11 Greatest Olympic Players in Bangladesh of All Time

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Bangladesh has a long history of excellence in Olympic sports, from national champions to world records. Bangladesh has seen some of its best athletes win gold medals, break world records, and make history in the Olympic arena.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Olympic players from Bangladesh, and explore their incredible accomplishments. From the legendary Fazlur Rahman to the modern-day sprinter, these athletes have made Bangladesh proud.

1. Abdullah Hel Baki

Abdullah Hel Baki is a Bangladeshi sports shooter who has achieved great success throughout his career. He competed in the men’s 10 metre air rifle event at the 2016 Summer Olympics, an impressive accomplishment.

His success continued prior to the Olympics with his silver medal win at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. He further proved his athletic prowess with a bronze medal he won during the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Baki is an exemplary athlete who has worked hard to reach the level of success he has achieved. His Olympic participation and multiple Commonwealth Games medals are proof of his talent and dedication to the sport of shooting.

He is an inspiration to many athletes around the world and a great example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success.

2. Ruman Shana

Mohammad Ruman Shana is a Bangladeshi archer who is making history. In 2019, he became the first Bangladeshi archer to win a medal in the World Archery Championships, taking home the bronze medal in the recurve single’s event.

This is a huge achievement for Shana and his country, as he has become the first Bangladeshi athlete to win a medal in this prestigious event. Shana is from Khulna, a city in southwest Bangladesh.

He has been involved in archery since a young age and has trained hard to master the sport.

His dedication and skill have paid off, as his medal-winning performance at the 2019 World Archery Championships has placed him and his country on the global stage. Shana is an inspiration to the entire nation of Bangladesh, showing that hard work and dedication can result in success.

His success also promotes the sport of archery in Bangladesh, as people are more interested and willing to try archery because of his success. Shana is a symbol of what Bangladesh can achieve, and he is a role model for all aspiring Bangladeshi athletes.

3. Junayna Ahmed

Junayna Ahmed is a Bangladeshi swimmer who recently competed in the 2019 World Aquatics Championships held in Gwangju, South Korea. She was selected to take part in the Women’s 50 metre freestyle and Women’s 200 metre butterfly events.

Despite her best efforts, she was unable to advance to the semi-finals in either event. Although Junayna was not able to qualify for the semi-finals, she was still able to represent her country and gain valuable international experience.

Her participation at the event is a testament to her commitment to the sport and her determination to do her best.

She showed that she is willing to push her limits and try her best, even when the odds are against her. Junayna’s experience in the World Aquatics Championships will no doubt be invaluable to her in the future.

She has gained invaluable insight and knowledge into the sport and how to compete at the highest level.

She can take this experience with her wherever she goes and use it to further her career in the sport. Junayna Ahmed is an inspirational figure for other Bangladeshis, particularly young women who aspire to make a name for themselves in the world of competitive swimming.

She has shown that it is possible to make a name for yourself, even when faced with challenging obstacles and tough competition. Her performance in the World Aquatics Championships is a great example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

4. Mohammad Jahir Rayhan

Mohammad Jahir Rayhan is an accomplished Olympic athlete from Bangladesh. He is no stranger to international competition, having competed at the 2019 Asian Athletics Championships and the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha.

The latter event is the most prestigious track and field competition in the world, and Rayhan proved himself to be a formidable competitor, showing his strength and skill.

In addition, he made history by competing in the Athletics at the 2020 Summer Olympics – Men’s 400 metres, becoming one of the first Bangladeshi athletes to do so. Rayhan’s commitment and dedication to his craft is commendable, and it is clear that he is a talent to watch.

He has achieved great heights in his career, and he is sure to continue his impressive streak of success in future competitions.

5. Mohammed Ariful Islam

Mohammed Ariful Islam is a talented swimmer from Bangladesh. He recently competed in the men’s 50 metre freestyle at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan.

This was a significant achievement for Ariful, who was the first ever swimmer from Bangladesh to represent his country in the Summer Olympics. His presence in the event highlighted Bangladesh’s growing presence in the international sports community.

Ariful has had a long career in swimming, having competed in many international swimming competitions. He has been part of the Bangladeshi national swimming team since 2013, competing in events such as the Asian Swimming Championships, South Asian Games, and Asian Beach Games.

In 2019, he set a new national record in the men’s 50 metre freestyle.

His performance at this event, as well as his success in other competitions, earned him a place in the 2020 Summer Olympics.At the 2020 Summer Olympics, Ariful came in 33rd place in the men’s 50 metre freestyle.

Although he did not win a medal, he made history by becoming the first Bangladeshi swimmer to ever compete in the event. His presence in the Olympics was a great achievement for Bangladesh and a source of inspiration for athletes around the world.

6. Karar Rahman

Karar Rahman is a Bangladeshi swimmer who has made a lasting impression on the country’s swimming history. In 1996, Rahman competed in the 100m breaststroke at the Summer Olympics.

Despite putting in an impressive effort, Rahman finished in 44th place in the heats, meaning he did not progress any further in the competition.

