14 Best Table Tennis Players in Netherlands of All Time

Tom Clarke

Table Tennis is an incredibly popular sport in the Netherlands, and the country is home to some of the best players in the world. With world-class players like Niels Van Beijnen, Trinko Keen, and Li Jie, the Netherlands has produced a number of table tennis stars.

We will take a look at some of the best table tennis players in the Netherlands, their achievements, and how they have helped to shape the sport in the country.

1. Li Jie

Li Jie is a professional table tennis player who was born in Chengdu, China but now represents the Netherlands. She is currently based in Den Helder, a city located in the northern part of the country.

Li Jie has made a name for herself in the world of table tennis and is currently playing for the Spanish team Club Cartagena. She is a highly talented player who is known for her skilful technique and her powerful and aggressive style of play.

Li Jie is a great ambassador for the sport of table tennis and has won numerous tournaments both in the Netherlands and abroad. She is an inspiration to many young players and her success is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

2. Kelly van Zon

Kelly van Zon is an inspiring athlete from the Netherlands. She competes in both able-bodied and disabled table tennis competitions and currently plays for the Dutch club TTV SKF in Veenendaal.

She is an accomplished athlete, having achieved great success in her sport. At the 2020 Summer Paralympics, Kelly van Zon competed in the Women’s individual class 7 and Women’s team class 6-8 events, and walked away with an impressive two medals.

In the individual class 7 event, she came away with a gold medal, and in the team class 6-8 event, she added a silver medal to her collection.

This demonstrates her incredible skill and talent in the sport, and her ability to perform at the highest level. Kelly van Zon is a great example of determination and hard work paying off.

Her success at the Paralympics is a testament to the dedication and commitment she has put into her sport. She is a true inspiration to athletes of all abilities, and her success serves as a reminder of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

3. Danny Heister

Danny Heister is an up-and-coming table tennis player from the Netherlands. He began playing table tennis at a young age and has since developed a deep passion for the sport.

He is now a professional athlete, competing in international tournaments and representing his country proudly. Heister is known for his impressive footwork and aggressive style of play.

His rapid movement around the table has earned him the nickname “The Dutch Flash” among his peers.

He has a strong forehand and backhand, making him well-rounded and able to play both offensively and defensively. Danny has had a successful career so far, winning multiple tournaments and earning numerous accolades.

He has been a member of the Dutch National Table Tennis team and has even been named Dutch Player of the Year. His success has led to him being featured in various publications and documentaries, drawing attention to his unique style of play.

Heister has become an inspiration for young table tennis players all around the world. He is a living reminder that hard work and dedication can lead to success, no matter the circumstances. Danny Heister is a shining example of what can be achieved with dedication and passion.

4. Britt Eerland

Britt Eerland is a world-renowned table tennis player from the Netherlands. She made history when she became the first Dutch table tennis player to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

She was part of the Dutch team in the women’s team event and is also competing in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Her passion for table tennis started at a young age, and she has since dedicated her life to perfecting her craft.

Her hard work has paid off, as she is now one of the top players in the world. She is an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere, showing that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

5. Gertrudis Laemers

Gertrudis Laemers is an impressive Dutch para table tennis player. She has achieved great success in her sport, having represented the Netherlands at two Paralympic Games.

At the 1996 Summer Paralympics and at the 2000 Summer Paralympics, Gertrudis won a total of two bronze medals. In 1996, Gertrudis won her first bronze medal in the Women’s Singles 4 event.

This event is for athletes with a disability classified as 4, which affects a person’s ability to play table tennis. Despite this, Gertrudis was able to rise to the challenge and come away with a bronze medal.

This is a testament to her skill and determination, and it is a remarkable achievement. Gertrudis Laemers is an inspiring example of a sportsperson who has achieved success despite having a disability.

Her achievements are a great example of how anyone can achieve their goals if they work hard and believe in themselves.

6. Aria de Vries-Noordam

Aria de Vries-Noordam is a remarkable athlete from the Netherlands. She is a Paralympic athlete who gained recognition for representing her country at the 1972 Summer Paralympics held in Heidelberg, West Germany.

During the competition, Aria competed in both athletics and table tennis. This is a testament to her talent and determination as a Paralympic athlete. Aria’s representation of her home country in two different sports is a remarkable achievement.

Athletics, which includes running, jumping, and throwing, is a physically demanding sport. Table tennis, on the other hand, requires excellent hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.

The fact that Aria was able to compete in both of these sports shows her incredible talent and dedication. Aria’s participation in the 1972 Summer Paralympics is a significant milestone in her career.

This event highlighted the strength and courage of Paralympic athletes from all over the world.

It is an inspiring example of how Aria was able to overcome her physical limitations and make a name for herself in the world of sports. Aria’s success at the 1972 Summer Paralympics is an inspiring story that will be remembered for years to come.

She has set a tremendous example for other athletes, showing that no matter what physical limitations may exist, it is possible to achieve greatness. Her determination and hard work have earned her respect and admiration from many.

Aria de Vries-Noordam is a true inspiration to all aspiring Paralympic athletes.

7. Monique Kalkman-Van Den Bosch

Monique Kalkman-Van den Bosch is a remarkable athlete who has had an incredibly successful career in both wheelchair tennis and table tennis.

She is from the Netherlands and has represented her country at the Paralympic Games four times in her career, in 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996.

She has achieved an impressive level of success in her sport, and her remarkable accomplishments have been recognized by the International Tennis Hall of Fame, who inducted her into their prestigious Hall of Fame in 2017.

Her long and successful career is an inspiration to countless athletes around the world and serves as a reminder of the power of determination and dedication.

