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Morocco has a rich history of boxing that dates back to the early 1960s, with the emergence of a number of great boxers from the country. Over the years, these boxers have earned international recognition for their prowess in the ring, with some even becoming world champions.

From Muhammad Ali’s masterful technique to the power of Saad Bouhadda, Morocco has produced some of the world’s best boxers.

We will take a look at a few of the greatest Moroccan boxers of all time and learn a little bit more about their amazing accomplishments.

1. Mohammed Rabii

Mohammed Rabii is a professional boxer from Morocco. He made history when he won a bronze medal in the men’s welterweight event at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He is the first Moroccan boxer to have ever won an Olympic medal, and his success has brought much pride to his country.

Rabii is a dedicated athlete who has worked hard to achieve his goals. He is an inspiration to many, showing that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. Rabii’s accomplishment is even more impressive considering that he had to overcome many obstacles in his path.

He had to train hard and stay focused in order to make it to the Olympics. Despite the fact that he was competing against some of the best boxers in the world, Rabii was able to come out on top and make history for his country.

2. Khadija Mardi

Khadija Mardi, also known as Khadija El Mardi, is a Moroccan boxer who has made a name for herself in the world of boxing. She is currently the Heavyweight Women’s IBA World Boxing Champion, a title she has held for several years.

She is the first Moroccan woman to hold this title and her success has inspired many other female boxers in her country. Mardi’s career began when she was just a young girl, boxing in her local gym.

Her hard work and dedication to the sport paid off and eventually she was chosen to join the Moroccan national team.

From there, she went on to compete in international events and tournaments, eventually winning the IBA Heavyweight World Championship. Mardi is now an inspiration for many young Moroccan girls who aspire to become professional boxers.

She has proven that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. She is a role model for young people everywhere, showing that it is possible to achieve success in any field regardless of gender or background.

3. Youssef Boughanem

Youssef Boughanem is a highly accomplished Muay Thai and kickboxer from Morocco-Belgium. He is the proud owner of the prestigious WKN super welterweight Muay Thai title.

Additionally, Boughanem is also a former Lumpinee Stadium, Rajadamnern Stadium and WBC Muay Thai World Middleweight Champion. It is clear that he has achieved a great deal of success in his career. Boughanem currently trains at the highly esteemed Petchsaman Gym in Thailand.

This is one of the most respected gyms in the world and is known for producing some of the best Muay Thai and kickboxing champions. It is obvious that Boughanem is dedicated to his craft and is constantly striving to improve his skills and techniques.

Overall, Youssef Boughanem is an extremely talented and successful Muay Thai and kickboxer. He has achieved a great deal of success in his career and is currently training at one of the most respected gyms in the world.

It is clear that he is fully committed to his craft and is determined to continue achieving great things in the world of kickboxing.

4. Khalid Rahilou

Khalid Rahilou is a former professional boxer from Morocco. He was a very successful boxer during his career, having held two prestigious titles. In 1997, Rahilou won the WBA light-welterweight world title and held it until 1998.

He also held the EBU European title from 1994 to 1995. His achievements attest to his skill as a boxer and the level of competition he faced during his career. His success in these titles earned him recognition and respect from other boxers and fans alike.

Rahilou’s accomplishments are a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport.

5. Abdelhak Achik

Abdelhak Achik was a Moroccan amateur boxer who made a name for himself on the global stage. He competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, and won a bronze medal in the men’s featherweight division.

Achik was the first Moroccan boxer to ever win a medal at the Olympic Games, making it a major milestone in his career and in the history of Moroccan boxing.

He was a well-known and respected boxer in his home country, and his accomplishments on the international stage helped to inspire a new generation of Moroccan boxers. Achik’s success was an example of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and determination.

He has since retired from boxing, but his legacy continues to live on.

6. Mohammed Achik

Mohamed Abdelhak Achik is a former Moroccan amateur boxer who had a distinguished career in the ring. He began boxing in his home country of Morocco and quickly rose to the top of the amateur ranks.

At the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Achik won a bronze medal in the men’s bantamweight category. This achievement made him the first Moroccan boxer to ever make it to the podium at the Olympic Games.

His success propelled him to national fame in Morocco and he was celebrated as a hero. Achik retired shortly after the 1992 Olympics and is now remembered as a symbol of Moroccan national pride.

He is an example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success, no matter where you come from.

7. Hamid Berhili

Hamid Berhili is a retired Moroccan boxer with a distinguished international career. He competed in two Summer Olympics, in 1992 and 1996, representing his North African country.

He is most famous for his victory at the 1995 World Amateur Championships in Berlin, Germany, where he won the bronze medal in the light flyweight division.

Berhili was praised for his skill and strength, and his achievements at the tournament are considered a highlight of his career. Over the years, he has become an inspiration to other aspiring boxers from his home country.

Despite being retired from the sport, Berhili is still celebrated for his achievements and continues to be a source of inspiration to many.

