Top 39 Famous Olympic Players in Moldova of All Time

Matt Reynolds

Moldova is a small country located in Eastern Europe, but it has produced some of the best Olympic athletes in the world. From weightlifters and wrestlers to basketball players and swimmers, Moldovan athletes have won multiple medals at the Olympic Games.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Olympic athletes that Moldova has ever produced. We’ll highlight their accomplishments, backgrounds, and how they have inspired other Moldovan athletes to reach for their dreams.

1. Zalina Petrivskaya

Zalina Marghieva is an accomplished female hammer thrower from Moldova. She was born in Russia and is the sister of Marina Marghiev and Serghei Marghiev.

She is coached by her father, Soslan, and has achieved impressive success in her sport. Marghieva’s career in the hammer throw began at a young age and has since been a staple of her life. She competes internationally and has built an impressive resume of accomplishments.

In her most recent competition, Marghieva placed fourth in the European U23 Championships. This is just one of the many successes that she has achieved throughout her career. Marghieva trains hard under the guidance of her father, Soslan.

He works with her to hone her technique and improve her performance.

He provides valuable insights into the sport and encourages her to reach her full potential. Marghieva’s commitment to the sport has paid off, and she is continuously setting new personal bests and surpassing her own expectations.

She is a remarkable athlete, and her work ethic and dedication to her craft have earned her much respect and admiration in the world of hammer throwing.

2. Olga Bolșova

Olga Bolșova is a retired Moldovan athlete who was renowned for her skill in the high jump and triple jump.

She attained the Moldovan national record in both of these disciplines, with her best high jump being 1.97 metres in September 1993 in Rieti and her best triple jump being 14.24 metres in June 2003 in Alcalá de Henares. Throughout her career, Olga Bolșova was a dominant force in Moldovan athletics.

Her personal bests in the high jump and triple jump are still Moldovan national records, proving the extent of her skill and determination.

Her record-breaking performances in the two disciplines have set her apart from her peers and are a testament to her hard work and dedication to the sport.In addition to her impressive physical achievements, Olga Bolșova has also been recognised for her commitment to the sport.

She has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to Moldovan athletics, and she has been cited as an inspiring figure for younger generations of athletes. Olga Bolșova is a true Moldovan sporting legend, and her records in the high jump and triple jump are likely to stand for many years to come.

Her success and dedication to the sport will continue to serve as an inspiration to athletes everywhere.

3. Lilia Fisikovici

Lilia Fisikovici is an accomplished long distance runner from Moldova. She specializes in the marathon and has been competing internationally since the 2016 Summer Olympics. During the 2016 Olympics, she represented Moldova in the women’s marathon event.

After her impressive performance, she has been invited to compete again in the 2020 Summer Olympics, making it her second time representing Moldova in the event. Athletic prowess runs in her family, with her brother also competing in international long distance running competitions.

From a young age, she has dedicated her life to running and has trained diligently to become one of the most competitive marathon runners in the world.

She is a firm believer in the importance of hard work and perseverance, which has allowed her to reach the highest levels of the sport. Lilia Fisikovici is an inspiration to many aspiring runners.

Her success in the 2016 Olympics demonstrated that it is possible for athletes from Moldova to achieve greatness. She has set a precedent for Moldovan athletes and given them hope that they too can make it to the Olympics.

As she prepares for the 2020 Olympics, she is a source of pride for the entire Moldovan nation.

4. Valeriu Vlas

Valeriu Vlas is a retired Moldovan long-distance runner, who specialized in the marathon. His greatest achievement was a 35th place finish at the 1999 World Championships. This was a remarkable accomplishment, as it put him among some of the world’s best runners.

His personal best time is 2:17:32 hours, which is an impressive time for a long-distance runner. Vlas competed in the Olympic Games in 1996 and 2000, though he was unable to reach the final.

Despite this, his career was still considered successful, as he was able to compete on the world stage and finish in the top half of the field. Overall, Valeriu Vlas’ career was a great success.

