Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers

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Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers

Baseball gloves are the most important equipment in baseball. The baseball gloves for pitchers help them to catch the ball properly. They also help protect the hands of the pitcher from injury, and many models come with a built-in mitt that can be used as a backup if needed.

For a good outcome from your game you should choose the right one. In this article we’ll discuss what are the gloves are, how they protect pitchers in game situation and safety procurations.

What are Baseball Gloves For Pitchers?

Baseball gloves are used by pitchers to improve their grip on the ball and throw it accurately. Pitchers also use them to protect their hands and fingers.

Pitchers have to grip the ball in order to throw it accurately, so they need a glove with a good grip. The best gloves are made of cowhide because it is soft and flexible, which makes it easy for pitchers to get a good grip on the ball.

Some baseball gloves have special features that make them more useful than others, like fingerless gloves that give pitchers more control over the ball when they need to throw it harder or with different speed, or fingerless batting gloves that help pitchers maintain a natural swing movement when they’re pitching.

features the Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers Offers

  • The best baseball gloves for pitchers are designed to be lightweight and provide a good level of protection.
  • The most important feature for a pitcher is the weight of the glove.
  • A lightweight glove will help the pitcher keep their arm in motion when throwing the ball. This helps them to generate more power with every throw.
  • The best baseball gloves for pitchers are made from leather or synthetic materials and come in different sizes and colors.
  • They also have a variety of features that allow them to protect themselves while they pitch, such as finger guards, wrist guards, and thumb pads.

What to Look for to Have The Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers?

If you are a pitcher, you will be using the glove for a long time. It is essential that you buy the best glove for the job. You will be using it to protect your hands when throwing a ball. It is essential to make sure that you get the right glove for your needs.

Size and Shape

The first thing to check before you buy a glove is the size. You need to make sure that you can comfortably fit your hand inside the glove. When buying, you need to size your hand to make sure that you get the right glove for your needs.


The glove needs to be made from the right material. If you are planning on using it today, then it should be made from leather. It should also be water-resistant to ensure that it doesn’t dry out too fast.


The glove needs to be stylish and comfortable. You want to be able to look at your glove and feel good about it. You want it to look good and be comfortable. You want it to be light and flexible. You want it to be easy to put on, easy to wear, and easy to wash.


The grip often determines the quality of a glove. It is essential that you get the right kind of grip for your needs. You should also make sure that the grip is comfortable for your hand. The type of grip you get on a glove is determined by the type of glove. There are different types of gloves. You should get a grip that is suitable for your hand.

Finger Tips

The glove needs to have the right kind of finger tips. It should have a thumb tab and finger tips for the index, middle, and ring fingers. You also need to make sure that the fingers are in the correct position.

Make sure that the glove does not fit too tight or too loose. You can use the right size gloves by measuring your fingers.


The glove also needs to have the right amount of padding.

Pocket Size

In slow pitch, the ball is 12″ and players want it to be more than this size. Generally 12” to 13” would be good to go.

How to Care for Baseball Gloves

One of the most important things you can do to keep your baseball glove in good condition is to clean and dry it regularly. Dirt, moisture and oils will build up over time, causing the leather to become stiffer and less flexible.

Wipe the dirt off with a soft cloth or brush

When you are cleaning your baseball glove, it is important to clean all the dirt and debris off of it. You can do this by using a soft cloth or brush. Make sure that you get into all the nooks and crannies of the glove so that you can remove any particles that may be causing problems.

Store the glove in a dry place at room temperature

One way to ensure that your baseball glove will last longer is to store it in a dry place where temperatures stay below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help protect it from moisture and other elements which could damage its structure over time.

Apply a small amount of leather cleaner

For more stubborn dirt buildup, you can use an appropriate leather cleaner to loosen up the build-up on your baseball glove’s surface area. Make sure not to apply too much pressure when using this product as excess pressure could cause further damage to your glove’s materials.

Remove the cleaner with another damp cloth

Once you have applied enough leather cleaner, take care to remove it by using another damp cloth instead of scrubbing at it excessively like you would with soap products typically used for cleaning hands and surfaces. Allow both items – cleaner and dirty towel -to air-dry completely before storing again for future use.

Allow it to dry

Finally, allow it to dry. After drying, keep it in a good place for storing.

What People Also Asking About Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers?

