Top 7 Zambia Swimmer of All Time

Marjan Sokolovski

Swimming is a popular sport in Zambia and the country is home to some of the world’s finest swimmers. Zambia has produced a number of talented swimmers who have achieved great success at international competitions.

Some of the best Zambian swimmers include Olympians and world champions such as Sebastien Kaluba, Kennedy Luchembe, and Chishimba Njovu, who have all achieved major success in the pool.

This article will explore the incredible accomplishments of these swimmers and look at the impact they have had on the sport in Zambia.

1. Tilka Paljk

Tilka Paljk is an accomplished Zambian swimmer. She made a name for herself internationally in 2017 when she competed in the Women’s 100 metre breaststroke event at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships.

She continued to make a name for herself in the following year when she competed in three events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Paljk was born in Postojna, Slovenia, but she moved to Zambia at a young age, where she began to pursue her swimming career.

She has since become one of the most successful Zambian swimmers in the world, and her accomplishments are an inspiration to athletes everywhere.

2. Jade Howard

Jade Ashleigh Howard is a talented swimmer with a unique background. She was born in South Africa but grew up in Zambia, where she developed a passion for swimming. In 2012, she put her skills to the test and competed in the Women’s 100 metre freestyle at the Summer Olympics.

While she didn’t make it to the semifinals, she still managed to finish in 39th place in the heats, proving her mettle and determination. After the Olympics, Jade continued to pursue her dreams and graduated from Plymouth College.

She is an inspirational figure to many, showing them that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

3. Ellen Hight

Ellen Lendra Hight is an accomplished Zambian swimmer who specializes in the freestyle and butterfly styles of swimming.

She was born in Zambia and has gone on to represent her home nation in two different Olympic Games. At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Hight made her debut as a 19-year-old junior.

This marked a special and exciting moment in her career as she was able to represent her home country on the world’s biggest stage.

Since then, she has gone on to compete in other international events such as the World Championships. In addition to her impressive swimming career, Hight has also served as an ambassador for her home country.

She has used her platform to help inspire young Zambians to pursue their dreams, no matter how seemingly insurmountable they may be.

Hight has also become an advocate for Zambian athletes, helping them to receive the recognition and resources they need to reach their full potential. Her legacy will not soon be forgotten.

Hight’s accomplishments serve as an example of what can be achieved when you are determined and passionate about what you do. She has left a lasting mark on the Zambian swimming community and serves as an inspiration to all those who wish to follow in her footsteps.

4. Jakie Wellman

Jakie Kim Wellman is a talented swimmer from Zambia who specializes in sprint freestyle events. She is a recent high school graduate from Kelly College in Devon, England.

Jakie is currently a member of the Missouri State Bears swimming team while attending Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, United States. This is an amazing opportunity for her to continue to grow and excel in her sport while receiving a quality education.

Jakie is a dedicated and hardworking athlete who is sure to make the most of her time in the United States.

5. Zane Jordan

Zane Jordan is a world-renowned Olympic swimmer from the African nation of Zambia. He first competed in the 2008 Olympics, where he placed 65th in the 50 Freestyle.

Four years later, Zane had improved immensely, achieving a 41st place finish in the 100 backstroke in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Jordan’s journey to the Olympics began in Zambia, where he was born and raised with his parents and four siblings.

At the age of seven, the family moved to England so that Zane could have access to better swimming facilities. His mother is English, which likely helped Zane adjust to his new home.

Jordan’s success can be attributed to the combination of his natural talent and the hard work he put into his training. He has become a role model for aspiring athletes in Zambia, and his accomplishments have brought honor to his home country.

His story is a testament to the power of dedication and perseverance.

6. Chisela Kanchela

Chisela Kanchela is a talented Zambian swimmer who specializes in breaststroke events. He has achieved remarkable success in his chosen field, setting numerous Zambian age group records in all breaststroke distances.

This success has led him to be trained by the All Saints’ College swimming team in Perth, Western Australia, ever since he first appeared at the Olympics. Kanchela is a remarkable athlete, showing strong commitment and dedication to the sport of swimming.

His exemplary performance has earned him recognition from the Zambian swimming community and, more recently, has enabled him to gain the opportunity to train with such a prestigious swimming team in Australia. Kanchela’s passion for swimming has been a driving force behind his success.

He continues to train hard and strive for excellence as he looks to achieve further records and reach new heights in the sport.

His impressive talent and dedication have enabled him to reach the highest levels of competition, such as the Olympics, and it is clear that Kanchela’s future in the sport looks bright.

7. Leonard Ngoma

Leonard Ngoma is a Zambian former swimmer with a specialty in breaststroke events. He was able to achieve a great deal of success, even at a young age, and was able to attend the prestigious Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida.

This school is known for producing some of the world’s best swimmers, so it was a great honor for him to be accepted into such a school. After his education was complete, he decided to represent his homeland Zambia at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

He was able to make a strong showing and prove the world that Zambia had a great swimmer in its midst. Leonard Ngoma is a true inspiration for many young swimmers, showing them that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.


It is clear that Zambia has some of the best swimming players in the world. These athletes have achieved remarkable success in the sport, taking home numerous medals from international competitions.

Their achievements are a testament to the determination and hard work of the Zambian swimming community. With dedicated coaches and facilities, Zambia is well-positioned to continue producing world-class swimmers for many years to come.

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