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Badminton is an exciting and popular sport in Italy. As the game continues to grow in popularity, so do the number of elite badminton players in the country.

From world class players to amateur competitors, Italy has a number of talented badminton players who have made their mark in the sport. Here we present a list of some of the best badminton players in Italy, who have earned a name for themselves on the global stage.

These players have been competing at the highest levels of the game and have achieved a lot of success in their respective careers. They are inspiring examples for aspiring badminton players and have been instrumental in popularizing the sport in Italy.

1. Kevin Strobl

Kevin Strobl

Kevin Strobl is an accomplished badminton player from Italy. He had the opportunity to compete in the 2018 Mediterranean Games, where he achieved a bronze medal in the men’s doubles category.

His partner for this tournament was Lukas Osele, and together they were able to secure the medal. It is a testament to their skill and teamwork that they were able to accomplish this feat.

This is a huge accomplishment for Kevin Strobl, as he is the first Italian badminton player to win a medal in the Mediterranean Games. The win is a significant moment in Italian badminton history, and will surely motivate many other players to strive for excellence.

2. Fabio Caponio

Fabio Caponio

Fabio Caponio is an accomplished badminton player from Italy. He is an integral part of both the Italian national badminton team and the Italian Air Force team.

His skill and dedication have made him a valuable asset to both teams. Caponio has been playing badminton since he was a young child. He has been a member of the Italian national team since his teenage years.

His impressive performance on the court has earned him a spot on the team for a number of years, making him one of the most experienced players on the roster. In addition to his participation on the Italian national team, Caponio also plays for the Italian Air Force.

His skill and dedication to the sport is evident in his play on the court. He is a consistent presence for the Air Force team, and his presence helps to lift the team to victory. Caponio’s love for badminton is evident in his dedication to the sport.

He is passionate about the game, and his enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. His dedication to the game has earned him a lot of respect from his peers, and his skill on the court has helped the Italian national team and Italian Air Force team to victory.

3. Lukas Osele

Lukas Osele

Lukas Osele is an Italian badminton player who achieved recognition for his performance at the 2018 Mediterranean Games. He competed in the men’s doubles event and partnered with Kevin Strobl to win the bronze medal.

This marked an important milestone in Osele’s badminton career, as it was his first international medal. The pair was up against tough competition, and their success was a testament to their skill and determination.

Osele had already made a name for himself in the Italian badminton scene, but this accomplishment proved him to be a serious contender in the international arena.

It is likely that Osele and Strobl will continue to be part of the Italian badminton team for years to come, and their victory at the 2018 Mediterranean Games is a reminder of their potential.

4. Rosario Maddaloni

Rosario Maddaloni

Rosario Maddaloni is a professional badminton player from Italy. He has been playing the sport since he was a young child and his passion for the sport has never wavered.

He has competed in competitions throughout Europe and has been the top-ranked badminton player in Italy for many years. His style of play is characterized by quick, precise movements and a strong defensive game.

His skill and technique have earned him victories at a number of tournaments, including the prestigious Italian Open. He has also been a part of the Italian national team for several years. The Italian badminton community is proud to have Rosario Maddaloni as one of their own.

He is a role model for aspiring badminton players everywhere, showing that hard work and dedication can take you far in the sport.

5. Giovanni Greco

Giovanni Greco

Giovanni Greco is an Italian badminton player with a proud history in the sport. He began playing badminton in 1999, in a small town near Palermo, Italy. After playing for a few years, he decided to take his game to a more competitive level and joined the national team in 2009.

Since then, he has gone on to achieve great success in the sport, competing in multiple international games, such as the Mediterranean Games in 2013 and 2018 and the European Games in 2015 and 2019.

His passion and dedication to badminton have earned him much respect from his peers and coaches alike. He is truly an example of hard work and dedication to the sport of badminton.

6. Indra Bagus Ade Chandra

Indra Bagus Ade Chandra

Indra Bagus Ade Chandra is a remarkable badminton player who began his career in Indonesia. He has since gone on to represent Italy in international tournaments.

His achievements and success in the sport have made him a highly sought-after coach, with his current coaching position being with the Belgium national badminton team.

