Top 13 Japan Ice Hockey Players in the Country

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Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Japan. The country has produced some of the best ice hockey players in the world. From legendary scoring machines to innovative defensive specialists, Japan has a long and proud history of producing world-class hockey players.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best ice hockey players in Japan and why they are considered to be among the best. We will also look at some of the accomplishments they have achieved and how they have helped shape the sport of ice hockey in Japan.

1. Hiroyuki Miura

Hiroyuki Miura is an accomplished former professional ice hockey defenceman who had a successful career in Japan. He began his playing career in the mid-1990s with the Oji Seishi team in the Japan Ice Hockey League (JIHL).

He was considered one of the top defensemen in the league during his tenure with the team. Miura was known for his defensive awareness and physical play. He was a hard-hitting defenceman who excelled at blocking shots and clearing the zone.

He was also an excellent skater who could lead the rush and create offensive opportunities. Miura was a two-time All-Star selection in the JIHL and was part of the Japanese national team at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

During his playing career, Miura also won two gold medals in the Asian Winter Games. Hiroyuki Miura enjoyed a long and successful career in Japan’s professional hockey leagues and was a leader both on and off the ice.

He was an inspiration to many of Japan’s young hockey players and a major contributor to the growth of the sport in the country.

2. Yutaka Fukufuji


Yutaka Fukufuji is a Japanese ice hockey player who currently plays for the Nikko Ice Bucks in the Asia League Ice Hockey.

He is known for being the first Japanese player to ever appear in the National Hockey League (NHL), playing four games with the Los Angeles Kings during the 2006–07 season.

This feat made him a prominent figure in the Japanese ice hockey community, and a source of inspiration for aspiring Japanese hockey players. Fukufuji’s journey to the NHL was a long and winding one. He was born in Tokyo and spent his early years playing hockey in Japan.

He eventually started to stand out in the Japanese hockey scene and was selected to be part of the Japanese national team at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

This was where he made a name for himself, putting on impressive performances and leading the Japanese team to a respectable sixth-place finish. After his Olympic success, Fukufuji was given a chance to compete in the North American hockey scene.

He was signed by the Los Angeles Kings in 2006 and became the first Japanese player to appear in a NHL game. Although he only played four games with the Kings, it was enough to make him a household name in Japan.

To this day, Fukufuji remains a symbol of Japanese hockey and is held in high regard by many.

3. Takahito Suzuki

Takahito Suzuki is a former professional ice hockey player from Japan. He was born on the 17th of August, 1975. Suzuki played as a right winger throughout his career and was known for his aggressive and tenacious style of play.

After retiring from his playing career, he went on to become the head coach of the Japanese national ice hockey team. Suzuki was born in Osaka, Japan. He began playing ice hockey at a young age and quickly developed a passion for the sport.

He was highly skilled and dedicated, eventually becoming one of the best players in Japan. He had a successful professional career, playing for several teams in Japan’s top league, the Asia League Ice Hockey.

He was also a member of the Japanese national team for a number of years. After retiring from playing, Takahito Suzuki decided to stay involved in the sport. He took on the role of head coach of the Japanese national ice hockey team.

He worked hard to help the team reach its potential, and the team achieved great success under his leadership. In addition, he was also involved in the development of ice hockey in Japan, helping to promote the sport and encouraging young people to become involved in the sport.

Takahito Suzuki is a true ice hockey legend in Japan. His success as a player and coach has made him a role model for many aspiring ice hockey players.

His commitment to the sport and his dedication to helping the Japanese national team achieve success have cemented his legacy as one of the best ice hockey players from Japan.

4. Daisuke Obara

Daisuke Obara is a professional ice hockey player from Japan. He is currently playing for the Oji Eagles, a team in the Asia League. Obara is a center, a position on the ice hockey rink that is located in the middle of the ice.

The center is responsible for creating plays and scoring goals. As a professional hockey player, Obara has a great understanding of the game and is able to use his knowledge and skill to help lead the team to victory.

He is dedicated to playing the best hockey he can and works hard to help his team succeed. Obara is an asset to the Oji Eagles and is a valuable part of their team.

5. Tsutomu Hanzawa

Tsutomu Hanzawa is a legendary figure in the world of ice hockey. He is a Japanese ice hockey player who represented his country in three Winter Olympic Games.

He competed in the men’s tournaments at the 1972 Winter Olympics, the 1976 Winter Olympics and the 1980 Winter Olympics. At the 1972 Winter Olympics, Hanzawa was part of the Japanese team that placed ninth in the tournament.

He was also part of the Japanese teams that placed tenth at the 1976 Winter Olympics and eleventh at the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Hanzawa’s achievements are even more impressive when one considers the fact that the Japanese ice hockey team was not very competitive in international competitions at the time. Hanzawa’s legacy lives on in the world of ice hockey.

He is a symbol of perseverance and determination, having represented Japan in three separate Winter Olympics. His courage and dedication to the sport is an inspiration to all aspiring ice hockey players in Japan and around the world.

6. Haruka Toko


Haruka Toko is an accomplished ice hockey player from Japan. She is currently a member of the Japanese national ice hockey team and is playing with Linköping HC Dam in the Swedish Women’s Hockey League.

Additionally, she has had experience playing with Seibu Princess Rabbits in the Women’s Japan Ice Hockey League and has competed in the All-Japan Women’s Ice Hockey Championship.

Toko has shown her dedication to the sport of ice hockey by competing at a high level in both Japan and Sweden. She has earned the respect of her peers and coaches by demonstrating her skill and passion for the game.