He achieved a high level of success at the World Championships, and even though he wasn’t able to reach the final in the Olympics, he still managed to successfully compete at the world level.

His personal best time of 2:17:32 hours is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

5. Vadim Zadoinov

Vadim Zadoynov is an accomplished athlete from Moldova who has specialized in the 400 metres hurdles event. He was born in the country’s capital, Chişinău. His biggest achievement to date was winning the bronze medal for the Soviet Union at the 1988 World Junior Championships.

This was a remarkable feat given his young age. In 1990, Zadoynov competed at the European Championships where he finished fourth in the 400 m hurdles event and eighth in the 4 × 400 m relay.

This impressive performance showed that he was a talented athlete capable of competing at the highest level. Since then, Zadoynov has continued to compete in athletics events, although he hasn’t achieved the same heights as he did in the 1990s.

He is still remembered fondly for his achievements in the late 1980s and his contribution to Moldovan sports.

6. Victor Covalenco

Victor Covalenco is an incredibly talented athlete who has competed at the highest level in his sport. He is a decathlete, a track and field event that involves competing in ten different events over a two-day period.

He is from Moldova, a small country in Eastern Europe, and has been able to represent his country at the Olympic Games twice. Victor is an impressive athlete who has achieved a great deal in his career.

He has won numerous medals throughout his time as an athlete, including gold medals in the decathlon at the European Athletics U23 Championships in 2011 and at the European Athletics Indoor Championships in 2017.

He has also competed at the World Athletics Championships on multiple occasions and has also been a part of the Olympic Games twice. Victor is a true role model for aspiring athletes around the world.

His dedication and hard work have taken him to the highest level, and have enabled him to represent his country on the world stage. He is an inspiration to all, and his achievements are a testament to the commitment and passion that he has for his sport.

7. Dimitriana Bezede

Dimitriana Surdu is a remarkable athlete from Moldova who has made a name for herself in the world of shot put. She has been competing in this sport since she was a young girl and has always had a passion for it.

Her hard work and dedication has paid off, as she recently qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

This is an incredible achievement, and it shows her dedication and commitment to the sport. Dimitriana has competed in many events leading up to the Olympics, including the European Athletics Championships, World Championships, and World Indoor Championships.

She has consistently performed well and has made a name for herself throughout the world of track and field.

She has competed against some of the best in the world and has managed to stand out from the pack. Dimitriana Surdu’s success in the shot put is an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere.

She has made it to the Olympics, and she is proving that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. She is a great example of what can be achieved with passion and drive.

8. Alexei Sancov

Alexei Sancov is an accomplished swimmer from Moldova. He represented his nation at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the men’s 200 metre freestyle event. He put in a commendable performance, finishing in the top 35 with a time of 1:48.85.

He was one of the most decorated athletes from his nation at the event. Four years later, Alexei once again represented Moldova at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

After an impressive qualification process, he was able to make it to the event to compete with the best swimmers in the world.

Despite the pressure, he was able to hold his own and make an impact on the international stage. Overall, Alexei Sancov has been a great representative of Moldova in the world of swimming.

Not only has he represented his nation in two separate Summer Olympic events, but he has also competed at the highest level. His achievements will no doubt serve as an inspiration for future generations of Moldovan swimmers.

9. Alexandra Mirca

Alexandra Mîrca is an accomplished archer from Moldova. She has had the opportunity to compete at the highest level of international archery, having participated in the 2016 and 2020 Summer Olympics.

In 2016, she competed in the Women’s individual event, while in 2020 she competed in both the Women’s individual and Mixed team events.

Mîrca’s career has not been limited to the Olympics, though; she also competed in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore, and the 2019 European Games.

This shows the dedication and talent that Mîrca has for the sport, as she has consistently been able to perform at a high standard in prestigious events. Her performances have been recognized in her home country, with Moldova honoring her excellence.

