Are There Nba Games On Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in America, and for good reason. The holiday commemorates the Pilgrims’ first feast after landing on Plymouth Rock, and celebrates with a day full of turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and more.

But what about football? Do Thanksgiving games always fall on this particular holiday?Yes, most NFL games are played on Thanksgiving Day, but there are also some early games that can be watched if you’re interested. For example, the Minnesota Vikings play at Detroit Lions at PM EST.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers at PM CST. And finally, the Dallas Cowboys face off against the Arizona Cardinals at PM MST. So regardless of what time your family decides to watch their Thanksgiving feast (or football game), there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Are There Nba Games On Thanksgiving

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Are There Nba Games On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day where Americans celebrate thanks for all that they have. For many, this holiday also marks the unofficial start of the Christmas season. Although some people choose to abstain from eating meat on Thanksgiving, there are always games being played in the NBA.Yes, there are NBA games played on Thanksgiving.

No, there are not any games played on Thanksgiving that involve the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers.


Thanksgiving is a great time to watch NFL games, but it can also be a difficult day because of the traffic. Some people choose to stay in and watch their favorite team play on TV, while others head out to eat turkey with family and friends.

If you want to watch an NFL game, but don’t want to spend the whole day stuck in traffic, make sure to get tickets early. You can find tickets for NFL games on Ticketmaster or by calling your local sports ticket dealer. Another option is to stream the game online using services such as Hulu or DirecTV Now.

Note that some games are not available live online, so be sure to check before making your purchase. If you have cable, you can also watch games on Thanksgiving Day if they air during prime time hours (p.m.–p.m.). Remember that even if you are not able to attend an NFL game live, there are still plenty of things to do on Thanksgiving day! Be sure to plan your route ahead of time and allow enough time for parking and travel delays.

.No matter which way you choose to watch your favorite NFL game this year, be sure to have a good time with your family and friends!

What Is Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and friends, eat turkey and all the fixings, and of course watch the big game. There are many different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving so everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.

Some people prefer to stay in and watch the games, while others like to head out for a day of fun. If you’re looking for something special to do on Thanksgiving Day, there are plenty of options available. Whether you want to cook or go out, there’s something for everyone on this holiday.

And if you’re feeling festive, why not get into the spirit by decorating your home like an NFL fan? No matter what you do on Thanksgiving Day, make sure you have a great time with your loved ones! Thanks for reading – we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The History Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States and it has a long history. The first documented Thanksgiving was on November when English colonists celebrated harvest despite working on Christmas Day.

Throughout the years, Thanksgiving has changed and evolved to become what we know today. There are many stories and legends surrounding the holiday and its origins. Some say that Native Americans celebrated a thanksgiving feast before European settlers arrived in America.

Others believe that the first Thanksgiving was a celebration of peace between England and Plymouth Colony. Regardless of where the holiday’s true roots lay, it is now widely known and celebrated as a national holiday in the United States. While there are many different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, one common tradition is to eat a traditional turkey dinner with your family or friends.

In recent years, thanksgiving celebrations have also expanded to include events such as football games and parade floats. No matter how you choose to celebrate this special day, be sure to enjoy every moment!

What Does It Mean To Us Today

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the harvest. It’s also a day that many Americans look forward to each year because of the annual NFL games.

Some Americans may be unhappy about this year’s lack of NBA games being played on Thanksgiving Day, but there are others who are excited to spend their holiday without football. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the NBA or not, it’s important to respect others’ cultural celebrations.

We should all try our best to live in harmony with one another during this special time of year, no matter what our differences may be. Although some people may miss watching professional basketball games on Thanksgiving Day, others will be able to enjoy plenty of other activities instead.

Let’s hope that in the future more NBA games will be played on Thanksgiving so that everyone can enjoy the holiday in their own way! No matter which team you’re rooting for, make sure you have a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Be thankful for all the good things in your life and don’t forget to give thanks for Thanksgiving itself! The Pilgrims were thankful for food and shelter when they landed on Plymouth Rock – let’s try and follow their example by being grateful for all we have today!

Where Are The Nba Games Played On Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is a big day for the National Basketball Association (NBA). This year, the NBA has decided to play their games on Thursday, November h. The games will be played in cities all around the United States.

If you are looking to watch the games live, be sure to check NBA TV and TNT for your local listings. You can also find a list of all the games and their times by visiting this website: There have been rumors that some of the best players in the league may decide to take part in an unofficial game on Thanksgiving Day itself.

So if you are a basketball fan and want to see some amazing plays, then this is your chance! However, if you can’t wait until Thursday, don’t worry because there will be plenty of other things to do on Thanksgiving Day! One of those things could be preparing a delicious feast for your family and friends! No matter what you choose to do on Thanksgiving Day, make sure you enjoy it surrounded by loved ones!

Can I Watch The Nba Games On Tv On Thanksgiving?

There are a few ways to watch the NBA games on television on Thanksgiving. You can watch all of the games live on TNT or ESPN. You can also watch some games through streaming services like NBA League Pass.

If you want to see all of the highlights and out-of-market teams, then consider purchasing an NBA Thanksgiving Day package. Some cable providers offer special deals for watching the games on TV, so be sure to ask about those before making your decision.

The biggest limitation when it comes to watching the NBA games on television during Thanksgiving is that they are usually played late in the evening. However, if you have a DVR and satellite service, you can always record some of the games and watch them later when you have more time available.

And lastly, there are always people who choose to stay home and enjoy their family and friends rather than watch a televised game.


Yes, there are NBA games on Thanksgiving. In fact, they’re usually pretty good.

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