11 Famous Curling Players in Latvia of All Time

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Latvia is home to some of the best Curling players in the world. From Olympic athletes to world champions, Latvia has an impressive track record when it comes to Curling.

With a strong history and culture of Curling, Latvia has produced some of the most talented and successful Curling players in the world. This article will explore the history and accomplishments of some of the best Curling players in Latvia.

We will look at each player’s achievements, their career highlights and what makes them unique. By the end, you will have a better understanding of Latvia’s Curling talent and the incredible athletes that represent this country on the world stage.

1. Evelīna Barone

Evelīna Barone is an accomplished Latvian curler, hailing from Riga, the capital city of Latvia. She has been passionate about curling since she was a child, and her hard work has earned her a place on the Latvian National Curling Team.

She has competed in multiple international curling tournaments throughout Europe and even represented her country in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Throughout her career, she has been a source of inspiration for the curling community in Latvia, and for young aspiring curlers.

She has worked hard to perfect her skills and has been an active member of the Latvian curling community.

She has also been a passionate advocate for the sport and has encouraged more people to take up curling and learn the game. Evelīna Barone is a great example of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

She has achieved a lot throughout her career, and she continues to inspire the curling community. Her success has helped to put Latvia on the map in terms of international curling, and she is a role model for many aspiring curlers.

2. Iluta Linde

Iluta Linde is a Latvian female curler who has had a successful career in the sport. She has won two Latvian mixed championships and a 2014 mixed doubles championship at the national level. This makes her one of the most successful curlers in Latvia.

Linde has been a part of the Latvian curling team since 2005. She has represented Latvia in several international competitions, including the 2006 European Championships and the 2007 World Championships.

She was also a part of the Latvian team that competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Her success in mixed championships is especially noteworthy. She won her first mixed championship in 2007, and she has since won an additional championship in 2009.

In 2014, Linde and her partner, Oskars Kibermanis, took home the Latvian Mixed Doubles Championship. Linde’s success has helped to raise the profile of curling in Latvia.

She has been a strong advocate for the sport, and she is a respected leader in the Latvian curling community. She is an example of hard work and dedication paying off, and she continues to inspire aspiring curlers in Latvia and beyond.

3. Ansis Regža

Ansis Regža is an accomplished Latvian curler and curling coach. He is a national champion in men’s curling, having won the Latvian championship in 2003.

He is also a three-time Latvian mixed champion and two-time mixed doubles champion. As a curling coach, Regža has helped develop the sport in Latvia and has been an integral part of the development of curling in the country.

Regža has worked with numerous Latvian teams, helping them to hone their skills and develop their abilities.

He has also worked with international teams and is well-respected in the curling community. In 2022, Ansis Regža will continue to demonstrate his skill and knowledge of the sport. He has already achieved a great deal of success and is likely to continue to do so in the future.

He is an excellent example of what a professional curler and coach can be, and his accomplishments serve as inspiration to all those who aspire to succeed in the sport.

4. Evita Regža

Evita Regža is a Latvian female curler who has achieved great success in her sport. She has won nine Latvian women’s championships, making her a very successful player at the national level.

In 2011, Evita was a mixed champion and in 2013 she was crowned a mixed doubles champion, further solidifying her impressive resume. Evita has achieved a great deal of success in her curling career, making her one of the top Latvian female curlers of all time.

Her accomplishments demonstrate her talent and dedication to the sport, and she is an excellent role model for aspiring curlers.

5. Žaklīna Litauniece

Žaklina Litauniece is a highly accomplished Latvian athlete. She is a two-time Latvian Women’s Curling champion and a yachtswoman who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics.As a curler, Žaklina has consistently demonstrated her skill and passion for the sport.

She has earned two Latvian Women’s championships, showcasing her impressive curling abilities. As a yachtswoman, Žaklina competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics in the “Europe” class race. Despite the immense competition, she finished in an impressive 27th place.

This result showcases her determination and skill in sailing.Žaklina Litauniece is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication. Her accomplishments in both curling and sailing are a testament to her hard work and dedication to her craft.

She is an inspiring figure in Latvian athletics and an ideal role model for aspiring athletes.

6. Ritvars Gulbis

Ritvars Gulbis is a highly accomplished curler from Latvia. He is a twelve-time Latvian men’s champion curler and two-time Latvian mixed doubles champion curler, making him one of the most decorated curlers in Latvia.

Gulbis has been curling for over a decade and has been coaching curling since 2012. He is a passionate curler and an accomplished coach, having coached teams at the World Championships and European Championships.

Gulbis has a great passion for the sport of curling and is dedicated to helping others improve their curling skills. He is committed to helping the sport grow in Latvia and has been instrumental in the development of curling in the country.

