Top 10 Most Successful Seychelles Boxing Players of All Time

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Seychelles is an island nation in the Indian Ocean that is home to some of the world’s best professional boxers. From Olympians to world champions, these highly skilled athletes have earned their place in the ranks of the top boxing stars in the world.

We will be exploring the backgrounds of the best boxers from Seychelles, their accomplishments, and their current standings in the boxing world.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or just want to learn more about the best boxers in Seychelles, read on!.

1. Andrique Allisop


Andrique Allisop is an amateur boxer from Seychelles. Born in the capital city of Victoria, he has achieved great success in boxing.

He was awarded the title of Sportsman of the Year in 2012 and 2014, a testament to his excellence in the sport. Allison was trained by Rival Payet and was chosen to represent Seychelles in the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London.

He competed in the Lightweight Division, showing his skill and determination in the ring. Allisop’s talent is undeniable, as his numerous awards have shown.

He is a great example of what one can achieve despite the odds, and his story is inspiring to those looking to make a name for themselves in the world of boxing.

2. Gerry Legras

Gerry Legras is a former boxer from the Seychelles, a group of islands located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. He represented his country in the Men’s Light Welterweight event at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

In his match against Dairo Esalas of Colombia, Legras was victorious by a score of 26–12. He put on an impressive display of boxing skill and technique, relying on a combination of efficient defense and powerful offense to outclass his opponent.

Legras was able to land more punches, scoring points for his team, and his excellent footwork and agility allowed him to stay one step ahead of his opponent throughout the match.

His impressive performance earned him a standing ovation from the crowd and secured a place in the history of Seychelles’s boxing achievements.

3. Ramy Zialor

Ramy Patrick Zialor is a former boxer from the Seychelles, a small archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean. He is known for being the first Seychellois to ever compete in the Olympic Games.

Zialor achieved this feat when he participated in the men’s featherweight category at the 1980 Summer Olympics. Zialor’s impressive boxing career started in the late 1970s when he was chosen to represent his country at the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada.

He then followed this up with a memorable performance at the 1980 Olympics, where he became the first Seychellois to compete at the Olympic Games.

Even though he was unable to medal at the 1980 Olympics, Zialor was determined to make his country proud and he did so by becoming the first Seychellois to make it to the Olympics. After the 1980 Olympics, Zialor continued to have an impressive career in the boxing ring.

He represented the Seychelles at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia, where he notched up a silver medal in the men’s featherweight category.

He also competed at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, making him a double Olympian. Despite his success in the ring, Zialor remains a humble and unassuming individual who is remembered fondly by the people of the Seychelles.

His legacy as the first Seychellois to represent his country at the Olympics will always be remembered and celebrated.

4. Roland Raforme

Roland Bernard Raforme is an accomplished athlete from Seychelles. He has competed in boxing at the Summer Olympics on two occasions, representing his home nation in the light heavyweight category.

At the 1992 Olympics, he was able to make it to the quarter-finals but was ultimately defeated by the Hungarian boxer Zoltán Béres. Raforme’s Olympic journey began in 1988 when he made his debut at the Summer Games in Seoul.

At the time, he was just 21 years old and was considered one of the most promising light heavyweight boxers in the world.

He was able to put up a good fight in his first Olympic event, but ultimately lost in the first round to the eventual gold medalist, American fighter Andrew Maynard. Four years later, Raforme returned to the Olympics in Barcelona.

He was determined to make it further in the competition this time around. He achieved success in the early rounds, winning his first two bouts and advancing to the quarter-finals.

Unfortunately, his run was cut short by the Hungarian boxer Zoltán Béres, who won the match on points. Raforme’s Olympic career may have come to an end in 1992, but his boxing career continued.

He competed in several international tournaments throughout the rest of the 1990s and also held several regional titles. Even though he never reached the same heights as he did at the Olympics, he is still remembered as one of the greatest Seychellois boxers of all time.

5. Ralph Labrosse

Ralph Labrosse is a professional boxer from the Seychelles, a small island nation located in the Indian Ocean.

He is known for his accomplishments in the sport and for being the first Seychellois to ever compete in the Olympic Games. Labrosse competed in the men’s light middleweight event at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

This event was only the second time that boxing had been included in the Olympics since its reintroduction in 1904.

