The 16 Greatest Olympic Players in Qatar of All Time

Matt Reynolds

Qatar has a long and proud history of Olympic success.

From the country’s first Olympic gold medal won by swimmer Nasser Al-Attiyah in 1992 to the gold medal winning performance of shooter Bahiya Al-Hamad at London 2012, Qatar has produced some of the best Olympic athletes in the world.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the greatest Olympic athletes ever to come out of Qatar, including Al-Attiyah, Al-Hamad, and more. We will examine their impressive accomplishments, their impact on the Olympic Games, and their legacy in the country and beyond.

1. Mutaz Essa Barshim

Mutaz Essa Barshim is an exemplary athlete, whose achievements in the sport of track and field have earned him much recognition in the world.

Barshim, a Qatari athlete, competes in the high jump and is currently the reigning Olympic Champion as well as the current World Champion. Furthermore, he holds the second highest jump of all-time with a personal best of 2.43 meters.

This impressive feat has been achieved with the help of hard work, dedication, and determination. Barshim’s commitment to the sport and his drive to excel is an inspiration to many.

He has pushed himself to the highest levels of the sport, and his dedication to his craft has allowed him to achieve remarkable success.

His accolades stand out among other talents from the world of athletics, and his achievement of an Olympic Championship and a World Championship is something to be admired.

His skills and accomplishments have set him apart from other athletes, and he is an example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Barshim is an example of a champion, both in the sport of track and field and in life.

His determination to achieve greatness has been rewarded with success, and his name has become synonymous with excellence. He is a symbol of what is possible with hard work and dedication, and a reminder of how success can be achieved no matter the obstacles.

2. Ahmed Tijan


Ahmed Tijan Janko is an incredible athlete from Qatar who was born in Gambia. He is a professional beach volleyball player and in 2018, he had a major accomplishment. He partnered with Cherif Younousse and together they won the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games.

This event was held in Palembang, Indonesia and was a major milestone for Ahmed and his team. They defeated all their opponents and earned the gold medal, making them the champions of the 2018 Asian Games.

Ahmed Tijan Janko is an inspiration to athletes everywhere and his victory serves as a reminder of what can be achieved when dedication and hard work are combined. He has set an example for both Qataris and Gambians alike and will be remembered for his incredible achievement.

3. Fares El-Bakh

Meso Hassouna is a world-renowned weightlifter from Qatar. He is an Olympic Champion, a World Champion, and a two-time Junior World Champion competing in the 85 kg and 94 kg weight classes.

His achievements in the sport of weightlifting have made him a household name in Qatar and beyond. Hassouna began his weightlifting career in 2007, competing in the 77 kg category. That same year, he won a silver medal at the Junior World Championships.

His success in this competition propelled his career forward and he soon began competing in the 85 kg and 94 kg weight classes.

In 2008, he won a gold medal at the Junior World Championships, and in 2009, he won a second Junior World Championships gold medal. Hassouna’s successes at the Junior World Championships led to his selection for the 2012 London Olympics.

At the Olympics, he won the gold medal in the 85 kg weight class, becoming the first Qatari athlete to win an Olympic gold medal.

Following his success at the Olympics, Hassouna was crowned World Champion in both the 85 kg and 94 kg weight classes in 2013 and 2014, respectively. These achievements have made Meso Hassouna a national hero in Qatar and an inspiration to weightlifters around the world.

He is a shining example of Qatar’s commitment to excellence in sports and his success has helped to raise the visibility of Qatar’s sportsmen and women in the international arena.

4. Abdul Aziz Al-Obaidly

Abdul Aziz Al-Obaidly is a Qatari athlete who specializes in swimming. He was chosen to represent Qatar in the men’s 200 metre breaststroke event at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

This was his first appearance at the Olympics, and it was an incredible accomplishment for him. Al-Obaidly is an incredibly talented swimmer who has achieved a lot of success in the sport.

He has won several gold medals at regional and international competitions, and has broken numerous national records.

He is a dedicated and hardworking athlete who puts in the work to reach his goals. Despite his impressive record, Al-Obaidly was not expected to be a medal contender in the Olympics. Nevertheless, he put in his best effort, and his performance was impressive.

He managed to finish the race in a respectable time, and made his country proud. Overall, Al-Obaidly’s appearance at the 2020 Summer Olympics was a huge success.

It was an incredible milestone for him, and it showed the world that Qatar is a nation that produces world-class athletes. He has become an inspiration and role model for aspiring athletes, and his story will be remembered for many years to come.

5. Abdirahman Saeed Hassan

Abdirahman Saeed Hassan is a talented Qatari athlete who competes in the 800m and 1500m events. He is an experienced runner, having first competed in international championships at the 2019 Asian Championships, held in his home country of Qatar.

