13 Greatest Malta Swimming Players in History

Marjan Sokolovski

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, but it has produced some of the world’s best swimming competitors. Over the years, numerous swimmers from Malta have achieved remarkable success in international competitions, including the Olympics.

We will introduce you to some of the best swimmers from Malta and highlight their achievements. We will also explore why Malta has been able to produce such a high number of successful swimmers, despite its relatively small population.

1. Andrew Chetcuti

Andrew Chetcuti is one of Malta’s most accomplished swimmers. He is a freestyle and butterfly specialist competing in short course events. He has achieved an impressive level of success, setting 5 individual national records and 2 in relays.

Chetcuti is no stranger to international competition, having been selected to represent Team Malta in the 2012 Summer Olympics. This was a great honor for him, and he was one of only five athletes chosen for the team.

His career successes demonstrate his considerable talent and dedication to the sport of swimming.

2. Sasha Gatt

Sasha Gatt is an accomplished swimmer from Malta who recently competed in two swimming events at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. She participated in the Women’s 400 metre freestyle and Women’s 1500 metre freestyle.

She demonstrated her swimming prowess on the world stage, and her participation in these events was a huge accomplishment. In addition to the Olympics, Gatt also competed in the Women’s 1500 metre freestyle event at the 2020 European Aquatics Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

This was a great opportunity to compete against some of Europe’s best swimmers. Gatt’s shows her commitment to her sport, and she continues to strive for excellence. Gatt’s impressive performances make her a role model for aspiring swimmers and physical enthusiasts.

She has demonstrated that, with dedication and hard work, it is possible to reach the highest levels of competitive swimming. Her accomplishments are a testament to her commitment to her sport and her dedication to her goals.

3. Nicola Muscat

Nicola Muscat is a Maltese swimmer who has competed in the 2012 and the 2016 Summer Olympics in London. During the 2012 Olympics, Muscat competed in the Women’s 50m freestyle event and achieved a time of 27.22 seconds in the heats.

During the 2016 Olympics, she again competed in the same event and achieved a time of 26.60 seconds in the heats. Muscat’s improvement in her time over the four year period between the two Olympic Games is an impressive testament to her dedication to the sport.

She has worked hard to improve her technique and has seen significant results from her efforts. Muscat’s success in the Olympic Games has been a great source of pride for the Maltese people, and she has served as an inspiration to many aspiring swimmers in Malta.

4. Amy Micallef

Amy Micallef is a successful Maltese swimmer. She has achieved great success in the sport, and in 2017 she competed in the women’s 100 metre breaststroke event at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships.

This event is a highly competitive event, with swimmers from all over the world coming together to compete. Amy, who is only 19 years old, put in a great performance and finished within the top 25 swimmers in the event.

This is an incredible achievement for someone so young, and it certainly shows Amy’s potential as a swimmer. She has since moved on to compete in other events, and her success in the 2017 World Aquatics Championships has provided her with a platform for even greater success.

5. Christopher Dowling

Christopher Dowling was a Maltese swimmer who achieved international recognition for his performance in the 1960 Summer Olympics. He was the first swimmer from Malta to compete at the Olympics.

He took part in the men’s 100 metre freestyle event, achieving a personal best time of 1 minute and 3.3 seconds.

He was one of the fastest swimmers in the competition, showing great potential for the future. It was an impressive feat from Dowling, who only began swimming competitively three years prior to his Olympic appearance.

He was the only swimmer from Malta to compete in the 1960 Olympics and thus made history for his country.

His commitment and hard work paid off, as his time was impressive and he made a name for himself in the swimming world. Dowling’s success encouraged other Maltese swimmers to pursue their Olympic dreams.

He set the standard for Maltese swimmers and was a role model for aspiring athletes.

He also put Malta on the map in terms of international swimming competitions, as people around the world began to recognize the nation’s swimming prowess. Christopher Dowling was a remarkable athlete and a pioneer for Maltese swimmers.

His performance in the 1960 Summer Olympics was a testament to his dedication and determination. He not only achieved personal success but also made a lasting impact on the swimming world and his home country.

6. Ryan Gambin

Ryan Gambin is an accomplished swimmer who specializes in the butterfly events. He was born in Australia but has since chosen to represent Malta internationally in competitions.

Growing up in Australia, Gambin no doubt had access to some of the best swimming facilities and training programs in the world, and that likely contributed to his success in the sport.

As a member of the Maltese national team, Gambin is now able to represent a country with a proud swimming history, as Malta has produced some of the best swimmers in the Mediterranean.

He is undoubtedly an inspiration to many young swimmers in the country, and his dedication to the sport will no doubt bring further accolades and honors in the future.