Labrosse was one of the only boxers from the Seychelles to compete in the event and he was the first athlete from his country to ever take part in the Olympics. Though Labrosse did not win a medal, his participation in the Games is considered a great achievement by the people of his nation.

It was a historic moment that inspired many other athletes from the Seychelles to pursue their dreams of competing in the Olympics. Labrosse’s courage and tenacity were an example to all Seychellois, and his success was celebrated by the entire nation.

6. Rival Cadeau

Rival Cadeau-Payet is an impressive former light middleweight boxer from the Republic of Seychelles. He is a highly accomplished athlete, having represented his country at several major events.

At the 1990 Commonwealth Games, he made a great impression, fighting in the light middleweight division and earning a respectable finish. His success continued at the 1992 Summer Olympics, where he once again represented Seychelles in the same weight class.

Although he did not win a medal, his performance was notable and he earned a respectable finish.

In the following years, Cadeau-Payet continued to be a major presence in the boxing world, competing in the 1994 Commonwealth Games, 1995 All-Africa Games, and the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Each time, he proudly represented Seychelles and showed that he was a force to be reckoned with. His impressive accomplishments are a testament to his skill and dedication as an athlete.

7. Basil Boniface

Basil Boniface is a boxer from the Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. He is best known for his participation in the 1984 Summer Olympics.

He competed in the men’s welterweight event at the Games, the weight class in which fighters are between 147 and 154 pounds. In the Olympics, Boniface put on a strong performance but was ultimately defeated in the first round.

Despite the loss, he was still able to make a name for himself and inspire many other Seychellois athletes.

His success at the Olympics demonstrated the potential of Seychellois athletes, and even today, Boniface is remembered as a role model for aspiring boxers and athletes from the island country.

8. Michael Pillay

Michael Pillay is a former boxer from the Seychelles, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. He is also a founding member of the Seychelles Olympians Association. Pillay represented his country at the 1980 Olympic Games, competing in the men’s welterweight category.

He was one of the first athletes from the Seychelles to take part in the Olympics, and his success in the sport has served as an inspiration to many of his countrymen to follow in his footsteps.

Pillay’s legacy as an Olympic athlete and a founding member of the Seychelles Olympians Association has permanently etched his name into the history of the Seychelles.

9. Jean-Claude Labonte

Jean-Claude Labonte is a professional boxer from the Seychelles islands. He is best known for his participation in the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California. Labonte competed in the men’s lightweight event at the Games, representing his native country.

As a lightweight boxer, Labonte had to adhere to a strict weight limit of 132 pounds or less. He was one of many athletes from the Seychelles to compete in the 1984 Olympics, and his participation was seen as a source of pride for his nation.

Despite the competition being stiff, Labonte managed to make a name for himself in the lightweight division. He was a formidable opponent and showed great skill in the ring. His hard work paid off, as he was able to secure a respectable finish in the event.

While he did not medal, his performance was still praised by many. Labonte’s Olympic experience was a major milestone in his boxing career. He used the experience to propel himself forward and continue to compete in amateur and professional boxing tournaments.

He also served as an inspiration for young boxers from the Seychelles, showing them that it is possible to compete on the world stage and make one’s mark. To this day, Labonte is remembered for his legacy at the 1984 Olympic Games.

10. Kitson Julie

Kitson Julie is a former boxer from Seychelles, an archipelago nation off the coast of East Africa. He was able to qualify for the 2004 Summer Olympics by winning the gold medal at the African Championships in Gaborone, Botswana.

When he arrived in Athens for the Games, he competed in the light welterweight event. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the first round by his Australian opponent Anoushiravan Nourian.

Despite this defeat, Kitson Julie’s accomplishments remain impressive, showing his tremendous drive and ambition to compete and represent Seychelles at the highest level of sport.


The best boxing players in Seychelles are some of the most talented and dedicated athletes in the world. They are well-known for their exceptional skills, strength, and determination.

Their dedication to the sport has enabled them to become some of the best boxers in the world. They have achieved great success in the sport and have set a great example for aspiring boxers.

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