10 Best Spots for Parking Near AT&T Center

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Sunset Station

Navigating the vibrant events hosted at the AT&T Center in San Antonio demands careful consideration of parking options.

With its multifaceted role as a host to sports, concerts, and entertainment spectacles, having the best spots for parking becomes paramount.

This introduction delves into the significance of strategically located parking areas, not only for the ease of attendees but also for the overall success of the center’s diverse range of activities.

From accommodating large crowds to promoting accessibility and seamless traffic management, the selection of prime parking spots profoundly shapes the overall event experience.

10 Best Spots for Parking Near AT&T Center

The AT&T Center is home to the San Antonio Spurs basketball team, as well as a venue for concerts, rodeos, and other shows. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best spots for parking near the AT&T Center that are cheaper, safer, and more convenient than the official parking lot.

Here they are:

1. Freeman Coliseum

Freeman Coliseum

This is the closest alternative to the AT&T Center parking lot, as it is located right across the street. The Freeman Coliseum hosts its own events, such as trade shows and festivals, but it also offers parking for AT&T Center events for $15 per car.

You can walk to the AT&T Center in less than 10 minutes from here, or take a free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes.

Location: 3201 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78219

2. Sunset Station

Sunset Station

This is a historic train station that has been converted into an entertainment complex with restaurants, bars, and a live music venue. It is located about 2 miles from the AT&T Center and offers parking for $10 per car.

You can take a free shuttle bus that runs every 30 minutes to and from the AT&T Center, or enjoy the attractions at Sunset Station before or after the event.

Location: 1301 W. Sunset Rd, Henderson, NV 89014

3. Alamodome

Alamodome Parking

This is a large stadium that hosts football games, concerts, and other events. It is located about 3 miles from the AT&T Center and offers parking for $10 per car.

You can take a free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes to and from the AT&T Center, or explore the nearby Riverwalk and downtown area.

Location: 100 Montana St, San Antonio, TX 78203

4. Tower of the Americas

Tower of the Americas

This is a 750-foot tall observation tower that offers panoramic views of the city and a revolving restaurant. It is located about 3.5 miles from the AT&T Center and offers parking for $8 per car.

You can take a free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes to and from the AT&T Center, or visit the tower and its surrounding park.

Location: 739 E César E. Chávez Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78205

5. Pearl Brewery

Pearl Brewery

This is a former brewery that has been transformed into a mixed-use development with shops, restaurants, apartments, and a hotel. It is located about 4 miles from the AT&T Center and offers parking for $5 per car.

You can take a free shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes to and from the AT&T Center, or enjoy the lively atmosphere at Pearl Brewery.

Location: 303 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215

6. VIA Park & Ride

via park & ride

This is a public transportation service that allows you to park your car at one of several locations around the city and take a bus to the AT&T Center for $2.50 per person round trip.

The buses run every 30 minutes before and after the event, and drop you off right at the entrance of the AT&T Center. You can find the nearest VIA Park & Ride location to you on their website or app.

Location: San Antonio, TX 78233

7. Sam Houston High School

Sam Houston High School

Located about 2 miles away from the AT&T Center, Sam Houston High School offers parking for events at the center. The school typically charges around $10 for parking. It’s a convenient option, especially if you prefer parking a bit farther from the venue and avoiding heavy traffic.

Location: 4635 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78220

8. St. Paul Square

St. Paul Square

St. Paul Square is a historic district near downtown San Antonio, around 2.5 miles from the AT&T Center. It offers parking for around $10 per car. Enjoy the mix of restaurants and shops in the area before heading to the event.

Location: 1174 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

9. Dignowity Park

Dignowity Park

Located about 1.5 miles from the AT&T Center, Dignowity Park provides a more relaxed parking experience. You can park for around $10 and enjoy the park’s green space and scenic views before heading to the event.

Location: 701 Nolan St, San Antonio, TX 78202

10. Hays Street Bridge

Hays Street Bridge

The Hays Street Bridge is a historic bridge located about 1.5 miles from the AT&T Center. It offers a unique parking experience with picturesque views of the city and the bridge itself. Parking fees are typically around $10, and you can take a leisurely stroll across the bridge before heading to the event.

Location: 800 E César E. Chávez Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78202

Why Do You Need a Spot for Parking Near AT&T Center?

If you’re asking about the need for parking near the AT&T Center, it’s because parking facilities are essential for accommodating the large number of attendees who visit the arena for various events.

Here are a few reasons why parking near the AT&T Center, and any similar venue, is important:

Convenience for Attendees

The AT&T Center hosts a wide range of events, from basketball games to concerts and family shows. Many attendees come from different parts of the city or even from outside San Antonio.

Having accessible parking near the venue eliminates the stress of finding parking in unfamiliar areas, making the overall experience more enjoyable.


With a seating capacity that can exceed 18,000 for basketball games and even more for concerts, the AT&T Center can attract large crowds.

A dedicated parking area with sufficient spaces is crucial to prevent chaos and ensure that everyone attending an event can find a suitable place to park.

Traffic Management

The AT&T Center is located in an area that might be surrounded by other businesses, residential areas, and local roads. A properly designed parking area helps prevent traffic congestion in the vicinity.

It allows for the organized flow of vehicles, which in turn reduces the chances of traffic jams and accidents caused by abrupt parking.

Revenue Generation

Parking fees can contribute to the revenue of the AT&T Center. Depending on the event and the policies in place, attendees might need to pay for parking. This revenue can be reinvested into maintaining the facilities, improving services, and enhancing the overall guest experience.


Ensuring accessible parking spaces near the entrance of the AT&T Center is vital for accommodating individuals with disabilities.

These spaces are designed to meet specific requirements, such as extra width to accommodate wheelchair ramps and proximity to accessible entrances. This promotes inclusivity and equal access for all attendees.

Public Transportation Support

Providing a designated parking area not only benefits those who drive but also supports attendees who rely on public transportation.

Buses, shuttles, and other forms of transit can efficiently drop off and pick up passengers when there’s a well-organized parking area. This promotes a more sustainable and accessible approach to attending events.

Local Regulations

Many cities have zoning and parking regulations in place to ensure that large venues like the AT&T Center can handle the volume of visitors without overwhelming the local infrastructure. These regulations may specify a minimum number of parking spaces based on the seating capacity of the arena.

Overall Experience

From the moment attendees arrive near the venue, their experience contributes to their overall impression of the event.

A hassle-free parking process sets a positive tone and contributes to a smooth, enjoyable experience. Attendees can focus on enjoying the event itself rather than worrying about parking logistics.


The AT&T Center’s significance as a hub for sports, entertainment, and cultural events necessitates a well-thought-out parking strategy. Strategically placed parking areas ensure convenience, efficient traffic management, and accessibility for diverse attendees.

Beyond accommodating large crowds, designated parking generates revenue, supports public transportation integration, and adheres to local regulations. These best parking practices enrich the overall event experience, from stress-free arrival to easy accessibility.

By addressing the practicalities of parking, the AT&T Center enhances its reputation as a premier venue, offering seamless and enjoyable experiences for all who attend its vibrant array of events.

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