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Alejandro Ramirez Alvarez

Chess has been a popular game in Spain for centuries and the country has produced some of the best chess players in the world. Spain has produced many grandmasters, international masters, and titled players throughout the years.

These players have been the pride of Spanish chess and have represented the country in international competitions. From the legendary Miguel Najdorf to the up-and-coming talent of Alejandro Ramirez, this list takes a look at the best chess players in Spain.

1. Francisco Vallejo Pons


Francisco Vallejo Pons is an incredibly talented Spanish chess grandmaster. He was just 16 years and 9 months old when he attained the prestigious title of Grandmaster.

Vallejo Pons has also won the Spanish Chess Championship five times, and the World Chess Youth Championship in the Under-18 category in 2000. His crowning achievement came in 2005 when he won the Ciudad de Leon Masters after defeating the formidable Veselin Topalov 3½–2½.

This impressive win has cemented Vallejo Pons’ place as one of the most successful Spanish chess players of all time.

2. David Antón Guijarro


David Antón Guijarro is a highly accomplished chess grandmaster from Spain. At the young age of 18, he was honored by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) with the title of Grandmaster.

This is an impressive feat, as it is the highest title that can be bestowed on a chess player. David Antón Guijarro has represented Spain in two Chess Olympiads, an international tournament where teams of chess players compete against each other.

His talent and skill have been showcased on the international stage, bringing recognition to Spain and its chess players. He is an inspiration to many young chess players, showing that with dedication and passion, age should not be a barrier to achieving success.

3. Alexei Shirov


Alexei Shirov is an accomplished chess player, with both Latvian and Spanish citizenship. In 1994, he was ranked number two in the world, and four years later, he won a match against the renowned Vladimir Kramnik.

This victory enabled him to qualify for a classical world championship match with Garry Kasparov. Unfortunately, the match never came to fruition due to a lack of sponsorship. Shirov is an impressive chess player, with numerous successes in the sport.

He has won several international chess tournaments and holds the distinction of being the first player to win the World Blitz Chess Championship, a competition held annually to determine the best blitz chess player.

He has also been a member of the Spanish national team, participating in the Chess Olympiads and European Team Championships. In spite of his successes, Shirov has never been able to become world champion in the classical format.

His 1998 match against Kramnik was a promising chance to do so, but as mentioned, it never happened due to a lack of sponsorship. Shirov’s career highlights prove that he is one of the most talented chess players in the world.

Despite being unable to make it to the world championship match, he has established himself as a formidable player and an inspiration to many aspiring chess players.

4. Eduardo Iturrizaga


Eduardo Patricio Iturrizaga Bonelli is a highly accomplished chess player who was born in Venezuela but holds Spanish citizenship.

He achieved a great feat in 2008 when he became the first Venezuelan to be awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE, the international chess governing body.

His success is further demonstrated by his participation in four FIDE World Cup tournaments, in 2007, 2009, 2013, and 2015. This shows that he has consistently been able to compete at the highest level.

He is a source of pride to Venezuela and a role model to aspiring chess players in the country.

5. Ruy López de Segura

Rodrigo “Ruy” López de Segura was a Spanish chess player, author, and Catholic priest who made a significant contribution to the world of chess.

He was born in the 16th century and is widely recognized for his 1561 treatise, Libro de la invención liberal y Arte del juego del Axedrez.

This book was one of the first publications to explore modern chess in Europe. In his treatise, López de Segura discussed the rules and strategies of chess, as well as the importance of the game in terms of problem-solving and meditation.

He also wrote about the history of the game, and how it originated in India and was then brought to Europe by the Moors.

He argued that chess was a game of strategy and that the best players were those who could think ahead and anticipate their opponents’ moves. López de Segura was an influential figure in the world of chess, and his treatise is still studied and discussed by modern players.

His work helped to popularize chess in Europe and to spread the game to other parts of the world. He is remembered as a great chess player, author, and priest, and his treatise remains an important part of the game’s history.

