Top 7 Greatest Badminton Players in Suriname of All Time

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Suriname is a small country located in the Caribbean region of South America and is gaining recognition for its best badminton players. Badminton is growing in popularity in Suriname, and the country is producing some of the best badminton players in the region.

The top badminton players in Suriname are known for their tactical and technical skills, as well as their athleticism and drive. These players have achieved success on the international stage and are raising the profile of badminton in Suriname.

In this article, we will take a look at the best badminton players in Suriname and their accomplishments.

1. Oscar Brandon

Oscar Roël Brandon is an accomplished Surinamese badminton player, coach and Olympic team manager. He has dedicated his life to the sport of badminton, and his achievements are quite impressive.

At the 1996 Summer Olympics, he represented Suriname in the Men’s singles event and was the first Surinamese badminton player to ever compete in the Olympics.

Not only did he compete in the 1996 Olympics, but he also served as the ‘chef de mission’ for Suriname at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

As the ‘chef de mission’, he was responsible for leading and managing the entire Surinamese Olympic team. He was also responsible for ensuring that all team members were properly prepared and organized in their respective events.

Oscar Roël Brandon’s impressive commitment and dedication to the sport of badminton has not gone unnoticed. He is a true role model and inspiration for all aspiring badminton players in Suriname and around the world.

His accomplishments in the sport will remain a source of pride for his country for many years to come.

2. Soren Opti

Soren Opti

Sören Hans Brad Opti is a talented badminton player from Suriname. He had the opportunity to represent his country at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where he competed alongside other athletes from around the world.

After his successful performance in the Rio Games, he was selected to represent Suriname again at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend due to a positive COVID-19 test.

This was a major setback, as he had been looking forward to competing on the world stage once again. Despite this, he remains an Olympic athlete, and his achievements serve as an inspiration to many.

3. Mitchel Wongsodikromo

Mitchel Wongsodikromo

Mitchel Arthur Wongsodikromo is an accomplished badminton player and coach from Suriname. He has represented his country in three Pan American Games in his career. At the 2003 Pan American Games, Wongsodikromo competed in singles and doubles and also served as the team’s coach.

Four years later, he was part of the Surinamese team in the 2007 Pan American Games, where he was a competitor in both singles and doubles. In 2011, Wongsodikromo was again part of the Surinamese team at the Pan American Games, competing in both singles and doubles.

In addition, he served as the team’s coach. Throughout his career, Wongsodikromo has shown a commitment to his team and his country, proudly representing Suriname in the Pan American Games.

4. Crystal Leefmans

Crystal Leefmans is an impressive badminton player from Suriname. She has achieved impressive success in her career, particularly in 2010. In that year, she won two bronze medals at the Medellín South American Games.

The first was in the mixed doubles event, and the second was in the team event. This was a remarkable accomplishment, as it highlighted her skill and dedication to the sport.

It also demonstrates her hard work and commitment to the game, as she was able to come away with two medals in the same year from a prestigious event like the Medellín South American Games.

Crystal Leefmans is an inspiration to other badminton players, and her success serves as an example of what is possible when one puts in the time and effort to excel.

5. Virgil Soeroredjo

Virgil Soeroredjo is a renowned name in the world of badminton. He is a former Surinamese badminton player who has competed in many international tournaments.

He has also been a coach in the Surinamese badminton team. Virgil Soeroredjo is best known for representing Suriname at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He was one of the few badminton players from Suriname to have made it to the Olympics.

He also had the privilege of competing in the 2003, 2007, and 2011 Pan American Games for Suriname. Throughout his career, Virgil Soeroredjo has been an important figure in Surinamese badminton.

His achievements in the sport have been inspiring for the younger generations, and he has been an important role model for aspiring badminton players in Suriname.

He is an example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Virgil Soeroredjo is a true inspiration for those who want to pursue a career in badminton. His success story is a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

He has set the bar high for future badminton players from Suriname and his legacy will live on for generations to come.

6. Dylan Darmohoetomo

Dylan Darmohoetomo

Dylan Darmohoetomo is a badminton player and coach from Suriname. He is a part of the Surinamese badminton club, Perfect Flying Feathers. He was honored with the prestigious role of being the flagbearer for Suriname at the 2019 Pan Am Games.

This honor was a testament to Dylan’s dedication and commitment to the sport of badminton. Dylan has been a part of the Perfect Flying Feathers badminton club for many years and has become well known in the Surinamese badminton community.

He has been a coach and mentor to many young players, helping them to hone their skills and maximize their potential.

He is passionate about the sport of badminton and has been a tireless advocate for the sport in his home country of Suriname. At the 2019 Pan Am Games, Dylan was chosen to be the flagbearer for the Suriname team.

This was a tremendous honor for Dylan, as it showed that his hard work and dedication to the sport of badminton had been recognized.

It was also a great way to show the rest of the world the level of talent and skill that exists in Surinamese badminton. Dylan’s selection as the flagbearer for Suriname at the 2019 Pan Am Games was a great honor for him and for the sport of badminton.

His hard work and dedication to the sport have made him an important part of the Surinamese badminton community. He is an inspiration to young players and a great role model for the sport.

7. Anjali Paragsingh

Anjali Paragsingh is an accomplished female badminton player from Suriname.

She has dedicated much of her time and effort to the sport and has achieved success both nationally and internationally. Anjali has represented her home nation in various competitions, including the 2018 Suriname International Badminton Tournament, and the 2021 South American Badminton Championships.

She has also participated in many international events, such as the 2019 BWF World Championships, and the 2021 Pan American Badminton Championships.In 2020, she was the runner-up at the Suriname Badminton National Championship.

She also won the bronze medal in the doubles event at the same tournament. Anjali is known for her strong backhand and aggressive style of play, which has helped her to achieve success in her badminton career.

She is also an excellent coach and mentor, helping to develop the skills of young players. Anjali’s success on the court has led to many accolades, including being named the Female Badminton Player of the Year in Suriname for two consecutive years.

She is an inspiration to young players and an example of what hard work and dedication to one’s sport can bring.


Suriname is home to some of the best badminton players in the world. From experienced veterans to talented young players, the country is full of talent and has produced some of the best badminton players in the world.

With the right coaching and dedication, these players have the potential to become world-class athletes and represent their country proudly.

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