He has helped to organize and promote curling events in Latvia, as well as worked to make curling more accessible to all levels of players. Gulbis is an inspirational figure in Latvian curling and has been actively involved in the sport for many years.

His commitment and dedication to the sport is evident in his many accomplishments and awards. He continues to be a major contributor to the growth and development of curling in Latvia.

7. Ieva Rudzīte

Ieva Rudzīte is a Latvian curler who has achieved great success at the national level. She has won two Latvian women’s championships and two mixed doubles championships.

This is an impressive accomplishment, especially considering that she has achieved it all in her home country. Rudzīte has been playing curling for many years and has become an established figure in the world of Latvian curling.

She is highly respected for her expertise in the sport and for her ability to perform so well at the national level. Rudzīte has also represented Latvia at international curling competitions, including the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in 2019.

This tournament is one of the most prestigious international curling events, and it is a great honor for her to be representing her home country at such a high level. Rudzīte’s achievements are a testament to her dedication to the sport and her commitment to excellence.

She is an example of the level of excellence that is possible when one puts in the hard work and dedication. Rudzīte’s success is an inspiration to other Latvian curlers and to anyone who is passionate about the sport.

8. Kārlis Smilga

Kārlis Smilga is a Latvian curler from Jelgava, a city located in the western part of Latvia. He has been a part of the Latvian men’s curling team for many years and has represented his country at three different European Curling Championships.

At the 2004 European Curling Championships, his team finished in 19th place. At the 2006 European Curling Championships, Latvia improved their standing and finished in 17th place.

The most recent European Curling Championship that Smilga and his team participated in was the 2017 event, where the Latvian team finished in 18th place. Throughout his career, Smilga has been an integral part of the Latvian curling team.

His leadership and commitment to the sport have been instrumental in helping the team achieve its best results. He has been a positive role model for the younger players on the team, inspiring them to strive to reach their goals and work hard for success.

Smilga’s dedication to curling has helped to bring recognition to the sport in Latvia and has given the country a chance to compete on an international level.

9. Iveta Stasa-Sarsune

Iveta Staša-Šaršūne is an accomplished curler from Riga, Latvia. She is a passionate athlete who has dedicated her life to the sport of curling.

She has been playing the sport since she was a child and has gone on to become one of the top curlers in the country. Iveta Staša-Šaršūne has represented her country in international competitions, including the World Curling Championships.

In 2018, she was part of the Latvian women’s team that won the gold medal at the European Curling Championships.

She was also part of the Latvian team that competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Iveta Staša-Šaršūne has also dedicated her time to helping young curlers in Latvia develop their skills.

She has worked with the Latvian Curling Association, helping to organize clinics and camps for children and adults of all ages.

She also coaches junior curling teams and helps them to prepare for competitions. Iveta Staša-Šaršūne is an inspiring figure for young athletes in Latvia.

She is a role model for those who aspire to reach the highest level of curling and to represent their country at international competitions. Her dedication and hard work have helped her to succeed and to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

10. Arnis Veidemanis

Arnis Veidemanis is an accomplished athlete that has achieved success in multiple sports. He is a Latvian curler, curling coach, and former darts player. Arnis has achieved numerous accomplishments in the curling arena at the national level.

He is a two-time Latvian men’s champion curler, a two-time Latvian mixed champion curler, and a two-time Latvian mixed doubles champion curler.

This is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport of curling. In addition to his achievements as a curler, Arnis has also had success in the game of darts. He was a former professional darts player, and he has used his knowledge of the game to coach others.

Arnis’ skill in both sports is indicative of his passion and dedication to achieving excellence. Overall, Arnis Veidemanis is an impressive athlete who has achieved success in multiple sports.

His accomplishments in both curling and darts demonstrate his dedication to mastering his craft and achieving success. Arnis is a true example of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication.

11. Daina Barone

Daina Barone is an accomplished Latvian curler. At the national level, she has achieved much success. She is a two-time Latvian women’s champion and a mixed doubles champion.

Barone has also participated in the Lithuanian women’s club team, competing in the 2014 and 2015 Lithuanian women’s championships. She was a two-time runner-up in these championships, demonstrating her prowess in the sport.

Barone’s success in the sport of curling has been impressive, and her achievements in Lithuania and Latvia have been remarkable. She is a great example of what dedication and hard work can bring in the sport of curling.


Latvia has a number of very talented curling players who have achieved success at the international level. Among them are two-time World Champions Ansis Mednis and Kaspars Zirnis, as well as European Championship medallists Kristaps Norga and Zigmars Savickis.

Each of these players has demonstrated their skill and dedication to the sport, and each has made their mark in the curling world. Latvia is proud to have such talented curlers and looks forward to seeing more success in the future.

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