17 Best Boxing Players in Trinidad and Tobago of All Time

Mike Pedersen

Trinidad and Tobago has produced some of the best boxers in the world, with many of them having gone on to gain international recognition in the sport.

From Lennox Lewis, who went on to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion, to Michael Carrère, who won multiple world titles, Trinidad and Tobago’s boxers have a long history of success.

We will take a look at some of the best boxers that the country has produced and explore their accomplishments in the sport.

1. Nigel Paul

Nigel Paul is a talented boxer hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. He has had great success in the boxing world, starting in 2015 when he won the Trinidad & Tobago National Novice Championships.

This accomplishment was a big milestone for him, as it was his first major competition win and it set the stage for future successes. In the same year, he competed in the AMBC American Confederation Boxing Championships, where he achieved a 7th-place finish.

While this was not the result he was hoping for, it was still a respectable result, considering the high level of competition he was up against.

This experience was invaluable for Nigel, as it provided valuable knowledge about the sport and the level of competition he would face in the future.

Nigel Paul has come a long way since 2015, and his accomplishments in the boxing world are a testament to his dedication and hard work. He is an outstanding athlete and a great inspiration to those looking to pursue a career in boxing.

2. Leslie Stewart

Leslie Matthew Stewart is a retired Trinidadian boxer who had a remarkable career in the ring. He was a world champion, having held the WBA light heavyweight title in 1987.

In addition to his championship reign, Stewart also challenged for the world title twice. Stewart began his professional career in 1979 and quickly rose through the ranks of the light heavyweight division.

He was known for his excellent boxing skills and technique, which enabled him to win numerous bouts against tough opponents.

He fought in both the United States and his native Trinidad and had a successful career that spanned over a decade. In 1987, Stewart earned a shot at the WBA light heavyweight title.

He was successful in his attempt and won the belt by defeating the reigning champion, Mustafa Hamsho.

Stewart defended his title once, before losing it in a rematch against Hamsho via a controversial decision. Despite the loss, Stewart continued to fight and challenge for world titles. In 1988, he challenged for the IBF middleweight title but came up short against Michael Nunn.

Then in 1989, he had one more shot at the world title when he faced James Kinchen for the WBA light heavyweight title. Stewart lost the fight, but still left an impressive legacy in the sport. In retirement, Stewart has remained active in the boxing community.

He is a trainer and mentor to many of the current fighters and also works as a boxing commentator. His impressive career and accomplishments in the ring will be remembered for a long time.

3. Claude Noel

Claude Noel was a professional boxer from the Caribbean island of Tobago. His boxing career began in 1973 and ended in 1984, during which time he had a very successful run.

Noel held two important titles during his career – the WBA World Lightweight title and the Commonwealth Lightweight title.

This was a remarkable achievement for a boxer from a small island nation like Tobago, and it highlights the talent and hard work that Noel put into his career. The WBA World Lightweight title was Noel’s most prestigious title, and it was held by some of the greatest boxers in the world.

This title was held by fighters such as Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard, and being able to compete at this level was a testament to Noel’s skill as a boxer. The Commonwealth Lightweight title was another important title that he held.

This title was open to all countries in the Commonwealth of Nations, giving Noel the chance to compete against some of the best boxers from the UK, Canada, and other countries. Noel’s career was an impressive one, and it showed that he was able to compete at the highest levels of boxing.

His titles are a testament to his skill and hard work, and they will always be remembered as a major part of Tobago’s boxing history.

4. Aaron Prince

Aaron Prince is a talented middleweight boxer from Trinidad and Tobago. He recently competed at the 2020 Summer Olympics, which was held in Tokyo, Japan.

Aaron Prince represented Trinidad and Tobago in the men’s middleweight event, and he was one of a handful of athletes from his country to compete in the Olympics.

He exhibited a great deal of skill and determination throughout the competition, and he was determined to make a lasting impression on the world stage. Unfortunately, Aaron was unable to advance past the first round, but his performance was still impressive.

Aaron Prince has shown himself to be a dedicated and talented athlete, and he is likely to continue to make a name for himself in the future.

5. Shawn Corbin

Shawn Corbin is a professional boxer from Trinidad and Tobago who competes in the cruiserweight class. Cruiserweight boxers typically weigh between 200 and 219 pounds and compete in a range of weight divisions.

Corbin is one of the most accomplished boxers in this weight class, having earned multiple national and international titles.

He has been the Caribbean lightweight champion, Commonwealth light heavyweight champion, WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation champion, and the WBA Fedecentro light heavyweight champion. He also recently competed in a major international tournament, the WBA World Championships.

Corbin is well known for his aggressive style of boxing, which often sees him taking the fight to his opponents. He is known for his powerful punches and his ability to quickly and accurately adjust to his opponents.

