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The world of Major League Baseball is a realm where rivalries ignite, fueled by fierce competition, historic matchups, and unforgettable moments. While some rivalries are deeply rooted in history, others have the potential to flourish anew.

The Houston Astros and the Toronto Blue Jays, two dynamic teams with distinct legacies, are embarking on a journey of on-field encounters that hint at the birth of a compelling rivalry.

As star players clash, emotions run high, and victories are fiercely contested, these matchups between the Astros and Blue Jays offer a glimpse into a burgeoning rivalry that could captivate fans and etch its mark on baseball history.

History of Houston Astros

  • Founding and Early Years: The Astros were established in 1962 as the Houston Colt .45s and later changed their name to the Astros in 1965 when they moved to the iconic Astrodome. 
    They were one of the expansion teams introduced during baseball’s westward expansion. The team struggled in its early years, often finishing at the bottom of their division.

  • Astrodome Era: The Astros gained prominence in the 1980s, known for their high-powered offense dubbed the “Killer B’s” which included players like Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, and Lance Berkman. They reached their first World Series in 2005 but were swept by the Chicago White Sox.

  • Recent Success and Controversy: The Astros achieved significant success in the late 2010s, making it to the World Series in 2017 and winning it in 2017.
    However, their victory was overshadowed by a cheating scandal where they were found to have used technology to steal signs during their championship season. This tarnished their reputation and led to widespread criticism.

History of Toronto Blue Jays

  • Foundation and Early Years: The Blue Jays were established in 1977 as Canada’s second Major League Baseball team. They quickly rose to prominence and won their first division title in 1985. The team struggled in its early years but began building a competitive roster.

  • Championship Years: The Blue Jays had a golden era in the early 1990s, winning back-to-back World Series championships in 1992 and 1993. The team featured iconic players like Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, and Dave Winfield during this period. 
    Their 1992 World Series victory marked the first time a non-U.S. team had won the championship.

  • Challenges and Rebuilding: The Blue Jays faced challenges in the following years, including changes in ownership and shifts in team performance. They experienced periods of rebuilding but managed to make it to the playoffs intermittently.

Fanbase: Houston Astros Vs Toronto Blue Jays

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros boast a dedicated and passionate fanbase that has grown over decades. From their humble beginnings to recent successes, Astros fans have stood by their team through thick and thin.

The iconic “Astros Nation” embodies the spirit of Texas, filling Minute Maid Park with unwavering support. The camaraderie among fans is evident in the sea of orange, as they celebrate victories and endure challenges together.

Despite controversies, the Astros faithful remain steadfast, demonstrating their love for the team and its history. The fanbase’s resilience and devotion make them an integral part of the Astros’ story.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays have fostered an enthusiastic and dedicated fanbase since their inception. Across Canada, the “Blue Jays Nation” proudly wears the team’s colors and passionately supports their journey.

From the electric atmosphere at Rogers Centre to nationwide watch parties, their fervor is unmatched. Through championship victories and rebuilding years, fans remain committed, creating a sense of unity and pride.

With legendary players etching their names in history, the Blue Jays fanbase cherishes every moment. Their enduring loyalty, evident in the sea of blue, cements them as a crucial and spirited aspect of the team’s legacy.

Iconic Moments: Houston Astros Vs Toronto Blue Jays Rivalry

Houston Astros

  • 2017 World Series Victory: The Astros won their first-ever World Series championship in 2017, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in a thrilling seven-game series. This victory marked a historic moment for the franchise and its fanbase.

  • Jose Altuve’s Walk-Off Home Run (2019): In Game 6 of the 2019 ALCS against the New York Yankees, Jose Altuve hit a walk-off home run in the ninth inning to send the Astros to the World Series.

  • Craig Biggio’s 3,000th Hit: In 2007, Craig Biggio, a longtime Astros player, recorded his 3,000th career hit, solidifying his place as one of the team’s all-time greats.

Toronto Blue Jays

  • Back-to-Back World Series Championships (1992, 1993): The Blue Jays achieved an incredible feat by winning consecutive World Series titles in 1992 and 1993, becoming the first team outside the United States to win the championship.

  • Joe Carter’s Walk-Off Home Run (1993): In Game 6 of the 1993 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, Joe Carter hit a walk-off three-run home run to secure the Blue Jays’ second consecutive championship.

  • Roy Halladay’s Perfect Game (2010): Pitcher Roy Halladay threw a perfect game against the Miami Marlins in May 2010, becoming only the 20th pitcher in MLB history to achieve this remarkable feat.

Future Outlook: Houston Astros Vs Toronto Blue Jays

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros continue to build on a solid foundation for the future. With a mix of experienced veterans and emerging talent, they aim to remain competitive.

