8 Best Diving Players in Malaysia of All Time

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Malaysia is a nation blessed with many talented diving players who have represented the country in various international competitions. The country has produced some of the finest diving players in the world, who have achieved great success in the sport.

Malaysia has also produced some of the world’s best divers who have won numerous medals at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. This article will discuss some of the best diving players in Malaysia and their achievements in the sport.

1. Cheong Jun Hoong

Cheong Jun Hoong AMN is a Malaysian diver who has achieved great success in her field. She made history at the 2016 Summer Olympics when she and her partner Pandelela Rinong won the silver medal in the 10m synchronized platform event.

This was a huge accomplishment for both Jun Hoong and Malaysia as a country.In addition, Jun Hoong achieved an even greater milestone in 2017 when she became Malaysia’s first diving world champion.

She won the 10m platform event at the 2017 World Aquatic Championships, solidifying her status as one of the greatest divers of all time.

Jun Hoong’s success has been an inspiration to many athletes in Malaysia and around the world, and she has shown that with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve their goals.

2. Pandelela Rinong Pamg

Dato Pandelela Rinong Pamg is a Malaysian diver who has achieved much success in her career. She is the first Malaysian to win an Olympic medal and holds the title of PSBS AMN JBK OLY.

She has won two Olympic medals and seven World Championships medals. Pandelela made her first major sporting appearance at the 2008 Summer Olympics, where she finished 27th in the 10m platform event.

She followed up this achievement with success at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where she won the gold medal in the 10m platform event. Since then, Pandelela has gone on to win further medals at the Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games and the World Championships.

She was also the first Malaysian to win a medal in the Olympics when she won the bronze medal in the 10m platform event at the 2012 London Olympics. Since her debut in 2008, Pandelela has become an inspiration for aspiring divers and athletes in Malaysia.

With her success, she has set a high standard of excellence for Malaysian sportsmen and women to follow.

3. Nur Dhabitah Sabri

Nur Dhabitah binti Sabri AMW is an extraordinary Malaysian diver and a true inspiration to aspiring divers in Malaysia. She is the youngest Malaysian diver to have achieved the remarkable feat of winning two senior international competitions.

At the tender age of 18, she achieved the feat of clinching the gold medal at the FINA Diving World Series in 2019, and the bronze medal at the FINA Diving World Cup in 2020.

Her remarkable achievements have inspired her peers and have set a shining example for aspiring divers. Nur Dhabitah has been honing her diving skills since she was a child and has always had a passion for the sport.

She is a dedicated athlete who has put in countless hours of practice and training to reach the pinnacle of her sport.

Her success is a testament to her hard work and commitment. Nur Dhabitah has become a household name in Malaysia due to her accomplishments in the world of diving. She has managed to make a name for herself and has earned the respect of her peers and fans around the world.

Her success has also inspired many divers to take up the sport and pursue their dreams. Nur Dhabitah binti Sabri AMW is a Malaysian diving champion and an inspiration to aspiring divers in Malaysia.

She has accomplished something remarkable at a very young age and her success is a testament to her hard work and dedication. Her achievements have set an example for many aspiring divers and are an inspiration to all who wish to pursue a career in diving.

4. Bryan Nickson Lomas

Bryan Nickson Lomas is a renowned Malaysian diver. He achieved remarkable success at a young age, becoming the youngest Malaysian athlete to qualify for the 2004 Summer Olympics when he was only 14 years old.

This impressive feat was followed by an even greater accomplishment when he became the first Malaysian to win a gold medal at the World Junior Championships in Belem, Brazil in 2004.

This feat was particularly remarkable as it was won in the 3 m springboard event, a notoriously difficult event. Lomas’ success at such a young age has earned him a place in the history books and he is now regarded as one of the most accomplished divers in Malaysian history.

5. Ng Yan Yee

Wendy Ng Yan Yee is a professional diver from Malaysia. She has been diving since she was a young girl and has since become an accomplished athlete in the sport. She has competed in numerous international diving competitions and achieved a great deal of success.

Wendy is a two-time gold medalist in the Asian Games and a three-time gold medalist in the Commonwealth Games. She has also won several gold medals in the World Championships and has represented Malaysia in the Olympics.

Wendy is an inspiration to many aspiring divers in Malaysia, showing them that they too can make it to the top. Her dedication and hard work have made her a household name in her home country, and she is often seen as a symbol of hope and determination.

Wendy is a true Malaysian sporting star and has made her country proud.

6. Leong Mun Yee

Datuk Leong Mun Yee PMW is a retired Malaysian diver who is well-known for her impressive accomplishments in the sport. She competed in four Olympic Games, including the 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

In the 2012 Olympics, she achieved her best result finishing seventh place in the 10 m synchronized platform event. Notably, her appearance at the 2008 Summer Olympics made her the first Malaysian diver to compete at three Olympic Games.

This remarkable accomplishment demonstrates her determination and dedication to the sport. Throughout her career, Datuk Leong Mun Yee PMW has earned recognition and respect from her peers and fans.

She is an inspirational figure for many aspiring Malaysian divers and her achievements in the sport are a testament to her hard work and passion for the sport.

7. Ooi Tze Liang

Ooi Tze Liang is a Malaysian diver who has achieved significant success in the sport. He has been representing Malaysia in various diving events all over the world, such as the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the 2013 Southeast Asian Games, and the 2015 Southeast Asian Games.

Ooi has been a prominent figure in the Malaysian diving scene for many years, and his impressive performances in these events have earned him a place in the hearts of many Malaysians.

Ooi’s dedication to his sport and his unyielding passion for excellence have made him one of the most celebrated athletes in the country. He is an inspiration to aspiring divers, and his achievements are a testament to his commitment and hard work.

8. Chew Yiwei

Chew Yiwei is a former Malaysian diver. He has had a long and successful career, competing in major international competitions such as the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games.

At the Commonwealth Games, Chew Yiwei competed in 2014 and 2018, representing his country in the diving events. Similarly, he also competed at the Asian Games in 2014 and 2018.

Additionally, he also competed in the Southeast Asian Games, from 2013 to 2021, winning several medals over the years. His achievements have made him one of the most decorated Malaysian divers in history.


Malaysia is home to some of the best divers in the world. With their hard work and dedication, they have managed to make a name for themselves in the international diving scene. Malaysia’s divers have achieved numerous successes in both local and international competitions.

From Christopher Ong, the first Malaysian to qualify for an Olympic diving event, to Pandelela Rinong, the first Malaysian to win an Olympic medal in diving, Malaysia has made great strides in the sport of diving.

With talented divers like Ong, Rinong, Pandelela Pamg, Cheong Jun Hoong and Wendy Ng, Malaysia is well on its way to becoming a powerhouse in the sport of diving.

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