10. Serghei Tarnovschi

Serghei Tarnovschi is an accomplished sprint canoeist with dual citizenship in both Moldova and Ukraine. At the 2020 Summer Olympics, he competed in the Men’s C-1 1000m event, displaying great skill and determination throughout the race.

His hard work resulted in a bronze medal, making him the proud owner of an Olympic medal. Tarnovschi’s success at the Olympics is no surprise. He is highly experienced in sprint canoeing, having competed in numerous international races in the past.

His dedication to the sport is obvious, as he has trained vigorously for many years in order to reach his peak performance.

His Olympic medal is a testament to the hard work and commitment he has put into his training. The bronze medal earned by Tarnovschi is an important achievement, not only for him but also for the countries of Moldova and Ukraine.

His accomplishment is a source of pride for both countries, bringing them closer together and demonstrating that they can work together to achieve greatness. The Olympics are a symbol of excellence and a platform for athletes all over the world to showcase their talents.

Serghei Tarnovschi is just one example of many athletes who have achieved great success through hard work and dedication.

He is an inspiration to all those who aspire to reach the highest level of excellence in their sport, and his medal is a reminder of the rewards that can come from hard work and determination.

11. Sergiu Toma

Sergiu Toma is a judoka from Moldova, now residing in the United Arab Emirates. He was chosen to compete for the UAE in the 81 kg category during the 2016 Olympic Games. During the competition, he was able to defeat Takanori Nagase in an impressive show of skill.

This was enough to qualify him for the semi-finals. Unfortunately, his run was stopped by Khasan Khalmurzaev, who won the semi-final match. Despite missing out on a gold medal, Sergiu Toma wasn’t done yet.

He was able to redeem himself by beating Matteo Marconcini in the bronze medal match, guaranteeing himself a podium finish. In the end, Sergiu Toma’s hard work and determination paid off, and he was awarded a bronze medal for his impressive performance.

12. Alexandra Camenscic

Alexandra Camenscic is a Moldovan cross-country skier who has been competing in the sport for over a decade. She is an accomplished athlete, having achieved a 71st place finish in the 10 km event at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

This was a remarkable feat, considering the sheer number of athletes from around the world who take part in the Winter Olympics each year.In addition to her Olympic success, Camenscic also earned another notable accomplishment in 2009.

She placed 84th in the individual sprint event at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Liberec.

This event features some of the best ski athletes from all around the world, making it an even more impressive feat for Camenscic. Camenscic has proven herself to be a talented and successful athlete, and she continues to compete in the sport to this day.

She is an inspiration to many aspiring cross-country skiers and is a role model for those who wish to pursue a career in the sport.

13. Natalia Valeeva

Natalia Valeeva is a renowned archer who has represented three countries in the Olympic Games. She was born in Moldova and is now a naturalized Italian citizen. Valeeva has competed in the Olympics five times, starting in 1992 when she represented the Unified Team.

She then represented Moldova in 1996 and 2000, and Italy in 2004, 2008 and 2012. Her impressive career has earned her the title of former world number one.

Throughout her time in the Olympics, she has proven to be a formidable opponent with an impressive array of medals and awards to her name. She has certainly left her mark on the world of archery, and her legacy will live on for many years to come.

14. Tudor Casapu

Tudor Casapu is an exceptional athlete from Moldova. He is a highly decorated weightlifter who achieved both World and Olympic Championships. His first great accomplishment was winning the gold medal at the 1990 World Weightlifting Championships.

He then went on to compete in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona and won the gold medal as well. This was a tremendous feat, as it solidified his status as one of the best weightlifters in the world.

By winning both the World and Olympic Championships, Tudor Casapu became a symbol of excellence within his home country of Moldova. He has since been honored with numerous awards and accolades for his incredible achievements.

15. Veaceslav Gojan

Veaceslav Gojan is a Moldovan amateur boxer who achieved impressive success. He won bronze in the 2008 Olympics in the Bantamweight category, showcasing his excellent boxing skills. Gojan is from the small village of Grimăncăuţi, located in the district of Briceni.

