19 Best Table Tennis Player in Slovakia

Tom Clarke

Table Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Slovakia, and its players are some of the best in the world. Slovakia has produced some of the best table tennis players in the world, including Olympic medalists, world champions, and world-renowned coaches.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best table tennis players in Slovakia and their impressive achievements. From Olympic champions to world champions, we’ll be exploring the stories of these exceptional athletes.

We’ll also be taking a look at their current ranking and what they have accomplished over the years. So, join us in highlighting some of the best table tennis players in Slovakia.

1. Yang Wang

Wang Yang is a professional table tennis player from Slovakia who has Chinese heritage. He had the chance to compete in the men’s singles event at the 2016 Summer Olympics but unfortunately could not progress beyond the second round.

His opponent in the second round was Quadri Aruna, who was the one to eliminate him and move forward in the tournament. This experience has been a great learning opportunity for Wang Yang, as he has gained a great deal of experience and insight into the sport by competing at the Olympics.

Despite being eliminated in the second round, the exposure and experience have helped him improve his game and he is now more confident in his abilities. He is determined not to let this setback define him and is determined to continue to strive for success in the sport.

2. Ľubomír Pištej

Ľubomír Pištej is a Slovak table tennis player who achieved great success in his career. In 2020, he competed in the Summer Olympics, representing his country and showcasing his talent.

Following his success in the Olympics, he joined Apuania Carrara Tennistavolo and made an immediate impact. From 2021 onwards, he has been a key player for the team, helping them to win the Europe Cup, Coppa Italia, and Supercoppa.

His experience and skill have been invaluable in helping the team to achieve these triumphs. Pištej is a highly talented athlete, and his accomplishments in the past few years are a testament to his skill and commitment to the sport.

3. Barbora Balážová

Barbora Balážová is a professional table tennis player from Slovakia. She achieved an impressive feat by qualifying for the 2016 Summer Olympics in the women’s singles event.

The Olympics have long been regarded as the pinnacle of sporting achievement, and Barbora’s qualification was a huge accomplishment. At the Olympics, Barbora was eliminated in the second round by Li Fen, a Chinese table tennis player.

Despite the loss, Barbora’s performance was noteworthy and speaks to her talent as a table tennis player. Her skill and determination to compete at the highest level of the sport was impressive, and she has surely gained admiration from her peers and fans alike.

4. Valentina Popova

Valentina Ivanovna Popova was a world-renowned table tennis player who made her mark in the international sporting arena. She was a Soviet citizen before the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, after which she became a citizen of Slovakia.

During her career, Popova competed in several international tournaments, representing both the Soviet Union and Slovakia. She developed a reputation as a formidable player, earning a number of medals and accolades.

Popova is remembered for her skill and dedication to the sport, having made a name for herself on the world stage. She was a pioneer for table tennis in her native countries, inspiring many to take up the sport and reach for their own dreams of becoming professional athletes.

Popova’s legacy will be remembered for generations to come.

5. Eva Ódorová

Eva Ódorová is a Slovak table tennis player who has achieved success on the international level. She competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics, where she reached the second round of the singles competition.

Her performance in the tournament was impressive as she was able to compete against some of the best players in the world. In addition, she was also part of the Slovak team for the team competition.

Ódorová has been playing table tennis since a young age and has been successful at the international level for some time. She has won several international tournaments and is an established competitor in the sport.

Her participation in the Olympics reflects her dedication to table tennis and her ability to compete at the highest levels.

6. Renata Kasalová

Renata Kasalová is a professional table tennis player from Slovakia. She is a highly accomplished athlete and has had extensive international success. At the 1988 Summer Olympics, she had the opportunity to represent her country in the women’s singles event.

Despite heavy competition from the other world-class athletes participating, Renata managed to make a name for herself. Her performance at the Olympics was impressive, and she proved that she could compete on the highest level.

Renata’s success at the Olympics was a testament to her dedication and hard work, and she is an example of a true champion.

She has since gone on to become an inspiration for aspiring athletes all over the world, and she is an important role model for young athletes who wish to pursue their dreams.

7. Alena Kánová

Alena Kánová is an impressive Slovak table tennis player who has had a remarkable career in the Paralympics. At the 2000 Summer Paralympics, she won a gold medal, which truly solidified her as an elite athlete.

In 2020, she added a silver medal to her trophy case, demonstrating her ability to compete at the highest level and achieve great success. Kánová’s athletic prowess is not limited to table tennis, as she also competed at the 2014 Winter Paralympics in wheelchair curling.

This further displays her ability to compete in multiple sports and excel in a range of disciplines. Her accomplishments have made her a source of pride for her country, and she will no doubt continue to impress in the Paralympic Games for many years to come.

8. Jaroslava Mihočková

Jaroslava Mihočková is a Slovak table tennis player who made an impact on the world stage by competing in the women’s doubles event at the 1992 Summer Olympics.

