10 Best Olympic Players in Madagascar of All Time

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Welcome to the world of the best Olympic athletes in Madagascar! Madagascar is a small island nation located off the coast of Southeast Africa. It is home to a diverse range of cultures, wildlife, and landscapes.

In recent years, the country has seen an emergence of Olympic athletes that have gone on to achieve great success in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

This article will explore the stories of some of Madagascar’s most successful Olympic athletes, as well as some of the country’s current Olympic hopefuls.

1. Mialitiana Clerc

Mialitiana Clerc is an inspiring athlete that has made history. She is an alpine skier who hails from Madagascar, and in 2018, she became the first female to ever represent her country in the Winter Olympics.

Clerc competed in the alpine skiing events and was determined to make her homeland proud. Clerc was born in Madagascar, and then adopted by a French family when she was just one year old.

Despite having a different upbringing, she never forgot her homeland and wanted to do something to bring it to the attention of the international community.

Competing in the Winter Olympics was her way of doing this, and she made sure to wear her country’s colors with pride. Clerc’s story is a remarkable one.

She overcame many obstacles in order to achieve her dream of competing in the Olympics, and she is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when you set your mind to it.

Her performance in the 2018 Winter Olympics was a testament to her hard work and dedication, and she has become an example of what can be achieved with determination and a positive attitude.

2. Jean-Louis Ravelomanantsoa

Jean-Louis Ravelomanantsoa was a Malagasy athlete who specialized in the 100 metres. He was born and raised in Madagascar and was an incredibly talented athlete. At the 1964 Summer Olympics, Ravelomanantsoa competed in both the 100m and 200m events.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the heats of both events and was unable to progress further in the competition. Four years later, at the 1968 Summer Olympics, Ravelomanantsoa once again competed in the 200m and 100m events.

He was again eliminated in the heats of the 200m, but this time he was able to reach the 100m final.

He ultimately placed eighth in the final and achieved his best Olympic result. Overall, Jean-Louis Ravelomanantsoa was a talented athlete from Madagascar who specialized in the 100m.

He was eliminated in the heats in both 100m and 200m events at the 1964 Summer Olympics but was able to reach the 100m final and place eighth at the 1968 Summer Olympics.

3. Nicole Ramalalanirina

Nicole Ramalalanirina is a highly accomplished French athlete who has found success in the 100 metre hurdles. Born in Madagascar, she switched her nationality to French in 1998 and has since gone on to achieve great things.

Her personal best time in the 100 metre hurdles is 12.76 seconds, which she achieved in La Chaux-de-Fonds in November 2000. This result is a testament to both her natural athleticism and her dedication to the sport. Nicole’s journey to success has been anything but easy.

She has had to overcome numerous obstacles to become the athlete she is today. From changing her nationality to training rigorously, Nicole has shown incredible resilience and determination.

Her dedication to the sport has seen her compete all over the world, including in the prestigious African Athletics Championships. It is clear that Nicole Ramalalanirina is a force to be reckoned with in the world of athletics.

Her personal best time of 12.76 seconds is a testament to her hard work and dedication and serves as an inspiration to other athletes. Her story is one of determination and success and is a reminder of the importance of never giving up, no matter the odds.

4. Joseph-Berlioz Randriamihaja

Joseph-Berlioz Randriamihaja is a talented and successful athlete from Madagascar. He has achieved success in both the 110 metres hurdles and the decathlon.

In his early career, he was a decathlete, and he is the current Malagasy record holder in the hurdles and the former record holder in the decathlon. Randriamihaja has been a dedicated athlete since his early career, competing in both the 110 metres hurdles and the decathlon.

His hard work and dedication have paid off, as he is now the current Malagasy record holder in the hurdles and the former record holder in the decathlon.

He has also competed in international competitions, representing his home country of Madagascar. Randriamihaja’s success is an inspiration to many athletes, both in Madagascar and around the world.

He has demonstrated that hard work and dedication can lead to success, no matter one’s starting point. His success also shows that athletes from smaller countries can compete and succeed in international competitions.

Randriamihaja is a shining example of what is possible when an athlete dedicates their time and energy to their sport. He has achieved remarkable success, setting records in both the hurdles and the decathlon that other athletes will strive to beat.

His success is a testament to his hard work and dedication, and an inspiration to many.

5. Asaramanitra Ratiarison

Asaramanitra Ratiarison is a judoka from Madagascar. She was selected to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, in the women’s 48 kg weight category.