Chandra is a highly respected figure in the badminton world, and his ability to lead and motivate players to succeed has made him a great asset to the Belgium team. He is committed to the development of badminton in Belgium and has helped the team to achieve its goals.

Chandra’s experience and understanding of the sport, combined with his passion for the game, has enabled him to make a positive impact on the team’s performance.

7. Daniel Messersi

Daniel Messersi is a professional badminton player from Italy. He is a well-known athlete in the sport, having achieved success both nationally and internationally. Messersi’s career began in Italy, where he played competitively in local and regional tournaments.

He then moved on to compete in the European Championships, and eventually the World Championships, where he achieved several victories and awards. Messersi’s successes on the court have earned him recognition from badminton fans all over the world.

He is one of Italy’s most prominent badminton players and is respected for his skill and dedication. Messersi’s commitment to the sport is evident in his training and competitive play.

He is constantly striving to improve his performance and is always looking for ways to better his technique. This dedication has earned him a place in the hearts of badminton fans everywhere.

8. Klaus Raffeiner

Klaus Raffeiner is an accomplished badminton player from Italy. He hails from Melito di Porto Salvo, a small town located in the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria. Reggio Calabria is a province in southern Italy that is known for its beautiful coastline and lush countryside.

Melito di Porto Salvo is a picturesque town located on the Ionian Sea, and is known for its stunning views of the Mediterranean. Klaus Raffeiner has been playing badminton since he was a young boy.

He began competing in local tournaments at an early age, and eventually earned himself a spot on the Italian national badminton team. He has competed in numerous tournaments all over the world and is considered one of the top badminton players in the country.

He is currently ranked in the top five in the Italian rankings. He is known for his powerful serves and his ability to make difficult shots. Klaus Raffeiner has been able to use his natural talent and passion for badminton to gain recognition and success in the sport.

He has become a role model for aspiring badminton players in Italy and has inspired many to pursue their dreams of being a professional athlete. He is an example of what hard work and dedication can do to achieve success in any field.

9. Lisa Iversen

Lisa Schack Iversen is an Italian badminton player who has achieved success at the international level. She has been playing badminton since a young age and has been competing in tournaments across Europe.

In 2016, she achieved her first senior international title at the Ethiopia International tournament in the women’s doubles event. She was partnered with Silvia Garino and together they were able to achieve the victory.

This was a major milestone for Lisa Schack Iversen and a testament to her skill and dedication to the sport. She has since gone on to win other tournaments and continues to compete at the highest level.

Her success at the Ethiopia International tournament was a major stepping stone in her badminton career and she has gone on to build on this success.

10. Jeanine Cicognini

Jeanine Cicognini is a talented badminton player from Switzerland who is now playing for Italy. She began her career at a young age, as she won her first Swiss senior title at the age of 16.

Since then, she has gone on to win the award seven more times, making her a highly successful and decorated athlete. Cicognini’s success has not only been limited to her home country, as she has continued to compete and win titles on the international stage for her new country.

Her accomplishments have earned her much recognition and admiration from both Switzerland and Italy. As her career continues to develop, many are expecting her to continue her success and add even more titles to her impressive list of accomplishments.

11. Agnese Allegrini

Agnese Allegrini is a professional badminton player from Italy. She is a world-renowned athlete who has been playing badminton since a young age.

She has won numerous awards and tournaments throughout her career, including the Italian Open Badminton Championships, the European Badminton Championships, and the Mediterranean Games. She is also a two-time gold medalist at the World Badminton Championships.

In addition to her sporting accomplishments, Agnese is also an active member of the Italian Badminton Federation and regularly coaches young players. She is an inspiration to many aspiring badminton players and has been an integral part of the badminton community in Italy.

Agnese is known for her dedication to the sport and her work ethic, both on and off the court. She is also passionate about giving back to her community, regularly volunteering with local badminton clubs and organizations.

Her commitment to the sport is evident in her success and she is truly an asset to the Italian badminton community.


Italy is home to some of the world’s best badminton players. From the experienced veterans to the rising stars, Italy has a deep pool of talent that is sure to continue the country’s reputation as one of the great badminton powers.

With the strong support of the Italian badminton community, it is only a matter of time before the best badminton players in Italy are competing on the world stage.

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