14 Boxing Players in Suriname Best of All Time

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Suriname is a small country in South America with a population of about 573,000. Despite its size, the country is home to some of the world’s best boxers.

Suriname has produced many impressive fighters over the years, including world champions such as Mike Bernardo and Zou Shiming. We will take a look at some of the most successful and talented boxers to come out of Suriname.

We’ll also discuss some of their biggest accomplishments and provide a brief overview of the sport in the country. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the best boxers from Suriname, read on!.

1. Regilio Tuur


Regilio Benito Tuur is a name known in boxing circles around the world. He is a former Dutch boxer who made his mark in the sport when he became the World Boxing Organization’s (WBO) super featherweight champion.

In order to reach this point, Tuur first had to make a name for himself in the amateur ranks. His most impressive feat on the amateur scene came at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

It was there that Tuur knocked out the reigning world champion Kelcie Banks in the first round. This victory became the foundation on which Tuur established his professional boxing career.

With the win he had the confidence to go on and make a name for himself in the professional ranks. It was not long before Tuur had won the WBO super featherweight title and established himself as one of the top fighters in the division.

2. Tyrone Spong


Tyrone Clinton Spong is an accomplished athlete in multiple disciplines. He is a professional boxer, a mixed martial artist, and a former kickboxer. His achievements in boxing include winning the WBC and WBO Latino heavyweight titles in 2018.

In kickboxing, he has had an impressive career, being crowned as the WFCA cruiserweight champion, Glory 95kg Slam champion, and It’s Showtime 95MAX World champion. His accomplishments are a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport.

Spong is of Surinamese and Dutch descent, and he has proven to be a formidable opponent in all disciplines. He has trained rigorously in boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts to hone his skills and perfect his technique.

He has a high level of strength and agility, allowing him to take on opponents of all sizes and backgrounds. Spong is a true warrior in the ring, and his courage and skill have earned him the respect of fans and opponents alike.

His commitment to excellence is evident in all of his fights, and he continues to strive for greatness in each one. His accomplishments are a reminder of the dedication and hard work it takes to succeed in the world of combat sports.

3. Lloyd van Dams


Lloyd Daniël van Dams, more commonly known as The Tornado, was an incredibly successful kickboxer from Suriname, who competed in the heavyweight division. Throughout his career, van Dams earned multiple titles, including Dutch, European, and World Muay Thai champion.

He was renowned for his remarkable durability, as he never lost a fight by knockout in the 84 professional fights he took part in. Van Dams was considered a formidable opponent by his peers and opponents alike, due to his incredible ability to take and dish out punishment.

His opponents would often try to knock him out but without success. He was a true master of the sport, as he was able to use his skill and strength to come out on top. The Tornado was also a master of defensive tactics.

He used his experience to anticipate his opponent’s moves and counter them accordingly. This allowed him to stay one step ahead of his opponents, and eventually, win the fight. Van Dams was an incredible athlete and his success in the ring was a testament to this.

He was a true pioneer in his sport, as he was able to achieve success despite the odds. His legacy lives on today, as he is remembered as one of the greatest kickboxers in history.

4. Melvin Manhoef


Melvin Manhoef is a retired fighter who has competed in both mixed martial arts (MMA) and kickboxing. He was born in Suriname and is of Dutch descent. In kickboxing, Manhoef was a very successful competitor, winning the It’s Showtime Middleweight Championship.

He also achieved success in MMA, becoming the Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Champion. Manhoef has had an impressive fighting career, competing in both MMA and kickboxing and winning championships in both.

He is a respected fighter in the combat sports world and is considered one of the greatest Dutch fighters of all time.

5. Remy Bonjasky


Remy Kenneth Bonjasky is a highly esteemed kickboxer who has achieved a great deal of success in his career. He is a former Surinamese-Dutch kickboxer who has won the K-1 World Grand Prix heavyweight championship a remarkable three times.

This prestigious title was won in 2003, 2004, and 2008, making him a three-time heavyweight champion. Bonjasky is widely regarded as one of the greatest kickboxers ever to grace the sport, and his impressive track record speaks for itself.

Throughout his career, he has won numerous kickboxing titles and fought in some of the most iconic matches in the history of the sport. His skill and technique are admired by many, and his career will be remembered for generations to come.

6. Rayen Simson

Rayen Simson is a remarkable athlete who achieved great success in the world of Muay Thai kickboxing. Born in Suriname to a Dutch family, he is commonly known as “Red Bean” due to his reddish skin tone.

Simson has won seven world titles in three different organizations, a remarkable feat in any sport. He is also renowned for his impressive ranking of number two at the Lumpinee Stadium, a notoriously difficult arena for a “farang” fighter.

As a “farang” fighter, Simson had to overcome the challenges of culture and language in order to excel in the sport, a testament to both his skill and determination.

Simson’s achievements in Muay Thai kickboxing have solidified his place in the annals of the sport, and he will surely be remembered for years to come.

7. Andy Ristie


Andy Ristie is a kickboxer who has dual citizenship in Suriname and the Netherlands. He competes in the lightweight division, which is a lower weight class.

He began his career without much fanfare, but he was able to rise to prominence with an impressive winning streak in the It’s Showtime promotion from 2011 to 2012.