With her commitment to excellence, Toko has become a leader both on and off the ice. She is an inspiration to aspiring ice hockey players in Japan by showing that it is possible to excel on the world stage.

7. Nana Fujimoto

Nana Fujimoto is an accomplished Japanese ice hockey player who is currently playing for Vortex Sapporo and the Japanese national team.

She has a wealth of experience in the sport, having previously been a starting goaltender for the New York Riveters of the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL).

This is a testament to her skill and determination, as she was able to make a successful transition from the Japanese leagues to the NWHL.

Her performance in the NWHL earned her the respect of her peers, and she is now a key player for both Vortex Sapporo and the Japanese national team.

With her impressive career trajectory, it is clear that Fujimoto is a talented and dedicated athlete who is sure to continue to make a lasting impact in the sport.

8. Chiho Osawa


Chiho Osawa is a remarkable figure in the world of women’s ice hockey. She is a retired Japanese ice hockey player who had the honor of captaining the Japanese national team.

During her career, she also played in the 2020–21 season of the Swedish Women’s Hockey League with Luleå HF/MSSK.

This was a great accomplishment for her, as she was able to make an impact on an international level. Throughout her career, Osawa has proven to be a dedicated and hardworking player. She has a great passion for the game and her performance on the ice reflects this.

Osawa has been an inspiration to many young players, and her contributions to the sport have been invaluable.

She has been an advocate for women’s hockey and has encouraged many young female players to pursue the sport. Osawa has had a remarkable career and is a great role model for aspiring female players.

She has shown that with hard work and determination, it is possible to make a difference in the world of ice hockey. Her accomplishments have been inspiring and her presence in the sport will be missed.

9. Shinya Yanadori

Shinya Yanadori is a highly-skilled Japanese professional ice hockey defenceman. He has been playing for the Nippon Paper Cranes in the Asia League since 2009.

Before joining the professional team, Yanadori had already gained considerable experience in ice hockey, having played for the Komazawa Tomakomai team and for Meiji University.

He was able to demonstrate his talent even at an amateur level and was eventually chosen to be a part of the Nippon Paper Cranes. Yanadori has since become an important player for the team and is highly regarded for his skill and dedication.

10. Kazumasa Sasaki

Kazumasa Sasaki is a Japanese professional ice hockey player. He currently plays as a defenceman for the Oji Eagles in the Asia League, a highly competitive ice hockey league.

He has been playing for the Oji Eagles since 2009, having previously played for the Östersund/Brunflo IF team in the Hockeyettan, which is the third-tier ice hockey league in Sweden.

Sasaki is an experienced player who has been playing ice hockey professionally for a number of years. He is adept at playing as a defenceman, with his abilities in the defensive zone making him a valuable asset for the Oji Eagles.

His experience in the Hockeyettan has given him a solid foundation to build upon as he continues to develop his game in the Asia League. Sasaki’s contributions to the Oji Eagles team have been significant, and he is a respected member of the squad.

He is seen as a leader, and his experience in the Hockeyettan has been essential in helping the Oji Eagles develop as a team.

He is a dedicated player who is committed to playing the game at the highest level, and his contributions will continue to be invaluable to the Oji Eagles in the years to come.

11. Tetsuya Saito

Tetsuya Saito is a Japanese professional ice hockey player who currently plays for the Nikkō Ice Bucks in the Asia League. He began his career in 2001, playing ice hockey at an amateur level for the Komazawa Tomakomai.

After a year with the Komazawa Tomakomai, Saito joined the Oji Seishi in 2002. The following year, the team changed their name to Oji Eagles, and Saito remained with the team until his current role with the Nikkō Ice Bucks.

He has been a mainstay of the Asia League since his recruitment and is known for his aggressive playing style and formidable presence on the ice.

12. Jiro Nihei

Jiro Nihei is a highly accomplished athlete, having achieved notable success in both practical shooting and ice hockey. He has been a professional ice hockey goaltender for many years, and more recently has achieved great success in the world of practical shooting.

In 2019, he earned a gold medal in the Manual Open division at the 2019 International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Rifle World Shoot. This victory was preceded by another gold medal in 2017 at the Nordic Rifle Championship, this time in the Manual division.

His achievements in both sports have earned him a great deal of respect and admiration from fans and peers alike.

13. Yōsuke Kon

Yōsuke Kon is a Japanese retired professional ice hockey center who had a long and successful career. He began his ice hockey career in 2000, playing for the Kokudo Tokyo/Seibu Prince Rabbits. He stayed with the team until 2009 when he moved on to the Oji Eagles.

Kon was with the Eagles until 2013 when he joined High1. He finished his career in 2016, after two years with the Nippon Paper Cranes. Kon was a versatile player who could play both offense and defense. He was able to play a physical game but also had a great passing ability.

He was known for his willingness to sacrifice himself, taking hard hits to make sure his team had the puck. He was also an excellent skater with good speed, allowing him to outmaneuver opponents.

Kon was a reliable player who could be counted on to give his all, and he was respected by his teammates and opponents alike. He was a leader on and off the ice, providing motivation to his team and demonstrating a great work ethic.

His contributions to the sport of ice hockey will be remembered for many years to come.


The best ice hockey players in Japan are a source of national pride and have proven themselves to be some of the best players in the world.

With their skill, dedication, and passion for the sport, they have pushed the boundaries of ice hockey in Japan and have set an example for future generations of ice hockey players. Their commitment to the sport and their country is something to be admired and celebrated.

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