12 The Estonia Best Ice Hockey Players in the Country

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Welcome to the world of Estonian ice hockey! Estonia is a small nation in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, but it has a rich tradition of producing some of the world’s best ice hockey players.

The country has produced some of the NHL’s most iconic figures, and a number of internationally renowned players. This article will introduce you to some of Estonia’s most talented ice hockey players and will provide you with an insight into their careers and accomplishments.

So, let’s take a look at some of Estonia’s best ice hockey players!.

1. Lauri Lahesalu


Lauri Lahesalu is an Estonian former professional ice hockey defenseman who had an impressive career in the sport. He was a member of the Dragons de Rouen, a French club, and won the Ligue Magnus championship with them in 2013.

Lahesalu was also highly respected for his international hockey competitions, as he served as the captain of the Estonian team. He was an important leader of the team, as his experience and expertise in the sport helped to guide his teammates to success.

Lahesalu’s contributions to the sport of ice hockey are still remembered and admired, and his legacy lives on in Estonia.

2. Robert Rooba


Robert Rooba is an accomplished and respected ice hockey player from Estonia. He currently plays for JYP in the Finnish Liiga, one of the premier hockey leagues in Europe. Rooba is an experienced and talented winger and is highly regarded by his peers.

Not only has he established himself as a successful player in the Liiga, but he also holds the honor of captaining the Estonian national team in international competitions. This prestigious role speaks to his leadership abilities, as well as his skill on the ice.

Rooba’s accomplishments demonstrate his dedication to the sport and his commitment to representing his country on the international stage.

3. Erik Embrich

Erik Embrich is a professional ice hockey forward who was born in Finland but is an Estonian citizen. He is currently playing for Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák, a professional ice hockey team based in Hungary.

Embrich began his career with HIFK, an ice hockey team based in Helsinki, Finland. He was part of the team’s academy from 2012 to 2015 and then moved on to Ässät, another professional ice hockey team based in Finland.

During the 2016–17 Liiga season, he played eleven games for Ässät and registered one assist. Embrich was able to gain experience and develop his skills in HIFK and Ässät’s academies before transitioning into the professional game.

Despite his limited appearances, his single assist shows that he is capable of making a meaningful impact on the ice. He is now a valuable player for Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák, and will look to continue to improve and make an impact in the world of professional ice hockey.

4. Kristjan Kombe

Kristjan Kombe is a professional ice hockey player from Estonia. He currently plays for JoKP, a Finnish Mestis team. Mestis is the second highest league in Finland, and it is known for producing some of the best hockey players in the world.

As a center, Kristjan is responsible for much of the playmaking and offensive production on the ice. He is a strong skater, with great vision and hockey IQ, which allows him to be successful at all three zones of the ice.

His defensive play is also impressive, as he is able to contain opposing players and win puck battles. In addition, his offensive skills have been showcased on the international stage, playing for Estonia in the World Championships.

With his combination of skill and experience, Kristjan Kombe is a great asset to JoKP and will continue to be a key player for them in the future.

5. Andrei Makrov


Andrei Makrov is a professional ice hockey player from Estonia. He currently plays for HC Viking of the Meistriliiga, the top league in Estonia. Makrov has made a name for himself internationally, representing Estonia in international competitions.

He is the all-time leader in goals and points scored for Estonia in the World Championships, an impressive feat. He has been able to lead his country to success on the international stage and is a role model for young hockey players in Estonia.

His skill and passion for the game has made him a household name in Estonia, and his international success has made him a respected figure in the world of hockey.

6. Dmitri Suur

Dmitri Suur is an Estonian professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the Sheffield Steeldogs of the English Premier Ice Hockey League.

He is an experienced player, having achieved success in his native Estonia before making the move to England.At the 1995 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships Pool C2, Suur was awarded the title of Best Defenseman.

This accolade demonstrates his skill and dedication to the sport, as well as his ability to perform on the world stage. Suur was born in Russia, however, he was granted Estonian citizenship in 2005.

This was a major event in his life, as it allowed him to pursue his ice hockey career more freely.

It also allowed him to compete for Estonia in international competitions, which he has done with great success. In recent years, Suur has been playing for the Sheffield Steeldogs of the English Premier Ice Hockey League.

This is a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport, as the league is one of the most competitive in the UK. Suur is a key player for the Steeldogs and is integral to their success.

7. Toivo Suursoo

Toivo Suursoo is an Estonian ice hockey coach and former professional player who is known for making history in the National Hockey League (NHL). In 1994, he was selected by the Detroit Red Wings with the 283rd overall pick in the NHL Entry Draft.

This made him the first player born in Estonia to be drafted in the NHL. Toivo Suursoo has been involved in professional ice hockey for many years. He has played in several professional leagues, including the Estonian, Lithuanian, and Swedish leagues.

He also served as the head coach of the Estonian national ice hockey team for five years. Throughout his career, Toivo Suursoo has been a trailblazer for Estonians in the sport of ice hockey.

