16 Professional Best Judo Players in Iran


Iran is a country with a long and proud history of martial arts, and judo is no exception. Iran is home to some of the best judo players in the world, with many of them having achieved international recognition and success.

Iran’s judo players have become renowned for their strength, technical skill, and determination. Iran’s judo players have won numerous medals in major international competitions including the Olympics, World Championships, and Asian Games.

We will be looking at some of the best judo players in Iran and what makes them stand out from the rest.

1. Javad Mahjoub

Javad Mahjoub is an Iranian judoka who has competed in a number of tournaments. In 2010, he represented Iran in the Asian Games where he achieved a 7th place finish. The following year, he competed in the World Judo Championships and advanced to the quarter-finals.

In 2012, Javad Mahjoub earned a silver medal in the Asian Judo Championships and also competed in the World Cup in Prague. His impressive record of tournament appearances demonstrates his dedication to the sport and his impressive skills as a judoka.

2. Arash Miresmaeili

Arash Miresmaeili is a world-renowned Iranian judoka. He has had a successful competitive judo career, winning multiple gold medals in international tournaments. He is highly regarded for both his judo skills and for his sportsmanship.

After retiring from competition, Miresmaeili has taken on a leadership role in the Iranian judo community. He now serves as the President of the Iranian Judo Federation.

In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of judo programs throughout Iran.

He works to ensure that young judokas have access to quality training and competitions and that Iranian judokas have the opportunity to compete on the international stage.

Miresmaeili is dedicated to promoting the sport of judo across Iran and helping to ensure that Iranian judokas have the support and resources needed to succeed.

3. Mohammad Mohammadi

Mohammad Mohammadi Barimanlou is an Iranian judoka who has had a successful career in the sport. He has achieved two major accolades in the past two years, both of which were bronze medals.

In 2018, Barimanlou participated in the World Judo Championships and was successful in winning a bronze medal. This was followed by another bronze medal win at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta.

His success in these two competitions has been a testament to his commitment and dedication to the sport of judo. Barimanlou is a dedicated athlete who is constantly striving to improve his skills and reach the pinnacle of his sport.

4. Abbas Fallah

Abbas Fallah is an Iranian judoka, a martial artist who specializes in judo. He has achieved international success in judo competitions, most notably at the 2004 Olympic Games.

In the Games, Fallah was eliminated in the round of 32 by Keith Morgan of Canada. Despite the loss, Fallah went on to achieve more success in judo competitions. In 2006, he finished in joint fifth place in the half-heavyweight division at the Asian Games.

Though he didn’t win a medal, Fallah made it to the bronze medal match before being defeated by Askhat Zhitkeyev of Kazakhstan. Fallah’s accomplishments demonstrate his dedication to the sport of judo and his commitment to competing at a high level.

His efforts have earned him respect from his peers and fans, and he continues to be a prominent figure in the judo world.

5. Mahmoud Miran

Mahmoud Reza Miran Fashandi, more commonly known as Mahmoud Miran, is one of the most renowned Iranian judokas in the world. He has been competing internationally for over 15 years and has achieved remarkable success in the process.

His impressive list of accomplishments includes medals from the World Judo Championships, Asian Games, and Asian Judo Championships.

He has won numerous medals, including golds, silvers, and bronzes, in various categories throughout his career. Not only is Mahmoud Miran an accomplished athlete, he is also a highly respected and renowned figure in the judo community.

He is a passionate advocate for the sport, working tirelessly to promote it and share his knowledge and experience with the younger generation of judokas.

He has served as a coach and mentor to many young athletes, helping them to develop their skills and knowledge of the sport. Moreover, Mahmoud Miran’s success in the sport has not gone unnoticed by the international judo community.

He has been recognized for his achievements and was recently inducted into the International Judo Federation Hall of Fame.

This is a prestigious honor that is only given to those athletes who have proven themselves to be among the best in the world. Mahmoud Miran is an Iranian judoka who has been competing internationally for 15 years.