It is a baseball glove that is designed specifically for pitchers. It offers a safe and comfortable fit, as well as a stable grip. It is a good baseball glove for the pitcher to use.

Q: What are the benefits of a baseball glove for pitchers?

A: A baseball glove is designed for the pitcher to use, rather than the batter. It is designed with padded fingers, and a soft palm to reduce stress on the hand. It can help the pitcher to be more accurate during the pitch.

Q: Which glove is best for a pitcher?

A: There are five main components that make up a good baseball glove for a pitcher.

  • The first is the fingers, which are designed to allow the pitcher to get a firm grip on the ball.
  • The next is the palm, which is designed to provide a secure fit and reduce the risk of blisters.
  • The next is the leather, which is specific to the pitcher’s hand.
  • The next is the finger pads, which are made of leather and provide padding to protect the skin.
  • The last is the thumb strap, which is designed to prevent the thumb from slipping off the glove during the pitch.

Q: How do I use a baseball glove for pitchers?

A: The first step is to get a test glove to make sure that it fits correctly. You can test it on your bat hand when you are batting, or you can use your pitching hand to make sure it fits properly.

Q: How do I get a glove that fits correctly?

A: The best thing to do is to use the glove to throw a ball. If the glove does not fit correctly, you will not be able to throw the ball accurately.

Q: Do I need to use a special type of baseball glove for pitchers?

A: No, a baseball glove is typically designed for both a batter and a pitcher. However, it is best to use a glove that is specific to the pitcher. There are gloves that are made specifically for the pitcher’s hand.

Q: What are the pros and cons of using a baseball glove for pitchers?

A: The main benefit of using a baseball glove for pitchers is that it can help the pitcher be more accurate during the pitch.

Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers

Baseball gloves are essential gear for pitchers, as they help protect their hands from injuries. But which glove is the best for them? After doing extensive research, we have come up with a list of the top baseball gloves for pitchers. Now we’ll show you some of the top selections:

1. Rawlings R9 Series Baseball Glove for Catchers

Rawlings R9 Series Baseball Glove
Rawlings R9 Series Baseball Glove for Catchers

The Rawlings R9 Series Baseball Glove is designed for infield and outfield players of all ages. It has an 80% break-in rate, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time getting used to the feel of this glove.

Made from soft, durable leather, it is designed to be game-ready from the get go. The shell is also padded in key areas such as the thumb loop and palm pad. This will create a comfortable feel while playing baseball or any other sport that calls for hand protection.

There are two different glove orientations – right-handed throwers should use the “right” orientation, while lefties can choose between Left-Hand Throw or Right-Hand Throw options . Additionally, there’s even an option for those who play catch. Details like reinforced stitching and finger back liners add extra durability and make sure your hand remains safe during gameplay.

In addition to its overall design, which was specifically tailored for baseball players aged 10 plus years old, this glove features a machine washable synthetic leather liner that makes cleaning easy.

Highlighted features:

  • 80% factory break-in
  • Soft, durable all-leather shell
  • Padded thumb loop and finger back liners
  • “Right” hand orientation = right-hand throw
  • “Left” hand orientation = left-hand throw

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2. Franklin Sports CTZ5000 Baseball Catcher’s Glove

Franklin Sports CTZ5000
Franklin Sports CTZ5000

If you’re looking for a fielding glove that is built to last, then this option is perfect for you. The cowhide construction provides premium durability and performance season after season.

Plus, the break-in process is quick and easy so you can start enjoying optimum performance right away. The soft palm lining provides maximum comfort while in the field. And the basket webbing design gives you optimal coverage when catching pop-flies and hard hit balls deep in the enclosed pocket.

The mitt also features chrome accent stitching and logo patch for a stylish look that will match any uniform or attire you might wear on game day. So if playing ball is your passion, make sure to add this Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove to your collection today.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable cowhide construction
  • Fast break-in
  • Soft palm lining
  • Chrome treatment

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3. Franklin Sports RTP Pro 12″ Baseball Fielding Glove

Franklin Sports RTP Pro 12" Baseball Fielding Glove
Franklin Sports RTP Pro 12″

The Franklin Sports Baseball Gloves are constructed from pigskin leather for an ultra-smooth, lightweight feel that is tough enough to last season after season.

