Top 18 Most Popular Bobsleigh Players in Australia

Matt Reynolds

The sport of Bobsleigh has been around since the late 19th century and has provided a thrilling ride for winter sports fans ever since. Australia is home to some of the world’s best bobsleigh athletes, who have earned international recognition for their talent and skill.

These athletes have represented their country proudly on the world stage and have achieved remarkable results in the sport. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best bobsleigh players in Australia and what makes them so special.

We will also be exploring their backgrounds and accomplishments, as well as the challenges they have faced along the way. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to know more about bobsleigh in Australia, read on!

1. Duncan Pugh

Duncan Michael Pugh was an Australian bobsledder who competed in the Winter Olympic Games. He was born in Australia and started his career in bobsledding in the mid-1980s. Pugh was the first Australian to compete in bobsledding in the Winter Olympic Games.

He represented Australia at the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, and competed in the two-man and four-man bobsled events.

He and his teammates achieved a notable fourth-place finish in the four-man event, making Pugh the first Australian bobsledder to finish in the top four. Outside of the Olympics, Pugh was a consistent competitor in World Cup events throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

He won the World Cup two-man race in Cesana, Italy, in 2000, and he regularly achieved top-ten finishes in the four-man competition.

He also competed in other international bobsled events, including the World Championships and the European Championships. Pugh was an inspiration to many Australian bobsledders who followed in his footsteps, and his legacy lives on in the sport.

He was an important figure in the development of bobsledding in Australia and a role model to aspiring bobsledders around the world. He was a true pioneer of the sport and will be remembered for his achievements both on and off the track.

2. Breeana Walker

Breeana “Bree” Walker is an Australian athlete who has made a successful transition from track and field to bobsledding. She began her career as a hurdler, but in 2016 she decided to switch to bobsledding.

Bree’s decision paid off, as she made her debut in the Bobsleigh World Cup in 2018-19. During this time, she also won several monobob competitions, reaffirming her status as a top bobsledder.

Her success reflects the dedication she has for her new sport, and serves as a great example for those who may be considering switching to bobsledding. Bree has proven that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.

3. Astrid Loch-Wilkinson

Astrid Loch-Wilkinson is an Australian bobsledder who has been competing since 2003. She is also known as Astrid Radjenovic and is a well-known competitor in the sport. Astrid began her bobsledding career at the age of 17 and since then has competed in numerous races.

She is a four-time Olympian, having competed in the 2002, 2006, 2010, and 2014 Winter Olympics. Her best performance was a fourth-place finish in the two-woman event at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Astrid has also won several World Cup medals and is a five-time Australian Bobsleigh champion. She is an enthusiastic and hardworking athlete who is dedicated to her sport and has earned the respect of her peers and other competitors.

Astrid is an inspiration to many young bobsledders who wish to follow in her footsteps and achieve success in the sport.

4. Adam Barclay

Adam Barclay is a former Australian bobsledder who represented his country at two Winter Olympic Games.

He was part of the Australian team at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway and the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Adam Barclay was born in Australia and grew up watching the Winter Olympic Games on television.

As a young man, he was inspired to become a bobsledder and he dedicated himself to achieving his goal.

He trained hard and eventually earned a spot on the Australian team for the 1994 Winter Olympics. At the 1994 Olympics, Adam Barclay competed in the two-man bobsled event alongside his teammate, Chris Needham.

Despite their best efforts, the Australian team could not place on the podium and finished in fifteenth place. Four years later, Adam Barclay was back for his second Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

This time, he competed in the four-man bobsled event with teammates Chris Needham, Anthony Litt, and Johnathan Turner.

Unfortunately, the Australian team could not improve on their 1994 results and once again finished in fifteenth place. Adam Barclay’s Olympic career came to an end after the 1998 Winter Olympics.

He retired from competitive bobsledding and began coaching, helping to train the next generation of Australian bobsledders. He still remains an important figure in the Australian bobsledding community and is an inspiration to aspiring Winter Olympians.

5. Duncan Harvey

Duncan Harvey is an Australian bobsledder who began competing in 2008. His first major competition was the FIBT World Championships 2009 in Lake Placid, New York, where he achieved a respectable 29th place in the two-man event.

Prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Harvey competed in lesser events, and earned his best finish of third on two occasions. This success was a stepping stone for his career, as it gave him the confidence to compete at the highest level.

Harvey’s hard work and dedication have been rewarded as he continues to compete at the highest level, and has become one of the most successful bobsledders in Australia.

6. Anthony Ryan

Anthony Ryan is an Australian bobsledder who has been competing since 2009. He made his Olympic debut in 2010, when he finished 22nd in the two-man event at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Ryan’s best finish prior to the Olympics was a second place in a two-man event held in Park City, Utah in November 2009. This result was indicative of the talent and dedication that Ryan has brought to the sport since he began competing.

His performance at the Olympics was impressive considering the relatively short amount of time he had been competing at an international level.