He has achieved great success, winning several medals at the World Judo Championships, Asian Games, and Asian Judo Championships. He is also an esteemed figure in the judo community, working to promote the sport and help younger athletes develop their skills.

He was recently honored with induction into the International Judo Federation Hall of Fame for his impressive accomplishments.

6. Mohammad Reza Roudaki

Mohammad Reza Roudaki was an Iranian judoka, a martial art that combines elements of both throwing and grappling. He was highly successful in his chosen discipline and achieved an impressive accolade at the 2006 Asian Games.

Competing in the 100 kg category, Roudaki won a silver medal in the judo event. This medal is a testament to the skill and dedication of Roudaki, as it was no easy feat to win a medal in an event with such a strong field of competitors.

He was clearly a judoka of great ability, and his silver medal is a fitting reward for his hard work and dedication to the sport.

7. Ali Malomat

Ali Maloumat is an Iranian judoka or practitioner of the martial art of judo. He has competed for Iran in several international tournaments. In 2007, Maloumat took part in the German Open held in Braunschweig, where he finished in seventh place.

Later that year, he won a gold medal in kurash at the 2007 Asian Indoor Games. In addition, Maloumat competed in the 2007 Asian Judo Championships, but the results of that competition are not known.

Maloumat has continued to compete for Iran at international tournaments and is considered one of the top judokas in the country.

8. Sagi Muki

Sagi Aharon Muki is a highly accomplished judoka from Israel. He is a half-middleweight judoka, meaning he competes in the 73 kilogram weight class. Muki is a world champion, having won the 2019 World Championships. He has also won European Championships twice, in 2015 and 2018.

Muki has been competing in judo since 2011, when he won the European Cup U20 in Berlin in the under 73 kilogram category. This was a major accomplishment for the young judoka, and it served as a sign of the success he would go on to achieve.

Muki is now one of the most successful judokas in the world. He has achieved a level of success that few athletes can match. His accomplishments have earned him international recognition and admiration.

He is an inspiration to judokas everywhere, showing that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

9. Saeid Mollaei

Saeid Mollaei was born on January 5, 1992, in the city of Tehran in Iran. His parents were of ethnic Azerbaijani descent, having originally come from the city of Khoy. When Saeid was only 10 years old, in 2001, he made the decision to pursue a career in judo.

He enrolled in the Persian Gulf Judo School, which was run by renowned judo instructor Dr. Mehrdad Hassanzadeh. This school provided Saeid with the opportunity to hone his skills and train under the guidance of a skilled coach.

From there, Saeid would go on to pursue his dreams and become a world-class judoka.

10. Vahid Sarlak

Vahid Sarlak is an accomplished athlete, having earned an impressive 18 medals in the sport of judo. His impressive collection of medals consists of 5 gold, 6 silver and 7 bronze, all won at different international competitions.

His judo career began at the age of 13 in 1994 in Tehran, Iran, and in 2000 he won his first silver medal at the Asian Youth Championships in Hong Kong.

Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most successful Iranian-German judokas in the world, showing that hard work and dedication can take you a long way. He is an inspirational example of what one can achieve with passion and determination.

11. Vahid Nouri

Vahid Nouri is a well-known Iranian Paralympic judoka. He has represented Iran in many international competitions throughout his career and has earned a number of medals and awards.

His most recent success came at the 2020 Summer Paralympics, where he competed in the men’s 90 kg event. He emerged victorious, claiming the gold medal for his country. This victory marks a significant achievement for Vahid, as it is his first gold medal at the Paralympics.

He is now the proud holder of a gold medal, and his hard work and determination have been rewarded. This win is a testament to the dedication and commitment he has put into his training and preparation for the competition.

It is also a source of national pride for the Iranian people, as Vahid has brought home a medal of honour.

