Top 5 Best Cycling Players in Panama of All Time

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Cycling in Panama has been a popular sport for many years and has produced some of the world’s best cyclists. Over the years, the country has produced many talented riders who have gone on to compete in international competitions.

From the early days of cycling in Panama to the country’s current crop of professional riders, there have been many cycling stars who have made their mark on the sport.

We will take a look at some of the best cycling players in Panama, and learn more about their accomplishments.

1. Roberto González

Roberto Carlos González Castellero is a professional cyclist from Panama. He currently competes for the UCI Continental team MG.K vis Colors for Peace. This team is part of the UCI Continental Teams which are a step below the World Tour teams.

He is currently competing in various cycling events, including road races, time trials, and cyclocross. He has achieved some success in the past, including winning the Panamerican Championship in the time trial event in 2017.

He also has several top-ten finishes in various races across Latin America. He is an experienced cyclist and is well-known in the cycling world for his tenacity and determination.

Roberto Carlos González Castellero is an inspiring athlete and a great role model for aspiring cyclists.

2. Christofer Jurado

Christofer Robín Jurado López is a professional cyclist from Panama. He is currently competing as a part of the UCI Continental team Panamá es Cultura y Valores.

The team represents the country in international cycling competitions, such as the UCI America Tour. Christofer has been an avid cyclist since a young age. He has been competing in cycling events since he was eight years old.

His passion for the sport has led him to become one of the most successful Panamanian cyclists in recent years.

He has won several national and international titles, including a gold medal at the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games. Christofer’s dedication to the sport has earned him recognition within the cycling community.

He was named the “Rider of the Year” by the Panamanian Cycling Federation in 2019.

In 2020, he was awarded the “Cyclist of the Year” title by the Panamanian National Sports Council. Christofer’s perseverance and determination have made him an inspiration to all aspiring cyclists around the world.

He is a role model for budding cyclists in Panama and is a testament to the fact that hard work and dedication can lead to great success. He is an example of how anyone can achieve their dreams with the right attitude and dedication.

3. Yelko Gómez

Yelko Marino Gómez Valdés is a professional cyclist from Panama. He is a member of the UCI Continental team Panamá es Cultura y Valores, which is based in his home country.

The team competes in cycling events all over the world and is highly regarded for its commitment to developing and promoting Panamanian cycling culture.

Gómez Valdés is a highly skilled cyclist and has competed in multiple international races including the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España. He is an inspiration to many young Panamanian cyclists, having achieved success at the highest level of the sport.

Gómez Valdés works hard to promote cycling in Panama and is dedicated to helping the country develop a strong and vibrant cycling culture.

4. Franklin Archibold

Franklin Archibold is a professional cyclist from Panama. He is currently a member of UCI Continental team Panamá es Cultura y Valores. This team is part of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), which is the international governing body for professional cycling.

Archibold has been riding for this team since 2020. As a Panamanian cyclist, Archibold has competed in several races throughout Panama and the region.

He has participated in the Vuelta a Panama, Vuelta a Costa Rica, Vuelta a Guatemala, and Vuelta a El Salvador, among many others. He has also competed in international races such as the Tour of the Alps and the Tour of Croatia.

Archibold is considered one of the top cyclists in Panama. He has achieved several notable results, including a third-place finish at the Vuelta a Panama in 2020.

He is a strong climber and has shown his ability to compete against top-level riders in the international cycling scene. Archibold has become a major figure in Panamanian cycling and is an inspiration to young cyclists in the country.

He is a role model for his teammates and many other cyclists in the country. Overall, Franklin Archibold is a talented cyclist from Panama who is part of UCI Continental team Panamá es Cultura y Valores.

He has competed in several races in Panama and the region and is considered one of the best cyclists in the country. He is an inspiration to many young cyclists and a role model for his teammates.

5. Ramón Carretero

Ramón Carretero Marciags is a Panamanian racing cyclist with a notable career in the sport. Recently, he was suspended from the sport due to an anti-doping violation. In 2014, he raced in the Giro d’Italia, one of the most prestigious cycling events in the world.

However, he was unable to complete stage 7 and eventually withdrew from the race. This suspension has been a major setback for his career, as he was unable to compete in any other races since then.

Despite this, he remains an inspiring figure in the sport and is determined to continue his racing career in the future.


Panama has some of the best cycling players in the world. With the help of great training and hard work, these athletes have been able to reach great heights in the sport. With their impressive results, they have been able to put Panama on the world cycling map.

These athletes have become an inspiration to many, and have helped to promote the sport of cycling in Panama.

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