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Auto racing is a popular sport in Turkey, with some of the best drivers in the world coming from this country. These drivers have achieved great success in a variety of championships, including Formula One, World Rally Championship, and the European Le Mans Series.

From the legendary Niki Lauda to the up and coming Can Öncü, the Turkish auto racing scene is packed with talent. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best auto racing players in Turkey and what makes them so successful.

1. Kaan Önder


Kaan Önder is a former Turkish race driver who has had a successful career in the racing world. He was mentored by triple world champion Andy Priaulx in 2014 and 2015, which helped him to hone his skills and gain knowledge of the sport.

Önder has achieved a number of titles, including the CIK SEEKZ KF3 champion, two times Turkish Karting Championship champion, and winner of the Rotax Max International Open Junior Category in 2011. This is an impressive feat, showcasing his skill and dedication to the sport.

He has also competed in various other events such as the FIA Karting European Championship, the CIK-FIA World Karting Championship, and the CIK-FIA European Karting Championship.Önder’s success in the racing world is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

He has shown that with the right mentorship and guidance, one can achieve tremendous success in the sport. His titles serve as a reminder of the potential that can be unlocked with the right attitude and approach.

He has set a great example for aspiring racers, proving that it is possible to achieve greatness in the racing world with the right dedication and commitment.

2. Jason Tahincioğlu


Jason Tahincioğlu, more commonly known as Jason Tahinci, is a renowned auto racing driver of Turkish-British descent. He was born into a family that had a rich history in the world of car racing.

His parents had both previously been involved in car racing, with his father being a mechanic for a car racing team and his mother a car racing journalist.

This family heritage of car racing meant that Jason was exposed to the sport from a young age and grew to have a deep passion for it. He has since become one of the most successful drivers in the world, having won various championships and titles over the years.

He is now considered to be one of the most talented drivers in the auto racing world and is often seen as an inspiration to aspiring racers. Jason Tahinci is a living example of how passion and dedication can lead to greatness.

3. Cemil Çıpa

Cemil Çıpa is a former Turkish race driver who had a successful career in motorsport. He started his career in karting in 2004, and in 2005 he won the Formula 3 Turkey championship. After that, he moved to the Formula 3 Euro Series and competed in the Drivers’ Trophy in 2006.

Despite being only 18 years old, he achieved a third-place finish before deciding to quit racing at the end of the year. His impressive results at such a young age highlight his immense talent and demonstrate why he was such a highly regarded driver.

4. Ayhancan Güven


Ayhancan Güven is a talented Turkish racing driver and a Porsche factory driver. Born in 1998 in Istanbul, Ayhancan has grown up surrounded by the racing background of his father and has been driving since he was four years old.

He currently competes in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, a highly competitive international touring car race series. Ayhancan’s career started when he was just four years old, driving go-karts. As he got older, he moved up to bigger and faster race cars.

As his racing skills developed, he started competing in international races and soon became a Porsche factory driver.

His experience and success in the international racing scene has enabled him to compete in the prestigious Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, a race series that features some of the best drivers from around the world. Ayhancan has achieved impressive results in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, and he has become an inspiration to many young drivers in Turkey.

His success has also won him recognition from brands such as Porsche, who have supported his racing career from the very beginning. Despite his young age, Ayhancan has already established himself as one of the top drivers in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.

His determination and drive have enabled him to succeed in a highly competitive field, and he is set to continue pushing himself and his team to the next level.

5. Can Artam


Can Artam is a renowned Turkish race car driver who comes from a family with a long-standing history in car racing. Born and raised in a racing family, Artam has been around cars his entire life.

He was able to use his natural talent and knowledge to become a successful race car driver. In 2005, he participated in the GP2 Series for the iSport team. He also won the 2001 US Barber Formula Dodge Championship.

This victory was a testament to his talent and determination as a driver. Artam has achieved great success in the racing world and is an inspiration to many aspiring race car drivers.

His impressive racing accomplishments have earned him recognition and respect in the racing community.

6. Ibrahim Okyay

Ibrahim Okyay is a Turkish auto racing driver who has earned fame for his accomplishments in the FIA World Touring Car Championship. He has been actively involved in several motor sports activities, including karting, Formula Ford and Formula 3.

He is widely recognized for his achievements in the FIA World Touring Car Championship, where he has competed for several seasons. Ibrahim Okyay made his debut in the FIA World Touring Car Championship in 2007. Since then, he has consistently achieved success in the series.

Notably, he achieved the first victory for a Turkish driver in the series in 2008. He has also achieved several podium results, including a second-place finish in the 2014 season.

Additionally, he was the first Turkish driver to be crowned as the FIA Asia-Pacific Touring Car champion in 2013. Ibrahim Okyay has also been involved in other racing series, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the European Le Mans Series.

He has also achieved success in various national championships, including the Porsche Carrera Cup and the Porsche Supercup.

In recognition of his achievements in racing, he was inducted into the Turkish Auto Racing Hall of Fame in 2018. Overall, Ibrahim Okyay is a renowned Turkish auto racing driver who has earned fame for his accomplishments in the FIA World Touring Car Championship.