He also has a reputation for being one of the most entertaining boxers to watch. Corbin has been a professional for over a decade and has fought in some of the biggest venues in the sport, including Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Corbin is highly respected in the boxing world and has been featured in several documentaries. He is a great example of how hard work and dedication can pay off. As a professional boxer, Corbin has the support and admiration of many of his fans and peers.

He is a great role model for aspiring boxers and is an inspiration to many.

6. Kertson Manswell

Kertson Manswell is a former professional heavyweight boxer from Trinidad and Tobago who was affectionately known as ‘The Pride of Tobago’. He began his professional boxing career in 2007 and quickly established a reputation as a formidable fighter.

His aggressive style and powerful punches led him to win many of his fights by knockout. He was known for his ability to take and deliver huge blows, making him a favorite among boxing fans.

He retired from professional boxing in 2014, and his legacy lives on through his many fans, who still remember him for his skill and courage inside the ring.

His influence can still be felt within the boxing community in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as international boxing circles.

7. Kurt Sinette

Kurt Sinette is a retired boxer from Trinidad and Tobago who achieved success in the 1995 Pan American Games. He won the bronze medal in the men’s light middleweight category in Mar del Plata, giving him recognition among the boxing community.

Sinette then earned the chance to compete in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, where he placed 17th overall. His accomplishments demonstrate a strong commitment to the sport and provide an example to aspiring boxers.

8. Andrew Fermin

Andrew Fermin is a highly accomplished boxer from Trinidad and Tobago. He has achieved great success in the Central American and Caribbean Games, winning silver medals in two separate weight divisions.

In 2006, he was victorious in the Middleweight division, while four years later he repeated his success in the Light heavyweight division. In 2007, he continued his successful streak by qualifying for the Pan American Games.

In the quarter-finals, however, he was defeated by the Venezuelan boxer Alfonso Blanco. Despite this setback, Fermin remains a highly respected boxer, having achieved two silver medals in the Central American and Caribbean Games.

9. Carlos Suarez


Carlos Antonio Suárez is an American-born Trinidadian boxer who made history by competing at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. He competed in the light flyweight division, the lowest weight class in amateur boxing.

Unfortunately, his Olympic campaign was cut short when he lost a very disputed first-round decision to Ferhat Pehlivan of Turkey. The fight was a close one, with both boxers exchanging punches throughout the match, but the judges ultimately ruled in favor of the Turkish boxer.

This result was highly disputed, with many people believing that Suárez should have been given the victory. However, the decision was final. Despite this disappointment, Suárez is still a successful boxer who has won multiple medals in international tournaments.

He is an inspiration to many aspiring boxers who look up to him and aspire to follow his footsteps.

10. Nirmal Lorick

Nirmal Lorick is a boxer from Trinidad and Tobago. He is best known for his performance at the 1984 Summer Olympics, where he competed in the men’s featherweight event.

Lorick was one of the first boxers from his country to compete in the Olympics, and he put up a valiant effort in the tournament. Despite being an underdog, he showed a lot of skill and determination in the ring, showcasing his talent to a global audience.

Although he lost in the preliminary rounds, Lorick still managed to create a legacy for himself and other Trinidadian and Tobagonian boxers.

His performance at the Olympics had a lasting impact on the sport in his home country, and he is now remembered as a pioneer in the sport.

11. Don Smith

Donald Smith is a professional boxer from Trinidad and Tobago who competed in the men’s light heavyweight event at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Smith is a highly decorated athlete, having won numerous titles throughout his career.

He was a three-time national champion in the light heavyweight division and also won the Caribbean Championship in 1983.

Smith was also the first Trinidadian boxer to represent the country at the Olympics.At the 1984 Summer Olympics, Smith made it to the quarterfinals of the men’s light heavyweight event. He was defeated by eventual gold medalist Pyotr Zaev of the Soviet Union.

Despite not winning a medal, Smith’s performance at the Olympics was impressive and put Trinidad and Tobago on the international boxing map. Throughout his career, Smith has been a role model for young Trinidad and Tobago athletes, inspiring them to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve their goals.

He has also been an advocate for the sport of boxing, donating his time and resources to support the development and growth of the sport in the country. To this day, Smith remains a source of inspiration for Trinidad and Tobago boxers, and his legacy continues to live on.

12. Percy Lewis

Percival Joseph Lewis, more commonly known as Percy Lewis, was a professional boxer from Trinidad and Tobago and Britain. He competed in the featherweight boxing class for both amateur and professional boxing during the 1950s and 1960s.

As an amateur, his featherweight class was the highest weight class he competed in, but as a professional, he also competed in the super featherweight and lightweight classes.

Lewis was an excellent fighter, having achieved success both in the amateur and professional boxing world. During his career as an amateur boxer, he was crowned the Amateur Caribbean Champion in 1955 and 1959, and the British Empire Amateur Champion in 1959.

He was then crowned the Professional Caribbean Champion in 1960 and 1961, and the British Professional Champion in 1962. Lewis’s success in the boxing world earned him recognition and respect from his peers.