Ryan has since become a role model for aspiring bobsledders around the world, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve success quickly with hard work and determination.

7. Stephen Craig

Stephen Craig is an Australian bobsledder who has competed in the Olympic Games. He participated in the four man event at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Craig was the first Australian to compete in a Winter Olympic bobsled event.

He was part of a four-man team, which included Stephen Davison, Graeme Brown, and Mark Nielsen.

The team finished in 13th place overall in the 1988 Games. Craig has been involved in bobsledding since the mid-1980s and has been an active competitor in both the two-man and four-man events.

He has won numerous international medals over the years and has been the Australian four-man bobsled champion eight times.

He also competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France, and the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. Craig is a passionate advocate for the sport of bobsledding in Australia and has been working with the Australian Bobsleigh Federation to promote and develop the sport in the country.

He has been an integral part of the Australian Bobsleigh team’s success in recent years and his experience and expertise have been invaluable in helping Australian athletes reach their goals.

8. Christopher Spring

Christopher Spring is an internationally acclaimed athlete, having competed in the Olympic Games in bobsledding since 2008. He is both an Australian and Canadian citizen, and has represented both countries in different competitions.

In 2010, Spring competed in the Winter Olympics, representing Australia in the two-man bobsledding event. His success in the event was remarkable, as he not only competed for two countries but was also able to achieve success in the two-man event.

Spring’s perseverance and dedication to the sport of bobsledding have been an inspiration to many athletes around the world.

His success serves as a testament to the power of hard work and dedication, and his story is one that many athletes can look to as an example of what is achievable with the right attitude and effort.

9. Kylie Reed

Kylie Reed is a former Australian athlete who has competed in both bobsledding and track and field. Her most notable achievement was competing in the two woman event at the 2006 Winter Olympics. In track and field, she specialized in both long jump and short sprints.

Her impressive resume includes being the 2000 Australian national champion in the long jump. Reed’s dedication to her sports and hard work have been rewarded by her notable accomplishments.

Her impressive athletic skills and talent have been recognized by both fans and peers alike. Despite the fact that she is no longer an active bobsledder and track and field athlete, her achievements will remain as a reminder of her legacy.

Reed’s impressive career has been an inspiration for many aspiring athletes. Her passion and commitment to her sports have been an example of what one can achieve with hard work and dedication.

With her impressive resume, Kylie Reed has proven that success is achievable with the right attitude and determination.

10. Ted Polglaze

Ted Polglaze is an Australian bobsledder who is well known for his participation in the four man event at the 1998 Winter Olympics. He is a highly decorated athlete who proudly represented his country at the event. As an athlete, Ted Polglaze is highly dedicated to his sport.

He has trained extensively and put a lot of hard work into training for the Winter Olympics. His hard work and dedication paid off as he was able to compete in the four man event at the 1998 Winter Olympics. The 1998 Winter Olympics were held in Nagano, Japan.

This was the first time that the Olympics were held in Japan and the first time that the Winter Olympics were held in Asia.

It was an exciting and historic event for the country and the world of sports. The four man event at the 1998 Winter Olympics was a highly competitive event. Ted Polglaze was one of the few athletes who was able to compete in the event.

He put his skills and determination to the test in order to compete at a high level. Ted Polglaze is an inspirational athlete who has been able to achieve his dreams. His hard work and dedication has paid off as he was able to compete at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

He is a symbol of hard work and determination and continues to inspire others to reach for their dreams.

11. Glenn Carroll

Glenn Carroll is an Australian bobsledder who represented his country at the 1994 Winter Olympics in the two man and four man events. As an athlete, Carroll has always been determined and dedicated to his sport, continuously striving to reach higher levels of competition.

He has dedicated countless hours to training and competing in order to reach the Olympics. The two man bobsled event is a two-person event in which two competitors compete against each other on a bobsled track.

The competitors need to be well-coordinated and experienced in order to have a successful run. The four man bobsled event involves four competitors on the same track.

The combined weight of the four competitors, plus the bobsled itself, must be taken into consideration in order to achieve the best possible results. Glenn Carroll’s hard work and dedication to bobsledding paid off when he was chosen to compete in the 1994 Winter Olympics in both the two man and four man events.

His presence at the Olympics is a testament to the level of dedication he must have put into his training. Carroll is an inspiration to all Australian bobsledders and athletes alike, showing that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

12. Angus Stuart

Angus Stuart is an Australian athlete who specialised in the sport of bobsledding. He represented his country at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, where he competed in the two-man event.

This was a major achievement for an Australian athlete, as bobsledding is not a sport that is traditionally associated with the country.

Despite the odds, Angus was able to qualify for the Olympics, and his participation was seen as a major success for the Australian bobsledding community. Stuart’s performance at the 1988 Olympics was impressive, as he was able to finish in the top 20 in the two-man event, despite the fact that he was competing against athletes from other countries with more experience in the sport.

