Top 6 Best Judo Players in Serbia of All Time


Serbia has a long and proud history of Judo, with some of the world’s best Judo players hailing from this beautiful country. Serbian Judo players have won numerous medals in international competitions, with some of the most prominent names coming from the Serbian Judo scene.

These include Olympic, World, and European champions, as well as many other top-level Judo stars. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Judo players to come out of Serbia.

1. Aleksandar Kukolj

Aleksandar Kukolj is a Serbian judoka who has had an impressive career thus far. He has won gold medals at both the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam and the 2016 Tokyo Grand Slam. This is a remarkable achievement for a judoka at any level. Kukolj’s success didn’t start there, however.

He began his career with a bronze medal at the 2016 Havana Grand Prix and followed it up with silver medals at the 2014 Zagreb Grand Prix, 2015 Samsun Grand Prix and 2016 Baku Grand Slam.

This demonstrates how he has consistently improved over the course of his career, and his success in multiple tournaments has proven that he is a judoka to be reckoned with.

Kukolj’s dedication and hard work have certainly paid off, and it is likely that he will continue to bring home medals in the future.

2. Nemanja Majdov

Nemanja Majdov is a Serbian judoka who was born in Istočno Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is coached by his own family, with his father Ljubiša and older brother Stefan both being judokas.

His family have helped him achieve great success in the sport, with his greatest accomplishment to date being his gold medal win at the 2017 World Judo Championships in Budapest.

This victory made him the first Serbian judoka to win a gold medal at the World Judo Championships. Nemanja has been training in judo since the age of six and has been competing in tournaments since the age of nine.

He has had the privilege of being trained by two of the best judokas in the world in his father and older brother. His father, Ljubiša, has been a judo coach for over 20 years and has trained a number of judokas who have gone on to become world champions.

His older brother, Stefan, is also a highly accomplished judoka, having won a gold medal at the European Championships in 2016. The 2017 World Judo Championships in Budapest was a major milestone for Nemanja Majdov.

He was able to defeat some of the world’s best judokas and come out on top with a gold medal. This victory made him the first Serbian judoka to win a gold medal at the World Judo Championships.

His success is an inspiring story for all aspiring judokas, as it demonstrates that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

3. Milica Nikolić

Milica Nikolić is a Serbian judoka, a martial art that combines grappling and striking techniques. She has achieved great success in her career, having won a bronze medal at the European Championships in Tel Aviv in 2018.

She was also selected to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics in the women’s 48 kg event. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the second round by the two-time world champion Daria Bilodid in a tight fight.

Despite the loss, Nikolić put up a valiant effort and showed great skill in the match. Her determination and skill has earned her respect from judoka fans all over the world. Her performance at the Olympics was a great testament to her hard work and dedication to her sport.

4. Marica Perišić

Marica Perišić is an accomplished Serbian judoka who recently achieved success in the 2020 European Junior Championships. She won the gold medal in the women’s lightweight division, demonstrating her skill and commitment to the sport.

Perišić also had the honour of representing Serbia at the 2020 Summer Olympics. She competed in the women’s 57 kg event and although she was eliminated in the second round, her performance was an impressive one.

Her success in the European Junior Championships and her participation in the Olympics shows that she is a talented judoka with a bright future ahead of her.

5. Miloš Mijalković

Miloš Mijalković is a Serbian judoka who is widely recognized for his accomplishments in the sport. He has had a successful career in judo, having won multiple medals in international competitions.

He was a member of the Serbian national judo team from 2002 to 2005 and was a bronze medalist at the 2003 European Judo Championships. Mijalković also competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics, held in Athens, Greece.

While he did not win a medal, he put up an impressive performance, having reached the third round of the men’s under 81kg category.

He was pitted against numerous Olympic-level competitors, and although he ultimately lost in the third round, his performance was well-recognized. Mijalković has since retired from competitive judo and is now a judo coach in Serbia, training the next generation of judokas.

He is a respected figure in the Serbian judo community, having achieved numerous successes in his career and having inspired many to take up the sport.

6. Dmitri Gerasimenko

Dmitrij Gerasimenko is an accomplished martial artist from Serbia. He is a master of judo and sambo, two distinct martial arts originating from Russia. Judo is a martial art that focuses on throws, pins and holds to subdue an opponent.

Sambo, on the other hand, is a martial art that is more focused on grappling and submission techniques. Gerasimenko has competed in many tournaments throughout his career, winning numerous awards in both judo and sambo.

He has won multiple Serbian and international titles, including the European and World Judo Championships. He is also a former European Sambo Champion. Gerasimenko is of Russian origin, and his success in the martial arts has been largely attributed to his strong Russian roots.

He has trained with some of the best Russian martial artists and has used their techniques to help him develop his own style. Gerasimenko is a highly respected martial artist in Serbia, and his success has inspired many young martial artists to pursue the same path.

He is a great example of how martial arts can be used to develop discipline and achieve success. He is an inspiration to many, and his legacy will be remembered for generations to come.


The best judo players in Serbia have demonstrated incredible skill and dedication in their sport, and have earned international recognition for their achievements.

From winning multiple European and World championships to earning Olympic medals, these players have shown that Serbia is a major force in the world of judo.

The hard work and dedication of these athletes has led to Serbia becoming one of the leading countries in the sport and their success has made them an inspiration for aspiring judokas everywhere.

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