He was named the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Boxer of the Year in 1959 and the Professional Boxer of the Year in 1960 and 1961. He also received the Trinidad and Tobago Sportsman of the Year award in 1962. Percy Lewis’ legacy lives on in the boxing world.

He is remembered for his commitment to the sport and his determination to succeed. He is an inspiration to all aspiring boxers, showing that hard work and dedication can lead to great success.

13. Yolande Pompey

Yolande Pompey was a boxer from Trinidad & Tobago who achieved great success during the 1950s.

In 1950 and 1951, he defeated his fellow countryman “Gentle” Daniel but was defeated by Bobby Dawson in 1954. In June 1956, he fought Archie Moore for the light heavyweight title at Harringay Arena.

Unfortunately, he lost the fight but still gained recognition as a formidable opponent.

In 1957, he went on to win another notable fight by knocking out German champion Gerhard Hecht. Pompey’s boxing career is remembered as a successful one, promoting Trinidad & Tobago on the international boxing stage.

He was known for his bravery and courage and is still regarded as a legendary boxer in his home country.

14. Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander is a 60 kg boxer from Port of Spain, Trinidad. He is a talented athlete, having achieved notable success in some of the world’s most prestigious competitions.

In 2013, Michael won a bronze medal at the Pan American Championships, a multi-sport event held annually for the countries of the Americas. It is one of the largest sports events in the region, and Michael’s bronze medal is a testament to his skill and determination.

The following year, Michael won another bronze medal, this time at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. The Commonwealth Games is a multi-sport event held every four years for the members of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Michael’s impressive success in this event shows his dedication to the sport of boxing. Michael went on to win his third bronze medal at the 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz, Mexico.

This event is held every four years for athletes from Central American and Caribbean countries, and Michael’s impressive medal haul here is a testament to his hard work and commitment to the sport.

Michael Alexander is a truly remarkable athlete, having achieved success in some of the most prestigious competitions in the world. His impressive medal haul is a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport of boxing.

15. Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown was a well-known Trinidadian boxer who enjoyed a successful career. She was a four-time world champion, holding the WIBA, WBA, IFBA, and WIBC super bantamweight titles, as well as the IWBF bantamweight title.

Throughout her career, she was known for her tenacity and determination, which helped her reach the highest level in the sport. Brown began her boxing career in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago and quickly established herself as one of the top female boxers in the world.

She earned her first world title in 2008 when she won the IFBA Super Bantamweight title. She then went on to win the WBA and WIBC Super Bantamweight titles in 2009 and 2010 respectively. In 2011, she won the WIBA Super Bantamweight title and the IWBF Bantamweight title in 2012.

Throughout her career, Lisa Brown was an inspiration to many aspiring boxers. Her success and dedication to the sport serve as a reminder of the importance of hard work and perseverance. Her accomplishments will be remembered for years to come.

16. Daniel James

Daniel James, famously known as Gentle Daniel, was a light-heavyweight boxer from Trinidad & Tobago who made a name for himself in the boxing ring.

Daniel had a difficult start in life, spending time in Belmont Orphanage, but he was able to persevere and pursue his dream of becoming a professional boxer.

After a successful career, Daniel eventually retired from boxing in 1953. Daniel’s hard work and dedication to the sport did not go unnoticed, and in 1985 he was inducted into WITCO’s Trinidad & Tobago Sports Hall of Fame.

This honor was a fitting recognition for Daniel’s accomplishments in the boxing ring, and it is a testament to his determination and commitment to the sport.

Daniel’s legacy as a boxer lives on to this day, and he will always be remembered as a champion in the hearts and minds of those who were privileged to witness his greatness.

17. Tariq Abdul Haqq

Tariq Abdul Haqq was a remarkable person. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he was a successful boxer, winning a silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. However, his sporting success was not the only accomplishment in his life.

He also had strong beliefs about his faith and eventually joined the terrorist group, Islamic State. Haqq was passionate about boxing and worked hard to make it to the Commonwealth Games.

His skills in the ring were rewarded when he won the silver medal in 2010, a feat which was celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago. It was a great moment for the country, and it showed the potential of Haqq. However, what happened next was unexpected.

Rather than continue his boxing career, Haqq decided to join Islamic State. This was a radical change of direction for him, and one that has been met with much controversy.

Despite his past successes, many people view him as an extremist and a terrorist. Despite his decision to join Islamic State, Haqq will always be remembered for his achievements in boxing.

His silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games was a great moment, and it showed the potential of what he could have achieved. Sadly, his decision to join Islamic State has overshadowed his sporting success, and he will now always be remembered as a controversial figure.


Trinidad and Tobago has some of the best boxing players in the world. Fighters like George Foreman, Davey Moore, and Hasim Rahman have all contributed to the success of the country’s boxing tradition.

There are many rising stars in the sport of boxing in Trinidad and Tobago, and the nation is sure to produce great champions in the future.

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