8. Gerdie Keen

Gerdie Keen is a Dutch professional table tennis player who has achieved international acclaim for her accomplishments in the sport. She has competed at the Olympic Games, representing her home country at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is a well-respected member of the Dutch table tennis community and is a role model for aspiring athletes. Gerdie Keen is also the older sister of another professional table tennis player, Trinko Keen.

The two have competed together in various tournaments and have achieved success in their respective sports. They are a formidable pair in the table tennis world and have been known to challenge each other in friendly competition.

Gerdie’s achievements in the sport have been remarkable and she is considered one of the top Dutch players in the world. In addition to her accomplishments in table tennis, Gerdie Keen has also had success in coaching and helping young players develop their skills.

She has provided guidance and support to many aspiring athletes, helping them reach their goals. Her commitment to the sport and her dedication to helping others is admirable and makes her a great role model for aspiring athletes.

9. Mirjam Hooman-Kloppenburg

Mirjam Hooman-Kloppenburg is a former female table tennis player from the Netherlands who had an impressive career. In 1992, she won three medals in singles, doubles, and team events in the Table Tennis European Championships at Stuttgart.

This highlighted her great talent in the sport and was just the start of her success. In 1994, she went on to achieve a third-team place in the Table Tennis World Cup. Mirjam’s success continued to the Olympic Games, where she competed in three different games.

This is a great achievement and shows her dedication and determination to her sport. Her impressive career as a table tennis player has made her an inspiration to many.

10. Irene Schmidt

Irene Schmidt is a former Dutch table tennis player who had a successful career in international Paralympic competitions. She competed in the individual and team events at the 1972, 1976, and 1980 Summer Paralympics.

During the 1972 Games, Irene won one gold and one bronze medal, and in 1976 she won two gold medals. She continued her impressive streak in 1980, where she earned two more gold medals.

Her remarkable achievement of four gold medals and one bronze medal over the course of three Paralympic Games is an impressive feat that has made her a prominent figure in the Paralympic table tennis community.

11. Frederique van Hoof

Frederique van Hoof is an impressive Dutch Paralympic athlete specializing in table tennis.

She has achieved incredible success in her sport of choice and was recently rewarded for her hard work and dedication when she won a silver medal for the Women’s Team Class 6–8 at the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo.

This is a tremendous accomplishment and shows just what can be achieved by athletes with disabilities when they are given the proper support and encouragement. Frederique van Hoof is a role model for all disabled athletes who are striving to reach the top.

Her dedication and determination to succeed despite her physical limitations is an inspiration to all.

This is not her first time competing in the Paralympics; she has also taken part in the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, where she finished fourth in the Women’s Team Class 6–8 event.

Her tenacity and commitment to excel are admirable, and her success is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.

The Paralympic Games are a showcase of the courage and skill of disabled athletes from around the world, and Frederique van Hoof is an outstanding example of a Paralympian who has achieved success through hard work and perseverance.

Her success in Tokyo is a testament to her skill and dedication and a reminder of the potential of athletes with disabilities. She is an inspiration to all disabled athletes and a reminder of what can be achieved when we push ourselves to our limits.

12. Paul Hâldan

Paul Hâldan is a Romanian-born Dutch professional table tennis player who made headlines when he defected from Romania to the Netherlands in 1983. During a match in the Netherlands, Hâldan made the decision to defect and stay in the Netherlands permanently.

This act of defiance resulted in a two-year ban from international table tennis matches by the Romanian Table Tennis Federation. This ban was put into effect in order to punish Hâldan for his decision to defect and to discourage other players from doing the same.

Hâldan’s decision to defect to the Netherlands was seen as a brave move and highlighted the oppressive nature of the Romanian government at the time. By defecting, Hâldan hoped to gain more freedom and be able to pursue his dream of becoming a professional table tennis player.

He would not be allowed to compete in international matches during his two-year ban, but he was still able to play locally. Despite the ban, Hâldan was still able to gain recognition for his talents and become a successful player.

After the two-year ban was up, Hâldan was allowed to compete in international matches once again. He went on to become one of the most successful professional table tennis players of the 1980s and 90s.

His story serves as an inspiring example of how, despite the odds, it is possible to achieve your dreams.

13. Emily Noor

Emily Noor is a professional athlete from the Netherlands who has made a name for herself in the world of table tennis. She is a highly skilled player who has competed in numerous international tournaments.

Noor has won many prestigious awards and achieved great success in her career. Her remarkable agility and expertise on the table tennis court have earned her the admiration of her peers and fans alike.

She has represented the Netherlands in various international competitions and has become a well-known face in the table tennis world. Noor has an impressive record of success and has achieved huge victories in her career.

She is a true inspiration to many aspiring table tennis players and is an important figure in the world of sports.

14. Trinko Keen

Trinko Keen is a professional table tennis player who hails from the Netherlands. He is a rising star in the field and is following in the footsteps of his brother, Gerdie Keen.

Gerdie is an established table tennis player from the Netherlands, and Trinko has been inspired by him to pursue a career in the sport. Trinko has achieved great success in his short career, winning several tournaments and gaining recognition in the Netherlands and beyond.

He has been praised for his dedication to the sport and has been credited for his skill and technical ability.

Trinko’s love for the game is evident in his performances, and he has become an inspiration for young players around the world. Overall, Trinko Keen is an emerging talent in the world of table tennis, and he is sure to make a big impact in the years to come.

His raw talent and passion for the game have been recognized by many, and his brother Gerdie has been a great source of inspiration for him. With his dedication and commitment, Trinko is sure to reach the top of the table tennis world.


Overall, the Netherlands has some of the best table tennis players in the world. Many of these players have won international tournaments and been recognized on the world stage for their impressive skills and commitment to the sport.

The Netherlands is home to many talented athletes who have achieved success in the sport of table tennis, and they are sure to continue to impress in the future..

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