments in the sport of tennis are something that will be remembered for many years to come.

13. Sam Barry

Sam Barry is a highly accomplished tennis player from Ireland. He was born in Limerick, a city located in the mid-western region of the country. Growing up in Limerick, Sam was exposed to a variety of sports and activities, but it was tennis that truly drew him in.

As a child, Sam began taking lessons at a local tennis club and quickly developed a passion for the sport. As he grew older, his skill and focus on the court only strengthened.

As a result, Sam became one of the top players in the Irish tennis community, and his reputation as a formidable competitor has spread far beyond his home country.

He has represented Ireland in international tournaments, including the Davis Cup, and has won several national titles. Sam’s success on the court is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport.

14. Amy Bowtell

Amy Bowtell is a highly accomplished former tennis player. She was a former Irish number one and achieved the highest WTA singles ranking of No. 381.

Bowtell was a very successful professional, having won ten titles – five singles and five doubles titles – on the ITF Women’s Circuit. She was a member of the Ireland Fed Cup team from 2009 until her retirement.

Her long career in tennis was a remarkable accomplishment, and she has left an impressive mark in the sport.

15. Daniel Glancy

Daniel Glancy is a name that is well-known in the world of Irish professional tennis. He was born and raised in County Mayo, a county located on the west coast of Ireland.

Daniel grew up in a small rural village, surrounded by lush green fields and an abundance of natural beauty. He was a dedicated student and athlete, and he developed a love for tennis at an early age. At the age of 18, Daniel began his professional tennis career.

He quickly made a name for himself as one of the most talented players in Ireland. He had a great serve, excellent groundstrokes, and a powerful forehand.

He became known for his aggressive playing style, and his success earned him a place on the Irish Davis Cup team. Daniel Glancy was a force to be reckoned with on the court. He won numerous tournaments, and his success on the court earned him the respect of his peers.

He was also recognized for his sportsmanship, and he was often praised for his dedication and determination. Daniel Glancy was a true champion on the court, and his legacy continues to inspire young tennis players today.

16. Mabel Cahill

Mabel Esmonde Cahill was an Irish female tennis player who made her mark in the late 19th century. She was a pioneer in the world of tennis, becoming the first foreign woman to win a major tournament in the United States. In 1891, Cahill won the U.S.

National Championships, an impressive feat considering the tournament was open to all of the world’s best tennis players.

Her victory not only opened the door to more foreign athletes but also showed that female players could compete with the same level of success as their male counterparts. Cahill’s success in the U.S.

Championships had a lasting impact on women’s tennis and was a major milestone in the history of the sport.

17. Joshua Pim

Dr Joshua Pim FRCSI was a remarkable individual who excelled in both the medical and sporting fields. He was a medical doctor and an Irish amateur tennis player.

His accomplishments in the sport of tennis were particularly impressive, with his most notable feat being his win of the Wimbledon men’s singles title for two consecutive years in 1893 and 1894. During this time, he was also ranked British number one in the same category.

In addition, he won the Wimbledon men’s doubles title in 1890 and 1893. It is clear that Dr Joshua Pim FRCSI was an incredibly talented athlete, and his dedication and hard work paid off with his impressive record of Wimbledon titles.

He is an example of someone who was able to do incredible things in multiple fields, and his story of success should be an inspiration to all who aspire to make their mark in the world.

18. Sean Sorensen

Sean Sorensen is a retired athlete who had a successful career in professional tennis. He is from Ireland and was born in Dublin. Sorensen began playing tennis at a young age, as he was introduced to the sport by his parents.

As he grew older, he started competing in local tournaments and eventually earned a spot on the Irish National Team. Sorensen went on to become a formidable presence in the professional tennis circuit, competing in various tournaments around the world.

He was known for his powerful forehand and for his ability to stay cool and composed under pressure.

In his career, Sorensen won several singles titles and reached the semi-finals of some of the biggest tournaments in the world. Following his retirement from professional tennis, Sorensen has remained in the sport as a coach and mentor to young players.

He is also active in the community, giving back to the sport he loves and inspiring the next generation of tennis players. Sean Sorensen is a true legend of the sport and an inspiration to all aspiring tennis players.

