Top 11 Most Successful Madagascar Judo Players of All Time


Madagascar is home to some of the best judo players in the world. The island nation has produced a number of world-class judoka, including world champions and Olympic medalists.

The judo scene in Madagascar is growing rapidly, with the country’s judo athletes representing the nation in international competitions with increasing success.

From the days of the first judo tournament in Madagascar in the 1950s to the international events of today, the sport of judo has continued to gain popularity in Madagascar.

We will take a look at some of the best judo players in Madagascar, their achievements, and their legacy in the sport.

1. Fetra Ratsimiziva

Fetra Ratsimiziva is an athlete from Madagascar who competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in judo. He was one of three athletes from Madagascar to qualify for the Olympics, rather than receiving a wild-card spot.

During the Men’s 81kg event, Ratsimiziva faced off against Emmanuel Lucenti of Argentina in the second round. Unfortunately, he was unable to defeat his opponent and was eliminated from the competition.

Despite this, Ratsimiziva’s participation at the Olympics is an incredible feat, as he was one of the few representatives from Madagascar to compete at the international level.

His determination and hard work has inspired other athletes from the country and he is seen as an example of what can be achieved with dedication and passion.

2. Asaramanitra Ratiarison

Asaramanitra Ratiarison is a talented judoka from Madagascar. She had the honor of representing her country at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where she competed in the women’s 48 kg division.

Unfortunately, she was defeated in the first round by Dayaris Mestre Alvarez of Cuba. Nevertheless, her commitment to her sport and her country was not overlooked.

She was chosen to be the flag bearer for Madagascar during the closing ceremony, a great honor that she will remember for the rest of her life. This is a testament to her dedication and hard work, and she is an inspiration to all Malagasy athletes.

3. Damiella Nomenjanahary

Damiella Nomenjanahary is a Malagasy judoka, which is an athlete who practices the sport of judo. Damiella is from Madagascar, an island nation located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

Damiella is a highly accomplished athlete and has represented her country in multiple international judo tournaments. She has won numerous medals in both individual and team competitions.

Her success in the sport has made her a well-known athlete in her home country and a great source of pride for Malagasy judo fans. Damiella is a strong advocate for the sport and has been an active mentor for younger judoka in her home country.

She believes that judo can be an important tool for developing character and discipline in young people.

In addition to her successes in the sport, Damiella has also been a leader in promoting judo in Madagascar and has been instrumental in organizing numerous training camps and tournaments in her home country.

Damiella is an inspiring judoka and her achievements in the sport are a testament to her hard work and dedication.

4. Louis Rabetrano

Louis Rabetrano is a Malagasy judoka, a practitioner of the Japanese martial art of judo. He is most notable for competing in the men’s lightweight event at the 1972 Summer Olympics, held in Munich, Germany.

Rabetrano was one of the first athletes from Madagascar to ever compete in the Olympic Games. He faced off against some of the world’s best judokas, representing countries from all over the world.

Although he did not succeed in taking home a medal, Rabetrano was proud to have represented his country and be part of such a prestigious event. He has since become an inspiration for many aspiring judokas in Madagascar and around the world.

5. Jean de Dieu Razafimahatratra

Jean de Dieu Razafimahatratra is an athlete from Madagascar who specializes in Judo, a traditional Japanese martial art. He was chosen to represent his country at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, in the Men’s Middleweight event.

This was a great accomplishment for Razafimahatratra, as he was the first person from Madagascar to ever be chosen to compete in the Olympic Games. Razafimahatratra trained hard for the Olympics and ultimately made it to the second round of the tournament.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the second round, but his performance was still highly praised and commended, as he had managed to make it to the second round in his first ever Olympic appearance. Razafimahatratra’s participation in the 1972 Summer Olympics was a proud moment for his home country of Madagascar, as it was the first time a Malagasy athlete had ever competed in the Olympics.

He showed the world that athletes from small countries can compete at a high level with the best in the world.

Even though he did not win a medal, Razafimahatratra’s performance was a source of inspiration for future generations of athletes from Madagascar, and a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

6. Tommy Andrianatvoo

Tommy Andrianatvoo is a Malagasy judoka, a martial artist who specializes in the sport of judo. He represented Madagascar at the 1972 Summer Olympics, held in Munich, Germany. He was one of only two judokas from his nation to compete in the Games.