He is a member of the Central Sports Club Dinamo in Chişinău, where he received training from his coach Petru Caduc. Gojan is an example of how one can reach great heights with hard work and dedication.

His win at the Olympics is a testament to the power of perseverance and his coach’s guidance. Caduc has been able to nurture Gojan’s potential and help him realize his dreams.

Gojan is a source of inspiration for many struggling amateur boxers out there, and a reminder that it’s possible to achieve greatness if you put in the effort.

16. Oleg Moldovan

Oleg Moldovan is a former sport shooter from Moldova who achieved great success in his career. He won the silver medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in the 10 m Running Target event, narrowly missing out on the gold medal to Yang Ling of China by 0.1 of a point.

This accomplishment was all the more impressive considering Moldovan’s lack of experience in the event. Moldovan’s success was recognized by his home country when he was chosen to be the Flagbearer for the Moldovan team at the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.

This honor is reserved for athletes who have achieved great success in their respective sports, and Moldovan was certainly deserving of the recognition. His achievements and contributions to sport shooting in Moldova are a testament to his hard work and dedication.

17. Sergei Mureiko

Sergei Mureiko is a retired heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler who had a long and successful career. He began competing for Moldova in 1994 and represented them until 1996. In 1996, he switched allegiance to Bulgaria and continued to compete for them until his retirement.

During his career he had the honour of competing in three separate Olympic Games – 1996, 2000 and 2004.

In addition to his Olympics appearances, he also competed in many other international competitions. At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, he was able to achieve his greatest success.

He won a bronze medal in the heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestling category, making him the first Moldovan to win an Olympic medal.

This medal was a great reward for all of his hard work and dedication to the sport. After the 2004 Olympics, Sergei Mureiko retired from Greco-Roman wrestling, leaving behind a legacy of success and a lasting record of achievement.

He will always be remembered as a great athlete, and his Olympic medal will be a constant reminder of his hard work and dedication to the sport.

18. Anatolie Cîrîcu

Anatolie Cîrîcu is an accomplished weightlifter from Moldova. He achieved recognition in the sport when he was crowned the champion of the 2012 European Weightlifting Championships for the 94 kg category.

His success at the competition was a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport. Prior to his win, Cîrîcu also participated in the 2011 European Weightlifting Championships, where he earned the silver medal.

Despite not claiming the gold medal, this result still showed his prowess in the sport. His commitment and skill was further illustrated by his efforts in the 2012 European Weightlifting Championships. Cîrîcu’s success in the sport was not only impressive but also inspirational.

His determination to be the best in the 94 kg category is an example for others to follow. He has demonstrated that hard work and dedication can lead to success, no matter the circumstances.

19. Serghei Mariniuc

Serghei Mariniuc is a former swimmer from Moldova, who specialized in individual medley events. His swimming career began in the early 1990s, when he participated in the Olympic Games representing the Unified Team – a team of post-Soviet countries.

After the dissolution of the Unified Team, Mariniuc continued his Olympic participation, this time representing Republic of Moldova. He appeared in all three editions of the Olympic Games since then, namely 1992, 1996 and 2000.

Mariniuc’s best result in the Olympics was in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, where he achieved the 8th place in the 400m individual medley. He also achieved a 5th place in the 200m individual medley in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Mariniuc achieved the 12th place in 400m individual medley. In the same year, he also achieved 3rd place in the 200m individual medley in the European Championships.

Mariniuc’s achievements in the Olympics and other international competitions have made him one of the most successful swimmers from Moldova. His success has also inspired subsequent generations of Moldovan swimmers to pursue their dreams.

Throughout his career, Mariniuc has been an example of resilience and hard work, showing that with determination and dedication, anything is possible.

20. Nicolae Juravschi

Nicolae Juravschi is a prominent figure from Moldova, who is widely known for both his political career and his Olympic success. Juravschi achieved success in canoeing, specifically the C-2 event.