8. Moussa Gholam

Moussa Gholam is an accomplished professional boxer from Morocco. He has been a part of the boxing scene since 2019 and has since achieved a great deal of success.

In 2019, Gholam earned the WBO Inter-Continental super featherweight title, a prestigious title that he has held ever since. This title is an indication of Gholam’s skill and dedication to the sport of boxing.

He has received recognition for his impressive boxing record, with some even calling him the next big star of Moroccan boxing. Gholam’s rise to become a champion has been the result of his hard work and dedication to the sport.

He has trained rigorously and consistently to improve his skills and technique, which has enabled him to consistently perform at a high level in the ring.

His dedication to the sport of boxing has been inspiring to many, and he continues to be an example of excellence for the sport.

9. Najib Daho

Najib Daho was a professional boxer who achieved two major titles during his illustrious career. He was the English Commonwealth lightweight champion, a title he held from 1996 to 1998.

This title was awarded to him after he demonstrated his superior boxing skills, and was a testament to his dedication and hard work. In addition to that, Daho was also the British super-featherweight champion from 1998 to 2001.

Becoming a champion in two different weight classes is a difficult feat, and Daho was able to do so with his impressive technique and powerful punches. He was a formidable opponent inside the ring, and his titles are a testament to his dedication and commitment to the sport.

10. Said Ouali

Said Ouali is a professional boxer from Belgium, competing in the welterweight division. His career has been marked by success, and his impressive boxing skills have earned him a number of nicknames.

He is most famously known as “The Prince”, a nickname that reflects his status as a champion boxer in Belgium. He is also known as “The Crowd Pleaser” due to his entertaining and exciting style of boxing which often keeps the crowd on their feet.

Additionally, he is sometimes referred to as “The Maaseik Sledgehammer”, a nickname that is derived from his hometown of Maaseik, and is a nod to his powerful punches.

Ouali is truly a boxer to be admired, and with his impressive skills and dedication to the sport, he has earned his place in the boxing world.

11. Yassine El Maachi


Yassine El Maachi is a professional boxer of Moroccan and British descent. He is currently the International Master champion and has achieved major success with his most notable win coming from the Prizefighter series Welterweight in June 2011.

Because of his success in the boxing world, he is often referred to as “The Showman.” El Maachi is known for his impressive power and strength in the ring. He has built a reputation for himself as a formidable opponent and is highly respected by both his peers and fans.

He is an experienced and accomplished boxer with a long list of achievements to his name.

El Maachi is also known for his showmanship and entertaining style inside the ring, which has earned him the nickname “The Showman.” He is a formidable force in the boxing world and continues to make a name for himself.

12. Badr Hari


Badr Hari is a well-known figure in the world of kickboxing. He is a Moroccan-Dutch kickboxer who has achieved a great deal of success in the sport. He has held the K-1 Heavyweight World Champion title, as well as the It’s Showtime Heavyweight World Champion title.

He has also been a finalist in the K-1 World Grand Prix of 2008 and 2009. Thanks to his many accomplishments, Badr Hari is widely considered to be one of the best kickboxers of all time. His skill and technique in the ring are what sets him apart from other fighters.

He is also known for his aggressive fighting style, which has earned him a reputation as a fierce competitor. His athleticism and strength have been instrumental in his success, making him one of the most formidable opponents in the sport.

Badr Hari has shown that he is dedicated to the sport of kickboxing and is determined to continue to reach the highest levels of success. He has inspired many aspiring kickboxers to follow in his footsteps and strive to be the best that they can be.

His legacy as one of the greatest kickboxers of all time is sure to remain for many years to come.

13. M’Hammed Rabii

Mohammed Rabii is a Moroccan professional footballer who currently plays in the UAE Pro League. He is currently on loan from Al Jazira, a club from the same league, to Ittihad Kalba.

Rabii is a defender for Ittihad Kalba, and his primary duty is to protect the goal and keep the opposition from scoring. He is an experienced player, having played in the Moroccan League before joining Al Jazira.

He is highly valued for his defensive capabilities and has become an integral part of Ittihad Kalba’s squad. Rabii’s presence in the team has allowed them to compete at a higher level and develop a stronger defense.

With Rabii’s help, Ittihad Kalba has the potential to make it to the top of the league.

14. Ilias Bulaid

Ilias Bulaid is a talented athlete who is of both Moroccan and Dutch heritage. He has achieved numerous accolades in the world of kickboxing and mixed martial arts. In 2016, Ilias was the runner-up in the K-1 World Super Lightweight Tournament.

This tournament is one of the most prestigious kickboxing events in the world. His success in the tournament demonstrated his skill as a kickboxer. Additionally, Ilias is the former Enfusion 67 kg World Champion.

This award is given to athletes who demonstrate exceptional skill in the sport of mixed martial arts. Ilias’ success in both kickboxing and mixed martial arts is a testament to his athleticism and dedication to the sports.