The soft leather material is flexible and easy to shape so it breaks in quickly and easily. There is a durable PU layer on the glove that protects the leather against dirt, moisture, and other damage.

It also features a Trapeze Web pocket on the 12 inch size for infielders and pitchers to catch pop-flies quickly and easily with minimal effort required. This glove is designed with a lightweight, comfortable feel so you can perform at your best when it matters most.

Highlighted features:

  • Pigskin leather
  • Trapeze Web pocket
  • Durable PU layer
  • Lightweight and comfortable

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4. Rawlings PRO Preferred 11.75″ Baseball Glove for Catchers

Rawlings PRO Preferred 11.75 inch Baseball Glove
Rawlings PRO Preferred 11.75″

The Rawlings | PRO Preferred Baseball Glove is designed for pitchers and infielders, who want to feel confident when snagging balls hit up the middle. It features ideal full-grain kip leather that provides unmatched look and feel.

Pittards Sheepskin Palm Liner keeps your hand dry and comfortable all day long. With a right-handed orientation, this glove allows players to throw with their dominant hand without any trouble or issues. And because it is two pieces – one for the palm side and another for the fingers – there’s no need to worry about breakage or wear over time due to constant use on different parts of your hands/arm or suit combo.

The laces are made from pro grade leather that offers durability as well as strength. Plus, they’re padded at the thumb sleeve for added comfort during extended playing sessions or games in general (literally).

Break-in can be completed by 30% factory / 70% player before using it in actual game action – so you know it will fit perfectly. Plus, Left Hand Orientation = Left Hand Throw option is available if required.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% wool padding
  • Pro grade leather laces
  • Padded thumb sleeve
  • Right hand orientation = right hand throw
  • Left hand orientation = left hand throw
  • 30% factory break-in

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5. Mizuno GSN1200 12″ Select 9 Pitcher Baseball Glove

Mizuno GSN1200 12 inch Select 9 Pitcher Baseball Glove
Mizuno GSN1200

When it comes to the perfect glove for serious players, Mizuno has got you covered. The GSN1200 Select 9 Pitcher Baseball Glove features professional-grade leather that is soft but still firm enough to provide excellent control and feel.

Plus, its bio soft construction will let you enjoy the game without having to worry about your hands getting sore or uncomfortable. It also features a factory break in process so that all of the seams are aligned perfectly from the get go.

This ensures an ideal fit and gives you a glove that feels like it’s been custom made just for you. And if comfort is something that matters to you too, then be sure to check out this gloves center pocket design which helps distribute pressure evenly across your palm while batting or pitching.

Finally, make sure there isn’t any excess friction by adding on our new Leather patch designs – they’re specifically designed reduce excessive heat build-up along the back side of each hand between thumb and index finger area.

Highlighted features:

  • Bio soft leather
  • factory break in
  • New Leather patch design
  • Professional level lace
  • Center pocket designed patterns

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6. Rawlings Heart of The Hide Hyper Shell Baseball Glove for Pitchers

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Hyper Shell Baseball Glove for Pitchers
Rawlings Heart of The Hide

When you are playing in the field, you need to be confident that your hands are going to be safe. That is why Rawlings has designed this Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell Baseball Glove.

It is made from 5 inch Pro I Web material and features a carbon fiber Hyper Shell. This makes it lighter than traditional gloves while still being strong and durable. The design also allows for an improved feel when handling ground balls or batting practice shots.

Thanks to its leather construction, it will provide you with a comfortable grip all day long. Furthermore, deer tanned cowhide palm lining gives it a robust feel and soft full-grain finger back linings make it extra comfortable to wear even on extended periods of use.

Break-in is required at 40% Factory versus 60% player break-in for traditional gloves but this isn’t something that should concern players who want the best possible performance from their glove. Right hand orientation means right hand throw / Left Hand Orientation means left hand throw – so no more guessing which way around your thumb goes.

And finally, due to its pro grade construction, this glove requires only 30 wears before achieving true game ready condition.

