17 Most Successful Olympic Players in Iceland of All Time

Tom Kershaw

Iceland has a long history of excellence when it comes to Olympic participation. The nation has been a consistent producer of world-class athletes, with many of their Olympic competitors going on to become some of the best in the world.

From the legendary marathon runner Gudmundur Gudmundsson to the iconic swimmer Gudrun Olafsdottir, Iceland has produced a number of Olympic champions over the years.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Olympic players in Iceland who have made their mark on the world stage.

1. Vilhjálmur Einarsson

Vilhjálmur Einarsson was an extraordinary track and field athlete, who accomplished greatness at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.

He was the silver medalist in the triple jump event, proving his prowess as an athlete. Vilhjálmur Einarsson was born and raised in Reyðarfjörður, a fishing village located in East Iceland.

He was the son of Einar Stefánsson and Sigríður Vilhjálmsdóttir, both of whom were proud of their son’s achievements. Vilhjálmur Einarsson was a humble individual, who continued to remain focused on his training and competing despite his success.

He was determined to continue to push himself and become the best athlete he could be. As a result, he achieved great things in the world of track and field, and his legacy lives on as an inspiration for athletes all over the world.

2. Ingimundur Ingimundarson

Ingimundur Ingimundarson is a highly talented Icelandic handball player. He began his career at Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur in the N1-field where he quickly made a name for himself as a top player.

In June 2008, he was able to move to Elverum Håndball in Norway, a team with higher ambitions and a higher level of competition. However, a misunderstanding occurred when he agreed to sign a new contract with the team, but never actually signed it.

This enabled him to leave the team on a free transfer, allowing him to return to his home country of Iceland.

Ingimundur Ingimundarson is now considered one of the most promising handball players in Iceland, and his success in Norway serves as a testament to his skill and determination.

3. Sverre Andreas Jakobsson


Sverre Andreas Jakobsson is an accomplished handball manager and former player with Icelandic and Norwegian roots. He has achieved great success in the handball world, competing in two Olympic Games with the Icelandic national handball team.

In 2008, he and his team won a silver medal, a remarkable achievement that cemented his place in the handball hall of fame. Jakobsson has spent much of his life devoted to the sport of handball, beginning his career as a player before eventually transitioning to management.

His skills and experience in both arenas have been invaluable to the Icelandic national handball team, and his commitment to the game has been rewarded with Olympic success. Jakobsson is a respected figure in the handball world, having made significant contributions to the sport as both a player and manager.

His Olympic success is a testament to his commitment and dedication to the game, and he will be remembered for his accomplishments for years to come.

4. Vala Flosadóttir

Vala Flosadóttir is a former Icelander who competed in the pole vault. She was an exceptionally talented athlete, having won numerous awards and titles in her career.

Her success in the pole vault was due to her dedication, hard work and skill. Vala Flosadóttir began her athletic career as a young teenager, competing in the Icelandic National Championships and other major competitions.

She quickly rose through the ranks of pole vaulters, garnering attention from the international circuit.

Her hard work and dedication paid off, as she won her first major title in 1996, and went on to win several more in the years that followed. In addition to her success in the pole vault, Vala Flosadóttir also excelled in other sporting disciplines.

She was a member of the Iceland National Team in the Olympic Games and participated in the World Championships in Athletics. Vala Flosadóttir is an example of a true athlete, someone who dedicated her life to the pursuit of excellence.

She is remembered for her hard work, dedication, and skill, as well as her impressive accomplishments. She is an inspiration to all athletes, and her legacy still lives on today.

5. Einar Vilhjálmsson

Einar Vilhjálmsson is a retired male javelin thrower from Iceland. He has competed in three consecutive Summer Olympics, first appearing in 1984. During his athletic career, he achieved his personal best throw of a javelin on 30 August 1992 in his hometown of Reykjavík.

His impressive performance earned him recognition for his country and respect from fellow athletes. Einar Vilhjálmsson is an example of a dedicated athlete, having devoted a large portion of his life to his sport.