He was the first Estonian to be drafted in the NHL, and he has continued to inspire other Estonian players to pursue their dreams of playing professional hockey. He is respected in the hockey community for his achievements and his impact on the sport.

8. Kristi Shashkina

Kristi Yuryevna Shashkina is a talented ice hockey player who has established herself in the game. Born in Estonia but affiliated with Russia, she has represented the Russian national ice hockey team in various international and European tournaments.

At present, she is playing in the Zhenskaya Hockey League with Dinamo-Neva Saint Petersburg. Shashkina is a highly experienced hockey player, renowned for her technical skills and tactical intelligence.

Her ability to read the game and make the right decisions is one of the reasons why she has been able to compete at an elite level for so long.

She has previously played for teams in the Kontinental Hockey League, the Women’s Hockey League and the Russian Women’s Hockey League. Kristi Yuryevna Shashkina is a key player in Dinamo-Neva Saint Petersburg’s lineup, having been integral in their success over the years.

Her performances have earned her numerous accolades, including being named Best Forward of the Zhenskaya Hockey League in 2019. The Estonian-Russian ice hockey player is an outstanding example of talent, commitment and dedication.

She has been a role model for aspiring ice hockey players around the world, proving that anything is possible with the right attitude and hard work.

9. Siim Liivik


Siim Liivik is a professional ice hockey player from Estonia and Finland. He plays as a winger, which means he is responsible for providing offence and helping to create scoring chances. At the moment, he is an unrestricted free agent.

This means that he is not signed with any team and is free to negotiate with any team he chooses. Siim Liivik has a wide range of experience in his career, having played for teams in both Finland and Estonia.

He has shown that he is a talented player, able to make an impact on any team he plays for. Siim Liivik is an exciting player to watch, and his experience and skill level make him an attractive option for any team looking to upgrade their roster.

10. Evald Tipner

Evald Tipner was a legendary Estonian footballer who was highly regarded for his talent as a goalkeeper. He represented Estonia in football 66 times and was selected for the national bandy and ice hockey teams 7 and 1 times respectively.

His athleticism extended beyond football as he was also a successful track and field athlete. Tipner was an all-rounder who possessed a wide range of skills, which enabled him to make a name for himself in multiple sports.

He was a natural athlete with an excellent eye for the ball and a great understanding of the game. His agility, speed, and agility enabled him to make impressive saves in goal.

His impressive reflexes were further accentuated by his ability to read the game and anticipate the opponent’s moves. Tipner’s footballing career was nothing short of sensational.

He was capped 66 times for the Estonian national football team and was part of the team that won the Baltic Cup in 1994. He also represented Estonia in bandy and ice hockey, making 7 and 1 appearances in each sport respectively.

Tipner was also a successful track and field athlete. He competed in various events such as the long jump, shot put, and javelin throw.

He was a gifted athlete who had the potential to excel in a number of disciplines, and his success in both track and field and football earned him the title of one of the greatest Estonian goalkeepers of all time. Evald Tipner’s legacy will live on for generations to come.

He was an incredible athlete who was respected for his skill and dedication. He was a role model for many and his inspiring story is one that will never be forgotten.

11. Mihail Korsunov

Mihail Korsunov is a former professional ice hockey forward who has made a name for himself both in Russia and Estonia. He was born in Russia but his career in ice hockey has taken him to Estonia where he has been playing since the early 2000s.

Korsunov was a successful player in the Kontinental Hockey League, the highest level of professional ice hockey in Europe. He was part of the Russian squad that won gold at the World Championships in 2008 and bronze at the 2010 Olympics.

In Estonia, Korsunov has been a prominent figure in the national team, helping to secure a gold medal in the 2016 World Championships. He also played for the Estonian national team in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Korsunov is now retired from professional ice hockey but he still makes appearances in Estonian leagues. His career has been marked by a strong dedication to the sport and he is respected by fans and players alike.

12. Heinrich Uukkivi

Heinrich Uukkivi was a talented athlete who excelled in three sports- football, bandy, and ice hockey. He was a standout player in all three sports and was an Estonian championship winner in each one. In football, Uukkivi was a five-time Estonian Football Championship winner.

In Bandy he won the Estonian Bandy Championship three times. Finally, in ice hockey, Uukkivi won the Estonian Ice Hockey Championship twice. Uukkivi was an incredibly accomplished athlete who was able to achieve a great deal of success across multiple sports.

His five football championship titles, three bandy titles, and two ice hockey titles are an impressive feat for any athlete. He was a true champion in his homeland and will be remembered as a great Estonian athlete.


The best ice hockey players in Estonia have shown their abilities through their performances in domestic and international leagues. They have demonstrated their skill and passion for the game, and are a testament to the talent that Estonia has to offer.

The high level of competition in the country has led to the development of some of the best ice hockey players in the world. With continued dedication, these players can continue to make a lasting impact on the sport and the country.

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