5 Professional Best Ice Hockey Players in Israel of All Time

Brandon McNally

Ice Hockey in Israel is an up-and-coming sport, and there are some fantastic players that have been making their mark in the game. From seasoned veterans to promising rookies, these are some of the best ice hockey players in Israel.

From players who have been making an impact at the international level to those who have been leading the way for the sport in Israel, these are the top players that you should keep an eye out for.

Whether you’re a fan of the game or just curious to know who the best players are, this list will provide you with some insight into the best players in Israel.

1. David Levin


David Levin is an Israeli professional ice hockey player who is currently competing in the British Elite Ice Hockey League with the Nottingham Panthers.

Before joining the Panthers, Levin had a successful career playing for the Ontario Hockey League’s Sudbury Wolves and the Kontinental Hockey League’s Dinamo Riga. Levin was born and raised in Israel and began playing hockey at a young age.

He developed a passion for the game and soon became one of the top players in the country.

It wasn’t long before Levin had the opportunity to move to North America to pursue his hockey dreams. He first joined the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League, where he was an impressive player. Levin was an offensive force, tallying up points in every game he played.

After a successful stint with the Wolves, Levin was signed by the Kontinental Hockey League’s Dinamo Riga. In the KHL, Levin continued to excel, playing alongside some of the best players in the world.

He was an integral part of the team and was widely recognized as a key player in the league. After his time with Dinamo Riga, Levin decided to move back to Europe and signed with the Nottingham Panthers of the British Elite Ice Hockey League.

Levin is currently playing for the Panthers and has been a key contributor to their success. He is widely respected for his skill, tenacity, and intelligence on the ice. Levin has shown that he is capable of competing and succeeding at the highest levels of hockey.

2. Yuval Halpert

Yuval Halpert, hailing from Nes Ziona, a city near Tel Aviv, has risen to prominence as one of Israel’s finest ice hockey talents. His journey began at the age of 12, and his dedication to the sport led to representing Israel in prestigious international tournaments, including the World Championships and the Winter Olympics.

Halpert’s global odyssey includes stints in various leagues worldwide, from the NA3HL, WSHL, USPHL Premier, Netherlands2, Poland2 to ACHA. Currently, he lends his exceptional speed, skill, and leadership to LZHK Fabrykanci Lodzkie in Poland, while also making his mark with HC Bat Yam Chiefs and Jerusalem Capitals in Israel.

Beyond the rink, his pursuits in exercise science and sports psychology at McKendree University in Illinois showcase a multifaceted talent with a bright future.

3. Ilya Spektor

Ilya Spektor, originally from Omsk, Russia, but now a prominent figure in Israeli ice hockey, embarked on his hockey journey at the tender age of six.

His passion and talent quickly propelled him to join the Israel men’s national under-18 ice hockey team in 2013. There, he showcased his prowess at the IIHF World U18 Championships Division III, contributing significantly to Israel’s gold medal victory.

Spektor continued to make an impact, representing the Israel men’s national ice hockey team in the IIHF World Championship Division II. Currently, he graces the ice with his remarkable speed, skill, and leadership for HC Netanya in the Israel Elite Hockey League (IEHL), solidifying his status as one of Israel’s premier ice hockey players.

4. Aviv Milner

Aviv Milner stands out as one of the finest ice hockey players in Israel. With exceptional skill and dedication to the sport, he has earned recognition as a top talent in a country where ice hockey is a growing passion.

Milner’s contributions extend to international play, representing Israel in various competitions and showcasing his prowess on the ice. Whether it’s his scoring ability, defensive prowess, or leadership qualities, Aviv Milner’s impact on the sport in Israel is undeniable.

As the sport continues to develop in the country, players like Milner play a crucial role in shaping its future and raising its profile on the global stage.

5. Daniel Mazour

Daniel Mazour stands out as one of the most accomplished ice hockey players in Israel. Hailing from a country not traditionally associated with the sport, Mazour’s passion and talent have made him a noteworthy figure.

He has represented Israel in various international competitions, showcasing his skills and dedication on the ice. Mazour’s contributions have not only elevated the profile of ice hockey in Israel but have also garnered recognition within the sport’s global community.

His remarkable achievements and commitment to the game have solidified his position as one of Israel’s best ice hockey players, serving as an inspiration to aspiring athletes in the country.


The best ice hockey players in Israel are highly skilled and have demonstrated their talents through their impressive performance on the ice. These players have shown their dedication to the sport and have earned the respect of fans and coaches alike.

They have proven that they have the skill and determination to compete at the highest level. With the continued growth of ice hockey in Israel, these players will continue to be at the forefront of the sport, inspiring future generations of Israeli hockey players.

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