He worked hard to be in the best possible shape to compete in the Olympics. He was able to set his personal best throw in front of his home crowd, adding extra pressure to the situation.

Nevertheless, he was able to maintain his composure and perform at his peak. The fact that Einar Vilhjálmsson was able to represent his country in three consecutive Summer Olympics is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

He was able to stay in top shape over the years and maintain his performance despite the intense competition. His personal best throw was an incredible accomplishment for his career.

Einar Vilhjálmsson is an inspiring example of an athlete who worked hard and put in the effort to reach his goals. He is a great role model for aspiring athletes and an example of what can be achieved with dedication and commitment.

He is a true champion who will always be remembered for his achievements.

6. Björgvin Björgvinsson

Björgvin Björgvinsson is an Icelandic alpine skier who has achieved great success in his career. He competed for Iceland in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics.

He represented his country with pride and was selected as his nation’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Björgvin is an impressive athlete and speaks both Icelandic and German.

He has been training for years and has developed an impressive skill set. His commitment to his sport is exemplified in his results, which have seen him compete on the world stage. Björgvin is not only an impressive athlete, he is also an ambassador for his country.

He proudly represents Iceland with his sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

He was selected as the nation’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics, demonstrating his commitment to his country and sport. Björgvin Björgvinsson’s success in the world of alpine skiing is an impressive feat.

He has achieved great success and has represented his country proudly. His dedication and commitment to his sport has seen him compete in two Winter Olympics and be selected as Iceland’s flag bearer in 2010.

He is an exemplary athlete and an ambassador for his country, a testament to the hard work and dedication he has put into his sport.

7. Vésteinn Hafsteinsson

Vésteinn Hafsteinsson is a retired discus thrower from Iceland. He was born in Selfoss, a town in southern Iceland, and during his career he represented his native country at four consecutive Summer Olympic Games, first competing in 1984.

His personal best throw was 67.64 meters which he achieved on 31 May 1989 in Selfoss. Vésteinn Hafsteinsson was considered a formidable athlete, and he was highly regarded in his home country.

He was a regular fixture at international competitions, and his greatest success came at the Summer Olympics.

He was the first Icelandic athlete to compete at four consecutive Summer Olympics. Vésteinn’s greatest achievement was his personal best throw of 67.64 metres, which he achieved on 31 May 1989 in Selfoss.

This throw was considered an impressive achievement, and it is still the Icelandic record today. Vésteinn retired from competitive discus throwing in the early 1990s, but his legacy lives on.

He is remembered fondly in his home country, and his personal best throw is still a source of pride for Iceland. He is a true inspiration for athletes everywhere, and his success serves as an example of the potential that can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

8. Bjarni Friðriksson

Bjarni Friðriksson is a retired Icelandic judoka who is best known for his success at the 1984 Summer Olympics. He won the bronze medal in the men’s half heavyweight category, alongside Günther Neureuther from West Germany.

This makes him the most successful Icelandic judoka of all time. Friðriksson also competed at the 1980, 1988, and 1992 Summer Olympics, although he did not achieve the same level of success as he did at the 1984 games.

His bronze medal is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport of judo.

9. Sigurður Einarsson

Sigurður Einarsson is an Icelandic athlete who specialized in the javelin throw event. He had the opportunity to compete at the Olympics three times, in 1984, 1988, and 1992. His highest finish came in his last appearance at the 1992 Olympics where he placed 5th.

This achievement was the culmination of his career and marked a significant milestone for the javelin thrower. Einarsson was dedicated to his sport and trained diligently throughout his career.

He was able to maintain a high level of performance throughout his Olympic career, and his 5th place finish in 1992 was a testament to his commitment.

He was a role model for other aspiring athletes, and his success on the international stage helped to inspire others from his country.

Einarsson’s legacy lives on even today, as his success in the javelin throw event continues to be an inspiration to many athletes around the world. He is remembered fondly by his peers and fans alike, and his accomplishments are a source of pride for Iceland.