This streak was not only successful, but it was also exciting to watch, with Ristie showcasing his skills and talent. He was able to make a name for himself and become one of the best in the lightweight division.

He continues to be a successful kickboxer and is well-known for his exciting fights.

8. Redouan Cairo

Redouan Cairo is a highly accomplished kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He is from Suriname and is currently based in the Netherlands.

He is best known for competing in the Superkombat Fighting Championship, where he was the 2013 Superkombat World Grand Prix Tournament Runner-up.

He has also had success in other organizations, such as WAKO-Pro, where he was the world cruiser heavyweight K-1 rules -94.1 kg champion. Cairo is an incredibly talented athlete who has achieved a great deal of success in the martial arts world.

He has a strong background in kickboxing and mixed martial arts, which has enabled him to become one of the best fighters in the world. Cairo’s accomplishments are a testament to his dedication and hard work, as he continues to strive to be the best in the sport.

9. Cedric Manhoef

Cedric Manhoef is an accomplished professional kickboxer and K-1 and SUPERKOMBAT fighter. He has achieved the prestigious title of SUPERKOMBAT New Heroes Middleweight Champion.

His success is attributed to his training and guidance from his older cousin Melvin Manhoef who inspired Cedric to pursue his career in kickboxing. Melvin has been an invaluable source of motivation and encouragement for Cedric throughout his journey to becoming a champion.

He has provided Cedric with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in this competitive sport. Cedric is thankful to his cousin for inspiring him to pursue his dreams and for providing him with the necessary guidance and support to succeed.

10. Ilonka Elmont

Ilonka Giovanna Elmont is a highly accomplished Muay Thai kickboxer from Suriname and the Netherlands. She is widely known by her nickname, “The Killer Queen”. Throughout her career, Elmont has earned multiple championship titles in the Fly-Weight division.

She is a seven-time World Champion, one-time European Champion, and two-time Dutch Champion. Elmont began her professional career in 1997 and has since become one of the most decorated kickboxers in the world.

She has achieved a remarkable level of success in a notoriously difficult sport, demonstrating tremendous skill, dedication, and perseverance. Her accomplishments are a testament to her hard work and her commitment to excellence.

11. Ivan Hippolyte


Ivan Hippolyte is an impressive athlete who has achieved great success in the world of kickboxing. He is a former world champion in the discipline and currently serves as chairman and coach at the Vos Gym in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Hippolyte is particularly well-known for being a former teammate and sparring partner of four-time K-1 World champion Ernesto Hoost, as well as veteran mixed martial artist Gilbert Yvel.

This demonstrates the level of excellence that Hippolyte has achieved as an athlete and the respect he has earned from his peers.

Hippolyte is now an invaluable part of the Amsterdam martial arts scene, both as an ambassador and mentor to the younger generation of athletes, as well as a respected expert in the discipline of kickboxing.

12. Ashwin Balrak

Ashwin Balrak is a remarkable individual who has made a name for himself in two very different fields. He is a professional kickboxer from Suriname and the Netherlands, having won multiple titles in kickboxing and becoming a prominent figure in the field.

He is also a lawyer, having studied the subject and becoming a successful attorney. It is not often that someone is able to excel in two completely different fields, but Balrak has achieved just that.

He has worked hard to become a successful kickboxer, competing in various tournaments and becoming a well-known fighter.

His legal career has also been a success, with him being able to provide valuable insight in a number of legal matters. Balrak’s success in both kickboxing and law have made him an inspiring figure.

He serves as an example to others that it is possible to make it in two different fields, and that hard work and dedication can lead to success. His story is a reminder that the impossible can be achieved with the right attitude and determination.

13. Frank Lobman

Frank “The Animal” Lobman was an impressive kickboxer from Suriname and the Netherlands. He was renowned for his incredible record of being the European kickboxing champion five times and having a stunning 90% knockout rate.

He also had some incredible victories against notable fighters in his career, including Bas Rutten, Ken Shamrock, and Steve Taberner, who was the British heavyweight kickboxing champion.

Throughout his career, Lobman defeated many opponents and proved himself to be an incredible athlete. He inspired many people through his fighting and was an example of what could be achieved with hard work and dedication.

Lobman’s legacy in kickboxing will undoubtedly live on for years to come.

14. Sergio Wielzen

Sergio Wielzen is a professional Muay Thai kickboxer from Suriname, a small country in South America. He was formerly fighting out of Amsterdam, Netherlands for Black Label and FF Carbin.

However, in 2015 he made the switch to Sityodtong Muay Thai & Kickboxing Amsterdam, where he is trained by Paul and Vincent Pengel. Wielzen is known for his expertise in the sport and has earned the nickname “Samurai” for his fearless fighting style.

He has achieved a great deal of success in the sport, making him one of the most renowned kickboxers in the world.

Wielzen’s dedication and passion for the sport have been the driving force behind his success, and his commitment to excellence is something that will continue to propel him forward.


The best boxers in Suriname have proven to be highly skilled athletes with a great deal of talent and determination.

From the international stage to the local level, these boxers have shown their commitment to the sport and their ability to compete at a high level. These athletes have proven that Suriname has talented and successful boxers that can compete with the best in the world.

With proper training and guidance, these boxers can continue to rise to the top and bring pride and honor to their country.

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