He is a true example of what hard work and determination can achieve.

15. Jamal Ben Saddik


Jamal Ben Saddik is an impressive athlete who has made a name for himself in the world of professional kickboxing. He is a Belgian-Moroccan fighter who has had an impressive career in the sport.

He has been a two-time Glory Heavyweight Championship challenger, and in 2018 he was the winner of the Glory Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament. His career accomplishments have earned him recognition from Combat Press, who ranked him as one of the top ten heavyweight fighters from September 2015 to July 2021.

During this time, he reached his highest ranking of number three.

His commitment to excellence, dedication to training, and impressive fights have helped him gain the respect and admiration of the kickboxing community. Jamal Ben Saddik is an example of the hard work and dedication required to become a successful professional athlete.

His accomplishments in the ring are a testament to his skill and dedication, and he is an inspiration for aspiring kickboxers and martial artists everywhere.

16. Rabab Cheddar

Rabab Cheddar is a Moroccan athlete who competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics. She competed in the women’s flyweight event, a boxing category for fighters who weigh in between 112-115 pounds. Cheddar is a seasoned boxer, having won multiple titles in her home country of Morocco.

She is the reigning African champion and has also medaled at international competitions. Her appearance at the Olympics was a proud moment for her and her country, as she was the first Moroccan woman to compete in the Olympics in boxing.

Cheddar was a strong competitor in the event, making it to the quarterfinals before being eliminated. Her performance was an inspiring show of determination and strength, and she is sure to be remembered as a trailblazer in her sport.

17. Gassan Ahadme

Gassan Ahadme Yahyai is an accomplished professional footballer who is currently playing for the English club, Cambridge United. He originally belonged to the Ipswich Town club, and was loaned out to Cambridge United.

Yahyai was born in Spain, but he has chosen to represent Morocco at the youth international level. His position as a second-striker gives him the opportunity to help his team by taking shots from the midfield and supporting the strikers in creating attacking chances.

Yahyai is an important asset for Cambridge United, and his presence has been a great help in improving their overall performance in the league. He is a talented player who has the ability to make a difference in any game he plays.

18. Ottman Azaitar

Ottman Azaitar is an impressive figure in the world of mixed martial arts. He is a German-Moroccan athlete who currently competes in the Lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Ottman is the younger brother of Abu Azaitar, who is also a fighter in the UFC. Ottman Azaitar has made a name for himself in the world of MMA.

Having trained in Karate, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu, he has developed a well-rounded skill set that allows him to compete at a high level.

He has won multiple fights in the UFC and continues to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. Ottman and his brother Abu have become a popular duo in the MMA world.

They are both highly respected fighters in their respective divisions and have been able to bring their own unique styles to the cage.

Ottman is a well-rounded striker and grappler, while Abu is a powerful striker who likes to use his size and strength to overwhelm opponents. The Azaitar brothers have become a popular draw for the UFC, as they both bring a unique style to the cage.

They are both highly skilled and have the ability to finish fights in spectacular fashion. Ottman and Abu have become a fixture in the UFC Lightweight division, and have solidified their names as some of the best fighters in the division.

19. Tarik Khbabez

Tarik Khbabez is a highly accomplished Dutch kickboxer who currently competes in the light heavyweight division for Glory, the world’s premier kickboxing organization. He is the current interim Glory Light Heavyweight Champion, having won the title in 2019.

He formerly competed for the SUPERKOMBAT Fighting Championship, where he achieved a high level of success, winning the SUPERKOMBAT World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament in 2015.

Khbabez has become a recognized name in the kickboxing world and is regarded as one of the best light heavyweights in the world. He has a strong base in traditional kickboxing techniques and has also developed an aggressive, hard-hitting style that has made him a fan favorite.

With his impressive resume and impressive skill set, Tarik Khbabez is a name to be reckoned with in the world of kickboxing.

20. Ibrahim El Bouni

Ibrahim El Bouni is a professional kickboxer who hails from the Netherlands and Morocco. He is currently signed to Glory, one of the world’s top mixed martial arts promotions, and has previously competed for ONE Championship, SUPERKOMBAT, and K-1.

El Bouni is currently ranked as one of the top light heavyweight kickboxers in the world. According to Combat Press, a leading source for combat sports rankings, El Bouni is the tenth best light heavyweight in the world as of September 2022.

Beyond Kick, another leading source for combat sports rankings ranks El Bouni as the ninth best light heavyweight in the world as of October 2022.

This speaks to El Bouni’s stature as one of the world’s elite kickboxers and shows that he has the skills and experience to compete with the very best in the sport.


The best boxers in Morocco have established a strong tradition of boxing in the country and have distinguished themselves with their exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

They have proven their worth in the international boxing arena and have set the bar high for the future generations of Moroccan boxers.

Their commitment to the sport has inspired many to pursue boxing as a career and has also helped raise the profile of the sport in the country.

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