10 Best Ice Hockey Players in Mexico of All Time

Brandon McNally

Ice hockey is an exciting and fast-paced sport that has gained immense popularity in Mexico over the past few years.

The country has produced some amazing ice hockey players who have not only excelled at the domestic level but have also made their mark in international competitions.

These players have been instrumental in the growth of the sport in Mexico and have become inspirations for aspiring young players. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best ice hockey players in Mexico.

We will explore their careers, achievements, and contributions to the sport.

1. Héctor Majul

Héctor Majul, born in Mexico City in 1994, is a prominent Mexican ice hockey player. His journey from a young enthusiast in Mexico to representing his country in the IIHF World Championship Division II showcases his dedication.

Despite challenges, including a visa setback during his NCAA stint in the U.S., Majul persevered. He made history as the first Mexican in NCAA hockey and later joined Toblach/Dobbiaco in Italy’s second division.

Majul’s success serves as an inspiration for aspiring Mexican hockey players, highlighting the sport’s growth in a soccer-dominated nation. He continues to make his country proud, hoping for more international successes.

2. Jorge Ehlers

Jorge Ehlers, born in Mexico City in 1987, stands out as a prominent figure in the burgeoning world of ice hockey in Mexico. Starting his hockey journey at age 10, he proudly represented Mexico at various international events, including the World Junior Championships and the World Championships in Division II and III.

His dedication to the sport led him to play for Mexican teams like San Jeronimo, Cuernavaca, and Zapotec Totems before making a pivotal move to Canada in 2007.

In Canada, he continued his hockey career with the Shawville Pontiacs and the Gatineau Express in junior leagues. Although he retired in 2014, Jorge Ehlers remains ardently committed to fostering the growth of ice hockey in his homeland.

3. Brian Baxter Arroyo López

Brian Baxter Arroyo López is a Mexican ice hockey trailblazer, born on February 24, 1985, in Mexico City. Introduced to the sport at age 10, he honed his skills and emerged as a prominent forward, known for his right-handed shots.

Notably, he competes for the Lerma Estado Ice Sharks in the Liga Mexicana Élite, Mexico’s premier ice hockey league. Beyond his domestic success, Arroyo López has proudly represented Mexico in prestigious international events, including the IIHF World Championship Division II and III.

His journey exemplifies dedication and passion, inspiring a growing interest in ice hockey within Mexico.

4. Antonio Nájera

Antonio Nájera, hailing from Mexico City, is a dedicated ice hockey player representing the University of Utah in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA).

His passion for the sport began at an early age in Mexico, where ice hockey is not widely popular. Antonio also proudly dons the jersey of the Mexico national ice hockey team, a remarkable feat considering Mexico is the sole Latin American country competing in the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Championships and the Pan American Tournament, which they clinched in 2017.

The sport’s growth in Mexico owes much to local talents, coaches, and organizations, with some players even benefiting from training sessions alongside NHL stars like Auston Matthews, who shares Mexican heritage.

5. Luis Alberto De La Vega

Luis Alberto de la Vega, born on March 23, 1988, is a right-shooting defender representing Mexico in ice hockey. He proudly sports the number 8 jersey while playing for the Osos Mexico club.

Despite the limited popularity of ice hockey in Mexico, the sport has a rich history dating back to the 1930s. The Mexican Ice Hockey Federation, established in 1985 and an IIHF member since 1986, oversees the national team’s participation in lower divisions of the World Championships.

Although they have never secured an Olympic qualification, players like de la Vega, who contributed to the team’s efforts in tournaments like the 2018 IIHF World Championship Division II Group B, exemplify Mexico’s dedication to this challenging and growing sport.

6. Alejandro Rosette

Alejandro Rosette, born on September 15, 1987, is a prominent figure in Mexican ice hockey. He serves as a forward for the Aztec Eagle Warriors, a team competing in the Mexican Ice Hockey League.

Rosette’s international contributions include representing Mexico at the World Championship Division 2 Group B in 2019, where Mexico secured a fourth-place finish.

His journey also took him abroad when he played for the Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club in Australia during the 2018 season. With a dream shared by aspiring Mexican hockey enthusiasts, Rosette aims to make history by becoming the first Mexican-born player to reach the NHL, cementing his legacy in the sport.

7. Fernando Ugarte

Fernando Ugarte, a prominent figure in Mexican ice hockey, boasts an impressive record of 22 World Championships appearances with the national team, setting the record for the most games played at 114.

He played a pivotal role in securing Mexico’s victory in the inaugural Pan American tournament in 2017, clinching a 1-0 win against Colombia in the final.

As a steadfast defenseman, Ugarte is revered for his leadership and unwavering dedication on the ice. His ultimate aspiration is to make it to the NHL, the pinnacle of the sport, and serve as an inspiration for budding Mexican players in generations to come.

8. Manuel Sierra

Manuel Sierra is a prominent figure in Mexican ice hockey, showcasing his talents as a forward for the Mayan Astronomers in the Mexican Ice Hockey League.

His journey began at just 10 years old, inspired by his father’s own hockey legacy. Sierra’s dedication to the sport led him to represent Mexico on the global stage, competing in prestigious events like the IIHF World Championships and the Pan American Tournament.

Notably, he played a pivotal role in Mexico’s 2017 Pan American Tournament victory, securing a gold medal by defeating Colombia 1-0 in the final. Sierra aspires to achieve a historic milestone, becoming the first Mexican-born player to reach the NHL, pursuing his dream of excelling at the pinnacle of ice hockey.

9. Luis David González

Luis David González, affectionately known as “Oso” or “Bear,” is a prominent figure in Mexican ice hockey. Born on October 7, 1988, he’s been a stalwart for the Teotihuacan Priests in the Liga Mexicana Elite de Hockey.

Since 2010, he’s proudly represented Mexico as a national team player. Beyond his on-ice prowess, González has become a dedicated coach, imparting his passion and knowledge to aspiring junior players.

In a country where ice hockey isn’t widely popular, his efforts are invaluable in growing the sport. His journey from childhood, earning the nickname “Oso,” symbolizes his resilience and strength on and off the ice.

10. Luisa Wilson


Luisa Wilson San Román is a remarkable and inspiring athlete. She is a Mexican ice hockey player currently playing in the U18 AA league of the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association.

Luisa’s team is the North York Storm Prep U18 AA, which is located in the North York district of Toronto, Canada. This is an impressive feat for Luisa, as she is balancing playing in a competitive league while also being away from home.

By playing in this league, she is not only honing her skills in the sport, but she is also representing her country and culture on an international level. She is an inspiration to other young female athletes, proving that no matter the obstacles, you can achieve your dreams.

Luisa’s dedication and commitment to the sport of ice hockey is truly remarkable.


Mexico has some of the best ice hockey players in the world. These players have worked hard to develop their skills and have proven to be a high caliber of talent.

With the help and guidance of coaches and trainers, these players are able to reach their peak performance and demonstrate why they are some of the best in the world.

With the continued growth of the game in Mexico, it is likely that the country will continue to produce world-class ice hockey players in the years to come.

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