Top 5 Best Auto Racing Players in Lebanon of All Time

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Lebanon is home to some of the most talented auto racing players in the world. From international stars to local heroes, Lebanon has produced many great drivers over the years who have gone on to achieve great success in a variety of racing disciplines.

From Formula 1 to rally racing to endurance events, Lebanese drivers have been able to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves in the sport. We will be taking a look at some of the best auto racing players that Lebanon has to offer.

From their career highlights to their personal stories, we will be exploring the lives of these amazing athletes and the incredible feats that they have achieved.

1. Tony Kanaan


Antoine Rizkallah “Tony” Kanaan Filho, better known as “TK,” is a prominent Brazilian racing driver. He is well known in the racing world for his success in both Championship Auto Racing Teams (1998-2002) and the IndyCar Series (2002-2023).

TK is most notably known for winning the 2013 Indianapolis 500 and being crowned the 2004 IndyCar Series champion. He has also had many other successes throughout his long and successful racing career, including several podium finishes in both CART and IndyCar Series races.

TK is highly respected by fellow drivers and racing fans alike for his skill and dedication to the sport. He has been a major influence on the racing world and is seen as an inspiration to many.

His success has earned him numerous awards, including the Indianapolis 500 Winner’s Ring in 2013, the CART Championship Driver of the Year Award in 2002, and the INDYCAR Championship Driver of the Year Award in 2004. He is a true champion of the sport and a living legend.

2. Khalil Beschir

Khalil Beschir is a highly accomplished individual operating in the world of motorsport. He has both an entrepreneurial and consulting background, having achieved success in a number of different areas.

As an entrepreneur, Khalil Beschir has been responsible for establishing a number of successful motorsport initiatives, including projects in the Middle East.

He is also a Motorsport Development Consultant, offering advice and guidance to those looking to enter the world of motorsport. Beschir was also a former racing driver before transitioning to consulting and entrepreneurship.

He took part in a number of major events, including the 24 Hours of Dubai. In addition, he has also been involved in other series such as the Radical Middle East Cup and the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge.

Khalil Beschir’s diverse career in motorsport has made him a highly respected figure in the industry. His unique combination of experience and knowledge make him an invaluable asset to anyone looking to break into the world of motorsport.

3. Roger Feghali

Roger Feghali is an iconic figure in the world of motorsports. His impressive accomplishments have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a master of rally driving.

With an impressive list of championship titles and victories, he is widely respected and admired in Lebanon and across the Middle East. Feghali has demonstrated his exceptional skills and determination time and again, earning him the admiration of fans all over the world.

His passion for the sport has led him to become an important part of the motorsports community, and his success and influence have made him a true rally legend. Feghali’s consistent success over the years has earned him countless awards and recognition.

He has won numerous championship titles, including the Middle East Rally Championship (MERC) an incredible four times, and has been crowned the Lebanese Rally Champion on four occasions.

His impressive list of victories also includes a win in the prestigious Middle East Rally Cup, which he achieved in 2013. Feghali’s achievements have made him a household name in Lebanon and across the Middle East.

His success on the track is a testament to his unmatched talent and dedication, and he is an inspiration to aspiring rally drivers everywhere. Feghali’s legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of motorsports fans for years to come.

4. Basil Shaaban

Basil Shaaban is a racing driver from Lebanon. He is a pioneering figure in the world of motor racing, having become the first professional race driver from Lebanon in 1996.

Shaaban began his career as a driver in kart racing, winning a number of local and regional championships. This success earned him an invitation to the Formula Ford Championship in Europe, where he placed seventh in his first season.

Following this, he moved up to Formula Three, where he enjoyed considerable success. In 2000, Shaaban made history by becoming the first Lebanese driver to compete in the Formula 3000 championship.

His impressive performance earned him an invitation to join the Jordan Formula One team in 2001. Throughout his career, Shaaban has been a trailblazer for motorsports in the Middle East.

He has raced in various international championships, including the Formula 3000, Formula One, and GP2 series, and has been a consistent force in the international racing scene.

He has also served as an ambassador for the sport, helping to spread the message of motorsports across the Middle East.

In addition, Shaaban has created the Lebanon Racing Academy, which provides a platform for young Lebanese drivers to learn the basics of racing and develop their skills.

Through his success and commitment to the sport, Basil Shaaban has become a true pioneer of motor racing in Lebanon. He has broken down barriers and opened doors for other Lebanese drivers, and has helped to promote the sport to a wider audience.

With his accomplishments, Shaaban has proven that the Middle East can produce top-level race drivers, and that motorsports can be a source of pride and inspiration for the Lebanese people.

5. Alexander Khateeb

Alexander Abdelmajeed Khateeb is an up and coming British racing driver. He currently competes in Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0, one of the most competitive single-seater racing championships in the world.

The series is organised by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest and takes place over eight weekends in seven different countries throughout Europe. Khateeb began his racing career in the Ginetta Junior Championship and then moved up to the British Formula Ford Championship.

After a successful season in the latter, he made the jump to the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 for the 2019 season. He has quickly adapted to the series and has already shown impressive racecraft and determination.

He is set to be one of the top contenders in the championship in the coming years and is certainly one to watch for the future.


The best Auto racing players in Lebanon have consistently proven themselves to be amongst the top racers in the world. From Formula 1 champions to rally and cross-country racers, Lebanon has consistently produced some of the best drivers in the sport.

With their passion, dedication, and skill, these champions have made Lebanon proud and have shown the world what the Lebanese are capable of achieving.

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