10. Lára Sveinsdóttir

Lára Sveinsdóttir is an Icelandic former athlete who competed for Ármann. During the 1970s, she was one of Iceland’s most prominent female athletes, setting numerous national records in the long jump, high jump, 100 meter run, 100 meter hurdles, and pentathlon.

Her success in these events established her as a force to be reckoned with in Icelandic athletics, and she remains an inspiration to aspiring athletes today.Lára Sveinsdóttir was a dedicated athlete who worked hard to achieve her impressive results.

She trained diligently to prepare for her competitions, pushing herself to the limit in order to reach her goals. Her commitment and dedication to athletics paid off, as she was able to break multiple records in her chosen events.

Her hard work and determination set her apart from her contemporaries and earned her the respect of her peers and coaches. Lára Sveinsdóttir’s success in athletics was not limited to Iceland.

She also competed internationally, representing her country in the European Athletics Championships in 1974.

There, she won a bronze medal in the pentathlon, cementing her status as one of the top athletes in Europe. Despite her success, Lára Sveinsdóttir remains humble and is an inspiration to aspiring athletes.

She has been a role model for many young athletes and has shown that hard work and dedication can lead to success. She is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance, and her story serves as a reminder of the importance of striving for greatness.

11. Eggert Bogason

Eggert Bogason is an Icelandic athlete who is best known for competing in the men’s discus throw at the 1988 Summer Olympics. He was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, and was a member of the Icelandic Olympic team during the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

His event was the men’s discus throw, where he put up a great performance, earning a place in the top 10 of the competition. Eggert was always passionate about athletics and was determined to compete in the Olympics.

He was a dedicated athlete who trained hard and worked diligently to make sure he was in top form for the competition.

After intense training, his incredible talent and hard work paid off when he earned a spot in the top 10 at the 1988 Olympics. Eggert was an inspiration to many athletes, both in Iceland and around the world.

He showed that with determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their Olympic dreams. He is an example of what can be accomplished with dedication and commitment to one’s goals. Eggert Bogason is a true champion who has earned his place in Olympic history.

His achievements serve as an example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success. He will always be remembered for his accomplishments at the 1988 Summer Olympics and will be an inspiration to future generations of athletes.

12. Anton Sveinn Mckee

Anton Sveinn McKee is an Icelandic swimmer who competes in the Men’s 400m individual medley.

He is a highly accomplished athlete, having competed in numerous international competitions throughout his career.McKee first gained recognition when he won multiple medals at the European Junior Championships in 2016, including gold in the 400m individual medley.

Since then, he has gone on to compete in the World Championships, the European Championships, and the Olympic Games.

At the 2020 European Championships, he won the silver medal in the 400m individual medley, demonstrating his strength and skill in the event.McKee trains hard to maintain his competitive edge and has worked with some of the world’s top coaches.

He has also been a member of the Icelandic National Swimming Team since 2016 and has represented his country in international events.McKee is an inspiring athlete and an example of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

His impressive performances have not only earned him medals and accolades but have also made him an inspiration to aspiring swimmers around the world.

13. Jens Einarsson

Jens Einarsson is a former Icelandic handball player who achieved success in his playing career. He represented his country at the 1984 Summer Olympics, the highest level of international competition.

During this tournament, he demonstrated his skill and strength as a player, helping Iceland reach the semi-finals of the tournament.

His performance at the Olympics was key in helping Iceland achieve their best-ever result in the competition. Jens Einarsson was a talented handball player throughout his career, playing both in his native Iceland and abroad.

He was renowned for his strong defensive skills and was an invaluable asset to any team he joined. His career highlights include winning seven Icelandic Handball Championships, as well as being part of the Icelandic national team for 12 years.

He was also a part of the Icelandic national team that came fourth at the 1986 World Handball Championship. Jens Einarsson is an example of a successful sportsman who was able to achieve great success both at the international level and in his professional career.

His determination and skill allowed him to reach the highest level of competition, the 1984 Summer Olympics, and his performance there was a testament to his ability as a handball player.