6. Arturo Pomar


Arturo Pomar Salamanca was a Spanish chess player who made history as the first Spanish player to be awarded the title of grandmaster. Grandmasters are the highest-ranking professional chess players in the world, and so this was a major accomplishment for Arturo.

In addition to this, Arturo was a seven-time national champion, demonstrating his skill in the game and his dedication to playing chess. Arturo was an inspiration to many, showing that it is possible to achieve great things despite the odds.

He is remembered today as a chess legend, and his legacy lives on in the world of chess.

7. Miguel Illescas


Miguel Illescas Córdoba is a world-renowned Spanish chess grandmaster. He is one of the most successful players in the game, having achieved the title of Grandmaster in 1989. He is renowned for his defensive play style, which has often been described as “brilliantly creative”.

He is also well known for his ability to spot and exploit weaknesses in his opponents’ positions. Miguel Illescas has achieved numerous successes in his chess career.

He has won the Spanish Chess Championship multiple times and has competed in a number of international tournaments, including the prestigious Tata Steel Chess Tournament and the European Team Chess Championship.

He has also served as the Spanish national coach, as well as coaching numerous top players. In addition to his competitive career, Miguel Illescas has also authored several chess books, including Modern Chess Strategy and An Innovative Chess Opening Repertoire.

He has also written articles for several chess magazines and websites and is frequently invited to give lectures and seminars on the game. Miguel Illescas’s significant contributions to the game of chess have earned him a place in the Spanish Chess Hall of Fame, and his influence on the game has been immense.

He is one of the best-known figures in the chess world, and his achievements continue to inspire players of all levels.

8. Juan Corzo

Juan Corzo y Príncipe was a highly accomplished chess master who hailed from a Spanish-Cuban background. Born in Madrid, he emigrated to Cuba in 1887, where he quickly made a name for himself in the chess community.

He won the title of Cuban chess champion five times and was also the chess champion of the Havana Chess Club in 1898. Corzo was an extremely talented and well-respected chess player, and he was highly lauded for his skills and accomplishments in the chess world.

He had a great passion for the game, and his expertise and dedication to the sport are still remembered to this day.

9. Viktor Moskalenko

Viktor Moskalenko is an internationally renowned chess player and coach. Born in 1960, he is a former Ukrainian chess champion and has won many tournaments in his current home country of Spain.

He is renowned for his expertise in the game of chess and has written several books on the subject, including “Winning Chess Endgames” and “Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player”.Moskalenko has been a grandmaster since 1986 and has competed in a number of international tournaments across the world.

He is a popular guest lecturer at chess clubs and tournaments, where he provides instruction and guidance to aspiring chess players.

He has also been involved in mentoring and coaching young players, helping them to develop their chess skills and knowledge. In addition to his competitive chess career, Moskalenko is also a chess teacher and coach.

He has held a number of coaching positions in Spain, where he has trained and mentored many promising players.

He is passionate about the game and is dedicated to helping players understand the strategy and tactics of the game. Viktor Moskalenko is an influential and respected leader in the chess community.

He is an accomplished and experienced player and coach who has dedicated his life to the game of chess. He continues to be a positive role model for chess players of all ages and skill levels.

10. Luis Ramírez de Lucena

Luis Ramírez de Lucena was a Spanish chess player who made a great contribution to the chess world. He is best known for publishing the first chess book that is still available today. This book contains the rules, strategies, and techniques used in playing the game.

It is believed that Luis was the son of Juan de Lucena, a famous humanist writer and diplomat. Juan de Lucena was well-known for his works on philosophy, poetry, and theology. He was also known for his diplomatic efforts in Spain and abroad.

From his father, Luis Ramírez de Lucena inherited a great passion for chess and writing, leading him to publish his book. The book was groundbreaking in its time, and it helped to spread the game of chess to the masses.

It is still revered today for its contribution to the world of chess.


Spain is home to some of the world’s best chess players. These players are highly skilled and have achieved great success in both international and domestic tournaments.

The chess scene in Spain is vibrant and continues to grow, with the country’s players continuing to make a strong showing in international tournaments. As Spain continues to invest in its chess scene, we can expect to see more of its players achieve great success in the future.

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