At this event, he finished fourth in the 800m event, clocking an impressive time of 1:47.71 minutes.

This strong showing demonstrates the skill and talent of Abdirahman Saeed Hassan, as well as his commitment to the sport. Hassan has since gone on to compete in numerous international events, including the 2019 World Championships, where he finished 15th in the 1500m event.

His excellent performance at this event further demonstrates his skill and dedication to the sport.

He has continued to strive for success in the 800m and 1500m events, and his commitment to these disciplines is unquestioned. Abdirahman Saeed Hassan is a true inspiration to aspiring athletes in Qatar.

His dedication and skill have propelled him to the top of the sport and made him a respected athlete across the globe. His example is one that all athletes should strive to follow, as it is clear that a commitment to excellence can lead to great success.

6. Cherif Younousse


Cherif Younousse Samba is a remarkable beach volleyball player who was born in Senegal but chose to represent Qatar in his Olympic career.

He has had tremendous success, particularly in 2018 when he and his teammate Ahmed Tijan won the gold medal at the Asian Games in Palembang, Indonesia. In 2016, he competed in the Summer Olympics with Jefferson Pereira.

Samba and Pereira were the first beach volleyball team from Qatar to ever qualify for the Olympics. They put up a strong effort, but ultimately did not win a medal. Nonetheless, Samba’s career has been filled with remarkable success and his Olympic debut was historic for Qatar.

7. Mohammed Al-Rumaihi

Mohammed Al-Rumaihi is an accomplished sports shooter from Qatar. He has achieved success in the sport of trap shooting, a shooting sport that requires competitors to shoot clay targets that are projected away from the shooter.

Al-Rumaihi had the honor of representing Qatar at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In the men’s trap event, he was among the world’s top shooters. Al-Rumaihi has worked hard to perfect his craft and gain the recognition he has earned in the sport.

His dedication and skill was evident at the Olympics, and he was a proud representative of Qatar. He is an inspiration to aspiring shooters everywhere, and a reminder that hard work pays off.

8. Abdalelah Haroun

Abdalelah Haroun Hassan was an extremely talented Qatari track and field sprinter. He was particularly skilled in the 400 metre sprint event, being crowned Asian champion in 2015. Not only that, but he also holds the Asian indoor record in this event.

His success is a testament to the hard work and dedication he put into his craft. Hassan was a role model for aspiring athletes in Qatar, showing them that with enough effort and dedication it is possible to make it to the top.

His achievements will not be forgotten, and he will continue to inspire future generations of athletes. He showed that it is possible to reach the highest levels of competition, regardless of where you come from and what obstacles you may face.

9. Ashraf Amgad El-Seify

Ashraf Amgad Elseify is an elite athlete from Qatar. He is a professional hammer thrower, which is an event in track and field that involves throwing a metal ball attached to a wire.

The goal of the event is to throw the hammer as far as possible, and it takes a great deal of skill and precision to be successful. Elseify has been successful in his sport, winning several medals throughout his career.

He won an Olympic silver medal in the 2012 Summer Games in London, and he also won a gold medal at the IAAF World Championships in 2019. Elseify is considered one of the best hammer throwers in the world, and he has continued to make a name for himself in his sport.

He is an inspiration to many aspiring athletes in Qatar and around the world.

10. Dalal Mesfer Al-Harith

Dalal Mesfer Al-Harith is a Qatari sprinter who was determined to make a name for herself in the 2016 Summer Olympics. She competed in the women’s 400 metres race, where she ran her fastest time of 1:07.12 in the heats.

Unfortunately, she did not qualify for the semifinals as her time was not fast enough. Despite not making it to the semifinals, she still made a name for herself in Qatar and beyond. Her determination and hard work is something that many people can admire and aspire to.

She is an example of how dedication and hard work can pay off, even if the outcome is not exactly the desired result. Her story is a reminder to never give up, no matter the odds.

11. Noor Hussain Al-Malki

Noor Hussain Al-Malki is an accomplished Arab sprinter who made history as a member of the Qatari Olympic Team for the 2012 Summer Olympics. It was an especially remarkable achievement for her, as she was the first female athlete to represent her country in the Olympic Games.

Her success has been a source of inspiration to many, particularly considering her humble beginnings as the youngest of eleven siblings.

Growing up surrounded by six brothers and five sisters, Malki was exposed to athletics from a young age, and she fully embraced her passion for running. Her effort and dedication has paid off, and she is now a respected figure in the athletics world.

12. Nada Mohammed W S Arakji

Nada Mohamed Wafa Arakji is a Qatari swimmer who has made a big impact in the sporting world. She was the first woman to ever represent Qatar at the 2012 Summer Olympics, where she competed in the 50 m freestyle event.