7. Neil Agius

Neil Agius is a professional swimmer from Malta. He has achieved great success in the sport, including competing in the Olympics and setting world records.

His specialty is in long-distance freestyle events, a demanding discipline which requires immense physical and mental endurance. Neil has proved himself to be a strong contender in these events, having achieved multiple podium finishes in international competitions.

His skill and determination have earned him respect from the swimming community, and he is considered to be one of the best in the world in his field.

His achievements are a source of pride for his home country of Malta, and he is an inspiring example of what can be accomplished with dedication and hard work.

8. Edward Caruana Dingli

Edward Caruana Dingli is a retired Maltese swimmer who had an impressive career in the pool.

He held the national records in the 400m freestyle, 200m individual medley, and 400m individual medley events, as well as both the long course and short course relay national record in the 4x200m freestyle.

He was an accomplished swimmer, having competed at the 2015 Summer Universiade before hanging up his goggles and retiring from competitive swimming. Throughout his swimming career, Dingli was a dominant force in the pool.

He achieved numerous medals and accolades for his performances and was an inspiration to many aspiring swimmers. His retirement marks the end of an illustrious career, and he will be remembered for his success and dedication to the sport.

9. Madeleine Scerri

Madeleine Scerri is an accomplished swimmer from Australia who is of Maltese descent. She has specialized in freestyle events. Her dedication and hard work earned her the opportunity to represent Malta in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

She was one of the few athletes to be chosen from Malta to take part in the world-famous event. She is an inspiration to many, demonstrating that hard work and perseverance can lead to success, no matter where you come from.

Her Olympic experience was a huge achievement, one she will never forget. She has since continued to set an example for swimmers everywhere, showing that anything is possible with dedication and commitment.

10. Angela Galea

Angela Galea is a Maltese former swimmer who was highly successful in butterfly events. She competed in two Olympic Games and was a three-time champion at the Games of the Small States of Europe.

Angela established herself as a record holder in both freestyle and butterfly events for the Maltese swimming team. Her accomplishments in the pool were so impressive that she was able to establish multiple Maltese records in both disciplines.

On top of her competitive success, she has also been involved in coaching and mentoring young swimmers in her home country. She has been an inspiration to many in the swimming community, and her legacy will live on for many years to come.

11. Mya Azzopardi

Mya Azzopardi is an elite Maltese swimmer who has achieved great success in the world of competitive swimming. She is most well-known for competing in the women’s 100 metre freestyle at the 2019 World Aquatics Championships.

Her performance at the event was impressive, as she managed to secure a spot in the finals. In addition to competing at the World Aquatics Championships, Azzopardi also competed in the 2019 Games of the Small States of Europe, held in Budva, Montenegro.

She won a total of three bronze medals at the event, further cementing her status as a top swimmer in her region. Despite her success, Azzopardi remains humble and focused on improving her skills and competing at the highest level.

She is an inspiration to all aspiring swimmers, and she serves as a role model for anyone looking to pursue a career in swimming.

12. Alfred Grixti

Alfred Grixti was an Olympic athlete representing Malta. He was a swimmer who competed at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy. He participated in the 100 metre freestyle event. Unfortunately, he did not make it past the preliminary round and finished last in his heat.

Despite this, Alfred Grixti’s participation in the Olympics is a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to his hard work and dedication to his sport. Grixti’s participation in the Olympic Games was a major milestone for Malta.

He was the first athlete to represent the country in the Summer Olympics. Grixti’s performance at the 1960 Olympics inspired other Maltese athletes and helped raise the profile of Maltese sports.

His effort also paved the way for other Maltese athletes to compete in future Olympics. Alfred Grixti’s legacy continues today. He is remembered as a pioneer of Maltese sport and an inspiration to other athletes.

He was a symbol of Malta’s dedication to sport and a reminder of how far the country has come in terms of sports participation. His memory will continue to inspire future generations of Maltese athletes and serve as an example of dedication and perseverance.

13. Stevie Camilleri

Stevie Camilleri is a talented water polo player from the island nation of Malta who currently plays for Roma Nuoto. He began his career at a young age, joining the Neptunes WPSC first team at just 15 years old.

Since then, Camilleri has developed into a key player for the team, becoming an integral part of their success. He is known for his skill and passion for the game and has proven to be an asset to any team he plays for.

His experience and abilities make him a respected member of the Roma Nuoto squad, and a valuable asset to the team’s success.


The best swimming players in Malta continue to shine year after year. They have consistently shown that they have the skill, dedication, and determination to excel in this sport. Their success is a testament to the hard work that they have put in, and their passion for swimming.

With their support and guidance, Malta will continue to produce some of the best swimmers in the world.

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