12. Amir Ghomi

Amirreza Ghomi, commonly referred to as Amir Ghomi, is a distinguished former judoka and coach from Iran. His impressive legacy includes being the first judo Olympian from Iran and one of the athletes of the Iranian Judo Federation.

A judoka is an athlete who practices judo, a combat sport that originated in Japan. It is characterized by its combination of throwing, grappling, and striking techniques. Amir Ghomi is certainly an exemplary figure in the Iranian judo community for his accomplishments.

He was the first Iranian judo Olympian, having competed in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. He was also among the athletes of the Iranian Judo Federation.

This organization was established in 1979, and since then, it has been dedicated to promoting and developing judo in the country. In addition to his success as an athlete, Amir Ghomi is also a highly respected coach.

He has trained many judokas over the years, helping them reach their goals and become successful competitors.

His coaching methods have been praised by many, and his expertise has been widely recognized in the judo community. Amir Ghomi is an inspirational figure in the Iranian judo community, and his legacy will be remembered for years to come.

He has set an example of success for future generations of judokas, and his hard work and dedication to the sport are an inspiration to all.

13. Masoud Khosravinejad

Masoud Khosravinejad was a prominent Iranian judoka, competing in the half-heavyweight division of the sport. He had success in international competition, most notably at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, South Korea.

At the Games, Khosravinejad was able to secure a fifth-place finish in the 90-kilogram division. This impressive performance was followed up by an even greater honor when he was selected to represent his nation Iran at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Understandably, this was a significant moment for Khosravinejad, as it was a great testament to his talent and skill as a judoka. Unfortunately, he was unable to achieve the same success at the Olympics, but his place in international sporting history is still secure.

14. Hossein Ghomi

Hossein Ghomi was an Iranian judoka, a martial artist who specialized in the sport of judo. He competed in the 2006 Asian Games, an international multi-sport event held every four years, in the middleweight division.

In the competition, Ghomi finished in joint fifth place, narrowly missing out on a bronze medal. He was defeated in the bronze medal match by Ramziddin Sayidov of Uzbekistan.

Despite his loss, Ghomi’s performance was still impressive, as he was able to reach the medal match in such a competitive and prestigious event. This speaks to Ghomi’s talent and skill as a judoka and shows that he was a talented member of the Iranian judo team.

15. Hamed Malekmohammadi

Hamed Malekmohammadi Memar is an Iranian former judoka who competed in two different weight categories. He was successful in the lightweight and half-middleweight categories, achieving a notable accomplishment in 2008.

At the Asian Judo Championships in Jeju City, South Korea, Memar earned the silver medal for the men’s 81 kg class. Unfortunately, he was defeated in the finals by South Korea’s Kim Jae-Bum.

Despite not winning gold, Memar’s silver medal is still a remarkable achievement and a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.

16. Kazem Sarikhani

Kazem Sarikhani was an Iranian judoka who made a mark in the sporting world. He was an international athlete and competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics in the Men’s 81 kg event.

Sarikhani represented his country with pride and determination and was an inspiration to many. He had great success in the tournament and won numerous medals in various international competitions.

He was known for his extraordinary skill and technique, which allowed him to excel in the sport.

His dedication to the sport was evident in his hard work and determination. The 2000 Summer Olympics was a major achievement for Sarikhani, and he was one of the few Iranian athletes who made it to the competition.

He went on to compete in many other international competitions, and his success only grew with each event. Sarikhani was a great inspiration to many. His success in the sport showed that hard work and dedication can lead to great things.

He proved that anything is possible with the right attitude and dedication. He was an example that anyone can strive to be the best and achieve their dreams.


Iran has some of the best judo players in the world, with many of them achieving great success at both regional and international championships.

Iran has had a long and proud tradition in judo, and this is evident in the fact that their athletes have consistently performed well at the highest levels of competition. Iran is a nation that takes great pride in its martial arts, and judo is no exception.

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