He competed in the men’s heavyweight event, which is the highest weight class in judo. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the second round, losing to the eventual gold medalist in the event, Shokichi Natsui of Japan.

Despite not medalling, Andrianatvoo’s participation in the 1972 Olympics was a historic first for judo and for Madagascar. It was the first time the nation had a judoka at the Olympics, and it was also the first time judo was included in the Olympic program.

Andrianatvoo’s participation will be remembered in the annals of Olympic history.

7. Justin Andriamanantena

Justin Andriamanantena is a Malagasy judoka, which means he is a judo practitioner from Madagascar. He represented his nation at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. At the Olympics, he participated in the men’s half-middleweight event.

His performance at the Olympics is not known, but it is likely that he did not place in the top three of his event. Regardless, his participation in the Olympics was a remarkable feat for a judoka from Madagascar.

It is a testament to his skill and dedication that he was able to compete at the highest level of judo in the world.

8. Mamodaly Ashikhoussen

Mamodaly Ashikhoussen is a Malagasy judoka who rose to prominence in 1980. Malagasy is the name of the African island country of Madagascar, and judo is a Japanese martial art. Ashikhoussen had the honor of representing his native country at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Specifically, he competed in the men’s extra-lightweight event, which is a division specific to judo. This event requires participants to weigh less than 60 kg, and it consists of grappling techniques, throws, and submissions.

Ashikhoussen’s performance at the Olympics is unknown, but his participation is a testament to his immense skill and dedication to the sport. He was one of the first Malagasy judoka to compete internationally, and he will likely continue to be remembered for years to come.

9. Luc Rasoanaivo-Razafy

Luc Rasoanaivo-Razafy is an athlete from Madagascar who specializes in judo. Judo is a type of martial art that focuses on using throws and takedowns to subdue opponents.

Rasoanaivo-Razafy was able to demonstrate his talents on a global stage when he competed in the men’s lightweight event at the 1992 Summer Olympics.

This was a major accomplishment for Rasoanaivo-Razafy, as it was the first time a Malagasy athlete had ever participated in the Summer Olympic Games.

It is also a testament to the dedication and skill that Rasoanaivo-Razafy possessed in his sport, as he was able to compete against some of the best judokas in the world.

Despite not achieving a medal, his participation in the Olympics is still remembered today as a major milestone for Malagasy athletes.

10. Naina Ravaoarisoa

Naina Cécilia Ravaoarisoa is an accomplished judoka from Madagascar. She has earned a total of six medals in her career, the most notable being a bronze from the 1999 All-Africa Games in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This impressive accomplishment is only further highlighted by the fact that she has represented her nation Madagascar in two different Olympic Games. Ravaoarisoa has competed in the women’s half-lightweight category, demonstrating her prowess and skill in the sport.

She is a shining example of the hard work and dedication that can be achieved in judo, and her success has brought honour to her home country.

Her impressive career has seen her pick up medals from prestigious competitions, including the All-Africa Games, and she has been able to proudly represent Madagascar at the Olympic Games on two separate occasions. Ravaoarisoa is a testament to the potential of athletes from Madagascar and has inspired many to pursue judo.

Her dedication to the sport has led her to great success and her accomplishments are a testament to the hard work she has put in. She is a true role model for athletes around the world and can serve as an example to those who want to follow in her footsteps.

11. Elie Norbert

Elie Norbert is a judoka from Madagascar who competed in the 60-kg category. He has achieved great success in his sport, having won the bronze medal at the 2007 All-Africa Games in Algiers, Algeria.

His impressive performance earned him the chance to compete in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China, representing his home country of Madagascar.

Norbert has thus become an example of dedication and hard work paying off, as he has achieved an impressive level of success in his sport. He is a source of great pride and inspiration for his home country and for the Malagasy people.


Madagascar has some of the best judo players in the world. Many of these judo players have achieved great success in international competitions, and have won many medals.

This success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the judo players in Madagascar. With their success, they have become an inspiration to the next generation of judo players in the country.

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