With his teammate Viktor Reneysky, they won three Olympic medals, making them a formidable team. During the Soviet era, Juravschi trained at the Armed Forces sports society in Kishinev, Moldova.

This training was integral to his success, as it enabled him to develop the necessary skills and techniques to be successful in the C-2 event. Aside from his Olympic success, Juravschi is also a well-known Moldovan politician.

He is a respected figure in the country, and his political career has been long-lasting and successful. He is well-respected for his political and sporting achievements and is an inspiration to many people in Moldova.

21. Tatiana Salcuțan

Tatiana Salcuțan is a talented athlete from Moldova. She is a competitive swimmer who has achieved great success in her sport. She was selected to compete for Moldova in the 2020 Summer Olympics, held in Tokyo, Japan.

This was an incredible honor for Salcuțan, as it was the first time that she had the opportunity to represent her country at the Olympic Games. At the Olympics, Salcuțan took part in a variety of swimming events.

She competed in the 50m freestyle, the 100m freestyle, and the 4x100m freestyle relay. She also took part in the 4x100m mixed medley relay.

In each event, she gave it her all and gave an outstanding performance, showing her true potential and determination. Unfortunately, Salcuțan did not win any medals at the Olympics. However, her dedication and hard work have earned her a great deal of respect.

She has shown that she is a talented swimmer who is capable of competing at the highest level. Salcuțan has also inspired many other young swimmers in Moldova, demonstrating that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

22. Roman Prodius

Roman Prodius is a professional long-distance runner from Moldova. He was selected to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men’s marathon event. Unfortunately, Prodius did not finish the race and did not achieve a medal.

Moldova is a small European country, located between Romania and Ukraine. Although they have participated in the Olympics since 1996, Moldovan athletes have only achieved a total of three medals.

As such, Prodius’ presence in the 2012 Olympics was an important milestone for the country. The marathon is one of the most gruelling events at the Olympics and requires a great deal of physical and mental strength.

Prodius was well-prepared for the race, but due to some kind of physical or mental exhaustion, he was unable to complete it. Despite this setback, Prodius has continued to compete in long-distance running events and has achieved some impressive results.

In 2013, he won the European 10,000m race and also came in 4th at the World Athletics Championships.

It is clear that Roman Prodius is an outstanding long-distance runner, and his determination and resilience have enabled him to continue competing despite his failure to finish the 2012 Olympics marathon.

His achievements are a source of pride for Moldova, and he continues to be a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes.

23. Urs Imboden

Urs Imboden is a renowned alpine skier who has competed for two countries; Switzerland and Moldova. At the 2002 Winter Olympics, held in Salt Lake City, Utah, he represented Switzerland and achieved his best career result; a fifth-place finish in the slalom.

This placed him in the top five of the competition and showcased his incredible skiing abilities. Urs Imboden has been skiing since a young age and has been competing professionally since the early 2000s.

He has been a part of several international and national competitions, and his success in the 2002 Winter Olympics is a testament to his skills and dedication.

His ability to represent two countries is also impressive, as it shows his commitment to skiing and his willingness to compete on a global level. Urs Imboden’s fifth-place finish in the slalom at the 2002 Winter Olympics is a remarkable achievement.

It demonstrates his skill and talent as an alpine skier and highlights his expertise in the sport. His result is a testament to his hard work and dedication and is a great source of pride for both Switzerland and Moldova.

24. Sergiu Balan

Sergiu Balan is an Olympic cross-country skier from Moldova. He first began competing in 2006 and was eventually able to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. At the 2010 Olympics, Balan finished in 86th place in the 15km event.

This wasn’t his only accomplishment, however, as he also competed at the 2009 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Liberec, Czech Republic. At the championships, Balan placed 100th in the individual sprint event.

Through his sheer determination and hard work, Balan was able to prove that he could compete at the highest levels of international skiing competitions.