She was born in Slovakia and started playing table tennis at a young age, quickly becoming an extremely talented player. Her skill and determination earned her a spot on the Slovak national team, and eventually a spot in the Olympic Games.

At the 1992 Summer Olympics, Jaroslava and her partner competed in the women’s doubles event. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to go far in the tournament, but they had made a mark on the world stage.

Jaroslava’s talent and determination had earned her a place in the Olympics and made her a role model for young Slovak athletes. Jaroslava Mihočková is an inspiration to athletes around the world, and her legacy as a Slovak table tennis player will never be forgotten.

Her hard work and dedication to her sport made her a champion, and she will always be remembered for her courage and determination to succeed.

9. Miroslav Jambor

Miroslav Jambor is an incredibly inspiring para table tennis player from Slovakia. He has a rare condition known as hemophilia that affects his knees whenever he stands for too long.

Despite this, he is currently ranked world number 20 in his sports category, which is category 7. This is an incredible accomplishment, especially considering the physical limitations he faces. He has had to work extra hard to be able to compete at such a high level.

His passion and dedication to his sport are commendable, and he serves as a role model for anyone affected by a disability. Jambor is a testament to what is possible with drive and determination, and an inspiration to all.

10. Martin Ludrovský

Martin Ludrovský is an inspirational athlete from Slovakia. He is a para table tennis player who has won six major titles in team events. He has partnered with Ján Riapoš in most of his team event titles, making them a successful team.

He has achieved tremendous success in his sport despite facing a major obstacle in 2005. While driving in Prešov, he was involved in a car accident which resulted in a spinal cord injury.

Despite this significant setback, he has continued to pursue his passion for para-table tennis and has won many titles since the accident. His story is a testament to the power of resilience and dedication.

He has overcome his injury and has become a successful athlete, inspiring many others who face similar obstacles in their lives.

11. Richard Csejtey

Richard Csejtey is an inspirational athlete from Slovakia who has achieved remarkable success in para-table tennis despite being born with cerebral palsy.

Despite the physical challenges he faces, he has managed to compete in an incredible five consecutive Paralympic Games, the highest international sporting event for para-athletes.

His hard work and dedication have been rewarded with numerous medals at both world and European para table tennis championships, making him one of the most successful para table tennis players of all time.

His story is a testament to the possibilities of what can be achieved despite any physical limitations and serves as an inspiration to many.

12. Roland Vimi

Roland Vimi is a former international table tennis player from Slovakia who had immense success in his career. He was part of the Czechoslovakian team at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships, where the team won a bronze medal in the Swaythling Cup.

The team was composed of Tomáš Janči, Petr Javurek, Petr Korbel, Milan Grman and Vimi himself. Vimi also had the honor of representing his country at the 1992 Olympics, although his team did not achieve a medal at this competition.

Throughout his career, Vimi was an outstanding table tennis player. He was an important part of the Czechoslovakian team that won the bronze medal at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships. This medal was a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.

Additionally, his performance at the 1992 Olympics shows that he was a talented athlete who was able to compete at the highest level. Vimi’s performance at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships and the 1992 Olympics proves that he was a great player.

He was a key part of the team that won a bronze medal and his individual performance at the Olympics was outstanding. He was an important part of the Slovakian table tennis team and his career is a great example of the dedication and skill that it takes to succeed in the sport.

13. Tomáš Janči

Tomáš Janči is a former international table tennis player from Slovakia. He is well known for his success in the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships, where he and his team won the bronze medal in the Swaythling Cup.

The team, representing Czechoslovakia, was made up of Janči, Roland Vimi, Petr Javurek, Petr Korbel and Milan Grman. Janči was also a competitor in the 1992 Olympics, where he looked to build on his success from the previous year.

Unfortunately, he was unable to medal in the Olympics, but his accomplishments are still remembered and respected by the table tennis community. Janči’s success at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships has been an inspiration to many aspiring table tennis players in Slovakia and beyond.

His dedication and skill have earned him a place in the sport’s history, and his legacy will live on for many years to come.

14. Ladislav Gáspár

Ladislav Gáspár is a remarkable figure in the world of para table tennis. He is a former Slovak professional para table tennis player who has achieved great success in the sport.

Gáspár has competed in several international table tennis competitions throughout his career, winning numerous medals and titles. He has won gold medals at the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Athens, Beijing, and London, as well as the World Championships in Yokohama and Seoul.

He has also won silver medals at the European Championships in Lignano and bronze medals at the World Championships in Marseille and Birmingham. In addition to his achievements as an athlete, Gáspár is also highly regarded for his advocacy for para table tennis.

He is the president of the Slovak Table Tennis Association and the Para Table Tennis Committee of the International Table Tennis Federation. Gáspár has also served as the ITTF’s representative on the International Paralympic Committee.

