5 Best Chad Olympic Players in the Country

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Chad is a small country located in Central Africa, but it has produced some of the best Olympic athletes in the world. From track stars to swimmers, Chad has been home to some of the most inspiring Olympians of all time.

These athletes have achieved success through hard work, determination, and perseverance, proving that even a small nation can produce some of the world’s greatest athletes.

We’ll take a look at some of Chad’s most successful Olympic athletes and their accomplishments.

1. Bachir Mahamat

Bachir Ahmat Mahamat is a Chadian sprinter who has achieved a remarkable feat by participating in two Olympic Games.

He competed in the men’s 400 metres at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, making him one of the few athletes to have competed in two Olympics.

His performance in the 2016 Olympics was noteworthy, as he finished in the top 25 of the 400 metres and was considered one of the best athletes from his country.

His participation in the 2020 Olympics, despite the difficult circumstances due to the pandemic, was also commendable. He showed resilience and determination to continue to compete, and his participation in two Olympic Games is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

2. Carine Ngarlemdana

Carine Ngarlemdana is a Chadian judoka who represented her country at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She was chosen to compete in the Women’s -70 kg judo event and had the honor of being Chad’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony.

This was a huge honor for her and a source of pride for the entire country of Chad. Ngarlemdana has been practicing judo since she was a child and has been a part of the Chadian judo team for many years.

She has trained and competed in numerous international judo competitions and has won several medals.

Her selection as the flag bearer for Chad at the 2012 Summer Olympics was a reflection of her hard work and dedication to the sport. Ngarlemdana’s determination and perseverance have been an inspiration to many people around the world.

She is a shining example of what it means to be a successful Olympian and how dedication and hard work can lead to success. Her selection as the flag bearer for Chad was a testament to her commitment to judo and her country.

3. Kaltouma Nadjina

Kaltouma Nadjina is an impressive Chadian sprinter. She is especially known for her expertise in the 200 and 400 metres, and holds the national records for both of these events.

Additionally, she holds the Chadian record for the 100 metres and the 800 metres, which demonstrates her remarkable talent and versatility in sprinting.

Her achievements in these various events have made her an icon of Chadian athletics, and she is highly respected in the sports world of Chad. Nadjina has worked diligently to hone her skills in the various sprinting events, and her hard work has paid off.

She has set records in all four of the events she competes in, and her accomplishments have been celebrated by the people of Chad.

In addition to her impressive record-setting skills, she has also been highly successful in international competitions, having competed in the IAAF World Championships and the African Championships in Athletics.

Nadjina’s success in athletics has earned her numerous accolades, including being named Sportswoman of the Year in Chad in 2011.

Her outstanding talent and commitment to excellence in the sport of sprinting have made her an inspiration to many, and she has been an important role model for young athletes in Chad.

Her determination and passion for the sport have earned her the respect of her peers, and she continues to be one of the most respected sprinters in Chadian athletics.

4. Mahamat Idriss

Mahamat Idriss was an elite high jumper from Chad. He was born in Fort-Lamy, then known as French Equatorial Africa. At the time, Chad was a French colony, and Fort-Lamy was its capital.

Idriss made an impact on the world of track and field, becoming a national champion in high jump in his home country. He also competed in the African Games and the Pan African Games, making a name for himself in the international sporting arena.

His achievements earned him a place in the Chadian Sports Hall of Fame. Idriss was an inspiration to many, and his career was a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest high jumpers from Chad.

5. Ahmed Issa

Ahmed Issa was a remarkable athlete from Chad who specialized in middle distance running. He was the first athlete to ever represent Chad at the Summer Olympics when he competed at the 1964 Games held in Tokyo, Japan.

He was part of a two-man team consisting of Issa and another runner. At the time, Chad was a newly independent nation, having declared their independence from France in 1960. This made Issa’s historic achievement even more impressive.

Issa didn’t win any medals at the 1964 Summer Olympics, but his participation was a momentous event in the history of Chad. His achievements paved the way for future generations of athletes from the nation to compete in the Olympics.

As a result, Issa’s legacy is still remembered today in his home country.


Chad has some of the best Olympic athletes in the world. From the sprinter Aboubakar Idriss Kamal to the judoka Youssouf Dabo, Chad has shown itself to be a powerhouse in the sporting world.

The nation has consistently produced high-quality athletes who have won both national and international competitions. As the nation continues to develop its sporting talents, Chad is sure to remain a leader in the world of Olympic sports.

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