5 Best Spots for Parking Near Smoothie King Center

Morgan Wolf

Are you planning to attend an event at the Smoothie King Center, home of the New Orleans Pelicans and New Orleans Voodoo? You might be wondering where to park your car!

The arena is located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, which can get very busy and congested during peak hours. Luckily, there are plenty of parking options near the Smoothie King Center that are open to the public and quite affordable.

In this blog post, we’ll share with you 10 of the best spots for parking near Smoothie King Center, based on their price, location, and convenience.

5 Best Spots for Parking Near Smoothie King Center

The Smoothie King Center in New Orleans’ accessible parking spot can significantly enhance your overall experience. Navigating the bustling streets and crowded parking areas around popular venues can be a challenge, but fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best spots for parking near the Smoothie King Center.

1. 782 Loyola Ave.

782 Loyola Ave

The economical choice, the open parking lot at 782 Loyola Ave., offers budget-friendly event parking at just $5. A mere 10-minute stroll from the Smoothie King Center, this option provides convenience without breaking the bank. Secure your spot effortlessly by booking online through SpotHero.

Location: New Orleans, LA 70113

2. 601 Loyola Ave.

601 Loyola Ave

Situated at 601 Loyola Ave., this parking facility offers proximity and accessibility to the Smoothie King Center. With a straightforward 5-minute walk, attendees can easily reach their event destination.

While providing convenience, this option remains affordable, ensuring a seamless experience for event-goers. Secure your parking spot in advance through various online platforms to enhance your overall visit to the arena.

Location: New Orleans, LA 70113

3. 1500 Poydras St.

1500 Poydras St

This is a covered parking garage that offers event parking for $10. It’s located right across the street from the Smoothie King Center, so you can’t get any closer than this. You can reserve your spot online through SpotHero or pay with credit or debit card at the garage.

Location: New Orleans, LA 70112

4. 1250 Poydras St.

1250 Poydras

This is another covered parking garage that charges $10 for event parking. It’s about a 5-minute walk to the Smoothie King Center, and it has a skywalk that connects to the arena. You can book your spot online through SpotHero or pay with credit or debit card at the garage.

Location: New Orleans, LA 70113

5. Champions Garage

Champions Garage

This is one of the seven official parking garages of the Smoothie King Center and the Caesars Superdome complex. It costs $20 for event parking, and it’s located right next to the arena. You can pre-purchase your spot online through ParkWhiz or pay with credit or debit card at the garage.

Location: Girod St, New Orleans, LA 70113

Why Do You Need a Spot for Parking Near Smoothie King Center?

The Smoothie King Center is a popular multi-purpose indoor arena located in New Orleans, Louisiana, primarily used for hosting various events, including concerts, sports games, and entertainment shows.

Here are a few reasons why people might want to find parking near the Smoothie King Center:

Attending Events

The heartbeat of the Smoothie King Center lies in its diverse lineup of events. Basketball enthusiasts, music aficionados, and entertainment seekers all converge upon this hub of excitement.

Whether it’s the thrill of a live game, the enchantment of a musical performance, or the allure of a theatrical production, the desire to be part of the action necessitates a parking spot nearby.


The quest for convenience is a universal pursuit, especially in the context of bustling event venues. The search for available parking spaces can be a daunting task, stealing precious time and energy.

By securing a parking spot near the arena, attendees streamline their journey. This convenience allows them to immerse themselves fully in the event’s magic without the stress of a prolonged parking hunt.


The concept of proximity extends beyond mere convenience. For individuals with limited mobility or those accompanied by young children, having a parking spot nearby assumes paramount importance.

Reduced walking distances ensure that everyone can access the center comfortably, fostering inclusivity and making the event accessible to a wider range of attendees.

Avoiding Traffic

The excitement surrounding events at the Smoothie King Center often leads to increased vehicular traffic in the vicinity. Navigating through congested streets during the pre-event rush or post-event dispersal can be a challenge.

Opting for parking nearby not only allows attendees to sidestep the traffic frenzy but also provides a smoother ingress and egress experience.

Public Transportation

Embracing a combination of transportation modes is a strategic choice for many event-goers. Driving to a central location and then utilizing public transportation for the final leg of the journey is a popular approach.

A conveniently located parking spot adjacent to the Smoothie King Center facilitates this transition from personal vehicles to public transit, promoting a more environmentally friendly and hassle-free travel plan.


The culture of tailgating has become synonymous with sports events, creating a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and pre-event festivities.

A dedicated parking spot near the arena allows enthusiasts to partake in this tradition, setting up their pre-game celebrations and enjoying the anticipation of the upcoming event alongside fellow fans.


The element of safety cannot be underestimated, and designated parking areas near the Smoothie King Center offer a sense of security to attendees.

Parking in well-lit and monitored spaces reduces the risks associated with vehicle damage, theft, and other security concerns that might arise in less secure areas.

Time Management

The saying “time is of the essence” resonates deeply when it comes to event attendance. Having a pre-reserved parking spot aligns with effective time management, ensuring that individuals arrive punctually and eliminating the anxiety of last-minute parking searches. This seamless experience contributes to a relaxed and enjoyable event day.


In the bustling excitement of events at the Smoothie King Center, securing optimal parking can transform your experience. From the economical 782 Loyola Ave.

lot offering budget-friendly options, to the ultra-convenient 601 Loyola Ave. facility with its mere 5-minute walk, these parking spots enhance accessibility and enjoyment.

By reserving spaces online through platforms like SpotHero, you can navigate the event day with ease. Whether it’s the financial savviness or the proximity to the action that draws you, these top parking choices ensure your journey to the Smoothie King Center is as memorable as the event itself.

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