19. Blayney Hamilton

Blayney Balfour Hamilton was a multi-talented Irish sportsperson who excelled in cricket, badminton, and tennis. He was a right-handed batsman and left-arm spin bowler, and had a successful career in the sport of cricket.

He was part of the Ireland cricket team from 1891 to 1907 and represented the country in nineteen matches, one of which was a first-class match. In addition to his cricket career, Hamilton was also a skilled badminton and tennis player.

He had a good sense of the game and was able to use his skills to make the most of any situation.

Hamilton was able to work with the team to create a strong strategy for winning, and his understanding of the game allowed him to make key decisions that could have a major impact on the outcome.

Hamilton was an important part of the Irish cricket team during his career, and his contributions were appreciated and remembered. His achievements in cricket, badminton, and tennis were a testament to his skill and dedication to the sports he played.

He was an example of how hard work and determination can lead to success in any field.

20. Harold Mahony

Harold Segerson Mahony was an influential figure in the history of tennis, having a long and successful career in the sport. Born in Scotland in 1888, he moved to Ireland at a young age and went on to become one of the most successful Irish tennis players of all time.

His most notable achievement was winning the singles title at the prestigious Wimbledon Championships in 1896. Prior to this, he had already won several other tournaments in the United Kingdom and Ireland, cementing his reputation as a top player.

Mahony’s career lasted from 1888 until his death in 1905. During this time, he played in many tournaments and won a number of titles. He was known for his powerful serve and excellent footwork, which enabled him to be successful in both singles and doubles competitions.

His success at Wimbledon in 1896 made him a national hero in Ireland, and he is still fondly remembered in the country today. In addition to being a great player, Mahony was also known for his sportsmanship and graciousness.

He was greatly admired by his peers for his humility and respect for the game. His legacy lives on in the history of tennis, and he is remembered as one of the greatest players to have ever lived.

21. George McVeagh

George McVeagh, also known as Trevor McVeagh and T. G. McVeagh, was an Irish sportsman who achieved a remarkable feat in the realm of sports. He achieved the distinction of being capped for his country in four different sports – cricket, hockey, tennis, and squash.

He was widely regarded as the preeminent all-round sportsman of his era in Ireland, and his achievements are remembered with admiration and respect to this day.McVeagh was a dedicated and passionate sportsman, and his achievements reflect his immense dedication and commitment to the sports he participated in.

He was a highly talented and skilled athlete, having the ability to excel in multiple sports simultaneously.

His four caps for his country in different sports demonstrate his commitment and prowess in the sports world.McVeagh’s accomplishments as an all-round sportsman made him a legendary figure in Irish sports.

He was renowned for his skill and dedication to the sports he played, and his legacy continues to inspire many aspiring athletes in Ireland today.

His remarkable achievements in four different sports will always be remembered, and his accomplishments will be remembered for generations to come.

22. Peter Bothwell

Peter Bothwell is a former professional tennis player who hails from Northern Ireland. Representing Ireland, Bothwell had achieved a career-high ATP singles ranking of World No. 602 on 5 August 2019 and a career-high ATP doubles ranking of World No. 447 on 17 September 2018.

During his career, Bothwell earned a number of impressive achievements and titles, such as winning the Loughborough ITF Futures singles title in July 2019.

He also had a number of strong showings in ATP Challenger events, including a quarterfinal appearance at the 2019 Glasgow Challenger. Overall, Bothwell’s career was marked by his consistent success on the court. His highest singles ranking of World No.

602 is an impressive feat, and his determination and hard work have been an inspiration to other aspiring tennis players. With a career that spanned from 2014 to 2020, Peter Bothwell has been a role model for aspiring players all around the world.

23. David O’Hare

David O’Hare is a retired professional Irish tennis player who had a successful career playing mainly on the ATP Challenger Tour. On August 24, 2015, he achieved his highest ATP singles ranking of 1438, and on April 3, 2017, he reached his highest doubles ranking of 117.

O’Hare is also a member of the Irish Davis Cup team and continues to play for them even in retirement. Throughout his career, O’Hare demonstrated a strong passion for tennis and the drive to compete at the highest level possible.