14. Guðrún Arnardóttir

Guðrún Arnardóttir is a retired Icelandic athlete who specialized in the 400 metres hurdles. She was well-known throughout Iceland for her impressive performances in the event.

Her biggest success was reaching the final at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, where she finished in seventh place. Guðrún’s impressive achievements throughout her career earned her a spot in the Icelandic Hall of Fame, which she was officially inducted into on December 29th.

Throughout her career, Guðrún was a dedicated athlete, consistently improving her skills and pushing herself to the limit.

She was a regular competitor in international competitions, and her passion and dedication paid off when she made it to the finals at the 2000 Olympic Games.

Although she finished in seventh place, it was still an impressive feat that she was able to reach the finals and represent her country with distinction. Guðrún’s achievements earned her the respect of her peers and fans alike.

Her dedication and commitment to the sport was acknowledged when she was inducted into the Icelandic Hall of Fame on December 29th. This was a momentous occasion for Guðrún and a testament to the hard work and dedication she put into her career.

Guðrún Arnardóttir’s induction into the Icelandic Hall of Fame is a testament to her impressive career and her commitment to the sport. She was a dedicated athlete who worked hard to reach the top, and her achievements will be remembered by fans and peers alike.

Guðrún is an inspiration to all aspiring athletes, and her induction into the Icelandic Hall of Fame will be a reminder of her dedication and success.

15. Eðvarð Þór Eðvarðsson

Eðvarð Þór Eðvarðsson is a highly accomplished swimmer from Iceland. He specializes in backstroke and medley events. His swimming career has been marked by his participation in the 1988 Summer Olympics. At the Olympics, he competed in three different events.

He was able to show off his swimming skills and demonstrate what he was capable of in a competitive environment. His performance in the Olympics was significant in that it showcased his talent to the world and provided an opportunity for him to pursue his dreams.

He has since gone on to have a successful career as a swimmer and is still actively competing in tournaments around the world. Eðvarð Þór Eðvarðsson is a true example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

16. Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir

Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir is a renowned Icelandic athlete who achieved success in the javelin throw event. Born in Akureyri, Iceland, in 1974, she began competing in track and field at a young age.

Throughout her career, she represented Iceland in international competitions, including the World Championships in Athletics and the Summer Olympics.Ásdís was the first Icelandic woman to qualify for the javelin throw event at the Summer Olympics, when she competed in the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Her longest throw during the competition was 57.52 meters, which was enough for her to place 16th.

She also competed in the 1997 World Championships in Athletics, where she placed 7th overall. In addition to her impressive track and field career, Ásdís also worked as a coach for the Icelandic national team in javelin throwing.

During her time as a coach, she was dedicated to helping bring up the next generation of javelin throwers.

She was also a vocal advocate for gender equality in the sport, and she was often seen encouraging young girls to pursue their dreams in the javelin throw.Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir is an inspiration to many young athletes in Iceland and around the world.

As a successful javelin thrower, she showed that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Her achievements in the sport will always be remembered, and she will forever be an important figure in Icelandic athletics.

17. Pétur Guðmundsson

Pétur Guðmundsson is a retired male shot putter from Iceland who had a successful career in the sport. He was selected to represent Iceland at the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics, showcasing his talent and dedication to the sport.

His personal best was 21.26 metres, which he threw on 10 November 1990 in Mosfellsbær. This impressive performance demonstrated his strength and skill in the shot put, and highlights Pétur Guðmundsson’s achievements in the sport.

Throughout his career, Pétur Guðmundsson has been an inspiration to many aspiring shot putters, showing that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

Despite his retirement, Pétur Guðmundsson’s legacy in shot putting will live on, inspiring athletes for generations to come.


The best Olympic players in Iceland are some of the world’s most elite athletes. They are highly respected for their dedication and hard work and have achieved great success in many different sports.

These athletes have brought pride and joy to the nation, and their success has inspired many others to join in the Olympic spirit.

The best Olympic players in Iceland are a shining example of excellence and determination, and they are sure to continue to make their country proud for many years to come.

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