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The Bahamas is a paradise for tennis lovers, boasting some of the best tennis players in the world. From world-class professionals to promising juniors, the country has seen its fair share of tennis stars over the years.

From Mark Knowles, the first Bahamian to make it to the ATP top 10, to Sasha-Lee Forbes, the first female player to win a singles title on the ITF Pro Circuit, the Bahamas has produced a wealth of talent.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most memorable and successful tennis players from the Bahamas.

1. Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles is a highly acclaimed professional tennis coach and former professional tennis player. He is from The Bahamas and is renowned for his success in the game of doubles tennis.

His career highlight was becoming the former number 1 in the world in doubles tennis. During his professional career, Knowles won three of the four Grand Slam tournaments in men’s doubles, partnering with Daniel Nestor. He also won the Wimbledon tournament in mixed doubles.

He was a dominant force in the game of doubles tennis and was highly respected for his ability to achieve success in the sport. Knowles’ success in the game of tennis has been remarkable and he has become an inspiration to many aspiring tennis players.

His achievements in the game of doubles tennis have earned him a place among the best of the best in the game and he is a source of pride for his home country, The Bahamas. His accomplishments have been praised by many and he is a true testament to the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in the world of professional sports.

Knowles is a role model for aspiring athletes and a beacon of hope for those looking to pursue their dreams in the game of tennis.

2. Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts is a professional tennis player from The Bahamas. He is currently ranked 753 in singles and 908 in doubles, according to the ATP rankings.

His career high singles ranking was achieved on 16 September 2019, while his highest doubles ranking was achieved on 16 November 2020. Roberts is a successful player on the ITF tour, where he has captured one singles title and one doubles title.

He is a talented player that has consistently achieved success in both singles and doubles play. His success is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport.

3. Mark Merklein

Mark Merklein

Mark Merklein is a professional tennis player who was born in the Bahamas. He was born in Freeport, the capital of the Bahamas, and he grew up in Coral Springs, Florida. He attended St.

Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale and played for the Bahamas Davis Cup team from 1999-2004. Merklein is a highly accomplished tennis player.

He was a four-time All-American at the University of Florida, and he won four singles titles and two doubles titles during his college career. After college, he was an ATP professional, playing on the Challenger and Futures tours and representing the Bahamas at the Davis Cup.

He reached a career-high singles ranking of No. 189 in the world in 2005. Mark Merklein has also achieved success off the court. He established a foundation to support education and youth development programs in the Bahamas.

He also created a tennis program in Freeport to give children in the Bahamas the opportunity to learn the game and develop their skills. Merklein is a great example of a person who achieved success both on and off the court.

He is a shining example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success in life.

4. Devin Mullings

Devin Mullings

Devin Mullins is a professional tennis player who is currently representing the Bahamas in the Davis Cup. He has been part of 17 Davis Cup ties for his country since 2002, making him a major part of the team’s success.

His career win-loss record on the ATP tour, which includes his Davis Cup matches, stands at 6-8.

While his win-loss record may not be the most impressive, Mullins has had a major impact on the success of the Bahamas’ Davis Cup team and has consistently been a part of the team since 2002.

5. Roger Smith

Roger Smith is an accomplished tennis player from the Bahamas. He began his professional career in 1987 and quickly made a name for himself in the sport. On August 1, 1988, he achieved his highest singles ATP ranking of World No.

96, which made him the highest-ranked Bahamian singles player in history, alongside Mark Knowles. This incredible feat is a testament to Smith’s hard work and dedication to the sport. Smith’s success was not limited to the singles court.

He also achieved success in doubles, partnering with Knowles to become the first ever Bahamian doubles team to reach the quarterfinals of an ATP tournament.

This accomplishment further proved Smith’s skill as a tennis player and showed that he could compete at the highest level. Smith’s career was unfortunately cut short due to a shoulder injury, but his legacy lives on.

His success on the court has inspired many young Bahamian tennis players, and his record-breaking accomplishments will always be remembered.

6. Marvin Rolle

Marvin Rolle

Marvin Rolle is a professional male tennis player from The Bahamas. He has achieved a great deal of success in the sport, reaching his highest individual ranking on the ATP Tour on 13 September 2010, when he became World number 1304.

Rolle has since become one of the top players on the Futures circuit, where he has been able to showcase his impressive skills. Rolle’s play is characterized by a strong serve, powerful groundstrokes, and excellent volleying.

He is also able to use his court awareness to outplay his opponents and set up points. His strategy is to get to the net quickly and put his opponents on the defensive.

He is also known for his ability to come up with creative shots, often surprising his opponents. Rolle is a great example of someone who has worked hard to achieve success in the sport of tennis. He has dedicated himself to the sport and it has paid off.

He has been able to reach a high ranking on the ATP Tour and is consistently competing on the Futures circuit. He is an inspiration to aspiring tennis players and a great ambassador for The Bahamas.

7. John Antonas

John Antonas

John Antonas was a professional tennis player born in Nassau, Bahamas. He represented the Caribbean in the 1975 Nations Cup and the Davis Cup from 1975 to 1982.

In 1989, he was given the opportunity to captain the Bahamas Davis Cup team, which was making its debut in the competition. Antonas was the playing captain, meaning he had the dual roles of both managing the team and playing in matches.

His experience and expertise in the sport made him a valuable asset to the Bahamas team. He was able to lead them to a successful competition and gain recognition in the sport.

8. Nikkita Fountain

Nikkita Fountain is an inspiring athlete who has made a lasting impression on the world of professional tennis. Hailing from Nassau, Bahamas, Fountain has achieved an impressive record of playing in 36 Fed Cup ties over the course of her career.

This is a national record for the Bahamas and something that she has been able to be proud of throughout her time as a tennis player. In addition to her impressive number of ties, Fountain has also won 10 singles and 12 doubles rubbers.

This demonstrates her skill as a player and shows that she was able to consistently perform at a high level.

Her dedication to the sport and her ability to achieve such a high level of success is something that has been recognized and respected both nationally and internationally.

Nikkita Fountain is an incredible athlete who has had a lasting impact on the world of professional tennis. Her record of 36 Fed Cup ties and her impressive wins in singles and doubles rubbers are a testament to her hard work, dedication, and skill.

Her legacy in the sport will live on for years to come.

9. Kerrie Cartwright

Kerrie Cartwright is a professional tennis player from the Bahamas. She has reached a high point in her career with a singles ranking of 916 and a doubles ranking of 587 on the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rankings, both achieved on 11 June 2018.

Cartwright has also won one International Tennis Federation (ITF) doubles title in her career thus far. The Bahamas has a rich heritage in tennis, with many world-class players coming from the region.

Cartwright is proud to carry on this tradition, and she has worked hard to make her mark in the sport. Her single and double rankings on the WTA are the highest of her career to date, and the ITF doubles title is a testament to both her skill and her determination.

Cartwright is an inspiration to many aspiring tennis players in the Bahamas and around the world. She has shown that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible in the sport.

She is a great example for aspiring female players, and her success serves as a reminder that gender does not have to be a barrier to success.


The Bahamas has produced some of the greatest tennis players in the world. From Mark Knowles to Devin Mullings, the country has a rich history of talented athletes.

These players have shown tremendous skill and dedication on the court, and have made the Bahamas a force to be reckoned with in the world of tennis.

With the support of the Bahamas Tennis Association and the hard work of the players, the Bahamas will continue to be a top contender in the sport.

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