25. Octavian Guțu

Octavian Guţu is an Olympic swimmer from Moldova. He represented his home country at the 2004 Olympics. After this, Guţu joined the French team and began competing for Racing Club de France RCF in national swimming meets.

In 2006, he achieved a major success by becoming an unofficial French champion in the 4×100 Freestyle relay at the Tours event. This was a significant achievement for Guţu, as it demonstrated his commitment to excellence and dedication to his new team.

He continued to compete for Racing Club de France RCF in various swimming meets and, since then, has achieved even more success. His accomplishments show that he is a talented and determined athlete, who is willing to go the extra mile to succeed.

26. Christophe Roux

Christophe Roux is an alpine skier from Moldova who competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Representing Moldova, he achieved his best result in the slalom event, finishing in 28th place.

This was a significant accomplishment for Roux, as it was the first time Moldova had ever been represented in the Winter Olympics. Roux was determined to make a good showing and perform to the best of his ability, which he did.

He was proud to be part of Moldova’s history and to make his country proud. Roux’s placement in the slalom event was the highest of any Moldovan athlete at the Olympics that year, and it showed his dedication and commitment to the sport.

He has since retired from the sport, but he is remembered for his impressive performance in the slalom event.

27. Victor Pînzaru

Victor Pinzaru is a biathlete from Moldova who was selected to represent his country in the 2010 Winter Olympics. As an honor, Pinzaru was chosen to be the flag bearer for Moldova during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Biathlon is a winter sport that consists of a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. It is a demanding sport that requires endurance, strength, and skill. Pinzaru’s selection to represent his country is a testament to his talent and dedication to the sport.

He is an inspiration to all athletes and is a proud ambassador of his country.

28. Sergiu Postică

Sergiu Postică is a former Moldovan swimmer who specialized in breaststroke events. He has competed in the Olympics twice and holds multiple Moldovan records in the 100m and 200m breaststroke events.

Postică’s Olympic career began in 2004 at the Summer Olympics in Athens, where he swam in the men’s 200m breaststroke.

He has since been an important figure in the Moldovan swimming community, inspiring other swimmers to pursue their Olympic dreams. Postică is a two-time Olympian, having competed in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics.

He was the first Moldovan swimmer to compete in the Olympics, setting a high standard for future Moldovan swimmers. In addition, he holds multiple Moldovan records in the 100m and 200m breaststroke.

His accomplishments in the sport have been widely recognized, earning him multiple awards and accolades from the Moldovan swimming community. The success of Sergiu Postică has been an inspiration to many aspiring swimmers and athletes in Moldova.

He has shown that it is possible to achieve great success in the sport, even coming from a small country. His achievements will continue to serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for future generations of Moldovan swimmers.

29. Andrei Zaharov

Andrei Zaharov is a former competitive swimmer who hails from Moldova. He specialized in the freestyle and individual medley events and was successful in both. Zaharov had the honor of representing his home country at four Olympic Games.

During his career, he was a three-time Olympian, first appearing at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. He competed in the men’s 200-meter individual medley and finished in fourteenth place.

He also swam in the men’s 400-meter freestyle and finished in twelfth place. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, Zaharov again competed in both the men’s 200-meter individual medley and 400-meter freestyle.

During the 200-meter individual medley, he placed thirteenth, and in the 400-meter freestyle, he placed eleventh. Four years later, at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, Zaharov swam in the men’s 200-meter individual medley and 400-meter freestyle again.

He improved his performance in both events, placing tenth in the 200-meter individual medley and eighth in the 400-meter freestyle. His last Olympic appearance was at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England.

In the 200-meter individual medley, he placed sixth, and in the 400-meter freestyle, he placed twelfth. Throughout his career, Andrei Zaharov was a successful Moldovan swimmer, representing his native country at four Olympics.

He specialized in freestyle and individual medley events and was able to make a name for himself in the competitive swimming world.