Highlighted features:

  • Heart of the Hide Hyper Shell 5 inch Pro I Web glove
  • Deer tanned cowhide palm lining
  • Padded thumb sleeve
  • 40% factory break-in, 60% player break-in required
  • Right hand orientation = right hand throw
  • Left hand orientation = left hand throw

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7. Holiberty Youth Durable Leather Baseball Pitcher Mitt Glove

Holiberty Youth Durable Leather Baseball Pitcher Mitt Glove
Holiberty Youth Baseball Glove

When it comes to catching the baseball, there is no better option than our teeball mitt. The high-density cushioned palm and index finger pads make it perfect for minimizing sting on the hands while you are catching the ball.

It also features a spongia stereoscopic design in the wrist back, which prevents abrasion. Plus, it quickly perspires and remains comfortable throughout wear even when wet or sweaty. As part of its classic baseball glove design, this product features fully customized high-quality leather that looks amazing and offers superb performance in terms of grip, durability and protection against impact injuries.

The trap-style shallow pocket makes snagging the ball easy as well as smooth and fluid scooping and catching motions – making transferring the ball to your throwing hand a breeze. Quality is guaranteed with this product – made from high quality PU leather that’s fairly lightweight yet durable enough to withstand regular use by kids/teens/youths/fielders etc., with professional baseball glove double sewing thread for added strength (and beauty.).

Highlighted features:

  • Extra Comfort & Protection
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Available in Four Size
  • Durable and lightweight textured vinyl design
  • Designed as a utility glove for any position

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8. Mizuno GMP2BK-100DT Mizuno Pro Pitcher’s Baseball Gloves

Mizuno GMP2BK
Mizuno GMP2BK

When it comes to performance, you can trust Mizuno gloves. That is because they use premium leather and construction techniques that are designed for the pros.

For example, the US kip leather is much tighter than traditional leathers. This results in a glove that has more durability and offers a premium soft feel. The shell of the glove also features premium leather on its outer layer as well as the palm liner material.

This gives you a consistent feel across all areas of your hand while playing baseball or any other sport activities with this glove. There are specific pockets located at different positions on both sides of this MLB-licensed left-handed batting catcher’s mitt (GMP2BK-100DT).

They have been specifically tailored to help break in your new glove and give you an optimal fit from day one. The player pocket designs provide better grip stability when catching breaking pitches or making plays on balls hit deep in the infield – even if your hands tend to sweat a bit faster than others’.

And finally, these gloves come with recommendations from professional players themselves. Shallow middle infielders will want to go for regular size gloves; all position players should choose deep sizes; shortstops should get mediums while 3B batters should grab smalls. These dimensions were made based off real world experiences so you know they’ll be perfect for you too.

Whether throwing right handed or left handed, these MLB licensed GMP2BK-100DT pitching gloves will deliver top notch performance due to their comfortable hand based patterns which sets them under the webbing between thumb and first finger providing shape & support like no other brand out there today.

Highlighted features:

  • US kip leather
  • Shell leather palm liner
  • Player pocket designs
  • Comfortable, hand based patterns
  • Recommendations: shallow: middle infielders regular: all deep: shortstops and 3B

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9. Rawlings Heart of The Hide 11.75 inch Baseball Glove for Pitchers

Rawlings Heart of The Hide 11.75 inch Baseball Glove for Pitchers
Rawlings Heart of The Hide 11.75 inch

As a player, you know how important it is to have a glove that will expand your reach and help you be versatile on the field. That is why the Rawlings Heart of The Hide Baseball Glove was designed with this in mind.

It features deer tanned cowhide palm lining for added comfort and strength. This glove also comes with soft full-grain finger back linings for an overall snug fit. And since it has a 40% factory break-in rate, you can expect it to last long while providing great performance during gameplay sessions.

Additionally, the left/right hand orientation ensures that no matter which hand you throw with. The glove will fit perfectly specific hand position and throw direction. So there’s no need to worry about struggling when trying to find a compatible pair of gloves.

If you’re looking for an iconic baseball glove that will make all the difference on the field, then look no further than these Heart of The Hide Baseball Gloves from Rawlings.

Highlighted features:

  • Heart of the Hide 75 inch 2-Piece Solid Web glove
  • deer tanned cowhide palm lining
  • full-grain finger back linings
  • 40% factory break-in, 60% player break-in required
  • Right hand orientation = right hand throw
  • Left hand orientation = left hand throw

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When it comes to choosing the best baseball gloves for pitchers, you will want something that is both durable and comfortable. In addition, you should also consider factors such as price and availability. Also, the glove should be easy to maintain and also easy to store.

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