His racing achievements have earned him recognition from the auto racing world, as well as a place in the Turkish Auto Racing Hall of Fame.

7. Mert Aytuğ

Mert Aytuğ is an accomplished professional auto and motorcycle racer from Turkey. He has gained a great deal of experience in the world of racing through competing in various series, classes, and categories.

Mert has been involved in one-make series, which consist of vehicles that are all the same model and make and are used to provide a level playing field for racers.

He has also participated in Formula Three class races, which involve open-wheel single seat cars, and are considered as a stepping stone on the way to Formula One. In addition, Mert has raced motorcycles in the 600cc C category.

This category is designed for high-performance bikes, and the races take place on circuits, such as street circuits and race tracks. Mert’s successes in the world of racing demonstrate his skill and drive.

He is an example of a talented racer who has worked to hone his craft and gain experience in a variety of racing categories.

8. Mümtaz Tahincioğlu

Mümtaz Tahincioğlu is a highly accomplished and esteemed figure in Turkish motorsports. His long and distinguished career began as a racing car driver, and he later went on to become the long-time president of the Turkish Motorsports Federation.

He was also a member of the FIA Council and held the position of secretary general of the sports club Galatasaray S.K. Tahincioğlu spent a significant amount of time in England, from 1968 to 1989.

During this period, he established himself as a successful racing driver and gained recognition for his achievements in the motorsport world. He also developed strong ties with the English motorsport community, which he maintained throughout his career.

In his time living in England, Tahincioğlu became an influential and respected figure in the industry. His experience and expertise in the motorsport field were later recognized by the Turkish Motorsports Federation, who appointed him as their long-time president.

He also served as a respected member of the FIA Council and held the position of secretary general of the sports club Galatasaray S.K.

Mümtaz Tahincioğlu is an inspiration to many in the Turkish motorsport community, and his influence and legacy will continue to be remembered for years to come.

He is a true example of a successful and dedicated racing driver and has provided a positive example for others to follow.

9. Hakan Dinç

Hakan Dinç is a Turkish racing driver who got his start in 1986 with his first amateur race. After his impressive debut, he went on to win the Hittite Rally in 1987.

Dinç then took his racing career to the next level when he trained with the Jim Russell Racing Driver School in 1993 and earned an instructor’s license. His hard work and dedication paid off when one year later, he established the Safari Racing School.

Through his success, Dinç has become an inspiring figure for aspiring racing drivers in Turkey. He is a testament to the power of hard work and determination, and a role model for those looking to make a career out of racing.

10. Aytaç Biter

Aytaç Biter is a professional auto racing driver from Turkey. He had a very successful season in 2006 when he raced for Team Active in the Turkish Formula Three Championship. During this season, he competed in 14 races and achieved two wins and eight podium finishes.

This impressive performance saw him finish the season in second place overall. Aytaç Biter is no stranger to success on the racetrack. In 2006, his impressive podium finishes in the Turkish Formula Three Championship proved his skill behind the wheel.

His two wins and eight podiums saw him climb to second place overall in the championship standings. This impressive feat was only possible due to the dedication and hard work of Aytaç and his team, Team Active. The 2006 season was an incredibly successful one for Aytaç Biter.

He showed his skill and determination throughout the season, and his two wins and eight podiums demonstrated that he was a force to be reckoned with on the track.

His performance earned him second place in the championship standings, and it was a great achievement for Aytaç and Team Active.

11. Erkut Kızılırmak


Erkut Kızılırmak is a successful Turkish racing driver. He began his career in 1992 when he started competing in rallies. After ten years of rallying, Erkut decided to switch to touring cars in 2002, when he was 32 years old.

His hard work paid off as he achieved success in 2005 when he won the Turkish Touring Car Championship. He drove a Vauxhall Astra Coupé, which was formerly raced by Yvan Muller in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

This victory was a testament to Erkut’s skill and determination as a driver. It showed that he had the ability to succeed even after switching from rallying to touring cars.

This win was also a great honor for Erkut as it was the same car that had been driven by the champion Yvan Muller.

12. Salih Yoluç


Ahmet Salih Yoluç is a professional racing driver from Turkey. He is an accomplished driver, having earned numerous championship titles over the course of his career.

He began his racing career in the year 2000, competing in the Turkish Touring Car Championship and winning the championship title in 2001.

Since then, he has gone on to win several other championships in various racing series, including the Euro Racecar NASCAR Touring Series and the FIA World Touring Car Championship.

Yoluç is also a successful businessman, having established a highly successful car dealership in Istanbul. He has become a popular figure in the Turkish motorsport scene, with his success and skill on the track inspiring many aspiring drivers.

He has also become a symbol of success for the Turkish racing community, showing that it is possible to accomplish great things with hard work and dedication.


The best auto racing players in Turkey have shown that they have the skills and dedication to compete at the highest levels of the sport. They have achieved remarkable success on the track and in the championship standings, proving that they are among the best in the world.

With their commitment to excellence, they have earned the respect and admiration of fans and other drivers alike.

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