Gáspár’s dedication and hard work to para table tennis have earned him great respect and admiration in the sport. He is an inspiration to aspiring para table tennis players, who look to him as an example of what can be achieved through dedication and a commitment to excellence.

15. Ján Riapoš

Ján Riapoš is a highly accomplished Slovak para table tennis player. He is currently ranked fourth in the world in the sports class 2, and 61st in the wheelchair sports category.

His success is even more remarkable given that he sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident in 1993. As a result of this injury, he has been using a wheelchair ever since. Riapoš has demonstrated his resilience and determination in spite of his physical disability.

His career achievements in para table tennis serve as an inspiration to many, as he has achieved success despite the challenges he has faced.

He has been an advocate for para sport and is a role model for those with disabilities. Riapoš is an example of how individuals with disabilities can overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Despite his physical limitations, he has achieved world-class excellence in para table tennis. His accomplishments are a testament to his perseverance and demonstrate the power of the human spirit.

16. Boris Trávníček

Boris Trávníček is a Czech-born Slovak para table tennis player who competes in international table tennis competitions. He is a Paralympic bronze medalist and a double World bronze medalist.

His impressive achievements in the sport have enabled him to make a name for himself in the competitive para table tennis world. In 2011, Trávníček had a very unfortunate accident while on a class excursion to a Jewish cemetery in Rousinov.

During the excursion, a headstone fell onto Trávníček, causing him serious injury. Thankfully, Trávníček survived the accident, but he was left with serious physical and emotional scars.

After the accident, Trávníček underwent extensive physical therapy and counseling to help him cope with the trauma of the accident. Despite the accident, Trávníček refused to give up on his dreams and has since gone on to achieve great success in the para table tennis world.

He has won multiple medals at the Paralympic and World levels and is continuing to compete at a high level. His determination and resilience are an inspiration to others and serves as a reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

17. Milan Grman

Milan Grman is an accomplished former table tennis player from Slovakia. He was part of an impressive team at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships, representing Czechoslovakia.

This team, comprised of Milan Grman, Tomáš Janči, Petr Javurek, Petr Korbel and Roland Vimi, won the bronze medal in the Swaythling Cup.

This Cup is a prestigious international table tennis competition that brings together some of the best players from across the globe. Milan Grman had an impressive career in table tennis, as evidenced by his accomplishments at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships.

His success is a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport, as well as to the quality of Czechoslovakia’s table tennis program at the time.

His success is also a great example of the power of teamwork and collaboration, as it took the combined efforts of five players to bring home the bronze medal. Overall, Milan Grman is a highly accomplished former international table tennis player.

He achieved great success on the world stage, and his accomplishments are a source of pride for Slovakia and Czechoslovakia alike. His impressive performance at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships is a testament to his skill and his dedication to the sport.

18. Vladimír Miko

Vladimír Miko was a renowned international table tennis player from Slovakia. He was a highly skilled player who had a long and successful career.

He competed in many tournaments and was known for his impressive technique and skill on the table. Miko was a household name in Slovakia and had a large following of fans. He was respected and admired by many in the table tennis community for his dedication to the sport.

He had a passion and commitment to the game that was unmatched. Miko was a regular competitor at the European Table Tennis Championship and was a member of the Slovak National Team for many years.

He was also a respected coach, teaching many young players the skills and techniques of table tennis. Miko’s legacy as one of the greatest table tennis players from Slovakia still lives on.

He is remembered fondly by those who knew him and those who admired his skill and dedication to the game. He is an inspiration to many who aspire to play table tennis at the highest level.

19. František Tokár

František Tokár was a professional table tennis player from Czechoslovakia. He was well known for his skill and success in the sport, having competed on both the international and national levels. Tokár was born in Czechoslovakia and began playing table tennis at a young age.

He quickly developed an impressive skill and technique, becoming a rising star in the sport. Tokár was a sought-after player on the international stage, often representing his home nation of Czechoslovakia in competitions.

He had a great deal of success in his international career, winning a number of medals and awards. His most notable accomplishment was winning the World Table Tennis Championships in 1970.

He also won the European Table Tennis Championships in 1971 and was a two-time winner of the Czechoslovakian national championships. František Tokár left a lasting legacy in table tennis and is remembered as one of the greatest players of all time.

He was an inspiration to many, and his success in the sport helped to elevate the profile of table tennis in Czechoslovakia and beyond. He is remembered fondly by fans and players alike, and his contributions to the sport are still celebrated today.


Slovakia is home to some of the best table tennis players in the world. With the likes of Lubomir Jancarik, Andrej Gacina, and Martina Kubesova, Slovakia has a strong presence in the international table tennis community.

These players have achieved success in various tournaments and have represented Slovakia in the highest level of competition. As table tennis continues to grow in Slovakia, we can expect to see more top-level players coming from this country in the near future.

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