Unfortunately, she was not successful in the competition and was defeated in the first round by Dayaris Mestre Alvarez of Cuba. Despite her loss, she was honored to be the flag bearer for her native country Madagascar during the closing ceremony of the games.

This was a great honor for her and her country, and a reminder that although she didn’t win a medal, she still represented her country with pride.

It is a reminder of the importance of sportsmanship and fair play in the Olympics, and that everyone who participates can take something away from the experience.

6. Fetra Ratsimiziva

Fetra Ratsimiziva is a talented judoka from Madagascar who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics. He was part of the three athletes from the country to qualify for the Olympics, instead of receiving a wild-card spot.

In the Men’s 81kg event, he faced off against Emmanuel Lucenti of Argentina in the second round. Unfortunately, Ratsimiziva was unable to defeat Lucenti and lost the match.

Despite the loss, Ratsimiziva can still be proud of his achievement in representing Madagascar in the Olympics and doing his best in the competition.

His experience in the Olympics will surely have been a great learning experience, and he can take the lessons he learnt to future competitions.

7. Harijesy Razafindramahata

Harijesy Razafindramahatra is an inspiring Malagasy swimmer who has achieved a great deal in her career. She is an Olympic athlete who represented her home country of Madagascar in the 1996 Summer Olympics. Specifically, she competed in the Women’s 100 metre backstroke.

Her performance in the heats was impressive, with a time of 1:13.83. This was a great accomplishment for her, as well as for Malagasy athletes in general.

She has served as an example for aspiring athletes in her country and around the world, showing that hard work and dedication can lead to success on an international level.

8. Éric Andriantsitohaina

Éric Herman Andriantsitohaina is a Malagasy weightlifter who recently showcased his talents at the 2019 African Games held in Rabat, Morocco. This event brings together athletes from all over Africa to compete in several sports, including weightlifting.

Éric was able to rise to the challenge and display his strength and skill in the men’s 61 kg event. His hard work paid off, as he was able to take home the silver medal.

This accomplishment is a testament to Éric’s dedication and perseverance, as well as the high level of weightlifting talent present in Madagascar. He is a shining example of the country’s strength and determination, and a source of pride for the people of Madagascar.

9. Mathieu Razanakolona

Mathieu Razanakolona is a remarkable alpine skier who is both Malagasy and Canadian. He was born to a Canadian mother and a father from Madagascar and currently lives in Canada. His two nationalities have enabled him to represent both countries in international competition.

He specializes in slalom and giant slalom races, two of the most difficult and complex alpine skiing events. These races require a high degree of technical skill, physical strength and endurance, as well as a great deal of mental focus.

Mathieu Razanakolona has demonstrated a mastery of these disciplines, making him one of the best alpine skiers in the world. Mathieu is a symbol of the potential for success when people come together across different backgrounds and cultures.

His unique story of being of two different nationalities is an inspiration to those who are looking to bridge the gap between different cultural and ethnic groups. His success in the sport of alpine skiing has shown that anything is achievable with dedication and hard work.

10. Harinelina Nathalia Rakotondramanana

Harinelina Nathalia Rakotondramanana is an impressive weightlifter from Madagascar who earned a place in 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, United Kingdom.

She is a proud representation of her homeland, and one of only three athletes to qualify for the Olympics rather than receiving a wild-card spot. Harinelina has worked hard to achieve her Olympic goal and her dedication has paid off.

She has inspired many other athletes from Madagascar to strive for excellence and has given them the courage to work hard to achieve their dreams. Her story is an inspiration to many who dream of competing in the Olympics.

Harinelina has shown that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

11. Jean Luc Razakarivony

Jean Luc Razakarivony is a Malagasy former swimmer who is widely known for his expertise in breaststroke events. He is a three-time Olympian, having competed in the Olympic Games three times throughout his career.

His impressive swimming career also includes multiple times where he set national records for the 100m and 200m breaststroke in his home country of Madagascar.

In addition to his athletic accomplishments, Jean Luc is also a member of the Genève Natation 1885 club in Geneva, Switzerland. This club has provided him with a platform to continue to train and hone his swimming skills throughout his career.

Jean Luc Razakarivony has made an impressive impact on the swimming world. His dedication to his sport and his determination to reach the top levels of competition have made him a respected figure among his peers.

He is an inspiration to many, proving that determination and hard work can take you places. His success has also served as an example to the Malagasy people, showing that anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication.


The best Olympic players from Madagascar have proven to be an inspiration for the entire nation. They have set a great example for the youth of the country and have shown that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Through their incredible performances, they have earned the respect and admiration of the people of Madagascar and have become a source of pride for the nation..

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