This remarkable achievement highlighted Stuart’s skill and determination, and showcased his natural talent. Angus Stuart’s participation in the 1988 Winter Olympics is still remembered and respected within the Australian bobsledding community.

His success is seen as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, and he is credited with helping to increase the popularity of the sport in Australia.

13. Justin McDonald

Justin McDonald was an Australian bobsledder who competed at the 1994 Winter Olympics in both the two man and four man events.

McDonald demonstrated his sportsmanship during the event by lending some of his ballast to the Swedish team, showing his willingness to help out his fellow competitors.

His kind gesture was noticed and rewarded with the Pierre de Coubertin medal, a prestigious award given to athletes who exemplify exceptional sportsmanship.

The medal is named after Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, and is awarded to athletes who embody the Olympic spirit of fairness and friendship.

Justin McDonald’s generosity and commitment to sportsmanship serves as an inspiration to athletes around the world.

14. Jason Giobbi

Jason Giobbi is a former bobsledder from Australia. He was an active competitor in the 1998 Winter Olympics, in both the two man and four man events. Giobbi was a dedicated athlete, training hard in preparation for the Olympics.

His dedication paid off, as he successfully competed in the two man and four man events of the 1998 Winter Olympics. His impressive performance earned him recognition from his peers and fans alike.

Giobbi’s participation in the 1998 Winter Olympics was a remarkable feat that has earned him a place in Australian sporting history.

15. Cecilia Mcintosh


Cecilia McIntosh is an impressive Australian athlete who has achieved great success in her career. She won a silver medal in the javelin throw at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, a prestigious international sporting event.

She then went on to make history by representing Australia in bobsled at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, becoming the first Australian female to compete in the bobsleigh event at the Olympics.McIntosh has achieved success in other areas as well.

She has held the Australian record in the javelin throw since 2003, and is a two-time Australian champion in the sport.

In addition, she has also achieved success in athletics, winning the 2001 South Australian Women’s 800m title.McIntosh has dedicated her life to sport and is an inspirational figure for aspiring athletes.

She continues to be involved in sport and is currently the coach of the Australian National Bobsleigh team. She is also a board member of the Australian Olympic Committee, and has been the Australian Olympic Committee’s athlete representative for the past two years.

McIntosh’s career is one of determination and success. She is an example to all athletes, showing that it is possible to reach the top of your chosen sport with dedication and hard work.

16. Jeremy Rolleston

Jeremy Rolleston is a remarkable Australian sportsman who has achieved success in both rugby and bobsleigh. He began his career in professional rugby in 1999 and went on to compete for Australia up until 2006.

After taking a break from the sport, he returned in 2008 to train for the 2010 Winter Olympics. His determination and dedication to the sport saw him switch from rugby to bobsleigh, and he was ultimately able to compete in the Winter Olympic Games.

Rolleston’s journey is a testament to what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. Not only did he demonstrate impressive skills in rugby, but he was also willing to take on the challenge of a completely different sport.

His determination and commitment to his goal of competing in the Winter Olympics were inspiring, and it is clear that he is a highly talented sportsman.

17. Paul Narracott

Paul Narracott is a remarkable Australian sportsperson that achieved an incredible feat. He is the first sportsperson to have the distinction of representing Australia in both a Summer and Winter Olympics.

His remarkable journey began when he started his career as a track sprinter. During this time, he was crowned the Australian Junior 100/200 metres champion, demonstrating his prowess in the sport from a young age.

This extraordinary accomplishment of having represented Australia in both the Summer and Winter Olympics is a testament to Paul’s hard work and dedication to the sport. He set an example for future athletes that with hard work and determination you can achieve anything.

His success inspired many other athletes to follow a similar path, striving for greatness and pushing their limits. Paul Narracott’s success story is an example of how dedication and hard work pay off.

He has shown that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and set your goals high. He is an inspiration to aspiring athletes and a reminder of the power of hard work and dedication.

18. Shane McKenzie

Shane McKenzie is an Australian bobsleigh athlete who made his Olympic debut at the 2006 Winter Olympics. He first got involved in the sport of bobsleigh in 2003, when he was recruited by the renowned Australian sprinter, Robin Calleja.

Calleja saw potential in McKenzie and encouraged him to join him in competing on the European Circuit. This was a huge opportunity for McKenzie, as it would give him the chance to compete against some of the world’s best bobsleigh athletes.

After joining Calleja on the European Circuit, McKenzie went on to represent Australia at the 2006 Winter Olympics. His commitment and dedication to the sport has seen him become a successful athlete, and his story is an inspiration to many aspiring athletes.


The best Bobsleigh players in Australia are determined by a combination of skill, speed, and determination.

These athletes must have a solid technique, an unwavering commitment to the sport, and the drive to be the best they can be in order to be considered the best. Australia’s bobsleigh athletes have certainly proven that they have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

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