30. Serghei Stolearenco

Serghei Stolearenco is a former Moldovan swimmer who specialized in sprint freestyle events. He was an Olympic athlete and a member of the Dynamo Moldova swimming club. Stolearenco competed in the men’s 50 m freestyle at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

This was his only Olympics appearance.Stolearenco was a highly skilled swimmer and had an impressive career. He competed in a variety of competitions including national and international meets.

He was a member of Dynamo Moldova, a swimming club that is well known for its excellence. He achieved great success while competing in the sprint freestyle events. At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Serghei Stolearenco participated in the men’s 50 m freestyle.

This was his only Olympic appearance, and he was able to make the most of it.

He raced against some of the best swimmers in the world and was able to finish with a respectable time. Serghei Stolearenco is a great example of a former Moldovan swimmer who was able to make a name for himself in the international swimming community.

He was a member of the Dynamo Moldova swimming club and competed in a variety of competitions that allowed him to achieve success. He is a single-time Olympian, and his appearance at the 2000 Sydney Olympics was his only one.

Despite this, he was able to make a lasting impression by competing in the men’s 50 m freestyle at the Olympic Games.

31. Maria Olărașu

Maria Olărașu is a Moldovan sprint canoer who has achieved the impressive feat of qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympics. She qualified in two events – the C-1 200 meters and the C-2 500 meters.

This is a significant accomplishment for Maria, but it is not the only accomplishment that she has achieved in the sport of sprint canoeing. In 2017, she competed in the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships, further solidifying her reputation as a skilled canoer.

Maria’s hard work and dedication to the sport have enabled her to reach a level of success that is worthy of admiration. She is an example of what can be achieved through dedication and determination. Maria Olărașu is an inspiration to us all.

32. Daniela Cociu

Daniela Cociu is a Moldovan athlete who specializes in sprint canoeing. She is a highly accomplished athlete, having qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics in the C-1 200 meter and C-2 500 meter events.

This is an impressive accomplishment, as Cociu was one of the few athletes from her country to qualify for the Olympics. Cociu’s success did not stop there, as she also competed at the 2017 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships.

At this event, Cociu displayed her impressive skills and demonstrated that she is a formidable competitor in the sport.

Her dedication and commitment to the sport ultimately paid off, as she has achieved success on a global level. Cociu’s achievements are a testament to her hard work and determination.

She has demonstrated that she is a talented athlete, and her dedication to the sport has been rewarded with Olympic qualifications and competing at the world championships.

Daniela Cociu is a true inspiration to all aspiring athletes, and her accomplishments will continue to motivate her as she strives for even greater success in the future.

33. Dan Olaru

Dan Olaru is an accomplished archer from Moldova. He first competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics, representing his country in the Men’s individual event.

After his impressive performance at the 2012 Olympics, Olaru was then selected to represent Moldova again at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Furthermore, Olaru competed in both the Men’s individual event and the Mixed team event.

His impressive skills and determination have earned him the right to represent his country on the world’s biggest stage. He is a true example of the strength and skill of Moldovan athletes.

34. Iaroslav Mușinschi

Iaroslav Muşinschi is a professional long-distance runner from Moldova who specializes in marathon races. He has had the honor of representing his country at the Summer Olympics on three occasions – first in 2000, then in 2008, and most recently in 2012.

This is an impressive feat, as only a select few athletes are chosen to compete in the Olympics. Muşinschi has been running professionally since the early 2000s and has had plenty of success over the years.

He has won several regional and international competitions, including the European 10,000m championships in 2001 and the European Half Marathon Championships in 2003.

He has also achieved impressive placements in major marathons such as the London Marathon and the Berlin Marathon. The Moldovan athlete’s career highlights include his fourth-place finish in the 2004 Athens Olympics as well as his sixth-place finish in the 2012 London Olympics.

Muşinschi’s passion for running has taken him around the world, and he has achieved remarkable success in the sport. He is one of the most accomplished long-distance runners from Moldova and is a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes.

