11 Moldova Ranking Cycling Players in History

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Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe, but it boasts some of the best cyclists in the world. Moldovan cyclists have competed in the Olympic games, world championships, and international events. They are known for their speed, strength, and endurance.

Many of the top cyclists in the country have won multiple medals and have been recognized as some of the best in the world. This article will discuss some of the best cyclists in Moldova and highlight their achievements in the sport.

1. Alexandre Pliușchin

Alexandre Pliușchin is a former professional road bicycle racer from Moldova. Born in 1988, he first began riding professionally in 2008 and continued to do so until 2015.

Despite no longer competing professionally, he continues to compete as an amateur, riding for Abu Dhabi CC. Throughout his career, Alexandre has achieved a great deal of success. He is a four-time National Road Race Champion, having won the title in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

This is a remarkable feat and one that showcases his dedication and skill in the sport. In addition to his impressive record as a professional racer, Alexandre has also been involved in the promotion of cycling in Moldova.

He has been an ambassador for the Tour of Moldova and has been an eager participant in the country’s annual charity ride. Overall, Alexandre Pliușchin is an accomplished road cyclist who has achieved great success in his career.

He is a four-time National Road Race Champion and continues to be an ambassador for cycling in Moldova. He is an inspiration to all aspiring cyclists, and a role model to many in the sport.

2. Ruslan Ivanov

Ruslan Ivanov is a retired professional bicycle racer who was born and raised in Moldova. He began his career in cycling at a young age, competing in local races and quickly establishing himself as one of the top riders in the region.

As his racing career progressed, Ruslan went on to compete in a number of international competitions, including the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España.

He won multiple stages in all three Grand Tours, becoming one of the most successful Moldovan cyclists ever. In addition to his racing accomplishments, Ruslan has also made a number of contributions to the Moldovan cycling community.

He is a founding member of the Moldovan Cycling Federation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cycling in the country.

He has also been involved in a number of charitable initiatives, such as organizing cycling tours for underprivileged children. Since his retirement in 2012, Ruslan has continued to be an ambassador for cycling in Moldova, using his platform to promote cycling safety and encourage more people in the country to take up the sport.

He is also an active member of the Moldovan Cycling Federation, helping to organize races and other events. His legacy as one of the greatest cyclists in Moldovan history is well-deserved, and his influence on the cycling community in the country is undeniable.

3. Andrei Vrabii

Andrei Vrabii is an accomplished cyclist from Moldova, a small country located in Eastern Europe. He was born and raised in the capital city of Chișinău and began his cycling career at an early age. In recent years, Vrabii has become a household name in the cycling world.

He has competed in the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España, and several other international competitions.

He has earned multiple podium finishes and stage wins throughout his career, and in 2019, he was crowned the national champion of Moldova. Vrabii is also an ambassador for the sport in his home country.

He is an active promoter of cycling events and activities and recently launched a cycling school in Chișinău to encourage more young people to take up the sport.

He has also been actively involved in raising awareness of cycling safety and encouraging more people to wear helmets when they ride. Vrabii’s commitment to cycling and his success on the international stage have made him into a role model for aspiring cyclists in Moldova.

His passion for the sport and his positive influence on young people in his community are a testament to his commitment to making cycling a more popular and safer sport.

4. Cristian Raileanu

Cristian Raileanu is a professional cyclist originally from Moldova. He is well-known for his cycling talents and currently rides for the UCI Continental team Hengxiang Cycling Team.

Raileanu had represented Moldova until 2022, where he was a strong competitor in the Moldovan National Cycling Championship. He has achieved several titles in his career and continues to be a major contributor to the Moldovan cycling community.

Raileanu is passionate about cycling and continues to strive to achieve his goals, while also helping to promote the sport in Moldova. He is an inspiration to many young cyclists and a symbol of Moldovan pride.

5. Andrei Tchmil

Andrei Tchmil is an accomplished cyclist with a long and impressive career. He was born in the Soviet Union, later becoming Moldovan, Ukrainian and Belgian as he moved around Europe. During his time in the sport, Tchmil was a professional road bicycle racer.

He had great success in his career, achieving many victories in prestigious races. Tchmil’s accomplishments on the bike are even more impressive when his age is taken into consideration.

At the 1996 Summer Olympics, the then 38-year-old Tchmil competed in the men’s individual road race. This made him one of the oldest men to ever compete at the games, and a testament to his determination and skill.

Andrei Tchmil is a true cycling legend, having achieved success in multiple countries and at the highest level of competition.

He is remembered fondly by fans of the sport for his dedication and accomplishments and is a great example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

6. Maxim Rusnac

Maxim Rusnac is a professional cyclist from Moldova. He has been an active rider for many years, competing in both the professional and amateur cycling circuits.

He last competed for the UCI Continental team Differdange–Losch, which competes in the top echelon of professional cycling.