Her participation was a major milestone for the country, as it marked the first time that Qatar had sent a female athlete to the Olympics. In addition to competing at the Olympics, Arakji also served on the bid committee for Doha’s bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

This was a great honor for her and an excellent opportunity to help her home nation achieve one of its goals. Arakji’s family has played a major role in her success and involvement in sports.

Her parents have been supportive of her athletic career, and several of her siblings have also competed in various sports. The Arakji family has been dedicated to promoting the importance of sport in Qatar, and their commitment has been an inspiration to many.

13. Musa Amer Obaid

Musa Amer Obaid is an accomplished middle distance runner, primarily competing in steeplechase events. Born Moses Kipkirui in Kenya, Obaid opted to switch his nationality to Qatar and now competes under the name Musa Amer Obaid, representing Qatar in international competitions.

He has achieved success in his event, winning numerous medals in various meets. Obaid has been a competitive runner since his early teens, competing in a variety of events, including the 800m and 1500m.

It wasn’t until he was 19 years old that he made the switch to steeplechase, a grueling event that combines elements of running, hurdling and jumping. He quickly adapted to the event, and began to notch up victories and world rankings.

Obaid also has the distinction of being the first Qatari athlete to ever qualify for an Olympic steeplechase event. He achieved this feat in 2016, by reaching the qualifying standard at the International Association of Athletics Federations World U20 Championship.

This was a major breakthrough, and Obaid went on to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where he finished 10th in his heat. Overall, Musa Amer Obaid is a talented middle distance runner who is making a name for himself in the sport of steeplechase.

His success in international competitions is a testament to his skill and commitment, and he is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

14. Duje Draganja

Duje Draganja is a retired Croatian swimmer who achieved great success in his career. He won the silver medal in men’s 50 metres freestyle race at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

This was a momentous achievement for the Croatian swimmer, as it was his first Olympic medal. Draganja was training for the Olympics for several years prior to the 2004 Olympics.

He had been swimming competitively since childhood, and had competed in numerous international events.

He was part of the Croatian national swimming team for a number of years, and had won several medals in the European and world championships. At the 2004 Summer Olympics, Duje Draganja was one of the favorites to win the gold medal in the 50 metres freestyle race.

He put up a strong performance in the heats and semifinals, and qualified for the final.

In the final, he put up a very impressive performance, and finished second, winning the silver medal. This was a remarkable achievement for Duje Draganja, and it was a moment to be proud of for the Croatian swimming community.

He was the first Croatian swimmer to win an Olympic medal, and it was a moment of joy for the entire nation. His success further motivated other Croatian swimmers to continue striving for success. Duje Draganja is now retired from competitive swimming, but his legacy lives on.

His success serves as an inspiration for current and future swimmers in Croatia, and his name is remembered with pride and admiration.

15. Mohamed Suleiman

Mohammad Ahmed Suleiman is a remarkable athlete from Qatar. He is of Somali descent and has made history by winning Qatar its very first Olympic medal.

His incredible achievement in the 2016 Olympic Games was a momentous occasion for the small country, as it was the first time Qatar had ever won an Olympic medal. Suleiman’s athletic talent has propelled Qatar onto the international sports stage and he is now recognized as a national hero.

His success has been a source of pride for many Qataris, and his victory was celebrated widely across the country.

The Qatar Olympic Committee even awarded him with a cash prize for his achievement. Suleiman’s gold medal-winning performance in the 800-meter race was an impressive feat, as he was competing against athletes with more experience and training.

His hard work and dedication paid off and he finished the race in a remarkable time of 1 minute, 46.38 seconds. Suleiman’s success is an inspiration to athletes all over the world. He has shown that hard work and dedication can pay off, no matter the circumstances.

His remarkable achievement in the 2016 Olympic Games will always be remembered as a historic moment for Qatar.

16. Femi Ogunode

Femi Seun Ogunode is a remarkable athlete with a remarkable career. He was born in Nigeria but began competing internationally for Qatar in 2010.

In 2015, he set a personal best of 9.91 seconds in the 100 metre race, which was good enough to make him the holder of the Asian 100m record. This record was tied by Chinese sprinter Su Bingtian in 2018, but was surpassed in 2021 at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

This shows how competitive the world of sprinting is and how dedicated Ogunode was to achieving his own personal best. Ogunode’s accomplishment is a testament to the power of determination and hard work.

He is an inspiration to aspiring athletes all over the world, showing that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


The best Olympic players in Qatar have shown their dedication and hard work that has enabled them to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

Their commitment to excellence is an inspiration to others, and their commitment to sportsmanship makes them a great example of how to be a successful athlete.

They have put Qatar on the world map when it comes to Olympic performance and have given the country a great legacy of Olympic excellence.

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