His commitment and dedication to the sport has earned him the respect of his peers and fans alike. He is an inspiration to those who wish to pursue a career in tennis, as he has shown that hard work and determination can lead to success.

Even though he has retired, O’Hare still remains a presence in the tennis world. As a member of the Irish Davis Cup team, he continues to demonstrate his passion for the sport and his commitment to his team.

He is an excellent role model for aspiring tennis players, and his achievements are a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.

24. Claire Curran

Claire Curran is a tennis player who hails from Northern Ireland. She had a successful career in professional tennis, representing both Great Britain and Ireland at the Fed Cup.

This is an international tennis tournament for women’s teams, run by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).In her time as a professional tennis player, Claire Curran achieved a great deal of success.

She represented both Great Britain and Ireland at the Fed Cup, which is an extremely prestigious and competitive tournament.

She was able to compete alongside some of the top players in the world and was able to showcase her talent on the international stage. Claire Curran’s career was impressive, and she was able to achieve a great deal in the sport.

She was a great representative for both Great Britain and Ireland, and her efforts at the Fed Cup helped to put Northern Ireland on the map. She is certainly an inspiring example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

25. Vere St. Leger Goold

Vere Thomas Goold, often referred to as “St. Leger”, was an Irish tennis player who made history at the 1879 Wimbledon All-Comers’ final.

He became the first singles champion of the Irish Championships that year, making him one of the first players to win a major international title.

He was a dominant force in the tennis world during the late 1800s, and his victory at Wimbledon was a major accomplishment for Irish athletes. Goold was known for his skillful play and his love for the game, and his success at the All-Comers’ final cemented his place in history.

He was a popular figure in the tennis world and his legacy has lived on for generations. Goold’s victory was a major milestone for Irish athletes, and his accomplishments continue to be celebrated today.

26. Matt Doyle

Matthew Doyle was a professional tennis player who had a successful career playing in both the United States and Ireland. He achieved his best result in the 1982 US Open, where he reached the fourth round.

Throughout his career, he was a consistent presence for the Irish Davis Cup team, contributing to their success for many years. Doyle was born in the US, but eventually decided to represent Ireland in his professional tennis career.

He was a talented player who had a successful career in both countries. He managed to reach the fourth round of the US Open in 1982, which was his highest-ever result. This was a major achievement and showcased his talent as a tennis player.

In addition to his achievements in the US, Doyle was also a long-time member of the Irish Davis Cup team. He was a key contributor to the team’s success, playing in multiple tournaments and helping them to win several titles.

His presence in the team was a major factor in their success over the years. Matthew Doyle was a successful and talented professional tennis player. He achieved his best result in the US Open in 1982 and was a key contributor to the Irish Davis Cup team for many years.

He was an important figure in both the US and Irish tennis scenes throughout his career.

27. Lesley O’Halloran

Lesley O’Halloran is a name that will be remembered in the annals of Irish tennis. She was a professional tennis player from Ireland who made her mark in the sport both on and off the court. Lesley was born in Ireland and began playing tennis at a young age.

She was soon competing in local tournaments and eventually went on to compete internationally. She developed her game through intense practice and dedication to the sport. Lesley had a successful career as a professional tennis player.

She won numerous tournaments, including the Irish Open in 1996, and was ranked as high as 64th in the world. She represented Ireland in the Fed Cup and also served as a coach for the Irish National Team. Lesley was also a key figure in the development of the sport in Ireland.

She worked hard to promote tennis and help grow the sport in her home country. She was a regular presence at Irish tennis events and was often seen giving advice and encouragement to players. Lesley O’Halloran was a true champion of the sport of tennis in Ireland.

Throughout her career, she worked tirelessly to promote the sport and help it grow in her home country. Her legacy lives on in the memories of those who watched her play and in the hearts of those who were inspired by her passion for the game.


Ireland has a wide variety of talented tennis players who have achieved great success in the sport.

From world-renowned international players such as James McGee and Sam Barry to up-and-coming stars like Emma Raducanu and Conor Niland, tennis in Ireland is sure to continue to produce some of the best players in the world.

With the right training and guidance, these players will be sure to make a lasting impact on the game of tennis.

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