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Palau is a small island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. The country is known for its stunning natural beauty, its rich culture, and its warm, inviting people. It is also known for being home to some of the world’s best swimmers.

Palau’s swimmers have represented the country in international competitions, winning medals and receiving recognition for their extraordinary skill and dedication to the sport.

This article will highlight some of the best swimmers in Palau and provide an overview of their accomplishments in and out of the pool.

1. Dirngulbai Misech

Dirngulbai Moreyna “UB” Misech is a female Palauan swimmer who has made a name for herself in the international swimming community. She has represented Palau at various competitions, including the 2012 FINA World Swimming Championships.

Misech has also achieved remarkable success in her home country, as she currently holds seven national records. At the 2012 FINA World Swimming Championships, Misech competed in the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, and 50m butterfly events.

She has proven to be a powerful force in the realm of international swimming, and she is an inspiration to many.

2. Roylin Akiwo

Roylin Akiwo is a Palauan competitive swimmer. She is an accomplished athlete who has achieved recognition in her field. At the 2018 FINA World Swimming Championships, held in Hangzhou, China, Roylin competed in the women’s 50 metre backstroke event.

This was a major milestone in her career, as she was the first ever Palauan athlete to compete in an international swimming event of this magnitude. Her participation was groundbreaking and has paved the way for other Palauan swimmers to compete in the international arena.

Roylin’s performance was a source of pride for her home country, and she is an inspiration to young Palauans who are looking to pursue a career in competitive swimming.

3. Osisang Chilton

Osisang Dibech Chilton is a Palauan swimmer who made history at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo by becoming the first athlete from Palau to compete at the event.

She competed in the women’s 50 m freestyle event, an event in which she has been successful in several international competitions.

Chilton has won a bronze medal at the 2018 Micronesian Games, a gold medal at the 2019 Pacific Games, and a silver medal at the 2021 Oceania Swimming Championships.

In addition to her competitive swimming career, Chilton has also volunteered in her community by coaching swimming lessons for local children. Her inspiring story and dedication to her sport have been an inspiration to many in her home country of Palau.

4. Nicole Hayes

Nicole Isau Hayes is a remarkable athlete with a remarkable story. She is a retired Palauan swimmer and national record holder, who specialized in sprint freestyle events.

As a Palauan swimmer, Hayes was an inspiring story for the nation, and she made history when she became the first Palauan swimmer to ever compete in the Olympics.

She swam at the 2000 Summer Olympics, an amazing feat considering the fact that she was the only Palauan swimmer in the competition. Hayes’s success is a testament to her hard work and dedication to her sport. She trained hard for the Olympics and her hard work paid off.

Her Palauan heritage was a source of pride for her nation, and her Olympic performance was a source of inspiration to the Palauan people.

Hayes’s success story is an example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication, and her story will continue to be a source of inspiration for future generations of Palauans.

5. Keesha Keane

Keesha Keane is a Palauan swimmer who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. She participated in the women’s 50m freestyle event, where she achieved a time of 28.25 seconds.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to advance her to the next round, and she finished in 50th place in the heats.

Nevertheless, her performance was a great accomplishment for a swimmer from Palau, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean with a population of around 21,000 people.

Keane’s participation in the Olympics was a source of pride and joy for her nation, and it was an opportunity to showcase Palau’s talent and potential on the international stage.

6. Amber Yobech

Amber Sikosang Yobech is an impressive and accomplished athlete. She comes from the small nation of Palau, located in the western Pacific Ocean, and specializes in sprint freestyle events.

At only seventeen years of age, Yobech became one of the youngest swimmers to ever qualify for the Olympic Games. She made her Olympic debut in 2008, at the Beijing Summer Olympics.

Her remarkable feat was accomplished despite her age, and it is a testament to her immense talent, dedication, and hard work. Yobech is an inspirational role model for many aspiring swimmers, showing that anything can be achieved with the right attitude and effort.

7. Evelyn Otto

Evelyn Ikelau Otto is an accomplished former swimmer from Palau. She represented Palau at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and at the 2003 World Championships. At the 2004 Olympics, Otto competed in the women’s 50-meter freestyle event.

Her participation was made possible by a Universality place granted to her by the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA). This place allowed her to take part in the event even though she did not meet the Olympic qualifying standards.

Otto is a great example of someone who has dedicated her life to her sport and achieved great success. She has done the Palauan community proud by competing at the highest level of competition.

Her efforts to make it to the Olympics serve as an inspiration to others who are striving to achieve their goals. Hopefully, she will continue to be a role model to others who are striving to reach their highest potential.

8. Anlloyd Samuel

Anlloyd Samuel was a remarkable athlete who made history when he became the first ever swimmer to represent Palau at the Summer Olympics.

He specialized in sprint freestyle events and was determined to make a name for himself and his country when he competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Samuel specifically competed in the men’s 50 m freestyle event at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

He was a true trailblazer and an example of what dedication and hard work can accomplish. He inspired others from his home country to pursue their dreams and follow in his footsteps.

His achievement showed that anything is possible and that it is never too late to reach for your goals. Samuel’s legacy will live on as he continues to be an inspiration to all athletes from Palau.

He made a tremendous impact on the world of competitive swimming and proved that with hard work and determination, anything can be achieved. He will forever be remembered for his courage and dedication, and for pioneering the way for many athletes that followed.


The best swimming players in Palau are some of the most talented and dedicated athletes in the world. They have achieved international success in a range of swimming disciplines, and have put Palau on the map when it comes to swimming.

These athletes are an inspiration to the youth of Palau, and a great source of pride for the country. They have helped to raise the profile of swimming in Palau and continue to strive for excellence in the sport.

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