Their strong core, bolstered by players like Alex Bregman and Yordan Álvarez, ensures sustained offensive prowess. A renewed focus on pitching development, combined with a commitment to fair play, will restore their reputation.

The Astros seek to maintain their playoff presence and aim for another World Series title, aiming to create a legacy based on skill and integrity.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are poised for a bright future. With a dynamic lineup featuring stars like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette, their offense is potent.

Investing in pitching prospects ensures solid arms in the rotation. Their commitment to player development and young talent sets the stage for long-term success.

As the team continues to improve, they’re destined to be a playoff contender. The Blue Jays’ drive to reclaim their championship glory, coupled with a loyal fanbase, shapes a promising journey ahead, symbolizing their resurgence as a dominant force in Major League Baseball.

Recent Performance: Houston Astros Vs Toronto Blue Jays

April 22, 2022 – Rogers Centre, Toronto:

  • Result: Blue Jays 4, Astros 3

  • Highlight: Walk-off double by Matt Chapman in the ninth inning.

  • May 1, 2022 – Rogers Centre, Toronto:

  • Result: Blue Jays 3, Astros 2

  • Highlight: Late rally by the Blue Jays in the seventh inning, including a two-run homer by Bo Bichette.

June 9, 2023 – Minute Maid Park, Houston:

  • Result: Astros 11, Blue Jays 4

  • Highlight: Astros’ offensive explosion, six-run first inning, Alexander Bregman’s impressive performance.

  • June 10, 2023 – Minute Maid Park, Houston:

  • Result: Astros 2, Blue Jays 1

  • Highlight: Kyle Tucker’s eighth-inning clutch hit, solid pitching performances from Jacob Meyers and Matt Chapman.

Houston Astros Vs Toronto Blue Jays Rivalry

2013Aug 23-25TorontoAstros8-5
2013Sep 27-29HoustonBlue Jays4-1
2014Jul 25-27HoustonBlue Jays6-5
2014Aug 1-3TorontoAstros6-1
2015May 14-17TorontoBlue Jays4-2
2015Jul 6-9HoustonBlue Jays2-1
2016Apr 5-7TorontoAstros5-3
2016May 23-24HoustonBlue Jays4-2
2016Aug 14-17TorontoAstros4-1
2017Jul 6-9TorontoBlue Jays19-1
2017Aug 4-6HoustonAstros7-6
2018Jun 25-27HoustonAstros7-6
2018Jul 6-8TorontoAstros7-0
2019May 24-26HoustonAstros15-2
2019Aug 30-Sep 1TorontoBlue Jays6-4
2019Sep 20-22HoustonAstros2-0
2020Jul 24-26HoustonBlue Jays6-4
2020Sep 25-27BuffaloBlue Jays5-2
2021Apr 8-11HoustonBlue Jays3-1
2021Sep 24-26Toronto


Are the Houston Astros and the Toronto Blue Jays considered rivals?

There isn’t a widely recognized and historically significant rivalry between the Houston Astros and the Toronto Blue Jays. While they have faced each other in regular-season games and occasional playoff matchups, their head-to-head contests haven’t developed into a prominent rivalry.

Have the Astros and Blue Jays ever met in the postseason?

Yes, the Astros and Blue Jays faced each other in the 2015 American League Division Series (ALDS). The Blue Jays won the series in five games, advancing to the American League Championship Series (ALCS).

Are there any memorable moments between the Astros and Blue Jays?

One notable moment is the ALDS Game 5 in 2015, where the Blue Jays defeated the Astros with a dramatic four-run rally in the seventh inning, including Jose Bautista’s iconic bat flip home run.

How has each team performed in recent years?

The Astros have been consistently competitive, making playoff appearances and winning the World Series in 2017. The Blue Jays have been rebuilding and developing young talent, with occasional playoff appearances, like in the shortened 2020 season.

Could a rivalry develop between the Astros and Blue Jays in the future?

Rivalries can emerge based on factors like competitive matchups, playoff battles, and shared history. While there isn’t a strong historical rivalry, continued exciting games and postseason encounters could potentially shape a rivalry between the two teams in the future.

To Recap

While the Houston Astros and the Toronto Blue Jays may not have a deeply ingrained historical rivalry, their interactions on the field have produced memorable moments and glimpses of a potentially compelling rivalry in the making.

As both teams continue to evolve and build their futures with a blend of experienced stars and emerging talents, their head-to-head matchups could become increasingly significant and captivating for fans.

The dynamics of baseball rivalries often develop organically over time, driven by intense competition, dramatic moments, and shared narratives.

As the Astros and Blue Jays continue to compete and potentially cross paths in key moments, the foundation for an intriguing and spirited rivalry is undoubtedly present.

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