Rusnac has achieved a number of impressive results in his career, including a stage win in the 2018 Tour of Romania, a stage win in the 2017 Tour of Bulgaria, and a ninth-place finish in the 2017 Tour de l’Ain.

He has also competed in other prestigious races, such as the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. Rusnac has also achieved success in time trials, having finished in the top five in several UCI World Cycling Events, including the 2017 UCI World Time Trial Championships.

Furthermore, he has also competed in several national championships, winning a silver medal in the 2018 Moldovan Time Trial Championships. Overall, Maxim Rusnac is a highly accomplished cyclist, who has achieved a great deal of success in both the professional and amateur cycling circuits.

His time with the UCI Continental team Differdange–Losch has been a successful one, and has seen him become one of the top riders in the sport.

7. Oleg Berdos

Oleg Berdos is a former professional road bicycle racer from Moldova and Romania. He started racing professionally in 2010 with the Utensilnord–Named and Tuşnad Cycling Team.

Throughout his four year career, Berdos demonstrated his skill and prowess as a road cyclist, competing in major races throughout Europe. In his final season of 2014, he achieved great success in the Tour of Bulgaria and won the overall title.

Berdos was a successful cyclist and was able to combine his Moldovan and Romanian cultures to become a great athlete. After his career ended in 2014, Berdos has moved on to focus on his family and his other interests.

He is now a cycling coach and mentor, helping the next generation of cyclists to achieve success on the road.

8. Serghei Țvetcov

Serghei Țvetcov is an accomplished racing cyclist from Moldova, who now rides for the American cycling team, Denver Disruptors.

He has achieved considerable success in his cycling career, having competed in the 2014 UCI Road World Championships, in both the road race and the individual time trial events. In his previous two seasons, Serghei rode for the UCI Continental team Jelly Belly–Maxxis.

He was a key member of the team, and his performances in the 2013 and 2014 seasons were impressive. He has demonstrated his cycling talents and his dedication to the sport, and this has earned him a spot on the Denver Disruptors.

Serghei is a talented and dedicated cyclist, and his presence on the Denver Disruptors will undoubtedly help the team to achieve success. He is sure to make a positive contribution to the team, and his experience in the UCI Road World Championships will be invaluable.

Serghei’s career has been a great success, and he will continue to be an asset to Denver Disruptors.

9. Alexandr Braico

Alexandr Braico is a former professional racing cyclist from Moldova. He began his career in 2008 and competed for three teams during his eight-year career. His first team was Olimpic Team Autoconstruct, followed by the Tuşnad Cycling Team, and then Jelly Belly–Maxxis.

In 2015, Braico was a part of the men’s team time trial at the UCI Road World Championships. As a team, they competed against other national teams for the world title.

Unfortunately, the team did not win the championship that year, but Braico was able to show off his skills and abilities on the international stage. Braico is now a retired cyclist, but his legacy in the sport of cycling will always remain.

He achieved great success in a relatively short period of time and will be remembered for his accomplishments. His dedication to the sport and his commitment to excellence will live on in the memories of those who followed his career.

10. Sergiu Cioban

Sergiu Cioban is a former professional road cyclist from Moldova. He has had a successful career in professional cycling, competing in major international events such as the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia.

He has also won several prestigious races, including the Tour of Romania in 2009, the Tour of Moldova in 2010, and the Tour of Bulgaria in 2011.

In addition, he was the first Moldovan to compete in the Tour de France in 2013. Throughout his career, Sergiu Cioban has been a fierce competitor, pushing himself to the limit and showing remarkable dedication to the sport.

He has been an inspiration to many younger cyclists in Moldova, showing them that they can achieve great things through hard work and determination.

Even after retiring from professional cycling, he has remained active in the sport, working as a coach for young cyclists and helping to promote cycling in Moldova. He also regularly takes part in races in his home country in order to spread the love of cycling.

Sergiu Cioban is an example of what can be achieved through dedication and hard work, and he is a true inspiration for all cyclists in Moldova.

11. Igor Bonciucov

Igor Bonciucov is a professional cyclist from Dubăsari, Transnistria in the Moldovan SSR. He has competed in the sport for three non-consecutive years, the most notable of which was in 1996 when he represented his country in the men’s individual road race at the Summer Olympics.

In 2001, Bonciucov achieved a major feat in his career by winning the Moldovan National Road Race. This victory was a milestone for him, as it marked a significant accomplishment in his cycling career and proved that he could compete at an international level.

His victory was also a great source of pride for his country, as he was able to put Moldova on the map as a competitive nation in cycling. Bonciucov’s success is an inspiration to aspiring cyclists everywhere, as it shows that hard work and dedication can pay off.


Moldova has some of the best cycling players in the world. Many of them have achieved great success in international tournaments and competitions, including Olympic medals.

The country also boasts a strong cycling culture, with plenty of opportunities for aspiring cyclists to get involved in the sport. With the right guidance and support, these cyclists can look forward to achieving great success in the future.

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