6 Boxing Players in Kyrgyzstan Best of All Time

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Kyrgyzstan is a small Central Asian country that has produced some of the most talented and successful boxers in the world.

From the former Soviet Union era to the modern era of professional boxing, Kyrgyzstan has produced a number of champions and contenders who have made their mark in the sport.

From Olympic medalists to world champions, boxers from Kyrgyzstan have earned a reputation for being among the best in the world. In this article, we will take a look at some of the greatest boxers from Kyrgyzstan and the honors they have achieved.

1. Kid Diamond

Almazbek Raiymkulov, more commonly known as Kid Diamond, is a retired boxer who had a successful career in the Lightweight division.

He was the National Association of Boxing Federations (NABF) Champion and was one of the first professional fighters from Kyrgyzstan to become known on an international level. Kid Diamond’s career began when he competed in the Sydney Summer Olympics and earned fourth place.

Afterward, he decided to turn professional and eventually gained recognition as a skilled boxer. He was able to make a name for himself in the Lightweight division and is now remembered as one of the first professional fighters from Kyrgyzstan..

2. Orzubek Nazarov


Orzubek Nazarov is an Uzbek boxer who achieved great success in his sport. He won the bronze medal at the 1986 World Amateur Boxing Championships, held in Reno, Nevada.

This feat alone marked him as a world-class competitor, and his success would only increase from there. Nazarov went on to become the WBA Lightweight Champion in 1998, a title which he held for three years.

He was the first Uzbek boxer to hold such a prestigious title, and his achievement made him a national hero in his home country.

He was also the first Uzbek athlete to win a medal at the World Amateur Boxing Championships. Throughout his career, Nazarov was known for his aggressive style of boxing, often taking the fight to his opponents and looking for the knockout punch.

He was also known for his strong punch, which enabled him to finish fights quickly. His success in the ring earned him a great deal of respect from the boxing community. Nazarov retired from the sport in 2002, but his legacy continues to live on.

He is remembered as one of the most successful boxers to come out of Uzbekistan and is an inspiration to many young athletes in the country. His accomplishments will not soon be forgotten.

3. Dilmurod Satybaldiev


Dilmurod Akramzhanovich Satybaldiev is an impressive athlete, who is both Kyrgyz and Russian. He is a professional boxer and has been competing in the sport since 2013 when he made the transition to professional fighting.

Satybaldiev is a highly respected fighter and is known for his tenacity and skill in the ring. He has fought in a range of weight classes and has earned a number of victories in his professional career.

Satybaldiev is the current holder of the WBC Eurasia Pacific Lightweight title, which he won in 2019. The Kyrgyz-Russian boxer has a strong fan base and is a popular figure in both countries.

He has been featured in a number of news articles and has attracted attention from fans of boxing around the world. Satybaldiev is a role model for many aspiring athletes, and his success is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport.

Satybaldiev continues to be a successful professional boxer and is an inspiration to many. He is a great example of how hard work and determination can lead to success in any field.

4. Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina Anatolievna Shevchenko is a Kyrgyzstani and Peruvian professional mixed martial artist who is also a former Muay Thai fighter. She is currently competing in the women’s Flyweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Shevchenko has had great success in the women’s Flyweight division, as she is the current holder of the UFC Women’s Flyweight Championship. Shevchenko is a highly decorated martial artist, having earned many medals and awards in both Muay Thai and mixed martial arts.

She is also highly respected in the martial arts community, as she has beaten some of the top contenders in the divisions she competes in. Shevchenko is well known for her technical skills and her ability to outlast her opponents in close fights.

She is an inspiration to many martial artists who strive to reach her level of success.

5. Antonina Shevchenko

Antonina Shevchenko is a world-renowned Muay Thai fighter and mixed martial artist. She is from Kyrgyzstan and Peru and currently competes in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Her sister, Valentina Shevchenko, is also a UFC fighter and was the former UFC Flyweight champion. Antonina is a multiple-time world champion in Muay Thai and holds multiple titles in kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

She is an accomplished martial artist, having trained with some of the top coaches in the world. She is also the founder and head coach of the Muay Thai Academy in Peru, where she trains and teaches her students.

Antonina is an inspirational figure in the world of combat sports, having achieved success in both the standing and ground disciplines. Her passion for martial arts has taken her around the world, competing in various international tournaments and world championships.

Her success in the UFC has only added to her already impressive resume and she is now considered one of the top female fighters in the world.

6. Erkin Adylbek Uulu

Erkin Adylbek Uulu is a professional boxer from Kyrgyzstan. He stands at 1.9m tall and is a light heavyweight. In 2016, Uulu competed in the Summer Olympics in the men’s light heavyweight event.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the competition by Juan Carlos Carrillo in the round of 32. Despite the loss, Uulu received a great honor of being the flag bearer for Kyrgyzstan at the Parade of Nations.

This is a huge accomplishment and shows the respect and admiration he has earned from his home country. Uulu has proven himself to be a dedicated and talented athlete, and his efforts will no doubt continue to be celebrated.


The best boxers in Kyrgyzstan have demonstrated remarkable skill, dedication, and hard work in their respective disciplines.

From world-class professionals to amateur boxers, these athletes have not only earned the respect of their peers but have also achieved great success in the international arena.

With a strong commitment to the sport and a commitment to excellence, these Kyrgyzstan boxers have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.

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