However, Rahman’s impressive performance at the Olympics and his achievements in the sport of swimming have made him a legendary figure in Bangladesh’s swimming history.

Despite not competing in any competitions after the Olympics, Rahman remains one of Bangladesh’s most highly regarded swimmers of all time.

His dedication to the sport and his impressive performance on the world’s greatest stage have earned him a place in the hearts of many Bangladeshi people.

7. Doli Akhter

Doli Akhter is a Bangladeshi swimmer who was born on 15 January 1986. She has competed in three Olympic Games, representing Bangladesh in 2000, 2004, and 2008. On each of these occasions, she was granted a wild card qualification so she could compete in the games.

In Sydney 2000, she took part in the 100m breaststroke event, however she was disqualified from the event. This disqualification prevented her from further progressing in the competition.

Despite the disappointment of the disqualification, Doli Akhter has still managed to establish herself as a successful swimmer from Bangladesh. Her three appearances in the Olympics are impressive feats on their own and serve as an inspiration to other swimmers from Bangladesh.

Furthermore, her athletic ability has allowed her to represent her country in the international arena.

8. Saidur Rahman Dawn

Saidur Rahman Dawn is a sprinter from Bangladesh who achieved international fame for his performance at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. He had the honor of representing his home country in the men’s 100 metres.

He competed against some of the most talented runners from all over the world in an event that is considered one of the most prestigious in track and field. This was a huge moment for Saidur and he put forth a great effort in the race.

He was able to finish the race in a respectable time, making him one of the fastest sprinters from Bangladesh. His performance earned him recognition and admiration from fans all around the world.

Saidur’s success at the Olympics has inspired many young athletes in Bangladesh to pursue their dreams of becoming professional athletes. He has become an icon for the country, showing that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Saidur has become an example of what it means to be a true champion, and he will always be remembered for his outstanding performance at the 1984 Olympics.

9. Mohamed Mehdi Hasan

Mohamed Mehdi Hasan is a sprinter from Bangladesh who has achieved success on the international stage. He had the privilege of representing his country at the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Specifically, he competed in the men’s 400 metres event, one of the most prestigious disciplines in track and field. This was a huge honour for Hasan, and he was eager to make the most of his opportunity. Unfortunately, his Olympic experience didn’t go as well as he had hoped.

Despite putting his best foot forward, he did not make it past the qualifying round. However, this shouldn’t be seen as a failure.

By competing at the Olympics, Hasan has become part of a select group of athletes to have taken part in the world’s largest sporting event. This experience has been a valuable learning experience for Hasan.

He has gained invaluable knowledge about competing at the highest level of competition. He will continue to use this knowledge and experience as he strives to make the most of his future career in athletics.

Hasan has already made a name for himself in Bangladesh, and now he has the potential to reach even greater heights in the sport.

10. Sabrina Sultana

Sabrina Sultana is a Bangladeshi sport shooter who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics. She participated in two different events, the women’s 50 metre rifle three positions and the women’s 10 metre air rifle.

In the women’s 50 metre rifle three positions, she placed 38th out of the competitors. Similarly, in the women’s 10 metre air rifle event, Sabrina placed 46th.

This was a great accomplishment for Sabrina, as she was able to compete in the Olympics and gain experience that she will take with her in her future competitions. Although she did not place first in either event, she was still able to show her skill and potential.

Sabrina is a great example of someone who persevered and worked hard to achieve her goals.

11. Shahana Parveen

Kazi Shahana Parveen is a remarkable Bangladeshi shooter who made her country proud by participating in the 1992 Summer Olympics, the 1994 Asian Games, and the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

She was the first woman to ever represent Bangladesh at the Olympics, thus making history and inspiring others to follow her lead. Parveen competed in the Women’s 10 metre air rifle event in the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Despite her inspiring performance, she did not manage to get a medal. However, she was able to make her country proud by being among the few women who represented Bangladesh at the Olympics. Parveen also participated in the 1994 Asian Games and 1998 Commonwealth Games.

Although she was unable to win a medal in either of these events, her determination and perseverance made her a role model for future generations of Bangladeshi athletes.

She showed that hard work and dedication can help anyone achieve their dreams, no matter how difficult the task may seem. Parveen’s legacy continues to live on and she is remembered as a pioneer for Bangladeshi women in sports.

Her achievements in the sport of shooting have inspired young women to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars. Her accomplishments have also helped Bangladesh to gain worldwide recognition and respect in the field of sports.

Kazi Shahana Parveen will always be remembered for her inspiring story and her contributions to the Bangladeshi sporting world. She is a true example of courage, determination, and perseverance and her legacy will live on forever.


Bangladesh has some of the best Olympic players in the world. From swimmer Mahfuza Khatun Shila to shooter Abdullah Hel Baki, the country has established itself as a strong Olympic contender.

The dedication and commitment of these athletes have greatly contributed to the success of Bangladesh at the Olympic Games. Despite the lack of resources and support, these athletes have managed to achieve tremendous success and inspire a new generation of athletes.

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