35. Fedosei Ciumacenco

Fedosei Ciumacenco is a Moldovan race walker who was born in Bendery. He has been competing in the 20-kilometre walk for many years, having participated in the Olympic Games four times (1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008) and the World Championships three times (1997, 1999, and 2003).

His success in the sport is impressive and speaks volumes of his dedication and hard work. Throughout his career, Fedosei Ciumacenco has proven himself to be a determined competitor.

He has consistently placed highly at the Olympics and World Championships, demonstrating his skill as a race walker.

He has also broken his own Moldovan record in the 20-kilometre walk multiple times, further reinforcing his legacy as a talented athlete. In addition to his accomplishments in the sport, Fedosei Ciumacenco has also made an impact in his hometown of Bendery and in Moldova as a whole.

He is revered as an inspirational figure in the country, and his athletic achievements have been celebrated by both his local and national communities.

Fedosei Ciumacenco is a true icon of Moldovan race walking, and his commitment to the sport has been nothing short of remarkable.

His impressive track record and lasting legacy serve as an example to athletes around the world that hard work and dedication can lead to great success.

36. Cristina Iovu

Cristina Iovu is a highly successful weightlifter who is born in Moldova but competes for Azerbaijan-Romania. She competes in the -53 kg division and has seen many successes, including winning the 2018 European Championships in the same weight category.

Sadly, however, Iovu has been banned from competing by the International Weightlifting Federation until the year 2026 due to her involvement in blood substitution, a kind of doping where athletes inject themselves with someone else’s blood in order to increase their performance.

This ban is a severe punishment for Iovu and has surely put a damper on her career, as she is unable to compete until the year 2026.

37. Larisa Popova

Larisa Mikhaylovna Popova is a Moldovan rower who was part of the Soviet Union’s rowing team for the 1976 Summer Olympics. Popova had a successful Olympic run that year, as she was part of the Soviet boat that won the silver medal in the quadruple sculls event.

The quadruple sculls event is a rowing event in which four rowers power a single boat. It requires good coordination and teamwork between the rowers, and Popova proved to be an essential part of the Soviet boat’s success.

The silver medal was a great accomplishment for Popova and her teammates, and it is a testament to their skill and determination. Popova is an inspiration to many aspiring rowers, and her success is a reminder of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

38. Yuri Bashkatov

Yuri Nikolayevich Bashkatov was a talented Soviet freestyle swimmer who had a promising career ahead of him. He was a graduate of the Technical University of Moldova and was considered one of the top swimmers in the country.

In 1988, he competed in the national championships in the 100 m freestyle and made history by setting a new Soviet record and qualifying for the Olympics. It was a remarkable achievement and one that put him on the map as a world-class swimmer.

His success at the national championships earned him recognition and respect from fellow swimmers and fans alike. His Olympic performance was equally impressive and he was able to showcase his talent on an international stage.

Yuri Nikolayevich Bashkatov was a pioneer in the sport of swimming and his accomplishments will be remembered for years to come.

39. Viktor Reneysky

Viktor Iosifovich Reneysky is a legendary sprint canoeist from Belarus who has achieved remarkable success in his sport. He has won an impressive three Olympic medals, competing for both the USSR and Moldova, in the C-2 event with his teammate Nikolaï Juravschi.

In addition to his Olympic accomplishments, Reneysky has won an incredible total of nine world titles, making him the most decorated Canadian canoe paddler of his generation.

To achieve such success, Reneysky trained at Dynamo in Babruysk, a renowned training facility that has produced many of the world’s greatest canoeists.

Reneysky’s career is a testament to his commitment and dedication to the sport and serves as an inspiration for aspiring paddlers around the world.


The best Olympic athletes in Moldova are a testament to the country’s commitment to excellence in sports. They have shown that hard work and dedication can lead to success and greatness.

These athletes have become an inspiration to many and have paved the way for the future of Olympic sports in Moldova. Through their efforts, they have helped to make Moldova a force to be reckoned with in international competitions.

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